Chapter - 16 Episode 16 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

It's nice to meet you. Woof woof woof woof.

The nanny woke Leonhardt up at a time when the edge of the sky was still blue as usual.

"Your Highness, you have to get up now to train your sword."

"Yaam... already? Hmm....”

"If you're tired, why don't you take a rest today? These days, I'm as worried as I am about you."

"Is that so..."

Aren't you still dozing off sitting down?

The nanny shook her head and laid Leonhardt back.

"No, I'm going... I have to go... I have to go....”

"Shh, Young-ae will wake up."

Upon hearing that, Leonhardt opened his eyes and raised himself.

Who's gonna wake up?

Looking to the side, there was Elizabeth, who looked for warmth and clung closer to herself.

Leonhardt gave the nanny a signal of rescue, only blinking his lips.

But the nanny let Leonhardt's earnest gaze slip away with a big smile.

Eventually Leonhardt had to lie still and go back to sleep until Elizabeth woke up.

"Your Royal Highness, Your Highness. You have to get up now."

"Hmm… a little more….”

"Yeong-ae has already woken up. Why don't you two have breakfast together?”

Leonhardt rose reflexively when he heard Elizabeth's name.

Then half was caught in the hands of the nanny, half asleep, and half asleep.

"… does the Crown Prince sleep a lot in the morning?”

"Young-ae woke up too early. God, you woke up on your own without waking anyone up! There was an order from the Empress to take care of Young-ae. Young-ae, please wake up as late as possible so that I can fulfill my duty faithfully."


Elizabeth asked back, with a full face of the face.

The woman with a warm impression before her eyes was said to be a nanny in charge of the crown prince.

Elizabeth, who was so embarrassed last night that she forgot to sleep in Leonhardt's bed, opened her eyes and sat still and hardened again like a statue until she came to wake him up.

But instead of scolding her or kicking her out of bed, the nanny put her back on her little body and covered her with a warm blanket to the tip of her nose, saying she still had a long way to go to get up.

It was the moment when the education of the Duchess, who was told to live according to the start of the day, turned into useless overnight.

Unlike Elizabeth, who came to her senses even though she was dressed in pajamas, Leonhardt had finished washing his face, but his eyes were still full of sleepiness.

I always thought Leon was perfect.

Elizabeth smiled secretly because she felt strange and cute to see a golden magpie house on her head.


"No, it's nothing."

The clothes that the empress brought from the sewing room yesterday were said to have been made by reducing the clothes she wore when she was young.

While Elizabeth was eating with perfect manners in warm wool cardigan over her pajamas, Leonhardt also prepared to start the day with the help of a nanny.

Just before leaving the room to start the crown prince's day, Leonhardt asked Elizabeth, who had finished eating.

"Lizzy, is there anything you want to do?”


"Well, what do you want to eat?"

"Uh... so if it's something you want to have...?”

Elizabeth shook her head sideways again this time.

Leonhardt scratched the back of his head and asked again if he really wanted anything.

"…then...can I go to the flower garden?”

"Flower garden?"

Elizabeth's head moved up and down.

Leonhardt smiled broadly and readily accepted, then suddenly noticed Elizabeth using honorifics again and smiled mischievously."Will it work? No. If you say, 'Can I go to the flower garden?' I'll let you."

"…can I go to the flower garden?”

"Of course! The garden in my place is a little small, but... I'll show you around my mom's garden and greenhouse.”

Elizabeth's expression grew brighter.

"Do you really want to go to the flower garden?"

"Yes, I have something I want to make for you, Your Highness the Crown Prince... Yo."

No matter how many maidens they were, it was hard to treat them recklessly, so Elizabeth fiddled with her empty left ring finger.

The maidens exchanged glances and guided Elizabeth to the nearest garden from Leonhardt's residence with a pleased look.

The imperial lawn was as tall as Elizabeth's thumb.

Although the car began to grow again without any error due to the experienced skill of the gardener, Elizabeth, who did not know the situation, babbled while looking at the grass that tickled near my ankles.

"You'll have to grow up to be an adult, won't you?"

Jandi slowly shook her head, lying down and rising wherever Elizabeth stepped.

The flower garden was full of flowers that had never been seen in the duchess.

The maidens told Elizabeth she could do anything.

Elizabeth sat between the flower beds.

As I breathed in as hard as I could, the smell of spring filled Elizabeth's body with a dizzying smell.


Elizabeth sat on the flower bed for a long time and breathed like that.

There were so many flowers that I saw for the first time.

Elizabeth, who was looking all over the flower garden to see if there were any embroidered flowers in the shoes she was wearing now, found that the sun-dried soil and the soil under the rocks smelled different.

The grass in the shadow was still a little darker like the shadow when brought under the sun.

The fallen leaves, which had yet to return to the ground, crumbled and disappeared into the soil as soon as they touched their fingers.

"Oh, what should I do? The leaves are gone because of me....”

"I'm just back where I belong. Young-ae helped me with that, so you don't have to worry too much."

The maidens kindly explained to Elizabeth, who looked back in tears.

Every time she walked through the flower garden, the white dress began to trickle down green grass. But no one has pointed it out.

One of the maid taught me how to make a flower ring. It was a different shape from the flower ring Leonhardt made.

Elizabeth moved her hand around with her small hands, but showed signs of sullenness when she didn't like the shape.

