Chapter - 1 Episode 1 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Some Emperor's Story

Once upon a time, there was an emperor.

His hair was beautiful gold like a thread created by the moonlight, and there were very noble violets in his eyes.

Such an emperor had a beautiful empress.

The Queen's skin was clear and transparent enough to show blue veins under the shadow, and she had soft, white silky silvery hair as if it were not from the world, and sea-colored eyes that broke under the summer sun.

The two beautiful people were a perfect pair.

Yeah, it was perfect.

The empress was the perfect empress.

The Emperor completely detests such an empress....

Disgust? No.

The opposite of love is not hatred but indifference.

The emperor was completely indifferent to the empress.

Even at the moment when she was dying from drinking my share of poison instead, the emperor was looking at the empress falling down with a grave look.

"Was I a great empress?”

But the empress died like that without even hearing the answer of her will.

The perfect empress, who was friendly and sweet to everyone, was the mother and mother of all the people.

As if it were a matter of course, the people gathered in black mourning clothes and watched her last path.

He was an emperor who was indifferent to her all his life, but at this moment he couldn't help it.

The emperor, who appeared in front of the people with black ash under his eyes, shed tears and expressed how sad and grieving he was for losing his beloved companion.

And like everyone else, he acted so well in front of the people.

However, those who knew how he treated the empress usually hid in the shadows and pointed fingers at the emperor.

The emperor's first words after returning from the funeral were more heartless and cold than when his beloved dog died.

"That's too bad.”

Everyone in the seat was shocked and felt goosebumps at the emperor's words.

Is that really something to say to a man who has served as a perfect empress by her side for the rest of his life?

"How can you do that in a human mask? What do you mean waste? I was your wife before the Empress. I was your only companion!"

The Chancellor of the Empire and a close friend of the Emperor were angry on behalf of everyone there.

"Come with me?"

The emperor tilted his head and made a curious look as if he had heard the first word he encountered.

What on earth was the Empress to the Emperor?

And as with any story, it also begins with the emperor, who was so heartless and indifferent to the empress, noticing her absence.

Let me give you a light example.

Before she could breathe her last breath, she asked for a private meeting with the Emperor.

"At the age when the Empress's sister was married....”

The mother of the empress who rubbed her palms like a fly.

Noblemen who want to fill the position with their daughters because the position of the country's head of state is empty right now.

The Empress, the Queen, somewhere at the end of the concubine.

The emperor felt disgusted in front of the masses of desire to somehow establish their daughter by the emperor's side and gain power.

And I realized her absence for the first time.

At least on the face of it, they were the perfect pair to fit in so well that no one could barge in.

And one day, the emperor felt a throbbing sensation when he entered the study.

Is it Germany or someone else's curse? Or is it the Queen's grudge?

Rumors that the emperor would complain of headaches when he entered the study quickly covered the entire imperial palace.The emperor had to find the cause before rumors spread throughout the empire through strict security of the palace.

The Empire's finest wizards, priests, and wise men, who have been called to find the cause, have given different reasons.

"It is clear that the grudging curse of the Empress, who died unjustly."

The priest said, pouring holy water on the emperor's body.

However, the emperor only caught an untimely cold and still had a headache.

"Isn't it because of the smell from a book that are too old?"

The wise man, who coveted the royal books, said with shining eyes.

Instead of giving an old book to a wise man, the emperor built a new study and moved there.

Still, the headache continued. Even after I get over my cold.

Finally, the witch of the clock tower touched the coveted flowers and said.

"Oh, the flowers have changed. These flowers are pretty, but the scent is too strong to fit in the study."

"Who takes care of the flowers in your study?”

"Did the Empress forget to take care of herself?"

The emperor frowned and retouched his memory.

At first glance, it seemed that the empress ordered him to manage the flowers of the imperial palace in the future, saying it smelled good, but he was not sure.

One day, fed up with the disgust of people and the terrible scent of flowers that filled the imperial palace, King Sijong dedicated his old diary to the emperor.

"I found this while I was organizing the belongings of the Empress."

The emperor opened his diary with a gloomy expression.

There was a part of the empress written in elegant handwriting.

I met the Crown Prince for the first time. The king hated my hair, saying it was like a spider web. My mother consulted with my father about hiring a wizard to dye my hair.

The handwriting, which is still clumsy, recorded the day when the emperor and empress first met.

The emperor finished reading the diary with a serious look as he sat down.

