Chapter - 10 Episode 10 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

I can't sleep.

Leonhardt tosss and turns in a wide bed for a long time. Eventually, I jumped to my feet.

Everyone had stepped down to avoid disturbing the Crown Prince's nap.

The quiet bedroom with no one was a little strange.

Leonhardt was in agony with his arms crossed.

"Why did I treat the Empress so casually?’

It was a question that had stuck in his heart for a few days.

He looked back on how many times he had met her before the first wedding.

Once as a child as a fiancee and a fiancé, once as a child, and once as a full-grown adult and married as a royal princess.

And the only time I met her outside the imperial family was when I became emperor and re-appointed as empress.

Leonhardt then recalled the impression he received from Elizabeth every time.

She's... she is.

It was like a well-made and elaborate doll.

As the fiancee of the crown prince, as the crown princess, and as the empress, I remembered that she did it perfectly with a beautiful smile like a painting without anyone telling her to do it.

Did they say that they get goosebumps and get rejected when they see such a well-made doll? That's exactly how she felt.

The faint but gruesome, gruesome, well-made doll sensation grew darker and clearer each time she met her.

As a result, he constantly felt uncomfortable with her throughout his adult life, and as a result, he ignored her terribly even as an empress.It's a piece of crap, isn't it?

Leonhardt slammed his head into a fluffy pillow without concluding.

It would have been insufficient to put my head on the wall other than the pillow, but if I did, I might not be able to practice swordsmanship tomorrow morning.

It wasn't supposed to happen.

At least the clock won't move unless you wind it, but you don't have to take care of it. If you can't do this, you wonder where the perfection comes from, and you can't live with the Duke, you're just ignoring him for the rest of your life?

Leonhardt hit his head on the pillow again and picked up the pillow and started banging his little head. Then he devoted this whole body, one life, and one life to Elizabeth's happiness.

First of all, I wanted to take off Elizabeth's high-heeled shoes and untie her corset.

Like an eight-year-old girl, she wanted to grow up to be a child who could play in the flower garden, be loved by everyone, and give love to every little sprout.

"The Duke of Elisium..."

The Duke, who is rumored to have mixed angel blood, was so historic that he was named the family that produced the empress on the first page of the imperial genealogy.

Although it was a little different from the Duke of Elysium in his memory, he still looked a man blinded by power and self-interest.

By the time Elysium's blood flowing through the imperial family's bodies faded again, they were trying to make their daughter the empress again.

A perfect empress, a doll who can silently do what she has to do even if she is ignored and treated as an absent being, and can engage in politics through her whenever she wants.

"Never do that's not gonna happen.

Leonhardt clenched his fist. And made the most successful plan a 10-year-old crown prince could do.Elizabeth tilted her head as she read the prince's letter arriving in front of her name late in the evening. Difficult words continued endlessly. There were also misspelled words everywhere.

"Mother, what does this mean?"

[Did you enjoy it?]

[With love and hatred]

Duchess Elysium touched her forehead.

"Gamnyeong and love-hate...Kangnyeong, you must have made a mistake in writing affection! Gangnyeong is a polite expression used to ask how the other person is doing, so take this opportunity to remember it. And now, the Crown Prince seems to care about you a lot. But don't be conceited! There are many beautiful women like flowers and you are just the prettiest of them all. It's a flower that withers away once it's picked, and it's not strange when the Lord finds another flower, so don't be conceited and lower your body because you get affection from him now!"

"I'll keep that in mind."

Forgetting that her daughter is still too young to talk between men and women, the Duchess raised her voice.

Elizabeth nodded her head gently.

"Do you want me to write back?”

"It's a document for the imperial family, so you know how to write it, right?”

"Yes, mother."

Then, as if he was running away, he closed the door and went outside.

Elizabeth fell asleep all night thinking about what to write back.


Elizabeth's day begins with the imperial routine.

As the emperor opens his eyes in the bedroom, she also opens her eyes.

When the Empress is grooming herself, she also tightens her corset and wears a dress.

Breakfast was always alone, during which time the Duke and his wife were leisurely oversleeping.

But today was a little different.

By the time she had just finished grooming herself, a wagon arrived from the imperial court.

Elizabeth unintentionally had to buy time to prepare for her parents to welcome her guests as a small hostess of the family, as she was still asleep, but could not leave her guests from the imperial family.

"Oh, what should I do?

A large and heavy stone door like a temple opened and guests from the imperial family appeared.

The guests stood with their backs on the morning sun, so they could not see their faces because they covered the shadows like black veils.

Elizabeth bowed her body deeply in accordance with etiquette and greeted her first. Even if the guests were not related to the imperial family, but their servants, it was right to do so as small hostesses of the family.

"Greetings from Elizabeth Isolde von Elysium, the eldest daughter of the House of Elisium. Good morning."

"...where is the Duke?"

It was my first time hearing a low, deep voice.

Elizabeth took a step back with a voice full of sharpness, like a beast just woke up from hibernation.

"The daughter-in-law is scared!"

The noble lady standing next to him lightly complained.

The content was not very elegant, but it was a beautiful voice with elegant pronunciation and breathing.

"Lizzy, how'd you sleep?”

And Elizabeth was stunned at the last voice she heard.

Leonhardt It was the voice of Leon, whom I met in my dreams every night again.

"Hua...Hua...Emperor Peha!"

I heard a thin voice from behind my back.

Is there a time when my father is so surprised?

Elizabeth turned and slipped on a high heel and danced around in place.

And it was the scent clearer than running water and the warmth of the sun that held him in his arms as he was about to collapse."The Empress!"

