Chapter - 6 Episode 6 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

I'm comfortable.

Low-heeled, no. The shoes without heels felt very awkward, but at the same time they were very comfortable.

"Was the carpet this soft? My toes don't hurt! It's not stuffy and it's not heavy. God, is this what mythical shoes with wings feel like?'

Elizabeth realized for the first time how stuffy the shoes she had been wearing.

And I had to endure the thought of walking in the room.

What is an elegant lady, frivolous learned we should not act.

My mother said she will have tea time in the garden with Her Majesty the Crown Prince.

Walking along the garden's hard brick path with high-heeled shoes was painful just to imagine.

But wouldn't these comfortable shoes be a little different?

Leonhardt glanced at Elizabeth's side face.

On the plain white carpet she was walking with light steps, as if stepping on a cloud.

The weather was a sunny spring.

Green grass was growing all over the garden as if a piece of cloud had been removed and patted on the ground, which had been brown all winter.

"It's better for a child to play like a child. What an idiot."


Just before going out to the garden, Leonhardt murmured as he saw Elizabeth, who was holding back from being helpless to walk under the sun at any moment.


Elizabeth, who stepped on the lawn, stepped back at a strange sound she had never heard before.


Then the sound that I heard a while ago continued again. Elizabeth belatedly recognized that it was the sound of a footstep.

I couldn't hear anything when I was wearing high-heeled shoes, but Lady made such loud footsteps! What if your Highness is disappointed?

Worries rushed in before they could fully enjoy the touch of the soft lawn.

Elizabeth walked cautiously, staring at the ground to avoid the sound of footsteps as much as possible.

It was amazing to see the short grass lying down and rising again whenever there was a rustling sound.

Under the soles of the feet, the soft soil melted in the warm spring sun felt the same.

I thought dirt roads were more difficult to walk on than well paved brick roads.

The soil of spring was much softer than the white carpet in his room and it was a strange thing to smell for the first time.

Leonhardt was proud, thinking he was lucky to cross the lawn instead of a well-matched walkway.

If the duchess' gardener saw this, he would be a little sad, but it was none of my business.

The table prepared for the two looked far away.

Leonhardt strode away, breaking Elizabeth's hand, and took up his seat first.

Elisabeth, who was left alone, paused, looking perplexed.

"What are you doing? You're not welcome."

It was only then that Elizabeth scurried to run at the blunt words of Leonhardt.

Leonhardt had a gloating look on the face.

I didn't like how I had to walk on tiptoe to not make footsteps even though I wore shoes without heels for a while.

'You can't do this. I'm sure my mother will get in trouble if she finds out. But…'

The sound of mercy, mercy, mercy, and footsteps tickling the ears was as good as the sound of stream water flowing.

The lawn that you step on all the soles of your feet was much softer than walking on tiptoe.

Often, when the grass that endured the winter brushed against the ankle, a dizzying and ticklish sensation passed through the whole body.'I want to walk a little longer.’

It was my first thought since I could walk alone.

Walking can be so much fun! If I had to walk on the lawn all day like this, I would be able to walk.

You're totally into it.’

Leonhardt rested his chin and fixed his eyes on Elizabeth over the table.

Instead of sweet snacks that suit children's tastes, I missed cinnamon snacks that spread the unique pungent taste in my mouth.

However, Leonhardt, who learned from a few experiences what would happen if he ate such a thing now as a young man, took a bite out of a cookie full of sugar.

And I fully understood that if the opponent over the table was Leonhardt, it would be a sin of profanity beyond mere disrespect.

However, I couldn't concentrate on tea time because my head was full of thoughts that I wanted to walk on the lawn even a little longer.

Elizabeth, who had put down a small cup of tea and was secretly wriggling her fingers under the table, sighed.

"It's not funny, is it?"

Elizabeth, who had been holding back her desire to run out of each other by scratching each other's thumbs, raised her head.

Leonhardt looked like a rabbit who rose up in the bushes, smiling unknowingly.

Elizabeth noticed that Leonhardt no longer had sad eyes.

He was smiling.

Why? All you did today was profane and you shouldn't have done as a lady.

"Elysium Young-ae, no. Elizabeth."

Elizabeth sat down with her back straightened without realizing it.

Do you think the Crown Prince is trying to blame me?

Elizabeth was nervous, eating fear first.

Leonhardt only called his name once, but when he saw Elizabeth with a frightened rabbit-like expression, he felt a bitter taste in his mouth.

The Duke took advice and brought non-white objects into her room.

The Duchess also heard something from the Duke that she wore today was a very comfortable looking dress.

And the shoes she was wearing, he personally wore, were small ribbon-tipped, embroidered shoes with no heels.

But still he thought something was lacking.

She didn't know how to express what she wanted.

No, I didn't even know what I wanted.

"Yes, Your Majesty the Crown Prince."

How can an eight-year-old be so calm.

Was that also taught by discipline with a cane?

When I thought of it like that, I was filled with swelling.

"What does Young-ae usually do?”

"Do you mean play?"

At the sudden words of Leonhardt, Elizabeth blinked her blue eyes eagerly and searched for something about "play" in her head.

"Learn how to embroider, read poetry, appreciate paintings….”


Young-ae, who is only eight years old, tilted her head as if she had never heard it before.

Leonhardt wanted to put his forehead on the table when he saw it.

However, the band-aid on his forehead on the first day of his visit to the duchess was barely removed two days ago, and he managed to control himself by drinking hot tea instead of hitting his head on the table.

Suddenly Leonhardt noticed that Elizabeth's head had turned toward the flower garden.

