Chapter - 8 Episode 8 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

I'm the one who's going to be the empress.

You need to learn chic, elegant, elegant behavior and sophisticated speech.

Don't forget to be generous with people.

That's the most basic virtue a perfect empress should have.

Not my mother, not my father. I'll thank you both when I grow up.

Because he always said that when he patted me and hugged me.

When my mother hugged me, I felt suffocated and the tip of my nose tickled with the black scent.

Whenever my father raised his hand to stroke me, my body flinched and my heart pounded.

But as soon as the warm touch touched, the unpleasant palpitations disappeared in an instantaneously.

You two love me.

Would you hug me like that again if I were to thank you both as a good child, as an empress, and as a lady? Do you want me to pat you?

My father bought me shoes.

The shoes on my father's palm looked very small, like an ornament generously using shiny diamonds on top of white satin.

But the shoes with heels higher than those in my mother's dress room fit me perfectly.

My sweet little girl.

My mother raised me up by saying that.

My knees were shaking and the tips of my toenails hurt so much.

But I had to walk.

Put a book on your head, and if your posture is a little off, you'll get whipped.

As I got used to Lady's elegant steps, my little toe was horribly twisted, blistered, and my heel was always skinned and drained.

My mother brought me a corset.

For me, your mother ordered a special corset made of rare whale bones and whiskers.

My mother stole my breath, saying that a slender figure is also one of Lady's virtues.

It was hard to even drink watery soup because it was hard to breathe in front of my eyes and my stomach was so stuffy, but I still had to do it.

Because I have to be the perfect empress.

Then one day, he came to my life.

Leonhard Tristan von Espedor.

Who will be my companion who is bound by the couple's relationship?

The person who had to learn how to spell and how to pronounce before my name was a very beautiful person.

Although his first impression was the worst, His Majesty generously forgave me with overflowing mercy.

I was happy to see his blond hair shining white under the sun.

Violet eyes were all white and unfamiliar colors that could not be found in my room.

None of the purple gems I have will sparkle as clear as his eyes.

So I liked him a lot.

When he came out in my dream, I opened my eyes and put the blanket over my head again.

Can I see him again if I fall asleep like this?

There were days when I closed my eyes again with such expectations.

But what came to me was my mother's harsh scolding, not the beautiful crown prince.

I was bad. It's my fault for being so greedy.

So, Mother, don't do such a scary face. Pardon?

Your Highness gave me shoes a few days ago.

Although as a lady, showing off her ankle is very... Sue... it was a shame... She's going to be my husband someday, so I held it in even though I was shy.Then he took off my shoes and put on new ones.

I remembered the princess in the fairy tale book that my mother burned down, saying that I couldn't read it because it was too big.

The princess had a pair of glass shoes worn by the prince.

But he wore shoes with no heels and embroidered blue flowers instead of glass shoes.

And I spent a really dreamy day with him.

I knew for the first time that day what color the sky was, how warm the spring sunshine was, what sound it made when I walked on the lawn, and what scent the flower garden smelled like.


Just in case anyone heard me, I wrapped myself around the blanket and pronounced his name silently at night.

Leon. Leon. Leon.

That alone tickled a piece of my heart.

What is this feeling of tickling and pounding that's different from when you face your dad?

I was curious and amazed.

I was fine because I could call his name even though my mother's cheek still throbbed.


It was amazing that I could laugh every time I called his name.


"You have not shown any shame to your Highness, have you?"

"Well, not at all. Your Highness personally escorted me. Also, he proposed to me in the flower garden!"


Why does your mother look like that?

I didn't do anything wrong to you.

My mother's eyes began to look up and down at me.

I followed my mother to check my outfit and felt my face burning.

Oh, my God! Lady's white dress was stained with green and brown.

I couldn't lift my face because I was embarrassed to see Leon like this.

"Wrong... Argh!"

The star burst in front of my eyes.

I've been sitting absentmindedly for a long time because I don't know what happened.

Tears were dripping down and my cheeks were tingling.

Oh, you got slapped by your mother.

Instead of touching my burning cheeks, I almost crawled to my mother and asked for forgiveness.

Lady in this outfit would not have been forgiven if I had told her.

It was all my fault.


"I'm sorry, Mother. I was bad. I won't do it again."