'I want to give Leon the prettiest....’

The results were similar no matter how many times they were newly created.

The maidens looked into each other's eyes, tried hard to hide their laughter and patiently waited for Elizabeth to make a satisfactory-shaped flower ring.

"Mr. Elizabeth! That's great!"

"So pretty!"

"Wow, Your Highness must be happy."

Elizabeth felt her shoulders rise wildly at the compliments of the maidens.

I don't know if it's ladylike behavior, but it's just me and the maidens now, so wouldn't it be okay?

"Then... I'll make you one by one… What?"

Elizabeth shrugged her shoulders with a proud look and blinked.

Lady-in-law reached out her hand, no matter what.

Blue and fragrant spring began to spring not only in Elizabeth's dress but also in her fingertips and in her heart.

Even if it was the crown prince's job, Leonhardt, who was still young, had to learn and practice swordsmanship at best.As such, Leonhardt, who finished work in an instant, was the first to ask where Elizabeth was.

"Flower garden?"

"Yes, Young-ae seems to be absorbed in making flower rings and flower crowns with the maidens."


Leonhardt paused and agonized for a moment.

"What's the schedule after this?”

"Nothing special."

"Not me, Lizzy… I mean, Elizabeth."

"There's no specific schedule for Young-ae as she needs to rest for the time being."


Leonhardt took a step again.

"Your Highness, where are you going?”


In the distance, among the maidens in black uniforms, she alone glistened white.

Leonhardt put his finger on her lips and hissed at every eye-contacting maid.

Maybe it was a good idea, Leonhardt began to make a small flower crown while weaving rabbit grass under his feet.

Contrary to his impatience, the child's hands were hardly moving.

Still, Leonhardt succeeded in making something that looked quite like a flower crown.


Elizabeth, who was obsessed with making flower rings surrounded by maidens, raised her head up when she heard a welcome and familiar voice.

Leonhardt had something he had never seen before.

I don't know how it was made, but the flowers were woven into a beautiful circle.

Leonhardt reached out and put a flower crown over Elizabeth's head.

Elizabeth, wearing a round, fragrant spring on her head, blinked, not knowing how to react.

"Elizabeth is a blessed man."


One of the maidens gathered her hands and explained with an ecstatic expression.

"Flower crowns are hair ornaments that are only allowed for brides in spring and summer. If I could wear a flower crown, I would refuse even if it was an imperial crown.”

"Only to the bride...?”

Leonhardt was just looking sideways and coughing for nothing.

Elizabeth, who slowly understood the meaning of the maid-in-law, blushed to the point where she heard a popping sound from her head.

"…I'll bring the veil with me next time.”

The maidens made a fuss at Leonhardt's words.

Elizabeth is spaced out with her mouth slightly open, picking the prettiest flowers and making a flower ring the way the maid taught her.

It was worth practicing until the tips of my fingers turned blue.

Elizabeth held out a finely crafted flower ring on her hands to Leonhardt.

"Please... take it!"

Leonhardt looked at Elizabeth and the flower ring on her hand alternately for a long time.

"…will you let me in?”

Leonhardt knelt down in front of Elizabeth and held out his left hand.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes and read the ladies' faces.

The maidens took a step back and watched them with gloating faces.

Elizabeth pulled Leonhardt's hand in a cautious motion and put a flower ring on his ring finger.

"Thank you."

Leonhardt kissed Elizabeth briefly on the forehead.

Then he realized what he had done belatedly, and his face turned redder than Elizabeth's.

"Well, um... hmmm...Any inconvenience so far?"

Elizabeth was about to nod and clenched her skirt with her blue hands.

"…I'm scared."


Leonhardt's heart sank again.

"I'm scared… I don't even know what I'm scared of. Neither my father nor my mother. I heard the stories of the maidens. We're never gonna see each other again?”

"…Lizzy, we can meet again if you want. But…."

Would it be okay to meet with you those who come in to greet your brother as a concubine when you die?Leonhardt blurred the words with a mixed look.

Leonhardt tapped his chest out of frustration.

Lizzie's death was still more than two decades away.

…Wait, did that really happen?

Leonhardt looked back on his memory.

The moment Lizzie drank solo and vomited blood in bed, he was having private meetings with the Duke and his wife.

I remember until …, but what did you talk to them about?

My head was pounding.

But Leonhardt took it in stride and instead of confusing her with what had yet to happen in the distant future, he focused on something more urgent, for example, putting back the flower crown that slipped from Lizzie's head.

Elizabeth looked at Leon's complexion with a worried face.

"Leon, are you sick?"

"Yes, you really hurt me."

Leonhardt replied with a chuckle.

"Because of me…? Why…?”

Elizabeth's eyes widened and tears began to form.

"Oh, oh, oh, no, it doesn't hurt at all! Don't worry, Lizzy. Don't cry... Oh, do you want me to tie a ribbon to the flower crown and make it a wall decoration?”

"Are you sure you're okay?”

Elizabeth leaned close to Leonhardt and asked again.

Leonhardt picks up the flower crown that fell in the wind. Whispering, putting it on her head.

"Lizzy, if you're happy, I'm happy. If you're sick, I'm sick, too. But I... I don't want you to be sad just because I'm sick."

Leonhardt rose by holding Elizabeth's hand.

And I told her with a bright look on my face.

"Do you like puppies?"