Come to think of it, she decorated every flower in the palace.Did you learn about flowers in the empress class?

"Have you ever sat in a flower garden?"

'That... that kind of nonsense doesn't suit Lady.'

"Well, is that so?"

Leonhardt stood up from his seat. And headed to the flower garden.

Unlike the eyes, there was quite a distance to the flower garden to walk on a child's short legs.

Eventually, Leonhardt, who arrived at the flower garden with a silent swearing in the air at the end, beckoned Elizabeth, who had been sitting absentmindedly until then to grasp the situation.

"Come on!"

And don't forget to order her to run up on tiptoe like she did a while ago.

Elizabeth suddenly kicked the table and stood up, ran toward the flower garden and sat down, watching the prince's eccentricity with her mouth open.

I had to follow Leonhardt's order to come quickly, but I was still worried if I could do this.

But I have to go because you told me to come.

Elizabeth got up from her seat and began to walk fast across the lawn.

It's soft.

It was even an illusion that the texture of soil and grass could be felt under the thin leather sole.

Elizabeth walked slowly savoring the sensation and began to run towards Leonhardt as ordered.

Running was a much more enjoyable experience than vaguely imagined.

As she speeds up, the spring sweet breeze rushes through her silver hair and seems to whisper good job.

I was a little scared because I was out of breath, but I didn't hate it.

"Haahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Crown Prince... Sigh... Your Highness…?"

Elizabeth's face, which was flushed with a dagger, bloomed like a flower.

Leonhardt felt a tingling sensation on one side of his chest.

Elizabeth hesitated for a long time and eventually settled down carefully beside Leonhardt.

Leonhardt sat beside her, wriggling his fingers eagerly.

What is he doing?

Elizabeth tilted her head and Leonhardt, noticing it, reached out to her.

The rabbit grass I saw in the book was rolled up and fixed.

"Wow, it's so beautiful. How did you do that?"


"Yes, Your Majesty the Crown Prince."

"…just call me Leon when you're alone."

"Your Highness?"

Leonhardt chewed his lips.

She's the Crown Prince for life, or Her Majesty the Emperor. I called him by two names.

Since we turned back time, I think it's okay to be this greedy.

Leonhardt thought so and rushed Elizabeth again.

"Come on. Leon, call me and I'll give you this. No, do you want me to teach you how to make it?”

Elizabeth agonized for a long time.

Are you sure he's okay? Is your mother, or father, trying to test me with the Crown Prince?

But I wanted a ring of flowers on his palm.

And I wanted to call Leonhardt's name.

"Leon... Leon..."

"Good job."

Leonhardt raised Elizabeth's hand with a full smile.

Elizabeth saved herself for a moment, smirking as soon as her hand touched his hand.

How did the Duke and his wife raise their daughter?

Leonhardt held Elizabeth's left hand carefully and spoke to her, exasperatingly.

"Now it's only a flower ring… Lizzy, if you want, I'll bring you a ring from generation to generation tomorrow. Elizabeth Isolde von Elysium, will you be my companion?”

'Isode, you're supposed to be born empress. So the Crown Prince won't have to propose to you. No one will ever propose to you, so don't imagine anything useless and just go and study your manners.'When asked if this would happen to me someday after reading the scene of the prince's proposal in the fairy tale book, my mother always said it was natural for her to become an empress, so she would not be asked to marry anyone.

But that actually happened. I can't believe the crown prince asked me to marry him.

From the day he stopped by the duchess, magical things continued endlessly.

I got a corset and low-heeled shoes right now, and now I'm asked to marry me.

Why do I want to cry when I'm sure I have a lot of things to rejoice in?

"Crying… Leon, Leon… When I get this ring, I sniffle. I'm... crying... Are you going to be Leon's companion?”

Contrary to Leonhardt's expectation that he would reject the proposal because he was only offering a flower ring, Elizabeth must have accepted it sincerely.

Leonhardt began to placate Elizabeth by forcibly hiding signs of embarrassment.

"Of course! So don't cry… Handkerchief. Here's your handkerchief. Relax your nose. Lizzy, Elizabeth, huh!"


It was not long before Elizabeth stopped crying and calmed down.

The princesses who received the prince's proposal in the fairy tale book were always beautiful.

Even without looking in the mirror, I could see how ugly he was now.

I felt like hiding somewhere in shame.

But, whether or not he knows how Elizabeth feels, Leonhardt, in a most courteous manner, put a ring made of rabbit grass on her little white ring finger.

"Now let me in."

At Leonhardt's words, Elizabeth carefully inserted a flower ring into the ring finger of the crown prince's left hand, just as he did.

It was an exceptionally warm spring day.

Clouds flowing through the sky were scattering gently like angels' feathers.

On the ground, all the colors that had disappeared throughout the winter took up a spot of flowers and colored them all over the place with rainbow colors.

The sound of bees and butterflies flying was a helper who told me that this place was not a scene in a painting or a dream, but a reality.

On such a beautiful day Elizabeth felt a throbbing and ticklish in the back of her chest.

Do you think he's sick? I was suddenly scared. What if it's a killer disease?


Elizabeth's big eyes began to tear up again.

"Here, here, it hurts. It stings. Ticklish, ticklish..”


Leonhardt suddenly embraced Elizabeth.

I couldn't think of any other way to appease her.

Other than that, I wanted to let her know.

That he's also experiencing the same symptoms.

"If you'll let me, may I love you? I promise I'll make you happy forever."

There was a loud thumping sound of hearts between the chest.

Elizabeth nodded her head frantically. I thought I should.

I don't know what love is, but if he loved himself, I felt like a magical and unspeakable day would last forever.