Chapter - 13 Episode 13 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

It was a breathtaking silence that Leonhardt and Elizabeth came to the drawing room after their return.

There was nothing more to hide and do, both inside and outside of Elysium.

A mere eight-year-old child, who was followed by so many words that it was almost impossible to say the opposite.

The empress cleared her throat.

If you have something to say, say it. As soon as I speak, I'll bend your ribs wide and flap you like the wings of an angel.’

The emperor quietly expressed a purple flame burning at the Duke and Duchess.

"I understand, ma'am. It's okay, Elizabeth didn't do anything wrong."

I told you not to tell.

The Duchess, who was about to reply with delight, was stunned by the emperor's gaze, quietly shut up and waited for the words of the empress to continue.

"It's so sudden, it's no wonder he's so embarrassed. As a mother of a child before the Empress, I also withdraw my imprudent remarks. A child should grow up with the love of his parents' love. Of course. But."

The Duchess swallowed her saliva.

Is Is Isolde's scar successful in buying time to heal like this way?

"I'm not sure I deserve to call you parents. Elizabeth will also be taken to the palace."

The empress was extremely calm and gentle, but determined.

"Let's move up the engagement a little. Even in etiquette, the engagement ceremony of young lovers and young adults encourages each other to do after turning 10, but it is not legally decided to wait for their bodies and minds to grow enough to be each other's pets. Even more so, considering that the beginning of this engagement was a prenatal marriage. Duchess Elysium, do you think Elizabeth is not enough to be Leonhardt's fiancee? Your Majesty, what do you think?”

"I... I...."

"…the meaning of luggage is the meaning of the empress."

The emperor intercepted the Duchess and nailed her will.

The Duchess bit her lips and repeatedly clenched and unfolded her fists.

"That's great. Before spring passes and summer comes, the two children will exchange their futures in the presence of God."

That's a relief. With that amount of time, I can heal Isolde's wounds. It's an engagement ceremony… I'm sure there will be people coming to help the family. As expected, this is an opportunity.’

The Duke was only thinking about it at this moment.

However, as soon as the Empress's condition was added, the Duke's face faded from earth to white and blue again.

"As of the time Elizabeth entered the palace, the Duke and Duchess of Elysium order that any public or private meeting be prohibited, regardless of formality or size, with the child. Unless Elizabeth finds you first, you should never talk to Elizabeth first, and if you happen to be in one place, please be as far from her view as possible."

"What are you so worried about, Empress, that only the appropriate ones will be invited to the presence of a precious daughter-in-law?"

What the emperor was trying to say was clear.

They should no longer show up for the main events of the imperial family.

Even if she participated, she had to sit in a corner as much as possible and remain calm so that she would not be seen.

The Duke saw the illusion of entering politics and chatting with high-ranking officials in front of his eyes."Any more to say?"

That was the end of the story. The Emperor and Empress rose from their seats with a determined attitude that they did not want to be here for another second.


"Well, I'll take Leon, Your Majesty."

"Oh, my God. I forgot something important.”

"The important thing! Your Majesty!"

The empress pushed the emperor's chest with a gentle gesture.

The emperor, who was following her up the stairs, stepped back down the stairs as if to her beat.

"Oops, the Empress is trying to assassinate the Emperor.”

"I don't have the energy to joke around. I'm telling you... if it wasn't for Leonhardt....”

Will it be possible to feel good to see a child acting more like a sophisticated leaf doll than a human being?

The empress herself was frankly not confident.

Upon arriving at Elizabeth's room, guided by the maidens, the empress knocked on the door quietly, and when there was no response, she made eye contact with the emperor once and opened the door with a cautious movement.

The white and blue room was reminiscent of a white sand beach and a waterfall-like ocean over the horizon.

'Come to think of it, the Crown Prince gave Elizabeth a pair of shoes embroidered with blue hair.’

The emperor leaned obliquely against the wall and looked around the room with folded arms.

The Empress carefully raised Leonhardt. I could see traces of tears flowing down my baby cheeks a little while ago.

"I'm so heartbroken as an adult, but Leon....’

Although he grew up to the point where he could hardly walk ten steps in his arms, Leonhardt still looked like a toddler in the eyes of the empress.

As the emperor beckoned, Elizabeth and Leonhardt, who had fallen asleep, carefully picked them up and headed to the imperial carriage.

"I have to pack my baby's clothes and valuables….”

The empress stretched her words as if the duchess, who had followed her in a hurry, had to listen.

"Well, the last few days, I've been changing seasons, so I've sent all my clothes to the laundry room..”

"Then I'll have to take the clothes."

The Duchess's expression became more reflective. The Empress shut her mouth and crossed Elizabeth's room to the dressing room.


"Yes, Empress."

"Really, Elizabeth... Did you put this on...?”

