Chapter - 15 Episode 15 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

'Young-Ae's leg is a terrible wound....’

That was enough.

Leonhardt grabbed the doctor's other arm held by the maid and began dragging them into the room together.

"Oh, my God..."

"What the hell did you do to such a little man...!”

"Really? Did the Duchess really do that? God... how could a parent do such a thing do this!"

As expected, Elizabeth, lying on her stomach on the bed, was surrounded by maidens.

Leonhardt, who forced himself into their gap, felt as if his heart was exploding as soon as he saw a scar full of thin, slender legs and a wound that seemed to have appeared.

"Your Highness, this way, please. Come on!"

"But Lizzie....”

The maid shook her head firmly and forced him away from bed.

Leonhardt was led into the hands of a maid with a look of lingering regret.

It wasn't that I didn't know what maid meant.

It means it's not good for a child to see a brutal scene where even an adult sticks out his tongue.

However, he faced a sinner who was unable to find the body shape due to torture, as well as a cold body.

But now he was only a ten-year-old child.

As the doctor sighed and the maid-in-law whispered, Elizabeth began to shiver, hugging the pillow tightly.

The dresses that the maidens brought a while ago were dresses that didn't require corsets at all.

A long skirt that flows right underneath the pearl decorations decorated with puffy sleeves and chest lines that only slightly wrap the shoulders. 1, 2, 3... It was five layers, but it was made of chiffon so thin that the palms of her hands could be seen right away that it was very light and it was clear that every time she moved, it would sparkle like waves.

Elizabeth, who was amazed with her first-ever dress and mouth slightly open, began to change with the help of the maidens.

And as soon as the wounds on both legs, which were revengeful for something that had been forgotten for a while, the excited maidens' movements stopped as they thought they would groom Young-ae for the young lady-in-law.

The Empress also felt her eyes dark again the moment she faced the wound in person.

What's wrong with an eight-year-old child who's only eight years old...!

Lady-in-law supported the empress, who stumbled dangerously.

"Get me a doctor right now. Don't forget the best medicine for the wound!"

Sitting down in a chair, the empress ordered.

And while Elizabeth was lying on her bed, the fastest maid left the room.


"Yes, Empress."

"They will never touch you again until the moment I become Empress, and the last time I close my eyes.”

"Uh... do you mean mother and father?"

The empress nodded with a weary look on her face.

The young daughter-in-law in front of her had no idea why she was reacting like this.

"But you're still young, so you can get well soon. I'm sure it'll all go away before next spring, even if there's a scar."

"Is that true?"

Elizabeth recoiled whenever something like cold cream touched her legs.

The old doctor carefully applied medicine over the child's wound.

The cold ointment soon melted gently and warmly under the doctor's touch.

Elizabeth breathed a languid breath unconsciously as her legs throbbed and slowly loosened as if they were ice.In case the wound might get infected, the doctor only raised himself after carefully wrapping the bandage.

Then he left the room for the last time, putting a soft cotton pad in Leonhardt's nose.

"Why is Your Highness still here?"

"Is there any reason why not?"

"You're changing, and you don't want to watch it, do you?"

Leonhardt rushed back out of the room after the doctor.


It wasn't just Elizabeth's wounds.

The soft skin was not heavy enough to be useful.

In front of the cobweb-like corset marks on Elizabeth's body, the maidens lost words again.

The empress also closed her eyes and sighed deeply as if she could no longer see them.

I couldn't forgive you enough.

Even if the Duke was deprived of his title immediately, his anger would not be relieved.

"All set, Empress."

"Huh? Uh-huh... oh, my God! You're so pretty."

Elizabeth, who wore shoes given by Leonhardt under the white chiffon skirt and knitted blue ribbons into pigtails by mixing them with her hair, was just like a fairy of waves born in the blue sea.

"It looks good on you."

Elizabeth smiled shyly at the empress' praise.

The voluminous hem of the skirt covered her leg with a little bandages.

"I... the Empress."

"What's wrong with you?"

"My heart hurts. I'm sure it's a pleasure... You don't have to be whipped anymore, you can be with Leon, and... That I can't meet my scary mother and father... It feels like a dream. But it hurts here and I feel like I'm about to cry. So…."

The empress closed her mouth again when she opened her mouth.

Can she understand now that people sometimes cry when they are too happy or happy?

Elizabeth appeared only after a long time that Leonhardt, who had collapsed by the door, fell asleep.

The moment he saw her, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Instead of breathtaking corsets and stuffy robes, Elizabeth was smiling in a rich yet light-hearted dress like a mist and shoes she gave her.


"Yes, Leon."

"It's really... really pretty. It's like a water spirit. No, she's a goddess. So lovely, cute, pretty... Oh, my God. I can't believe you. I don't...."

Leonhardt had to embrace Elizabeth the moment he saw her and struggle not to kiss her wildly.

Cute. Lovely. to be pretty

There were no words to describe her other than those three words.

In less than a decade, she would be the most beautiful woman in the empire, or in the world.

I've been ignoring that kind of person all my life...?

Leonhardt took a deep breath as he tried to hit his head against a hard marble wall.

One corner of my heart was itchy and I couldn't stand it.

Elizabeth bowed her head and blushed at Leonhardt's words.

Not only the empress but also the maid-in-law praised Leon for being pretty.

The seeds that had secretly fallen into the chest began to take root for the first time and began to stretch their fluffy roots with tickling.

"It takes a lot of time to make other dresses, so they're just going to size up today. This clothes is enough for me....”

"Lizzy is the most beautiful woman in the world no matter what she looks like. The prettiest, most lovely, cutest person I've ever seen, cutest, and....”Whenever Leonhardt continued to speak, Elizabeth's face heated up to the point of steaming.

