Chapter - 12 Episode 12 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Elizabeth was afraid.

Leonhardt, holding his hand and going down the stairs with a very angry look, was scared.

Leon's small fingertips were breaking down one by one in his normal daily life when he did what his parents told him to do.


Walking down the stairs along Leonhardt, Elizabeth sank to her seat.

I learned how to act in front of the emperor and the empress and what words to use, but no one taught me how to pronounce the tingling and astringent sensation under my tongue.

Leonhardt, who had been down about three steps earlier, returned to her side.

Elizabeth's shoulders trembled terribly like a stray in the rain, not in the late summer.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?"

Leon, Leon, Leon.

Elizabeth tries to hold Leon's hand, wondering if it's okay to do it as a lady.

Leonhardt clasped her whiter hand, recoiling in the air.

"Shall we go back to the room? Lizzy, if you don't like it, I won't."

The Crown Prince was trying to take him to the parlor.

Elizabeth was taught to obey the Crown Prince's words unconditionally.

So I had to shake my head.

Prince of Wales will follow the will of the submissively meekly did behave.


But his mouth, barely opened enough to hold a candy, only made an ugly sound of ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

"I can't have an audience with the Emperor in this way. What if the Empress was disappointed by my appearance and decided to forget about her engagement to Leon? But shouldn't we listen to Prince Leon until we get into the parlor? Uh, what should I do?’

Leonhardt shouted at the maidens stamping their feet on the stairs to bring something Elizabeth could cover.

The steps of the maidens, who had been watching with a sad and pitiful look, became busy.

"It's all right, Lizzy. No one's gonna hurt you. You can do what you want. You can go back to your room, or you can come down to the drawing room with me. If you don't like it....”

The blue shawl, which lay under the morning sun of spring, smelled warm and cozy.

For Elizabeth, however, the shawl, which must be comfortable by rubbing her cheeks as a child, now feels like a half-frozen mop in the sleet of winter.

"You choose. Lizzy, it's your life."

"My life is..."

Elizabeth looked up at Leonhardt with a desperate face as if she were a god seeking salvation.

He still had a sad look on his face.

"Leon, are you sad?"

"No, Lizzy. I'm worried about you now. Of course, it's sad... I can cancel my engagement with you if you want....”


At Elizabeth's new scream, not only the maidens but also Leonhardt's shoulders flinched.

Elizabeth grabbed Leonhardt as if she had heard the oracle that the world was ending, and began to shake his body wildly and hang on.

"No, I don't like that. I want to be with Leon. I, I...!”


Leonhardt patted Elizabeth on the shoulder and gently leaned her forehead against his shoulder.

"Yes, yes…!"

"Then let's go to the drawing room."

Leonhardt soothed Elizabeth once again, even though he was wary of whether she was reacting sensitively again.

Her young fiancee has lived without even knowing how to express herself.

I felt like my stomach was squeezing because I had heartburn.

The more I knew about her past, the more I could not forgive myself for the future, which has now become the past.

Watching Elizabeth slowly walk down the stairs holding her hand, Leonhardt managed to persevere with the tingling tip of his nose.And the child's body is too sensitive to other people's feelings," he said.

As the door of the drawing room got closer, the noise beyond the door grew louder and louder.

Elizabeth, who was close to her, was hiding behind her back.

If she wanted to, she wanted to bring the strongest magical barrier in the palace and surround it.

Leonhardt commanded the butler of the Elysium family to extend his ten-year-old small build, his subtle status as crown prince, and his willingness to protect his companion more firmly than the magical barrier.

"Open the door."

The conversation between the doors of the drawing room now was so blatant that it was embarrassing for an adult to hear.

Should I open this door now?

"Door, I said open it. Since when did Ellisium's butler change into someone who speaks twice?”

The butler alternated between Leonhardt and Elizabeth, who rebuked him, ordering him to open the door in a natural manner as if he were his own house, and sweating coldly.

Is it hereditary to say the same thing without making a mistake?

"Madam, may I open the door?"

No matter how much he had to look away from the lady at the behest of the householder. Even so, he was also one of the people who decorated the nursery with more joy than anyone else on the day Elizabeth was born.

The butler knelt down and set eyes on Elizabeth for the first time in years.

Even if the crown prince brought the Imperial Guard, the owner of this house was Elysium.

And now it was Elizabeth, not Leonhardt, who was supposed to follow orders.

Elizabeth still managed to stand on the edge of her seat as if she were about to fall back.

The well-trimmed silver hair, swaying in the air, looked just like her half-lost soul, so the butler stopped trying to reach out.

" door....”

Please open it.

Elizabeth said, hiding behind Leonhardt's back again.

When she was hit by her father's cane, the butler, who had no change in expression, suddenly knelt down and made eye contact.

His wrinkled face had nothing similar to Leonhardt, but he could only see that he was sad to see him.

I didn't want anyone to be sad because of me. Elizabeth knew how pretty Leon was when he smiled.

'The butler might lose some wrinkles if he smiles.’

"All right."

The butler raised himself again.

Were you ever this small?

On his knees, he was in silent dismay.

At the same time, she admired that the color of her eyes was the skylight of the highest and clearest day he had ever seen.

And finally,

"S... don't be sad. Because of me...."

Her words forced the butler to experience his heart falling under his feet and jumping back to the top of his head.

At that moment the butler decided.

No matter what happens, I will protect you from your wife and wife.

Why did he just know what anyone could know, even if he was not a butler who had lived skillfully for decades?

They have been doing unforgivable wrongs for the past eight years.

The polite and constant knocking was followed by a low and dignified voice that played a role in knocking Elizabeth out.

Leonhardt clasped Elizabeth's hand as if to rest assured, feeling flabbergasted.

