Chapter - 5 Episode 5 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

"…do you know the blue moment when the sky between the summer leaves is so close to green?"

"I've seen it.”

"That's my favorite color. This is a secret to my parents! My parents said that I like white the most. So I have to like white the best."

"…not from now on."


What do you mean no? Is it that I'm not the fiancee of the Crown Prince, or that means I shouldn't like blue?

Leonhardt stood up from his seat. I don't know how hard that tone is for an eight-year-old.

"Young-ae likes the blue color of Young-ae's eyes, but I think this room lacks that color.”

It's just a simple opinion. Leonhardt grinned, saying so.

But Duke Elysium understood the meaning behind the words and clenched his fist.

How dare you argue about the family tradition of your wife-in-law on the subject of a son-in-law who has not even held an engagement ceremony.The young son-in-law who was in front of him to be angry was the Crown Prince.

"…thank you for your opinion."

"I'll come back to see you when Young-ae is well.”

Elizabeth reached for Leonhardt's dress, jumping off the bed.

But by a hair's breadth, her hand passed by Leonhardt's hem.

Instead it was Leonhardt's hand that was in her hands.

"I hope you get well the next time you come."

Elizabeth nodded before I knew it.

The fiancé's hand, whom I first met, was very big, warm, and tightly held her hand as if she was forcing herself to hold onto something that seemed to disappear at any moment.


"How was it?"

Starting with the nanny's question, the eyes of the maid-in-law gathered together. Leonhardt turned his eyes out of the window and scratched his cheek.

"…let's just buy a pair of shoes on the way back."

The cries of the maidens filled the carriage with a roar.

First of all, it seemed most urgent to get her out of the duchess.

If she was left in that state until the engagement ceremony and officially entered the palace as a crown princess, the same tragedy would surely be repeated.

"I'd love to get her from that duchess right now, but....’

At least over ten years old will be able to officially hold the engagement.

Leonhardt sighed deeply as they calculated each other's ages.

Meanwhile, the carriage arrived at the shoe workshop of the greatest craftsman in the empire.

"Why do women have so many kinds of shoes?’

It was Leonhardt's first appreciation of arriving at the workshop.

Court banquets, spring picnics, proms, dinner dinners, tea parties, dance practice shoes for the ball again, travel boots and everyday boots.

Shoe boxes piled up like towers on the table.

"High-heeled shoes are also popular among young ladies. In line with the young ladies' demand to look even a little mature, our workshop will try not to make your feet uncomfortable no matter how high your heels are..”

Leonhardt interrupted the clerk, shook his head and called the craftsman himself.

When I heard that the crown prince visited the workshop, I rushed to the studio without even taking off my work clothes.

"Bring everything that suits an 8-year-old Young-ae."’

The haughty boy, who said, glared at the shoes in the box with a sickening look on his face.

In dealing with high-ranking people, a master craftsman opened his eyes thinly and took out another box.

Come to think of it, the Crown Prince is ten years old this year? The father-in-law smiled, thinking that he might have met Young-ae, who he liked.Grandchild, who is about the age of the crown prince, has been paying particular attention to shoes for girls these days or consulting him about what kind of shoes he would look good on his favorite child as if it were his friend's job.

The father-in-law asked the most important question, thinking that men, regardless of their status and age, were inevitable.

"Your Highness, do you happen to know the size of Young-ae's shoes?"

"Of course he....”

Of course... I don't know.

Leonhardt was trying to explain by stretching his palms and roughly this much, but he was frustrated when he realized that it was too much to explain with a child's hand.

"If Young-ae stopped by our workshop, there would be a copy of it. If you don't mind, may I have Young-ae's name?”

"Elizabeth Isolde von Elisium."

All the apprentices who made her shoes grumbled and clicked their tongues, asking how the 8-year-old should walk in these shoes.

Don't tell me you're going to wear those shoes after your parents and your Royal Highness.

The father-in-law took out a copy of her shoes with the intention of stopping the crown prince in any way if it happened.



