Chapter - 2 Episode 2 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.



Leonhardt pulled himself up today, stretching his unusually squishy body.

The bed with the insignia felt strangely wide.

Did the magic work? Leonhardt raised himself and sat on the bed looking around slowly.

It was a strangely familiar space.

Leonhardt blinked at the scene where he felt as if he had moved the room he had stayed until about 15 years old.

'No way....’

Did magic really work? Or is it a witch's curse to punish me for being foolish?

Leonhardt repeatedly washed his face with small hands like maple leaves.


Leonhardt doubted his eyes.

Where did the big hands go, big enough to hold the three thick books with one hand, with scars everywhere?

What was in front of me was a pale, soft hand without a scratch that seemed clear that I had barely grabbed a pen, a book, or a children's wooden sword.

'What, this little hand...?’

Somehow I had a bad feeling. Leonhardt touched my cheek in an uneasy motion.

Chubby, soft.

Where did the elegant yet fairly hard face line go, and only soft cheeks, like a well-bloated bread dough, were touched.

Leonhardt rushed out of bed and felt a slight dizziness at strangely low eye levels.

If magic had really succeeded in turning the hands of the clock, there would surely be his mark under the table.

'Oh, my God...!'

Under the table remained his mark, which he had drawn with poor skill around the age of eight.

"Is magic really a success?"

Leonhardt pulled the rope to check for the last time. If her magic had really succeeded in turning back the hands of the clock...

The hands of the nanny and maid-in-law began to wash and dress him familiarly.

The thin, fluffy platinum hair and clear purple eyes, like silk threads reflected in the mirror, were exactly what he remembered.

However, it was a very long time ago that he had forgotten the soft lines unique to a child, the arms and legs that had only begun to stretch out, and the body that had not yet shown any signs of muscle.

In a situation where it is hard to believe even with his eyes, Leonhardt arranged his thoughts with only his lips fluttering.

The texture of the lips, which opened and closed again, was also the soft and soft skin unique to the child.

1. After the Empress died, she regretted it too late.

2. Ask the Witch of the Clock Tower.

3. Back in time to make the empress happy.

Judging from the appearance of the room, the presence of the nanny, and the sign under the table, he probably returned to his childhood at the age of ten.

Leonhardt, who had arranged his thoughts roughly, quickly concluded.

From now on, he had to break up the marriage between the Empress and Taejung.

In the first place, it was all simple if she didn't become empress.

"If you meet a suitable man other than the crown prince and live like a normal aristocratic woman, you won't die on my behalf, and maybe you'll live happily."’

Leonhardt, who decided to visit the previous emperor, now his father-in-law, to break up his engagement, tilted his head when he saw the robes brought by the maid-in-law.

That robes, I'm sure I've seen them somewhere...?

"What's this?"

"It's an important day, so you have to wear it if you don't want to.""Big day?"

"Your Highness! I told you so many times last night. Today is the first time I'm going to meet Young-ae, your fiancée and later the crown princess. Your Highness, do you remember her name? What?"

"Elysium Young-ae?"

Leonhardt spoke of the empress' family in a dismayed voice.

His head was spinning fast enough to make a ping-pong sound.

Why, why today?

Leonhardt squinted his eyes and shook his head in front of the clothes the maid-in-law brought.

"Elizabeth Isolde von Elysium is a silver-haired wall. Rather than this color... This color is better."

Saying so, Leonhardt pointed to a dark navy robe.

Until yesterday, the crown prince, who had turned the imperial palace upside down, seemed strange today, but the maid was relieved that he remembered his fiancee's name as well as her appearance.

While the nanny combed his hair in a neat navy robe, Leonhardt was tearing off his golden hair.

'Of all things... of all things, that day! I didn't even get to say hello to him when he told me not to go to the grave if I had a sense of shame! I'm not ready yet, but it's my first time meeting the Empress?

"Your Highness, what's your young child's name?”

"…Elizabeth Isolde von Elisium."

"Well done. I don't know about anything else, but you have to remember her name!"

No matter how desperate I was, my nanny's hand was almost numb. Leonhardt nodded silently.

I was confident that I would never forget her name if I didn't know anything else.

"…did you have trouble sleeping last night? You don't look so good in the face, my lord..”

"Oh, nothing. It's just... I'm nervous thinking about meeting someone who will be my lifelong companion.”

I'm sure we'll meet again. Leonhardt remembered the day he first met her and what was written in her diary, covering her with random words.

"That's a spider web of hair.”

"Are you the crown prince's fiancée? The crown princess? The future empress?

"Do as you please. I wonder where and how long you'll last.”

