Chapter - 4 Episode 4 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Duke Elysium was a despicable, hypocritical and shameless man who was weak to the strong and weak.

A cane? A corset? High-heeled shoes and harsh manners education? It was all for the daughter.

Exactly for the honor of the family that his daughter, who became empress, would bring, and for something more valuable, he repeated his rationalization on a daily.

If someone gets angry at him, saying, "How dare you touch a child!" with a face that he doesn't know why the other person gets angry.

"Wouldn't it be a good thing to get whipped by your parents, not by others, so that you can stimulate your daughter's guilt more so that it doesn't happen next time?"’

He would answer that.

Paradoxically, he was called an empire by society.

Of course, it wasn't a good term.

I put my family on one plate of Libra and everything else on the other side, and whenever it tilts, I exchange beautiful and perfectly made Chu with each other to balance it.

In his view, the little boy in front of him was just a heavy pendulum on the opposite plate before he was the small sun of the empire, the lord to serve, and the son-in-law.

The Duke wondered if his daughter, who had a prenatal marriage, had grown up to be a low-key, or heavier-weighted one.

"Young-ae is late.”

"…he's still an immature kid, so it takes a long time to change his clothes. In many ways, we are educating people not to be honored by the royal family..”


Leonhardt stopped the butler from pouring milk into his tea.

Leonhardt, who emptied the cup at once without blowing it out, put his elbows on his knees and put his hands on his chin with a smile.

d*mn it, it's still hot and floating in a child's tongue....’

Leonhardt smiled because he didn't like the taste of black tea in his mouth.

The child's senses were more sensitive than adults.

For example, at this moment, the sound of Young-ae crying and begging someone for a change of clothes was clearly heard in young Leonhardt's ears.

"I think Young-ae is too late, so if you don't mind, can I pick her up in person? He'll be my companion in the near future anyway."

"I know it takes a long time for Lady to groom herself, but if you have to wait long enough to make tea three times....”

Excuse me, sir. Leonhardt hid the tail of his broken horse and sipped the black tea that the new butler had refilled.

Apparently it was his favourite brand of black tea, but it was terribly bitter, bitter and hot.

As Leonhardt said, the Duke guided him to his daughter's room, thinking that "education" had been enough since it had been too long.

Elizabeth's room was the second largest after that of the housekeeper and mistress in the Elysium mansion.

In addition to the bedroom, a study room for learning manners and writing, a dress room full of new dresses every season, a bathroom and even a small kitchen and restaurant for studying table manners is a house in the house. It was like a cage.

Duke Elysium, who knocked on a white door made of platinum with a restrained movement, focused on the sound of the room.

If the "education" was not over yet, we should continue to enjoy the prickly tea time with the crown prince."Wait a minute, please. Isolde's condition deteriorated dramatically and he just fell asleep in bed."

Beyond the door, there was a clear voice of embarrassment. Duke Elysium glanced down at Leonhardt, feeling his heart flutter.

The little sun of the Empire, still barely coming to its waist, had a grim smile with folded arms.

Somehow the smile seemed to mean 'I know everything,' and Duke Elysium gulped.

"Unfortunately, Isolde is such a weak child by nature....”

"Then I'll have to see you for a while.”

Duke Elysium was shocked to see the prince's back, who opened the white door without stopping him.

But the Duke's astonishing look on his face means, "How dare you enter Lady's room without permission, no matter how married you are in the future?""What if I was disappointed by the lack of Isolde and insisted that I would never get engaged?" it was not meant to be?

Leonhardt frowned on the bloody smell of filling the room.

It was definitely the smell of blood, although I wouldn't have noticed it if it wasn't for a child's keen sense.

Elizabeth's room was as colorful as the room where the Duke's daughter lived.

The white bed is covered with silk drapes like a mist, and the spotless white cushion is placed on the white sofa as if it had never been used, and the white rugs, white wallpaper, white window frames, and white desks....

One, the hospital rooms are less than this.’

It was all covered in white.

No matter how colorful and luxurious it is, it is filled with luxury goods. Even an ordinary person must have gone mad if he lived in a place like this every day.

Even at the age of only eight, I'm in the middle of a lot of colors and I have to engrave a variety of things into my eyes, and I can't believe I'm in a white room all over the bookshelf....

Leonhardt turned his eyes to the bed with his tongue inside, and suddenly found the Duchess hiding something behind her back.


"…ha, give me your name."

Leonhardt stared at the duchess.

The Duchess couldn't make eye contact with him as if she were some uncomfortable person, and bit her lips nervously, staring at the ceiling, repeating turning to the carpet again.

"I heard you're not feeling well, but you put your shoes on the bed without even taking them off. Do you mind if I don't call a doctor?"

Leonhardt was about to point out that he didn't even take off his corset, but hurriedly replaced it with shoes.

The 10-year-old didn't have to know about Lady's underwear yet.

"I have a family doctor, so don't worry. More than that, as you can see, Isolde is in no condition to see you....”

Lies, the Duchess was hiding something.

Leonhardt looked her in the eye again.