"It's ridiculously small. Is it really the size of her feet? I mean, can you just walk on these feet?"

"…you're wearing a size that's not that different.It's about the average size for a young child's age."

Leonhardt looked down at my feet and blushed.

Now he was only 10 years old.

How funny it must have been to see a little kid looking at his shoes and thinking, "Oh, my gosh, he's small."

Leonhardt coughed and ordered some conditions from his father-in-law.

"It has to be light. Take off the heels altogether.

"…if you wear high-heeled shoes at an early age… Yeah?"

"That's why I'm telling me to take that d*mn heel off! Make it a comfortable material for a child to walk and run. Dragon skin or whatever, so you can walk on this land properly!"

The father-in-law responded to the prince's unexpected response a beat later than expected.

"Shoes without heels... I see."

"You don't need jewelry, just make it light. Yeah, I'd rather have embroidery.”

"You mean embroidery? Embroidery on a silk background... It would be lovely shoes for spring. Do you have any patterns or phrases you want?"

Looking down at the master-in-law smiling at himself, Leonhardt briefly agonized.

The craftsmen will take care of the materials to make shoes, so you had to insist on the highest level. But embroidery, embroidery....

What is the best phrase or pattern for the finest materials? Leonhardt worked hard on his little brain.

"… Embroider the blue watermancho."

"Mulmangcho...? Huh. Your Highness knows quite a bit of romance."

"Well, it's not like that! Just... because Young-ae said she likes blue....”

The father-in-law kept grinning and sounding Leonhardt.

Leonhardt stared at the craftsman with the eyes that he would kill him if he spoke to him anymore.

Oops, what a scare, the craftsman saved himself with an exaggerated frightening attitude.

Leonhardt frowned, cooling his burning face with the back of his hand.

"It's only because I can only think of watermangchos when it comes to blue flowers. I didn't mean to say never to forget me. It's just... it's just that she likes blue. That's why I did it.’

Leonhardt worked hard to defend himself. Somehow, everyone, including the staff in the store, felt as if they were teasing themselves.***

Upon returning to the palace, Leonhardt ran to his desk on the way and took out the paper.

[Inseng Schedule]

"Oh, my God, you can't even write properly with a child's hands?’

Leonhardt, who had drawn a line over the wrong spelling, took out a new piece of paper and clearly wrote down the "Life Plan" again.

All the senses are still as they are of adults, but the sense of incompatibility that comes from a child's body alone seemed to bother him for a while.

No matter how well he became emperor at a young age and managed to manage state affairs, he did not remember every single day of his childhood.

But when and where. I remembered at least what was happening and why.

'Don't let anyone know.’

Leonhardt thought for a while and began to write down the big events that had affected his life one by one with a pen in his left hand and an upside-down spelling.

[First meeting with the Empress on X-Month.]

X, X, will be engaged to the empress.

[X-Monday, Mother's Death.]

Leonhardt's pen stopped for a while.

He agonized for a long time in the face of an incident that pushed him into the shadows for half his life.

If this tragedy could be prevented, then perhaps he could be a little happier, as well as myself and Elizabeth.

Leonhardt bit his lips and began to write down events in his memory.

Some of the ciphers that have become more perfect thanks to the poor handwriting of a child have been completed, as they appear to be scribbles that cannot be seen without looking in the mirror.

Staring at it for a long time, Leonhardt sneaked out the bottom of the desk drawer and hid the papers underneath it.

"Oh, my God."

"Look at this. [Inseng's schedule] It says.

"Since when has the Crown Prince ever had such a cute bone in his body?"


An invitation flew in from the Duke of Elysium. Instead of writing back, Leonhardt took the road to the duchess.

Although strokes were often twisted because he didn't know how much to put strength in his hands, he was now somewhat familiar with the small hands and feet and the face of the noble.

I was worried that someone might suspect me from the difficult words or speech that adults would use unconsciously, but it was also a rainstorm.

People were busy praising the crown prince for finally growing up.

'I was a little bit of a jerk when I was a kid, but this is too much....’