But that was all the little empress record.

On the very next page, the emperor was able to meet the empress the day before he became the crown princess.

[Finally tomorrow] I'll be the crown princess. Goodbye to the dukjus who is sick of it. What kind of man did you grow up to be? I should be the crown princess who is not ashamed of her....]

Tired of the dukes. The emperor unknowingly sympathized with me.

Just yesterday, and today, the Duke in question was pressing the Emperor to receive the Empress's brother as a candidate as soon as possible.

He was a very quiet man. I've perfectly managed my first official schedule perfectly. Will your mother be happy? Do you think your Highness is proud of me?]

What was the first official schedule? The emperor looked back on his memory.

However, the first official schedule of the crown prince and the princess was not a big deal, and no matter how many times I looked back, I couldn't think of anything.

It was a small thing that I couldn't even remember for the emperor, but it must have been a fortunate and happy moment for the empress, who was the crown princess.

Fluttering, the page went on and on.

I can't believe it. I can't believe the Empress died like that. I lost the only one in this imperial family who stood by me. What should I do now?]

Following the Empress Mama, Her Majesty the Emperor bungeoed. I became empress, beyond sorrow. From now on I have to be the perfect empress.]

The emperor kept handing over the diary with trembling hands. The word "perfect empress" came to my mind somehow.

People praise me for being the perfect empress. I just did the obvious thing, but somehow I feel proud. Now I can be the perfect empress by giving birth to an imperial heir.It's a matter of course. Once you have a successor, and you're the perfect empress, then what?

[Changed the flower in the vase] To help the king concentrate, I chose flowers that are not too thick and subtle.

Why? Why did you do something that I didn't ask you to do? It's enough to have maidens do that.

His Majesty said that the scent of flowers was good. He also allowed me to keep taking care of flowers if I wanted to. I was glad to be closer to the perfect empress.]

What the hell is that perfect empress so obsessed with?

His Majesty escorted me off the wagon. His hands were very big and firm. My heart is pounding so fast I can't sleep. Should I call you?]

No, it's not something. This isn't it.

[I asked His Majesty to join me] I'm fine. The imperial family needs a successor. The perfect empress deserves to embrace even the child of the concubine. I'm fine. It's really, really okay. No, it's not okay at all. I don't need to be the perfect empress, so I want to be happy.

The emperor faced the last page with a trembling gaze. The empress left in the diary was nothing but scraps. Part of the human race left to be the perfect empress.

I met the witch of the clock tower. She cast a spell on me to be happy. Will this magic really work?]

The emperor was shedding tears before I knew it.

And then he realized how stupid he was.

The empress was literally the perfect empress.

Like a sophisticated machine doll created by endlessly censoring, holding, and brainwashing oneself.

But nowhere did she remain but herself, not the empress.

What expression she smiled with, what voice she cried with, what she liked, and what she hated.

The emperor didn't know anything.

With a very tired look, the emperor repeatedly washed his face for a long time.

What the hell did he do to the empress?

There were many other things.

But let's talk about it slowly, and now focus on the emperor, who sneaks into the clock tower without a escort late at night?

"Can you turn back time?"

The witch in the clock tower laughed. I was wondering what brought you to the clock tower late at night, and you asked me to return the time?

With a snort, the witch gave advice to the emperor.

"Regret is already irreversible, Your Majesty."

But the emperor once again pleaded with the witch of the clock tower.

"It's possible with your power. Please, give me one more chance for the Empress, not for me.”

The witch looked at the emperor begging under her feet and laughed at him with a face that she didn't like very much.

Do your best when you have the chance, so you don’t' regret it.

Such a tragedy would not have happened if the emperor had noticed why this word was in existence any sooner.

The witch of the clock tower stopped laughing and agonized at the words 'for the empress' that popped out of the emperor's mouth.

"Is it okay if your little action changes the whole future?”

"If she's happy, even if the world is destroyed."

"Is it okay if she doesn't love you in the changed future?”

"If that makes her truly happy.”

"Do you really want her to be happy?”

"You may ask for my heart in return. I don't mind taking all the rest of my life. Give her another chance to be happy."Only then did the witch of the clock tower smile with a satisfied expression.

"Okay, I've already got the price. Lizzy will be happy.”

The enchanted emperor found God for the first time in a long time before he went to bed.

"God, allow me one more chance, please, for her sake, not for my foolish self."

And the needle on the clock tower began to turn upside down.