The father was rushing down the stairs without knowing that Krabat was crooked.

Following that, her mother also appeared with her long hair only half way up.

Elizabeth's eyes widened.

I can't believe your mother, who has always been a perfect, neat, elegant lady like a glass doll, had that!

Then suddenly Elizabeth realized what her father and mother had said a while ago and why Leonhardt was here and turned pale.

"Lizzy, Lizzy? Elizabeth!"

Eventually Elizabeth fainted in front of the Emperor and Empress of the Empire, who would be her future father-in-law and mother-in-law.


Isidore Aurum von Esper, the emperor of Esperdor, as usual, was in the arms of Empress Freya Javanah von Esperdor, answering "Five more minutes..." to a servant who called his name urgently.

"Your Highness, Your Highness, Your Highness, Your Highness!"

"Why did he..."

"Your majesty, you are in trouble this morning...Oh, uh-huh."

"Your Highness has urgently requested an audience!"

"He's busy making a brother, so he says no. Freya, come here. Huh?"

Outside the door, the face of the servant, who was waiting for the two moms to come out, was on fire.

It happened every morning, but it was different today.

The Crown Prince, who had rushed to the main palace since dawn, asked for an audience with the Emperor, and had been forced to come right in front of the Emperor's bedroom.

I had to somehow stop the sound that was inappropriate for a young child from continuing inside the door.

"Well, I mean, Your Highness. What that's gonna do is, "

"Huh, Your Majesty!"

"Freya, my love. Huh?"

"Open the door."


"Open the door. They're not gonna have another baby between them anyway, so open the door!

Leonhardt eventually went on a rampage.

How many times have I seen the good scenes of my father and mother in person - hell, why are they disappearing into the garden at my son's birthday party?- I didn't feel awkward or ashamed.

No, the 10-year-old looked better when he heard that sound and was embarrassed, saying, "My father is trying to bully my mother!"

Leonhardt stepped on his feet, feeling sorry for the servant who turned the situation around and explained it to a 10-year-old boy without knowing anything.

"Don't you want a brother?"

The peeking door opened and the father, dressed only in a silk gown, appeared.

I'm afraid I'm not his father, and I'm an adult, and I look just like him.No, is it the other way around? Anyway, his handsome face was full of irritation.

"Please make it tomorrow, not today. Thank you for allowing me to attend. Father."

"I haven't given you permission yet. In the name of the Emperor, I command you to go and do your job."

"I oppose that order in the name of the Empress. Leonhardt! Come on over here."

"Oh, my God!"


Leonhardt snuck out between his father's legs and was held in the arms of the empress.

His mother's arms, shawl again over the silk gown, smelled friendly and warm, which he had to bury deep in his heart for the rest of his life.

"What have you been up to since this early morning, my crown prince? Did you have any nightmares?”

Leonhardt shook his head and smiled broadly.

Recently, the Empress burst into laughter at the prince's aegyo, which caused the empress to wonder if early adolescence had come after receiving a report that the crown prince's highness had become very mature.The emperor came to the empress and her only son, scratching his head, which had become a complete magpie's house, and wanting to hear the story first.

"That's my seat. Get out of my way."

"No, I don't want to, dad."

"Does he...? "

Leonhardt stuck his tongue out and buried his face a little more in his mother's arms.

The touch of sweeping and patting my back was warm.

"So, what brings you here today, Your Highness?”

Oh, right.

Leonhardt, who was about to fall asleep in his mother's arms, jumped up and knelt down in front of the emperor and the empress.

"Save my wife!"

The emperor and empress looked at each other and blinked.

Did your son, who wasn't usually cute, eat something wrong the day before?

However, after hearing the prince's clumsy explanation of the prince's gestures, the two superiors jumped out of bed and ordered him to prepare to go out.

"Where are you going this morning? Your Majesty, Your Majesty?"

"I'm going to the Duke of Ellisium. Get the wagon ready right now!"

"Madame, please stop her. Oh, my!"

"Bring me the most splendid dress and the jewel of the empress right now! How dare you bring my daughter-in-law...That's how you're being educated.

Leonhardt carefully escaped from the bedroom while the two were shaking Busan with a satisfied look on his face. As expected, my mother was the best.


"So you two have come to the mansion from this morning?"

The Duke and his wife were having a deep conversation with the Emperor couple.

When Elizabeth opened her eyes, she was surprised to see that Leonhardt was next to her, but this time she lay down on her pillow as if she were falling down because she was wearing high heels, tight corsets, and pajamas, not heavy dresses.

However, Leonhardt held Elizabeth's hand tightly and said, "Are you okay or are you sick?" He said, "I'm not feeling well."

"Didn't the Duchess hit you again?"


Elizabeth's blue eyes were not looking straight at Leonhardt's violet-colored eyes.

Leonhardt sighed deeply and drew a little closer to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth lifted the quilt to the tip of her nose in surprise at Leonhardt's refreshing mint-colored body.

Leonhardt held her silver hair lightly as if she was playing around with it, and said a word casually as if it were nothing.

"You need to get married.”


"Let's go to the palace. I mean, let's have an engagement today, be a formal fiancee and live with me. Why, don't you?"


"My love, I am nothing but a humble sinner who does not deserve your love, but if you allow me to have mercy and love you..."

"Your Majesty the Crown Prince. I'm sorry, but...It's so hard to say.”

Phew. Leonhardt sighed deeply again. When will you grow it and make it happy?

"May I love you?”

At the age of 10 and 8, the Duchess's maid thought that playing house was not a good thing for children to say, let alone feeling love.

The story of His Majesty's return of the hands of the clock [exclusive.