On the day of his return to the duchess of Elysium, Leonhardt thought, smiling awkwardly at the praise of his nanny for being unrecognisably mature.

Leonhardt couldn't sleep all night tossing and turning in a large bed at the thought of going to see her.

Would it be better to bring something other than the present I prepared? Shall we buy some blue hydrangea on the way? Or should I buy a doll? Did the Duke ever get my advice right?

I had barely fallen asleep after seeing the dawn eventually dawned on the worries and excitement that followed.

Thanks to him, he arrived at the duchess's house when he woke up from a nap in the carriage.

The Duke, who visited for the second time, still greeted him with a white and noble figure like a temple.

This time, the butler of the duke faced him instead of the duke.

Leonhardt exchanged formal greetings with the Duke and headed that way to Elizabeth's room.

The Duke or Duchess wants you to deal with nannies and maidens.

Elizabeth was the only one she had to focus on now."Young-ae, can I come in?”

"D, come on in!"

Elizabeth replied in a trembling voice.

After the crown prince's visit, his parents began to bring blue things one by one to the white room.

It was like a dream.

Starting with that, low-heeled shoes took over the shoe shelf one by one, and even unbelievable things happened this morning.

Elizabeth, who held onto the bed post as usual and was prepared to tighten the corset, looked back wondering when the corset was not tightened.

Her mother, who was monitoring whether Made tightened enough corsets in a cold and elegant manner like a glass doll, was holding Made's arm with a fan.

"…be a lady suitable for the Crown Prince."

This was the first time since the day I wore a corset.


The door opened and I heard footsteps rustling. Will the eyes that 'worry' you still look sad? Elizabeth cared most about it than anything else.

The crown prince was holding a small box in his arms. Fortunately, the look in his eyes no longer seemed to be 'worried' about him.

Looking around the changed room lightly, he put the box on the table and beckoned to himself.

Elizabeth approached him calmly.

It was a fluffy carpet, but feet in high-heeled shoes have already begun to throb.

"It's yours."

Saying so, Leonhardt opened the box.

A box tied with a blue ribbon on a white background opened and the rustling of paper continued.

Elizabeth wore high-heeled shoes and raised her tiptoe to the fullest extent. But when I didn't see anything right, I was in tears.

'I want to grow up as fast as your Highness....’

Thinking of a bitter smile if Leonhardt, who was constantly shorter than his peers until the full-fledged growth period came, calmly waited for Elizabeth to take out what she said was "Mine" from the box.

What he took out was a pair of shoes. The unnamed blue flowers embroidered on a white silk background were very beautiful.

Leonhardt went on to flip his shoes.


"Did the shoemaker make a mistake? These shoes have heels....”


Leónhardt put Elizabeth in his chair, uttering a blunt comment.

"Excuse me for a second."

"Oh, I am, Your Highness!"

Leonhardt knelt before Elizabeth without hesitation. And I frowned for a moment on the high and new scream.

Wrapped in white silk stockings, the feet were also wearing shoes that were breathtakingly high.

"Your Highness, you can't do this. Let go of me. Your Highness, Your Highness!"

Leonhardt took Elizabeth's shoes off, swearing inside.

I didn't like it because I felt so unscrupulous.

Elizabeth, who glanced up, was completely in tears and at a loss.

I was told to stay calm, but I couldn't stop shaking.

Elizabeth clenched her fist and somehow tightened her legs to calm down.

Crown Prince Leonhardt took off his heavy shoes and put his foot on your lap.

Elizabeth thought she was lucky today that God's stockings were thick enough.

The high-heeled shoes put her weight on the tip of her toes, which had long since completely twisted her little toe.

I didn't want to show such an ugly appearance to the Crown Prince.While Elizabeth barely breathed out, Leonhardt put the shoes he had brought back on and tied the ribbon himself.

Leonhardt, who wore shoes up to his other foot, raised his body with a satisfied look.

"Wait and see."

Elizabeth came down from the chair. And I was surprised.