Chapter - 14 Episode 14 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

Stranger adults were sitting in front of me.

Blinking slowly, I wonder who those people are, I'm sure I've seen them somewhere... Elizabeth, who was thinking about it, finally remembered their identity and was startled as she jumped out of her chair.

"Your Majesty, Emperor! Empress Dowager! So... Girl's Buddhist… Buddhist? Please make up with …..”

My eyes started spinning. Difficult words floated in my head and my tongue hardened, making it difficult to pronounce.

Why are those two here? Where are we?’

The emperor twitched his eyebrows and exchanged glances with the empress.

"Elizabeth, baby."

"Gasp...! Yes, yes! Empress!"

The empress burst into laughter at Elizabeth's much-anticipated answer.

It was cute and lovely, but on the other hand, I felt sorry for how hard he had learned to become like that.

Elizabeth worked hard to figure out the meaning of the empress' laughter.

My heart started pounding so hard that Leonhardt, who was sitting next to me, could hear it, and I felt like my palm was full of cold sweat.

"Baby, have you ever been out of the duchy?”


Elizabeth blinked when she heard that.

The Empress knocked on the carriage's window, trying to fix the corners of her mouth as she tried to climb higher and higher.

Elizabeth's eyes widened.

Over the transparent window, trees were flicking past like scrawls.


Elizabeth shook her head in a dazed murmur.

Often in his room, he remembered watching his father ride in a carriage through a window.

Sometimes I rode with my mother, and very rarely, there were times when my mother rode the carriage alone or when someone I saw for the first time got off the wagon, but it was even rare for me to ride it.

Even if I had to go out, I always had to close the curtains black on the grounds that my skin should not be sunburned.

"It's the first time I've ever been outside. What can I do?"

"I'll get used to it soon! I'll practice every day! If you take more than three steps in a carriage....”

I meant to say, "What if I get motion sickness?" but I guess it sounded different to Elizabeth.

The empress waved her hands belatedly, saying that it was not the case.

"You don't have to. Are you okay?"

Elizabeth continued to shake her head and put her face close to the carriage's window with a cautious touch.

Trees and clouds and fields blossomed a little earlier disappeared behind their backs as soon as they could be seen.

"My baby must have loved the carriage. I don't think it's a bad idea to build a new wagon for the baby if you want, but what do you think, Your Majesty?"

"The will of Jim is the will of the Empress."

"Your Majesty, Your Majesty...!”

Elizabeth, who was looking at the outside view with her face on the window, stuttered as if she had just remembered.

At that moment, the wagon shook, rattling whether the wheels were caught by a large stone.



Thanks to Leonhardt's frightening acceptance of her, Elizabeth was able to lie safely on the cushion of Leonhardt and the fluffy, red velvet carriage instead of the floor of the carriage.

"Mi, I'm sorry, Leon! His Majesty, the Emperor, so....”

"A bird... a bird....”

"He's going to run out of breath. Your Majesty, smile more tenderly."

Upon hearing the empress, Leonhardt turned his head towards her, frowning.Smile? Sweetly? That dad? I couldn't imagine it at all.

However, the emperor slowly began to pull up both ends of his lips as the empress said.

Leonhardt doubted my eyes.

"Sae-ah, if the Crown Prince doesn't listen to you, just say it anytime. I'll kick you out of the border if you want."


Leonhardt called him to say he was amazed, but the emperor could not hear him because he was drawing a smile on his face that he had only shown to the empress to calm down Elizabeth.

"From the moment I arrive at the palace, I am a member of the imperial family, not Elysium, who leaks. Keep that in mind."

"The Imperial Palace...? Are we going to the Imperial Palace? What about your mother? Is your father coming with you?"

The faces of the empress and the emperor were wrinkled at the same time.

But while Elizabeth blinked once, the two recovered their facial expressions and returned with a gentle look.

"Yes, Empress."

"She will live in the palace from now on. It's a place where you'll live if you're the crown prince anyway, so you're just doing it a little early. Baby... do you want to live with your parents?”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes only.

Leonhardt, who was sitting next to her, tugged at the hem of her dress and began whispering.

"When you go to the palace, you don't have to get whipped again. You don't have to study boringly, you can do whatever Lizzy wants, and you can stay with me.”

In the boring part of the study, Leonhardt held Elizabeth's hand as if to trust him.

"If the heir of this country doesn't want to study, he runs away. Is there a law not to call him the crown princess? Lizzy, tell him we're going to the palace together. Huh?'

Elizabeth still couldn't figure out what was what.

However, I was very happy to hear that I could be with Leonhardt if I went to the palace.

Shake your head.

She shook her head.

The empress swept her chest as if she was lucky, and the emperor, who was watching it as if he was indifferent, also looked out of the window again, relieved inside.

"You know, Leon....”


The answer was not Leonhardt, but the emperor.

"I still have a long way to go, so get some more sleep."

How dare you do such a disrespect in front of the Emperor! To think that, the carriage was heated up by the spring sun, and the red velvet cushion was too fluffy.

But you can't fall asleep! You're acting like a lady....’

Elizabeth thought, forcing her eyelids to rewind as soon as the emperor's words were over.

However, the idea had to be driven out into the dream by Elizabeth, who had fainted early in the morning in less than 10 minutes, woke up, and exhausted from bursting into suppressed tears again.


His Majesty and Empress, who had been heading to the dukes of Elysium early in the morning, returned only after sunset.