I'm only 10 years old, and I'm in the position of ruler?

Duchess Elysium thought, involuntarily, wince.

As soon as the crown prince entered the room, the atmosphere changed so quickly that the direction of the wind surrounding the boy changed.

Elizabeth, who was lying in bed and holding her breath, was able to guess who the owner of the beauty was through the embarrassing voice of her mother, father's embarrassed voice, and unfamiliar voice that she had never heard before.

And as soon as Elizabeth noticed who the owner of the voice was, she began to sniff with bated breath.I wish I'd fainted.’

I tried not to cry as much as I could, but my legs hurt so much and most of all, I was in pain as if I was tearing a part of my heart.

I'm here, my legs hurt, but I can still stand. I wanted to say that.

But it was clear that Lady would be scolded all night for being frivolous about what she said first.

"Excuse me for a second."

A light wind blew over the eyelids and the soft bed shook.

The wind opened Elizabeth's eyes without realizing wind.

A beautiful boy like a doll was sitting next to me looking at himself.

Violet-colored eyes were filled with sorrow.

Elizabeth defined it as sadness, but in fact it was more complicated than that.

Leonhardt put the puzzle together in his head through the face messed up with tears, the smell of blood thicker, and the cane she hid behind her back, just passing by the Duchess.

'Yes, that's what it was....’

It was almost a laugh.

The first day he faced her, he uttered abusive language towards the dark-faced girl limping and struggling.

He teased his messed-up hair with a spider web as if it was barely enough to comb, and talked a lot of mean words because he looked harsh pretending to be elegant and dignified on a limping topic.

Actually, it wasn't like that.

With his face at this point, his hair must have been scattered, and he would not have been able to walk properly because he was hit with two legs under a skirt that was invisible to others.

Leonhardt had to bite his tongue when the Duke personally took off his daughter's shoes when she asked if he had been able to take off his shoes.

For an eight-year-old, shoes with heels too high seemed unlikely to walk easily, even if they were fine legs.

It was entirely his misunderstanding and petulant.

There was nothing wrong with her. It was all about herself who took it out and hurt her, who must have been in pain to walk.

Leonhardt clenched his fist so tightly that the white silk sheet was ruined by wrinkles. My head was in a mess because regret, sadness and anger were mixed at the same time.

Elizabeth, meanwhile, really wanted to faint this time.

He made the worst impression of his face being ruined by crying to his future companion.

I usually heard from my mother how wonderful the Crown Prince was, but he was much more wonderful than the story of the Crown Prince that I actually saw.

Growing up in a white duchy, she had never seen purple as clear as Leonhardt's eyes.

Why do you look so sad? Is it because I don't belong to you? You've disappointed a bit more elegant, which had to act as mother ...What if my father comes to my room at night?

Elizabeth only blinked big. It was a etiquette that I learned as if I memorized a book, and I couldn't think of any royal language.

"Don't be sad….”

Elizabeth, who had never been worried by anyone, mistook Leonhardt for grieving.

'As expected, you don't like me....’

"Sad? Me? No, Young-ae. I'm worried about Young-ae now.”


What's that?

Elizabeth blinked again. Every time, the long, rich silver eyelashes were wet with tears and the front was blurred.

The wind upset Leonhardt's eyes because he could not be seen. It was a pretty purple color that I saw for the first time in my life.I want to see you a little more...,

"Worries are... That's right. I hope Young-ae's body and mind are both calm."

"…! I'm not sick!"

There was not a single soul in the answer that came out reflexively like a mechanical clockwork doll.

Leonhardt sighed deeply with a feeling of exhaustion.

'I can't believe I'm... They're... they're....’

My teeth are chipped.

I wanted to show Young-ae the best first impression.

I'm afraid I've fallen flat on my first plan.

"Can you walk?”

"Of course!"


Then you walked with a limp as if you were about to collapse.

Leonhardt held Elizabeth to her feet with a gentle gesture and pointed out to the Duke, who was belatedly taking off her shoes.

"I think these shoes are too high in heels because Young-ae is wearing them… Don't you have more comfortable shoes?"

"Yeah, yeah?"

The Duke and Duchess of Elysium looked embarrassed at the same time.

Her shoe closet was filled with all kinds of colorful shoes, ranging from crystal-decorated shoes to glass-heeled shoes, but none of the comfortable shoes the crown prince talked about existed.

"Unfortunately, Isolde is so stubborn that he wants to grow up as soon as possible....”

"…is that so?"

"What color do you like?"

Leonhardt asked Elizabeth directly.

Elizabeth replied with a puzzled look on her face.

"Purple, like the eyes of Her Majesty's Crown Prince, violet-like purple... No, it's not. White. I like white the best! I'm telling you!"


Leonhardt was clearly looking where Elizabeth's eyes were rolling.

She was obviously reading the countenance of the Duke and his wife behind her back.

Leonhardt changed his stance and completely blocked the Duke and his wife from Elizabeth's sight.

And asked the question again.

"Do you really like white the best?"

Elizabeth was a little embarrassed when her parents could not be seen. What do I do now? Should I say white?