The empress' voice was shaking. It was a fancy, uncomfortable dress that filled the walls of the spacious dress room.

But it wasn't the adult heavy dress she pointed at.

The Duchess found the corset that she had hastily peeled off from the faint Elizabeth and, no, it was, so mumbling her lips.

"You were raising, not educating. Putting a child in a prison shaped like that."

Of the comfortable clothes I barely found, there were only three to wear except pajamas.

Even so, I had barely found each sleeve length and slipped on a hanger and stuck in a corner.

"Do you know what Elizabeth usually likes?"

The Duchess couldn't say a word with her head down.

The Empress sighed deeply, holding her forehead.

"…I don't need jewelry. If there's anything that you're attached to, you can take whatever you don't matter."

Elizabeth's cherished possessions, except for the shoes and flower rings that Leon gave her, were only a few fairy tales whose pages were lost as if someone had deliberately torn them apart.

The empress bit her lips and suppressed her anger as a result of the stark results of no dolls or blankets that people her age would have had.It was not until long after the carriage with the imperial pattern completely escaped from the forest surrounding the duchess that the empress uttered.

"You kept your promise."


"The word 'four' when you come back.'

The Empress stared at the Emperor's side face.

I could see that the tip of his lips, which had been tightly closed, gradually rose.

"I am not the spirit of the wind beyond the window, Your Majesty."

Only then did the emperor turn his head and hold the empress' hand tightly.

The empress leaned her head on the emperor's shoulder and closed her eyes.

Across the street, Leonhardt and Elizabeth were asleep with their heads on each other.

Leonhardt thought, closing his eyes tightly again.

I'm glad that Elizabeth is with me.

'Oh... next time, we'll ride a carriage separately....’


"My family is doomed. I can't believe Elysium ended up like this! How would you like to see the faces of your ancestors when they're dead?”

The Duke had been circling the same spot for a while and had blood veins around his neck.

"Oh, my God! I can't believe I've been humiliated like this, no matter how imperial I am, if Elysium's blood hadn't been mixed in the imperial family for generations....”

The Duchess was in agony.

It was good to have a husband who was holding the back of his neck and was the face of his ancestors.

I'm confident that I'm a good parent."

The whole thing was for my daughter.

No matter how good the character of the empress to be a mother-in-law was, it was the imperial family that might nibble away at the child like a festering wound.

I didn't want her to be nitpicked in such a place.

I wanted to act perfectly and receive only praise. There should have been no small dust on the child's path until she sat safely in the seat of the empress, which no one could overcome.

The child followed his instructions without saying much.

Her daughter was a good, loving, understanding and early-grown child who understood the phrase "everything is for you."

Why did the Empress get angry when she raised her so well?’

The Duchess could not understand the words of the empress, who was raising her child in prison.


Leonhardt, who fell asleep, stared for a long time after finding his father looking out of the window, maintaining an uncomfortable posture in case his mother woke up.


"Why son?"

"…be nice to your mother."

"Take care of your girl. I've been holding back the whole time thinking about canceling all those stupid things.”

"Then I'll hold Lizzie's hand and run away at night."

"Where else did you learn to say that?"

"From the book."

The emperor twitched his nice eyebrows.

The empress' genes, which were barely grown up and never went by appearance, seemed to be revealed in her personality, but it must have been a whim of the moment for her son, who resembles my childhood.


"What's wrong with you, son?"

"Do you think you're really happy?”

Purple eyes like Leonhardt's stared at his young son. The son was staring straight at his father's face.

The emperor somehow felt that the gaze resembled himself in the mirror.

He could have taken it for granted because he was a son, but the crown prince in front of him was only ten years old, too young to sit with a pessimistic look on his face, sulking with such a crooked face and seeing the world."…we are happy but cursed at the same time. That's just the way it is. It's not always a good thing to be at the top of everything. I hope you'll feel better by the time you marry him and take away my crown....”

"What brings you to your father's heart?"

"Hey, the crown prince is coming back to the palace on foot, so stop the carriage for a moment.”

"I'm sorry."

The emperor moved his body so that the empress could lean a little more comfortably, beckoning the driver who ran to confirm his order, saying it was nothing.

That was the end of the father-son conversation that lasted for the first time in a while.

Leonhardt and the Emperor looked out of the window in the same position as they did in the mirror until they arrived at the palace.

At least I'm not going to make an extreme choice like my dad, so I really hope so.’

Leonhardt's gaze glanced up and down the emperor.

I had a strange dream.

Elizabeth slowly opened her eyes and thought.

Someone was holding his hand and anxiously asking for forgiveness.

Please, the words of opportunity, qualification, and so on went round and round in my head and slowly scattered like smoke.

Elizabeth's eyes widened as she looked around, noticing that her hands were wrapped in warm warmth.

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