"Come in."

The door opened.Leonhardt, who roughly grasped what was happening beyond the door while the butler asked Elizabeth for permission, replaced the greeting with the most twisted way a 10-year-old boy could speak.

"Then why don't you ask Lizzie yourself? Why don't adults know such simple things?"

"The Crown Prince, in front of you. Watch what you say and do."

Leonhardt poked his lips.

The mother sighed at her son, who showed no sign of remorse, and was seen pointing her forehead.

Leonhardt, who unintentionally drove a nail into his mother's heart, ignored the voice of her heart, which was being poked at because Elizabeth was in a more urgent situation now.

"Lizzy, why don't you live with me?”

Then he dragged Elizabeth behind his back and knelt before her.

The Emperor, the Empress, and the Crown Prince, as well as the Duke and Duchess.

I knew how much harder the silent pressure to go to the imperial palace would make her otherwise sensitive, but he still had to.

A stronger poison was needed to rule the poison.


Elizabeth was afraid.

"Shouldn't we say hello to the Emperor first?" How should I address the Empress? What's the etiquette of the Imperial Palace? Why did Leon kneel down to me?’

Small, soft hair, which would not be enough to be dyed white with laughter with a popping sound every day, was ripening hot.

It was scary.

The eyes focused on her grew like monster eyes, and from ten to twenty to forty, and eventually, there were eyes watching her on every pattern on the wallpaper.

With those eyes watching, Leonhardt kneels in front of me and asks if he will live with me.

Eventually Elizabeth sat down and burst into tears.

The unpleasant, sticky, and lumpy lumps that had not disappeared even after taking the medicine were melting away in tears one by one.

Elizabeth sobbed out of breath, emptying everything with a feeling of confusion, unknown emotion, throbbing, and vomiting her poking heart.

I didn't know what was what at all.

Why do you want me to choose? Are you asking me?

Mother, what should I do? This never happened. I always had to do what I was told. Is this also the empress class? What would you do when this is a great lady?

I don't know, Leon. Help me, help me. Yes?

"Lizzy, Elizabeth, calm down, calm down. Huh? Drink a glass of water... Yeah, I'm right here. It's Leon."

"Leon, Leon… What should I do? …in times like this, with a whimper... Uh-uh, what should I do?"

"You can do whatever you want. Lizzie... what do you want to do?”

"I don't know. I don't know. I... I... I'm... uhhhaha....”

"Calm down. Calm down. Think calmly. No, let's breathe first! Inhale, exhale, inhale... Good boy...."

A nauseating sensation from the depths of my stomach tapped the roof of my mouth.

Elizabeth vomited in Leon's arms without knowing what the emotion was.

Desperately grabbed Leonhardt by the hem and clung to him.

Close your eyes tightly and breathe in and out slowly as he said.

Then the snow on the wallpaper began to disappear one by one.

I couldn't think of anything.

If it was usual, she would have been worried about what to do with her uncharacteristic behavior or her father holding a cane, but now she didn't even have the strength to lift a finger.I want to rest.

Hugging Elizabeth, who had completely lost her strength, Leonhardt bowed politely to the adults in the room.

"Oh, my God, oh, my God. And Duke Elysium. I apologize for the rude visit without contacting you early in the morning. Lizzy is more embarrassed than I thought about my sudden stubbornness. I was careless."

"No... no, Your Royal Highness. Rather, our place is....”

"Lizzy has done nothing wrong!"

"I told you, Crown Prince, that I was in front of you."

"…I'm sorry, mom. But there's really nothing wrong with her. If you want to reprimand me, reprimand me."

"Well, yeah. Isol... Lizzie is surprised... What is the butler doing without sending Lizzie back to her room right away?”

The Duchess screamed.

As soon as the butler tried to enter the drawing room belatedly, Leonhardt picked up Elizabeth.

Of course, the next moment Elizabeth had to be handed over to a more powerful and dependable adult, but Leonhardt stood still for a long time after the butler's footsteps climbed all the way up the stairs.

Was his body this small and light?

Apparently, on the day she went shopping for shoes, her father-in-law said she was extremely average physique, but Elizabeth, who was in his arms a while ago, seemed to disappear so small, light, and vain as the first snow.

"Leonhardt, could you please go to Young-ae because there's something adults need to talk about?”

"…yes, mom."

The empress' voice sank lower than usual.

Leonhardt, who knows from experience what happens when his mother opens her mouth with that tone, calmly stepped down from the drawing room.


The steps of the duchess were covered with fluffy carpets.

But it must have been painful for her to wear high heels as if she were walking on a blade.


Her room was full of white and blue things.

When I first saw this room, it began to circulate that there was only a little in the desolate atmosphere like a hospital room.

However, until his words changed the room, this pure white room would also be whitening Elizabeth's existence.


Leonhardt took a step carefully in case she woke up.

She would walk behind him every minute, looking out for him, not even making footsteps like a shadow.

My Empress.

Leonhardt, who knelt carefully on the carpet to prevent Elizabeth from waking up again, tapped her fingertips.

Elizabeth was only flinching and still breathing colourfully and lightly.

Even if you put dandelion seeds right in front of you, can you scatter them in the air with those breaths? It was such a tender breath that I was worried about.

Holding her hand like a holy grail, Leonhardt begged and begged.

'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Empress, I'm sorry. Please choose me. Give me a second chance. So that you won't do the same stupid thing, so that you can be happy. Please allow me that qualification. I'll give you back the long time you lost because of me. If I am sure that you will be happy even if I die tomorrow due to him, I will walk toward hell on my own. So Elizabeth, allow me the opportunity to atone for you, the right to love."386559_13.fb.drm.13_cover_fxhtml0