Chapter - 11 Episode 11 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Married Imperial Palace

Elysium was named 'Descendants of Angels'.

Externally, the names of the ancestors recorded in the genealogy were consistent with those of angels who stayed on the ground until the end of the Bible, but it was just a rough-and-ready excuse for the 10-year-old crown prince to snort.

However, it was a beautiful proof that she could be called an angel as her silver hair glistening like the Milky Way from generation to generation, far from the midsummer sea, and sky-blue eyes like the noon sky facing the horizon.

Starting with the first empress of the empire, the genealogy of noble and historic imperial nobles had different roots, but there was one thing in common.

The names of the young children who had Elysium's names written somewhere in the genealogy.

Elysium paved the wedding hall with elaborate daughters for reasons such as "the first empress to be produced," "the descendants of angels," and "no one among the high nobles is out of touch."

It was the power and wealth that earned it.

At some point, of course, the dukes of Elysium began to wonder how to make their daughters a more beautiful and perfect bride, instead of defending the emperor in the palace, or vice versa, and standing at the height of power.

The Duke of Elysium this time was a man like that.

One difference from the previous Duke of Elysium was that he was exceptionally politically ambitious.

His engagement with the imperial family was also a foundation for his full-fledged entry into politics and a final shield in case anything happens.

In order to do so, the emperor had to face each other with a smiling face.

No matter how much my daughter became the empress in the future and my son-in-law was the emperor, the duke was just a shadow under the clouds in front of the imperial family.

The Duke of Elysium, who fully understood that point, had been taking a look at politics little by little so as not to intrude on the ruler's.

And the ruler of the matter visits the mansion in person from this early morning?

I've never heard of anything like this before.

In a hurry, the Duke began to guess why the emperor came here himself, giving him an example with only water on his head.

"Yes, Your Majesty, command me."

"Go get your pants back on."

The emperor waved his hand and commanded.

Only then did the Duke blush when he noticed that he was wearing his pants backwards.

"Gold… I'll get back to the right example soon."

"Young-ae welcomed us in perfect form early in the morning. Children are called parents' mirrors, aren't they?"

"…I'm ashamed of myself."

Your daughter has been welcoming us in perfect form since this morning, but why are you a parent?

The emperor's bony words rebuked him.

The Duke and Duchess led the Emperor and his wife back to the parlor and went up to the room without breathing.

"There you go."

The emperor, who sat on the sofa in the drawing room, clasped his fingers and stared into the air, stopped the butler Elysium.

The Elysium mansion welcomed them with its elegant and elegant appearance, like a distinctive temple.

However, a house as beautiful as a goddess's temple on the surface turned cold and cold as a stone tomb as soon as it crossed the threshold.

'Leonhardt came to ask me to kneel down, but I didn't expect it to be this much....’

The butler, who was wary of the emperor, tried to fill the empty glass while the emperor was deep in thought."Since when did Elisium's butler change into someone who spoke twice to understand?"

However, the emperor did not even look away with a blunt look on his face.

The butler flinched and bowed his head hastily.

"Go help your master."

The emperor leaned back on the cushion as if it were his home and spoke in a languid manner.

The butler ran to the owner's room at a quick pace as if he had run away.

"Are there three people on the way back?”

When asked by the empress, the emperor smiled and answered lightly.

"No, four people."

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Elysium was stamping her feet in front of her most spectacular dress.

I tightened the corset as hard as I could, but the dress just didn't fit her.

The Duchess desperately made an excuse, saying that she had to use her brain too much to teach Elizabeth and always had to soothe her with sweet things.

However, she was not able to meet the emperor and empress in an indoor dress or the second most colorful dress.

Eventually, the Duke rolled up his arms and put his feet on the Duchess' waist.

"Oh, my God! Oh, my God! A little more! A little more!"

Seeing the bloodline clearly stand on the Duke's arm, the maidens turned their faces to the side as if they were embarrassed.

"Every day you tighten your corsets to the point where it's awful for you... To be honest, I'm a little relieved. Right?"

"Shh! What if you hear me?"

The Duchess, who managed to wear a dress thanks to her husband's help, glanced at the maidens and chased the Duke back to the drawing room.

I wanted to kick those naughty girls out right now, but now wasn't the time.

"I am ashamed to have kept you waiting, as a housekeeper. Your Majesty."

