Chapter - 7 Episode 7 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.


Elizabeth Isolde von Elysium had been set to become Empress even before she was born.

"The Empress."

Duke Elysium whispered in his newborn daughter's little red ears.

She was named after the crown prince.

"Tristan and Isolde, what a match."

"It's just a fairy tale name. You don't have to put a lot of meaning into it.”

"But everyone who sees our child's name in the history books will be moved. Born empress, born empress, even a pair by name!”

"…well, it's a family honor."

Duke Elysium coughed and stroked his well-kept beard.

The Duchess carefully kissed her daughter on the cheek as she took over her daughter, who had yet to open her eyes, from a nanny.

"My dear daughter, my dear child. You'll be loved for the rest of your life."

While watching it, the Duke realized that he was smiling without realizing it and hurriedly corrected his face.

And he forced the child away from his mother, recalling when his heir was born in the imperial family.

To the mysterious Duchess, the Duke handed the child over to the nanny and spoke in a cold, sober voice.

"You will not be weaned yourself. He was born into a duchess, but he's already a member of the imperial family. I need to get used to it from now on.”

"But honey….”

"Are you throwing up on my horse?"

"It's not that…!”

The Duchess stared at her daughter whining in her nanny's arms with a mysterious look.

"It's all for Isolde. So you don't have to make that face."

The Duke swept her back, placating his wife.

The Duchess nodded at the words.

He has never been wrong since he got married to a duchess.

So this time again, he will be right in his judgment.

"…my daughter is going to marry into the imperial family. So you have to grow up to be the right lady."

"On that point, I'll leave it to you, ma'am. Whatever it takes, it's fine, and I'll get you."

The abuse under the guise of the Duchess's education began the first time Elizabeth took off her baby steps and put a simple word into her mouth.

The Duke sat on the sidelines.

I thought that all I had to do as a father was to let my daughter enjoy a materially rich life without shortage.

Users couldn't see, hear, or put it out of their mouths.

I made a fool of myself. All the people who were kicked out of the duchess had their hearts stopped.

So it's been eight years.


I'm glad I'm the only daughter.

Elizabeth thought so the first day she wore high-heeled shoes.

There were murmurs from maidens that it was too much for the child who barely walked, but all the noise stopped at the glance of the Duchess.

"Mother... My foot hurts."

"Pronounce it properly."

"My feet hurt... It hurts... it hurts."



Elizabeth cried over a long wooden stick in her mother's hand.

I looked around and there was no one to help her.

The maidens bowed their heads and stared at the floor.

"Stretch out your palms."


The softest-hearted child among the maidens eventually turned her head to the side.

What the Duchess was doing was clearly child abuse, not education.

But no one in this mansion is brave enough to point it out.Because he was already dead and kicked out of the mansion.

With a clapping sound, I could hear a thin voice that forced me to endure the pain.

What the hell do you want from a child who's just begun to walk and run?

Someone murmured in a small voice.

"Say it again."

"My feet... hurt so much….”

"So what?"

Even the simple movement of fingers wriggling with long, red lines on the palm was very painful.

But she had to be a first lady.


It was one of the few sentences that Elizabeth could pronounce most frequently and clearly since she first spoke.

"Does your palm hurt?”


"Lady doesn't leave her hands in the air because her palms are burning and painful. No, you don't have to get hit in the first place."

Elizabeth stared silently at the white carpet floor.

My mother was right.

Later, when I saw my mother's expression, putting her hands together finely and putting them under the navel, a satisfactory smile was drawn on her mother's cold face.

Elizabeth was relieved to see the smile.

I was worried that I might get in trouble again for my late movement.

My heart, which had been pounding hard, felt a little calm.

"Try walking again."

However, the next moment, Elizabeth's small, shady face clearly showed signs of frustration.

It was very difficult to walk with shoes that were painful enough to stand and two books on your head.

I'm glad I'm the only daughter. I'm glad my sister or sister didn't go through this.’

Elizabeth bit her lips and began to step by step.

One of the maidens quietly complained again, saying, "I don't know what this is about when I have to toddle around on a soft carpet barefoot."

Eight years later, I still didn't seem to get used to it.

The Duchess retorted, "If you make fun of your mouth more than that, I will make you look like the people who left the mansion a few days ago."

Following the high-heeled shoes, what bothered Elizabeth the most was the corset.

