429-397 The moon (2)

 A few hours later, we gathered again at Yasue's house, all of us with dark expressions on our faces.

What was the result?

 The first to open her mouth was Natsuki, who shook her head.

The first to speak was Natsuki. There was no cure for Gresco's fever, nor was there any Ovnia.

Same for me. I have no idea. They don't have it! That's what they told me. ......

Chester and his friends couldn't find any medicine either. He's working in the cafeteria now. ......

 Chester would love to stay with his children, but with his income, it's just not possible.

 In addition, Chester's presence is of little use except for Yasue's mental health, which is not surprising.

It's not looking good for us. We've asked around about possible places, but that's it.

I've been told to ask Mr. Diora, but what do we do?

I don't know what to do. We'll do what we can. We should split up.

Then me and Nao will go to the place Ketra told us about. Considering we're going under the Petras River.

I can breathe underwater, and Toya is strong enough.

 I don't think the Petosi are around anymore, but I'm not sure I want Haruka and the others to dive into that river.

 On the other hand, as long as Toya can breathe, I have faith that she'll be able to survive even from inside Petosi's stomach.

 Me? I can't do it.
 I'm just going to do the magic and let Toya do the diving.

I'll take Yuki, Mary and Mitya back to Laffan. You stay here and help Yasue. You must be worried about being alone.

All right. Be careful.

 Natsuki immediately nodded to Haruka's words, and Yasue gave Natsuki a look of mixed anxiety and relief.

"Are you sure? As far as I'm concerned, it's a big help. ......
Yes. If anyone is going to stay, it's going to be me, because of my magic and skills.
If Nao and the others are successfully found, it will be useless without someone who can make medicine.

 I'm not sure what to make of this.

 Yasue also has the [Pharmacy] skill, but it would be dangerous to leave it to a girl who just took the skill and has never practiced it before.

I'm not sure what to do. Haruka and the others, hurry up, but be careful with your safety.

Okay. Be careful, Nao.

 We nodded at each other and started to move immediately.

    "Toya, what's up?

Toya, what's up?

 We nodded at each other and started to move immediately. "Toya, how are you doing?" we asked Toya, peeking out from the surface of the Petras River with a dagger in his hand.

No. There's nothing that looks like it. Fortunately, no monster eels.

What's the river bottom like? What's the bottom of the river like? Any chance of finding it?

It's basically sand. There's no mud, it's clean, but there's no water plants.

It's hard to grow in a river with a current. ......?

 Lotus flowers, for example, grow not in rivers but in ponds where there is not much water flowing.

 Considering this, it is unlikely that you will find them here, even if you try hard. .......

"Toya, can you look around some more? If possible, focus on places where the water is stagnant.
I'm on it. Where the water is stagnant, right?

 With a thumbs up, Toya dives back into the water.

 But when he returned a few minutes later, he had no harvest in his hands, his lips were blue, and his body was shaking.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that.
No, no, no, no, no, no! Your body is too cold! Get up here.
Oh, my God. ......

 Still early spring.

 The clear water flowing from the mountains was quite cold, and even Toya, who was a physical person, found it difficult to stay in the water for a long time.

 After he got out of the water with sluggish steps, I poured a little hot water on him and put him on the fire I had prepared.

It's so cold! A little hot water and this kind of fire won't warm you up. Isn't there some kind of magic that can warm me up more powerfully?

 I nodded to Toya, who was completely naked and wringing out her underwear because I was the only one there, and held up my hand.

It's not a good idea.

No, it's not good. It will only warm the surface! It doesn't heat up, it just burns!

It's not warm, it's just brown! I can't eat that.

Yeah, yeah. If you don't use far infrared rays to cook the inside, you'll get sick to your stomach. ...... That's not true! I'm not kidding, it's really cold!

But, you know, ......

The magic of Breath Water is great because it eliminates the need to breathe, but can't you do something about the cold?

 I'm not sure if it's from frustration or the cold, but I think about it as I watch Toya clench her teeth.

 It would be convenient if it could be insulated like a dry suit, but I don't have that kind of technology.

 I'll have to ask him to come up from time to time to warm himself up, even if it's a hassle.
 I've heard that divers repeatedly fish by the fire during the cold season. ...... Oh!

There's a magic called "resist cold". I'm not sure if this works underwater too.

 It's a spell that I've used from time to time in the winter, but it's basically for use when the temperature is low.

 The current temperature itself is comfortable for early spring, so I forgot about it.

There's a good one! It should work for now, if not underwater. Put it on!
"Yes, sir. "Resist Cold.
...... Oh. I'm not cold anymore!
Okay, that makes sense. Will this work underwater?

 It's not the air temperature, but the feeling ......, or maybe the body temperature. It seems to work by feeling, not by temperature.
 If that's the case, you can expect it to warm you up when your body temperature drops underwater.
 However, the magic power consumption, or duration, will be reduced.
 Water has a much higher thermal conductivity than air.

"Hmm. I'm comfortable.

Then get dressed. Don't show me your shabby clothes.

Whoa. You left my tomahawk out in the open. Excuse me. Excuse me.


What? What? Tomahawk? You're an active player. It's a big deal.

I don't care if yours is a Tomahawk or a Patriot or a Pencil Rocket, what's the hit rate?

I don't care if it's a Tomahawk, Patriot, or Pencil rocket. And by the way, it's not a pencil either!

 I'm not sure what to make of that.

 So let's not tease him any more.
 I'm sure you've done your best.
 --You've shown me things I don't want to see.

...... All right, it's stowed. So, what do we do now? Do you want to keep exploring? If I had a Resist Cold, I could still make it. ......

No, let's go to the fountain in the woods up ahead. It's not likely to be found, is it?

"Yeah. It's probably been eaten by aquatic life, but there's no sign of it. ......

Then it's more likely to be found in a spring. Let's cross the river.

"That means we have to go into the river again. We've dried up so much. And there's no campfire over there.

 He sighed a bit in disgust, but then looked at me and smiled.

This time, Nao will also get wet, right? There's no bridge. Let's go naked together!

"Oh, you mean that?

 I shrugged and shook my head as Toya patted me on the shoulder, as if she was still upset about the ridicule she had just received.

 Unlike Toya, I'm not going to show off my tomahawk.