"Lizzy, can I make you happy?"


Leonhardt stared at Elizabeth with a worried face.

"No, you're tired from coming all the way to the palace, aren't you? Take a good rest today and go to bed early."


Leonhardt put his hand over Elizabeth's head with a light smile.


Knock, knock, knock.

Leonhardt, who was rolling around on the spacious bed with a pleased expression, recalled Elizabeth's lovely appearance, jumped up from his seat.

When I opened the door, Elizabeth was standing in a one-piece pajama with plenty of soft cotton lace and a new bandage on her leg.

She mucked her lips for something to say and repeated for a long time.

"Lizzy, what's going on? Come on in.”

Recognizing that she was standing barefoot in the cold hallway, Leonhardt embraced Elizabeth and put her on the soft carpet of the levee.

'Uh... if I had a little more power, I wouldn't have taken you like this, but more plausible...!’

Elizabeth blinked with a puzzled look.

What just happened?

"Well, he, Leon."


Elizabeth bent her head with a serious face for a long time, holding on to her pajamas and smirking her lips.

Leonhardt admired the way his tiny, dainty lips, like a chick's beak, munching.

'Cute… So cute…' He said he will be my wife in the future, but he is so cute...!’

Elizabeth managed to say a word.

"Thank you! …Your Highness the Crown Prince."

Leonhardt blinked with a curious look.

Suddenly thank you in the middle of the night? What?

Elizabeth's face was flushed.

Leonhardt was worried that she might be sick, so he put her head together.

"Leon! …Hwang …Your Highness the Crown Prince...!"

Instead, I found something I didn't like.

"Lizzy, when you're alone, just treat me as Leon, your fiancée, not the Crown Prince. I'll take responsibility even if you strangle me and curse me. Stop talking so hard, too. Huh?"

"But Your Highness...!”

"Well, let's follow along. Good night, Leon."

Elizabeth was deeply troubled with a look of "what can be done.

But soon followed his words in a very small voice.

"…good night, Leon."

Only then did Leonhardt embrace Elizabeth with a satisfying smile and kiss her soft cheeks.

"Before I fell asleep, my nanny always did this to me. I'll do it for Lizzy today. It's a good night kiss.

"Goodnight Kiss….”

Elizabeth bowed her head down again.

I couldn't be confident to raise my head again and look Leonhardt directly in the face.

"Lizzy, Lizzy?"

"Good night, Leon!"

Then Lizzie rushed to the bed in front of her and crawled into the blanket.

Leonhardt watched her back with a proud and contented face, and suddenly became perplexed when he realized that the bed she lay on was his.

Of course, if she wanted, she could have given her bed as much as she wanted, or the room itself.

In the middle of a large bed where more than five children could huddle together and sleep, Elizabeth, who fell asleep in an instant, was sleeping calmly.

Leonhardt, who was carefully trying to climb to bed so that she wouldn't wake up after much agony, was about to raise his knee on the bed and paused."Wait, is this your first sleep together?’

Now, of course, he's 10, Elizabeth is eight, and I don't know anything about what's going to happen in the future, though.

"But can I use the same bed without the engagement yet? How does it say in the etiquette? No, I just need to sleep on the floor.’

In a brief conclusion, Leonhardt rolled himself round on the carpet and closed his eyes. It was a little cold, but it wasn't enough to keep me awake.

But within 10 minutes of closing his eyes, he opened his eyes again and lifted himself up.

How many times have you shared the same bed as the empress?’

A scene of the future that became the past again crossed my mind.

After the first night, he never shared a bed with the empress.

"You... you idiot! You idiot! What a fool you will never be again!"

Leonhardt regretted, hitting his head carefully on the floor so Elizabeth wouldn't wake up.

The marble floor, which was not carpeted, was cold enough to be felt by the top of the head, and unlike the sound of hard, small beans, the whole body was shaking and ringing.

Holding back tears, Leonhardt rubbed the top of his head with his palm.

Then, he lifted the edge of the blanket again and slowly pushed it in from his feet.

Leonhardt approached Elizabeth's side, as if he were crawling, or a caterpillar.

While complaining that the bed was too wide, her heart pounded as she approached little by little.

Finally close enough to feel each other's breath, Leonhardt gently bit into his mouth and put his hand down next to Elizabeth's.

''s very small.’

There was no reason to say that her hands were neither brackish nor that she would be covered by maple leaves.

"Can I protect you with my hands like this?’

Leonhardt agonized with a troubled look.

Elizabeth in front of her had small hands, small nose, small face, small eyes with thick and dense eyelashes, and had the most beautiful skylight in the world underneath.

I was close to a small prince who was suitable to say that I looked handsome even when I saw myself in the mirror. And after a few more seasons, he would grow up to be just like his father.


For the emperor, perfection was a great saint, but at the same time, it was not suitable as a woman's companion because it was the emperor.

It was too late when I realized it, and regret was irreversible, so it was regret.

Leonhardt clenched his fist, pledging again that he would never make that choice.

Elizabeth mumbled her lips about what she was dreaming of.

Leonhardt, who had been watching it with bated breath for a long time, stumbled back out to the edge of the bed.

It would be nice if only laughter came out of those tiny lips every day.’

Will I ever be able to do that? Do you deserve it? My eyes began to blink.

Leonhardt yawned loudly and closed his eyes. The blanket warmed him up when he was exhausted.

The nanny, who came to see the bed after hearing that the two had fallen asleep in one bed, smiled pleasedly as she looked on the bed.

The young crown prince and his fiancee, who shared a pillow the size of their own, were asleep with their backs attached to each other as if they were looking for a warmer warmth.386559_16.fb.drm.16_cover_fxhtml0