"Never mind. I'm thinking of going back soon anyway. Why don't you come sit down? Empress, didn't you say you wanted to talk to the Duchess?"

The Duke only rolled his eyes and examined the emperor's perception.

Obviously, this was the drawing room of the Elysium mansion, but at the emperor's words, the drawing room turned into a more difficult and sweaty place than the imperial palace hall lined up on both sides.

Meanwhile, the Duchess gasped when the Empress said she had something to tell her in personally.

The Empress? Me? Why is that?

Taking the empress to another living room, the Duchess bitterly regretted that she wore high-heeled shoes that no one would see because they were covered by a long dress anyway.

"I heard directly from the Crown Prince that your wife is teaching our daughter-in-law very well."

"The Crown Prince... Your Highness....”

Seeing a proud smile that could not be hidden above the Duchess's face, the empress tried to suppress her expression.

Education? It's education. Even the animals in the circus don't educate them like that.

The empress screamed on the spot at the news of the future daughter-in-law's only son.

What a terrible thing to happen here in Elysium mansion, to the future royal family, even if it wasn't a child to be a daughter-in-law.

"I'm flattered. Elizabeth is still a child who lacks learning. Eight years old at the most would know anything. Ho-ho... Ho-ho....”

The empress smiled benevolently and looked directly at the Duchess in the face.

Everyone was a gentle and silky smile, but the Duchess felt that the smile was colder and colder than the winter north wind."Yes, Your Highness, the Crown Prince, at the age of Young-ae... I can still see it. If there is anything you want to have, you lie down in the hallway of the imperial palace or sulk all day long. In hindsight, even that seems to be cute and lovely..”

The empress deliberately blurted out the words and sounded the Duchess.

"From the perspective of the spirit, I'm sure you've had a lovely moment like that for a very short time.”

"I don't know what you mean.?”

In the Duchess's head, thoughts began to sway like a sculpture ship in a storm.

The empress was still staring at the Duchess with a smile on her face.

"It's nothing. I am proud and proud of Young-ae as a mother-in-law of the future mother-in-law... I'm just grateful again."

"How can I thank you for thinking so highly of Isolde, who is still a tomboy? It's an honor, Empress."

'He grew up to be a great man. Of course, it's very good. If I were you, I would have pulled out my father's mustache and escaped!’

The empress, who had a personality as a child, struggled to keep her composure and brought up the subject.

"Education of Elizabeth reminds me... Duchess of Elysium."

"Tell me, Empress."


The emperor was also having a similar conversation with Duke Elysium.

"I'm trying to raise Elizabeth in the palace.”

"Yes, yes, Your Majesty!"

"One day, I will be the crown princess and come to the imperial court. They're going to move it up a little, is there a problem?"

The question?

From his wife's cane, which had been neglected under the name of education, to his own cane, which had broken his daughter's bones, swung like a fallen leaf in autumn, flying in front of the Duke's eyes.

Just a few days ago, I was stuck in the deepest study in anger at the cry of my daughter who was beaten by a cane and was in pain.

No matter how quickly a child's skin gets healed, such scars will disappear completely no matter how good the medicine is!

"Such... such a matter cannot be arbitrarily determined by Your Majesty alone!"

"Of course, that's why I asked for your opinion."

How could you ask for a doctor! However, instead of confronting the emperor in protest, the Duke quietly mumbled.

'No, let's think about it calmly. If the child enters the Imperial Court early, he will be able to visit the palace more often under the pretext of seeing the child, which will strengthen his friendship with many people. This is an opportunity!’

The emperor huddled up like a big old mouse and clicked his tongue at Duke Elysium, who clearly saw what was on his face.

That's an angel's descendant? The devil passing by was laughing.

Even the blood of the first empress, who was flowing somewhere in her body, felt disgusting.

"Hmmm, hmmm... I understand what you mean. But since she's our only daughter, what's more important is her mother's doctor? After discussing enough with his wife....”

"Knock knock, knock. Are you done talking?"

"The Empress!"

The Duke opened the door of the drawing room with a knock and bent back reflexively toward the empress.

What the hell happened was my wife's spirit following in.

"Boo, ma'am, don't tell me the Empress...?”

"Elysabeth will be raised in the imperial family....”