I met the Crown Prince for the first time. The king hated my hair, saying it was like a spider web. My mother consulted with my father about hiring a wizard to dye my hair.

…what a human horse!

Leonhardt hit his forehead on the table, disrupting his nanny's neatly combed hair again.


The power of an adult who is not yet familiar with the child's body hit the soft, soft skin onto a hard tree, and Leonhardt's cry burst out first before the nanny's scream.


In the carriage to the duchess, the maidens were desperately holding back their laughter, pinching each other's forearms. The nanny also had an ineffable expression at regular intervals, just barely holding it in.

"Just smile."

The crown prince's authority has fallen. The people in the carriage looked at each other little by little and eventually began to bend their backs and move their shoulders. It was their choice because they could not bear to laugh openly in front of the young imperial family with white bandages on their foreheads.

The nanny took a slightly wiser approach than that.

"Your Highness, you were very sick, weren't you? Your Highness... must have thought a lot about you. We didn't think about it... You were rude. Come here. I'll give you a hug."Leonhardt sighed deeply and gently hugged his nanny. Instead of hiding her expression, the nanny, who blocked the crown prince's view, stared at the ceiling of the golden wagon and burst into laughter.

'I'm nervous thinking about meeting someone who will be my lifelong companion.’

As soon as they heard it, the maidens doubted their ears. What are you really trying to do with selling your children until the day before? Is that from the mouth of the little crown prince who was huffing?

And the next moment they had to doubt the ears and the eyes.

Without stopping him, the crown prince rammed his forehead into a hard wooden desk.

Even if it is a desk for children, anything that child is the crown prince of a country should be of the highest quality.

Thus, the top-of-the-line wooden desk was very strong, and Leonhardt, who had his forehead pressed against it, was more of a miracle that he did not faint.

The women-in-law, who put bandages on their red-colored foreheads and skillfully lowered their bangs to cover the bandages, held back their laughter, pinching each other's sides for a long time ago, thinking that if they laughed here, they might get cut off the head for the next day.

Leonhardt repeatedly recalled his first encounter with the Empress and regretted it.

You can't call it a spider web. You shouldn't just say spider web. Yeah! I'd rather... Rather... what should I compliment you about?’

However, no matter how many times I look back on my memory, I couldn't think of anything other than laughing at her, saying, "Is it like a spider web or an empress?"

Leonhardt was truly fortunate to be burying his face in the nanny's warm arms.

Otherwise, this time the imperial carriage window might have been broken to his head.

Leonhardt vowed to praise how beautiful her silver hair is instead of repeating the same foolishness if she meets this time.

And if you coax her right enough as planned to make this engagement go away....

Can she really be happy?

"You heard it this morning, didn't you? Companion... I think I can believe it even if it's excitement, not expectation.”

"Hush, Your Highness, you'll wake up. No wonder I haven't seen you like this since I served you.”

It felt like the murmur of the maidens was gradually fading away.

Will the Empress be able to live a happy life if this engagement is truly happened?

Can I meet someone who truly loves her and will give everything for her?

It was only after he ascended to the throne that he could understand why Abama had to make a ridiculous deal with the Duke of Elysium.

There would be no awkward and uncomfortable relationship if they stood together as a family with a time-honored duke who produced the imperial family and the first empress.

Rather than acting on each other's countenance, the imperial family and Elysium formed an alliance, at least ostensibly.

The easiest, most respectable way.

It was a marriage between the royal family and the duchess.

How ridiculous and miserable it felt to him to have just inherited the throne that they had brought together unborn children.

Perhaps the attitude towards the empress was to vent her anger at him.However, it was not the innocent empress he should be angry with, but the father and himself who had not strengthened the imperial power.

The eyelids became heavier and heavier. Leonhardt closed his eyes rubbing his throbbing forehead against the nanny's shoulder.

Whether you break up the marriage or proceed with it, getting used to the child's body seemed to be the most urgent priority.

Until just before he fell asleep, he endlessly asked himself questions.

What if the Empress were forced back into her seat?

What if you become an empress or queen of another country than an empire?

No, it's not. I don't need anything.

What if she eventually meets someone other than me and leads an unhappy life?

Unable to answer the last question, he changed his plans.

Let's change the future for sure. She is the crown prince's fiancee, the crown princess, and the last empress. Instead of forcing the future to change, I can change it. I just need to make her happy. However…'

Leonhardt opened his eyes again, feeling his little heart flapping in pain.

I was poked in the chest to see if my conscience, which had disappeared as an adult, had returned.

Do I deserve to make her happy?’

'I swear I'll do anything for you if you'll let me. Empress, my empress, may I love you? In this life alone, can I make you happy this time?’