The Duchess specifically ordered a corset made of steel and whale tendons, which adults are reluctant to use, saying that they should make a slender waist when the bones are not yet ripe.

It's not good to use a corset at such a young age. You'll get used to it quickly because your bones are soft at a young age even if you wear it after growing up.’

On the day I ordered the corset, the worried tone of the father-in-law filled with embarrassment was vivid in my ears.

"Breathe out more!"

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh... Hm...! Paha, haha... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

"More, more tightening!"


"It may be painful now, but in the future you will thank me. A slender waist and a fragile, slender figure are some of Lady's most important virtues. Huh? I'm a kid."

"Mother... Breath... I can't breathe....”

"That's the way it is. Get used to it. From now on, wear a corset when you sleep. See? Your waist should be the thinnest of all peers, your steps the most elegant, your tone and pronunciation the most sophisticated!”

"…yes, mother."

"Don't gasp. You're not a dog. You're a dog. You are...."

"…in the future…to be empress… I have to be the best lady in the Empire....”"Good boy, my daughter."

The Duchess looked down at her daughter with a friendly voice and loving eyes, stroking the top of her soft silver head.

She had to be the perfect empress.

So I had to bring back Elysium, which was falling apart.

It was an investment, so to speak.

The Duke generously offered up gold to educate Elizabeth.

The Duchess strictly educated the fine lady she knew by all means.

Fortunately Elizabeth was a good, adult child who steadily followed her education without a moment of defiance.

The Duchess straightened her back with a gloating look, her chin in a pulled position, and patted Elizabeth's smiling head with a lovely smile.

Elizabeth's pure and clear eyes, which looked up at her, contained firm trust without a doubt.

As soon as the Duchess left the room, the maidens helped her, stumbling hastily, and released the corset.

Elizabeth, who had tightened her corset so tightly that she couldn't even breathe, fell into the arms of her maid-in-law, feeling dizzy.

But none of the maidens reported it to the lady.

If the lady knew, she would be the first one to make sure that there were no scars on the lady's body, and she would be angry at them for not being a lady as well as scolding them.

It was better for them to secretly help the lady like this.

Of course, you should never get caught by your master.

None of the people who were caught were kicked out because their necks were stuck intact.

Elizabeth had decided to run away from home only once when she was barely used to children, or baby corsets and shoes.

The nanny, who could not see the abuse of the duchess, first reached out her hand, saying, "Let's run away, and no matter how much good things are around you, this is not it."

Even that day, the wick marks of the corset remained clearly on Elizabeth's delicate flesh, and the little toe was crushed and blood and blood were flowing.

"You don't have to wear a corset? Shoes? But I'm a lady.

"It's okay if you're no longer Lady. You're not a doll. Even if you're poor, I'll let you know what real happiness is."

However, their plan to run away from home was discovered by the Duke before they could escape the forest surrounding the mansion.

The nanny was taken somewhere along the way and Elizabeth was able to meet her father, who had a terrible look on his face.

The Duke of Elysium looked like an ebony, but he had a cane made of lead on the inside.

On the side, the Duchess, who was slapped only by the slap, stood with an ice bag on her cheeks, saying, "How did you calm the Duke and educate your children?"

Duke Elysium lifted his cane.

"Four years..."

Elizabeth erased from her head what happened that day at the last time that her angry father lifted his cane.

I didn't want to remember it, but there were a few things that came to mind as if I were looking at it from a third party's perspective.

His own screams begging for forgiveness, saving his life.

The mother's voice dissuades the Duke, saying, "What if there is a fatal scar on the child's body?"

And the terrible pain I felt the moment I broke my bone.

I think I've forgotten, I think I've erased it all, but the memory buried under the unconscious often became a nightmare and bothered her.Elizabeth, who sprang up in a cold sweat, was able to go back to bed only after fumbling with her hands to see if there were any broken bones or scars left and checking in front of the mirror.

And on such a day, every time I closed my eyes, nightmares were repeated.

'I was bad. It's my fault for doing something that's not ladylike. He's always right. It wouldn't have happened if I had followed my mother's words. I... If I had done something more ladylike....’

I was afraid to close my eyes.

Even now, when I think about it again, I get goosebumps all over my body and suddenly it's hard to breathe.

Would it be better to leave it in writing or to tell it on the pillow?

But Elizabeth decided to hide everything thoroughly instead of opening her diary and naming her pillow and telling her how painful she was.

Everything would go as usual if she kept quiet without telling anyone.