The Duke felt his mind go blank in his wife's whisper. No matter how much I think about it, there was no reason for your superiors to act so suddenly."Your Highness the Crown Prince?"’

The prince, who had never been interested in his daughter since the Taejung engagement was confirmed as an official document, first met his daughter and then the Duke's face turned muddy as he recalled what the prince had done in the mansion.

"Listening to Leonhardt, Elizabeth is very keen on the empress' class, and I think it would be better to learn imperial etiquette directly from the imperial court. What do you think, ma'am?"

"But the Empress!"

"I was thinking about bringing a child of a peer aristocrat to the imperial family who would otherwise be Leonhardt's friend, and that's great. Why don't we call some young children who can be Elizabeth's friend? Empress."

"Oh! That's a great idea. It's been a long time since the imperial family was filled with children's laughter."


The emperor tilted his head towards the empress with a smile as light as a large hound seeking praise.

The empress smiled and held the emperor's hands tightly and said again as if she was nailing the duchess who still couldn't get their act together.

"Where is the right place for a child to become an empress as well as an imperial palace?”

"I... am actually still weak, so at least after spring....”

"Is it incurable? It doesn't matter. The palace was full of doctors who could cure the incurable disease.”

"No, it's not....”

The Duke and wife of Elysium were worried about how to hide their daughter's whip marks.

"It's natural to guarantee an early social debut and an empress' class that's only possible in the imperial family, and Jim guarantees the outcome of being close to her husband from an early age. What are you so hesitant about?"

"Your Majesty, the first time we met was after we became adults."

"Jim did, but the Empress had yet to come of age. The empress, who was riding the biggest stallion in the field, was like....”

"Are you trying to separate an eight-year-old from his parents' arms.

Surprised, the Emperor and Empress tried to recall their own memories, but turned their heads back to the Duke and his high, piercing screams.

The Duchess's feet hurt so much that she could not walk that she walked on her knees, holding the Empress's hem and began to cry.

When I wore a corset and shouted loudly, I felt like I was about to lose my breath.

"Only, only now… I mean, eight years old! Such a child... Is the Empress trying to keep the child away from her mother? How cold you are without blood or tears!"

If Leonhardt saw it, he would immediately hit his forehead on the table and say, "I don't even know that the empress grew up on those things.It was a scene where I would regret it again.

"Duchess of Ellisium! Calm down, calm down!"

Your dress is about to rip off!

The empress swallowed backbiting and looked up at the emperor with a bewildered look to recover from the sudden reversal.

The emperor also did not expect this situation, so his violet eyes were shaking.

Duke Elysium was a man who knew the moment to strike and fall. And now is the time to beat it out desperately.

The Duke also folded his waist like a book in front of the Emperor and cried.

It was more important to move on safely without revealing that the body of the future empress was full of wounds."Your Majesty! Please consider the matter! It's your only daughter. To think that the child, who is still young, lives in an imperial palace without a mother or father... The heart of this old body is in pain as it tears!"

"Empress, please. Please I beg you. Please reconsider your thoughts. I can't live without Elizabeth, huh... It's my body. Elizabeth also said good night to me... If you don't do it for me, I can't fall asleep. Why would you take him? Do you!"

The emperor and the empress looked at each other's faces in embarrassment.

Knock, knock, knock.

A polite and constant knock was heard amid a series of tears appeals from the duchess to ridiculousness. Four people's eyes turned to the door at the same time.

"Come in."

The emperor forgot who the landlord was and allowed a stranger to visit.

The Duke of Elysium alternately looked at the emperor and the door with an absurd look, raising his wife, whose dress, which could not withstand with a corset, was almost torn.

But the door had already been opened.

"This is it!"


Beyond the door stood a butler full of embarrassment and a little boy with a stubborn face somewhere. The boy's fine silver hair was revealed behind his back.

"Then why don't you ask Lizzie yourself? Why don't adults know such simple things?"

"The Crown Prince, in front of you. Watch what you say and do."

The empress warned Leonhardt with a stern look.

Leonhardt pouted his lips to see what he didn't like so much, holding Elizabeth's hand behind his back and leading her in front of him.

Then, in a shawl on top of her dress, she knelt down on one knee in front of Elizabeth, who was terrified and almost out of breath again, and spoke with a serious look.

"Lizzy, why don't you live with me?"