"Even at this moment, on the documents of the fathers' offices, Young-ae and Young-sik are holding an engagement ceremony and declaring their marriages broken."

My mother is starting to say something difficult.

I couldn't understand what it meant, but I got down on my knees and bowed to the floor.

What if my mother tightens the corset again? Do I have to wear high-heeled shoes again from tomorrow?

"But our little... To my great honor, I was born empress. How come you don't know how lucky this is and the greatest happiness a woman can have!"

The only time my mother treated me with honor is when I was really, really angry.

We've got a problem.

I breathed in and out slowly to stop my body shaking.

My heart started pounding again with a rattling sound.

"What a sight to show, let alone capture his heart! My education has all gone to waste! What is that weed on your hand? What if I get a glue poison on my finger? How old are you still...!”

"Well, it's from you!"

"…now you even lie?"

I had to get whipped again that night.

It was very painful and painful, but I endured it because I heard that I would get hit twice as much if I cried.It hurt my heart.

I'm telling you, Leon gave this to me. Why won't they believe me?

My legs hurt so much.

I didn't feel any more sense.

I didn't remember from a certain point.

I was lying on the bed when I opened my eyes.

My mother was next to me.


I was so surprised that I had hiccups.

My mother gave me a glass of water.

Hiccups, hiccups. I drank all the water, but the hiccups didn't stop.

It's a shame that Lady hiccups in front of others, but I was scared again because she didn't stop hiccups.

"…what on earth are you short of.”

But my mother let out a deep sigh instead of scolding me.

What should I do? My mother must be sad that I'm not a great lady.

"Look at this room. This carpet is made of white bear fur that lives only in the North. All the wallpaper is silk made of cobweb, the table is made of whole marble, and every bookcase is made of white wood that grows only one tree per forest. Do you have any idea how many people hang on to what you eat or wear? I let you live without any deficiency, but what is lacking in you... You are...."

"I'm sorry, Mother."

I don't need a marble table or a bear fur carpet.

I wanted to see my mother smiling.

I just want my mother to hug me.

"I won't make a mistake next time."

"Next? You think there's next time? Listen up, Isolde. You're the one who's going to be the empress. You don't know how strict imperial etiquette is yet! Everything I do is for you. Please understand how this mother feels. Huh?"

My mother had a sad look on her face. I nodded my head.

"All right, Mother. I won't do it again."

So please smile again.

Give me a hug.

Call me, my good daughter.

My mother smiled at me and hugged me tightly.

By the way, huh?

That's strange.

It feels completely different when Leon hugged me.

It felt like a big toad was hugging me.

Fortunately, the flower ring you gave me took the place where the most precious ring was in my jewelry box.

It's already withered and dried up, but I liked the flower ring much more than the diamond, the sapphire or ruby ring.

And I wanted to grow up quickly.

If you officially become the crown princess, you can live in the palace.

There's Leon in the palace, there's Leon.

Leon told the crown prince that he would not be able to be with me all the time because he is very busy.

But it was good just to think that we could be in the same space.

Oh, maybe I won't be hit any more!

But at the same time, I was worried about Leon.

Maybe Leon's getting whipped, too? Maybe you practice walking with a book on your head every day?

So I wrote a letter to Leon.

I wrote a seasonal greeting that suits etiquette and wrote 'Dear' at the bottom.

But my letter couldn't go to Leon.

"Is that what your mother taught you?"

Lady says it is impossible to send a letter first.

My father blamed me like that and burned my letter with the whole envelope.

I was sad, but my father is always right, so maybe I did something wrong again this time.I'm the lady who'll be empress in the future. You should be ashamed of yourself.

You have to grow up to be a great lady, perfect for everything.

So I secretly wrote a letter to my father and mother and whispered to Byul over the window.

How wonderful the time I walked in the garden with him.

How miraculous it was to have you in the spring landscape I saw.

I wanted to say that when I sat on the grass, there was a sweet smell that I've never smelled before, and everywhere I turned my eyes, it was full of colors I've never seen before.

The moment you put the ring on me, your heart was pounding like mine and your whole face was burning.

I asked Byul to ask her if she could teach me what joy is and what happiness is for me.

I don't know if sending a letter to the stars is something that a great lady can do, but I really prayed for my letter to reach Leon.

Leon, please make me happy.

By your side, let me know what that happiness is.