Officials waiting for the emperor's approval watched the emperor's family get off the wagon, relieved that they would not work overtime at least.

"…Who is that?"

"Who are you talking about?"

"that white thing in the arms of the Empress."

Officials gathered one by one at the words of the finance minister, each taking out glasses or squinting his eyes and trying to figure out what was going on beyond the window.

"I'm sure you've gone to the Duke of Elysium... Oh, then maybe that's her daughter.”

"Elysium? Alas, Your Royal Highness's unborn marriage, Yeong-ae."

"When the family's prestige is tilted, it is the royal family, a high-ranking aristocrat, and a pathetic family that somehow marries her daughter and keeps her connections to the horizon....”"My six great grandmother was married to Elysium, and she was trying to pretend to be close somehow, like, 'Are we strangers?'" Hm!"

"It's not funny."

Officials shook their heads, kicking their tongues.

"But why is the Empress holding her daughter in such a place? Uh, uh, he's coming back to the main palace. Everybody in line...Don't cut in line!"

After seeing the three men enter the main palace alone, the ministers hurriedly packed the documents and began to struggle to get a seat close to the office.

"Then take a good rest, Sae-ah."

"Yes, yes... Your Majesty."

The emperor smiled tenderly and put his hand on Elizabeth's head.

Elizabeth cringed her shoulders in dismay.

However, instead of shoving her or grabbing her by the hair, the emperor stroked the top of her silver head as if it were a small, soft bunch of fluffy hairs.

"If the Crown Prince doesn't listen, tell him anytime. I'm really going to send them near the border.”

Elizabeth nodded with a puzzled look.

"See you in the evening, my love."

"I'll be the only one watching after dinner, right?"

"Of course. And the Crown Prince....”

The person who smiled affectionately at Elizabeth and the Empress returned to his usual father, who only blew cold winds.

Leonhardt crossed his arms as if defying him and put on an arrogant look.

"Take care of your new baby."

The emperor left only that and headed to the main palace.

Leonhardt grumbled inside to see what kind of father there was and naturally held the hand of the empress.


The empress also reached out to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, however, was at a loss and bewildered.

"Will you hold my hand?”

"However…! …is it okay…"?”

"Of course, but I wanted to walk with my children's hands in both hands."

Elizabeth, who was even more at a loss at the words of the Empress, carefully put her hand on the Empress's hand, turning her face red when she heard it.

The Empress' fingers are thin, long and white. What is this? Chubby... short....’

Disappointed and ashamed, Elizabeth turned her head away.

I didn't know why, but I felt like tears would burst out again.

Arriving at the Crown Prince's residence with the two children, the Empress was the first to whisper some instructions to the maidens and provide a room for Elizabeth.

However, even after a tour of the prince's residence, the empress seemed to be satisfied.

There's a room in the palace, but why isn't there a room she likes so much?

The empress gave Elizabeth's room to give her a cute and lovely feeling because she used a lot of curves for furniture and wall decorations.

"Baby, let's just sleep in this room today and find another palace tomorrow. Or do you want me to build you a new palace?”

'Not a mansion, but a palace...?’

Elizabeth blinked quickly.

Already depressed by the appearance of the imperial palace, which looked ten times bigger than the duchess's, she gave up again at the empress' words.

"And... you might as well change your clothes while the maidens tidy up your room."

Elizabeth tilted her head and looked down.

Then he became contemplative and began to tremble.

She looked completely out of place with the imperial palace, which was not a formal dress but a one-piece pajama for indoors and shoes given by Leon.

Why do I know now that I'm doing a disrespect that a good lady should never do?The empress patted Elizabeth on the top of her soft silver head, as if to placate her who was instantly in tears.

"Don't worry too much. The imperial seamstresses are skillful, so they'll be done soon."

"But now I'm not even wearing a corset….”

The empress patted Elizabeth on the head without saying a word.

And he hugged me tightly and said a friendly and warm word.

"It must have been tough. Thank you for hanging in there, and I'm proud of you. You don't have to wear corsets anymore. Fashion trends always change, but my baby needs to grow up a lot."


Elizabeth blinked in the arms of the empress.

I was about to cry again even though I wasn't sad.

"Madame Empress, I have your dress."

"Look, you said you were good at this, right?"

Leonhardt was only circling the same seat outside his room.

Walk three steps forward, turn your body and go three steps forward again. And then, flip again.

"What takes you so long to change one piece of clothing?"

I felt more impatient after returning as a child.

Eventually, Leonhardt knocked politely on the door to ask only how much time was left before entering the room again.

"Doctor, get a doctor right now!"

But before his clenched fist could reach the door, the door burst open and a maid rushed out.

Thanks to him, Leonhardt, who had his nose stuck in the door orthodoxly, felt wet under his nose and stole it.

There was a long blood stain along the back of the hand.

A doctor than that? Why does Elizabeth need a doctor instead of changing her clothes? What's the big deal?

Leonhardt stomped around and started looking for someone to explain what was going on in the room because anyone was fine.

A woman-in-law, who ran a while ago, was seen running back with a doctor belonging to the imperial palace half-way around her waist.

"Wait, Lizzy, what happened to Elizabeth?"

"What happened?"

The maid, who was rushing back into the room, was stunned to see Leonhardt's face.

He urged the maid-in-law to endure what he wanted to blame you and quickly tell her what was going on in the room.

"Well... as a matter of fact….”