Chapter - 17 Episode 17 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.


Elizabeth tilted her head.

During the hunting season, there was often a vague memory of my father heading to the hunting ground with a gun with a large dog.

What did the dog look like when I first saw it? Elizabeth went back to her memory.

The bulging ears, black eyes, exposed red gums and sharp teeth, and a large body that reached his father's chest when standing on two feet, were more like a beast than a guard dog or dog raised at home.

"I don't know.”

Elizabeth knew that even now, even animals that were scared to the point of chills had childhood.

However, no matter how imaginative I tried, the big beast's childhood was hard to imagine.


Leonhardt's shoulders drooped a little.

"Puppies were born not long ago.”


"It's a dog raised by nomads across the northern border, and it's a... I was talking about anger or something. As a reconciliation? This isn't it, anyway! I sent him a pair of the most handsome and pretty dogs to get along with him."

Handsome and pretty dog?

Elizabeth tried to think of her father's hound with the face of the princess and prince in the picture book, but soon quit.

"The children gave birth to puppies this time. The fur is as white as a cloud, the eyes are black... You're so cute."

"Is there a dog like that?”

Elizabeth, who saw the dog at the duchess was a hound or a guard dog to protect the house, opened her eyes wide.

Leonhardt nodded loudly.

I can assure you from experience that the puppy would surely be a good friend of Elizabeth's.

"Do you want to go see it?"


Elizabeth's expression grew brighter.

Leonhardt held Elizabeth's hand and headed for the puppies, fixing the flower crown that was about to slip from her head again.




As it was a precious new life born from a precious body, the young puppies were using the entire small cottage located on one side of the royal palace garden as their homes.

The cozy cabin, which was generously laid out with dry straw beds and soft blankets, was a small paradise for puppies, where a veterinarian and a couple of maid-in-law always reside, so that they could be treated immediately no matter what.


Leonhardt watched Elizabeth with considerable pride.

A little while ago, Elizabeth, who followed me shivering like a monster living in a cabin, was running to a white fence separating the human residence and the dog's space in a single breath.

"Is that dog your mother?"

Frustrated by the unscheduled visit of the crown prince, Elizabeth, and the court ladies who followed them, the veterinarian nodded as he changed his glasses.

The mother dog, who lies sideways over the fence and is breast-fed by dogs, is especially gentle and likes people, but may be sensitive to the appearance of strangers.

Also, if a child who doesn't know anything treats a dog like a toy, it would be a big deal, so the vet clings to Elizabeth's side in a nervous manner.

However, contrary to the veterinarian's concerns, Elizabeth held the fence tightly with her small hands and her mouth slightly open, calmly staring at the dog.

I can't believe there's such an animal in the world!’

Is it really a dog like your father's hound?

Elizabeth thought so, and couldn't take her eyes off the puppies wriggling for the warmest and most cozy arms in the world.Even if the whining with their eyes open became quite noticeably mature, the puppies, who were still young, were struggling as if they were trying to get closer to their mother's arms.

The white fur that seems to fly like dandelion seeds when you blow it, the black eyes that droop down and look gentle, the cute teeth that are revealed when you yawn with your mouth open, and the soles of your feet still pink.

Before I knew it, Leonhardt was also observing the puppies next to Elizabeth.

I never thought I'd see you like this again.

Leonhardt laughed bitterly at the ribbon tied around his neck to distinguish the puppies.

It wasn't that he didn't have any friends to confide in.

However, whenever there was a secret that he could not tell his friend, Leonhardt would embrace a big white dog and tell him everything he thought.

Then the big warm-hearted man barked and asked for a wooden stick, as if he should focus on playing with me now, and he could forget all the problems he had troubled him a little while ago.

"Your Highness, Your Highness the Crown Prince."

Elizabeth whispered to Leonhardt.

"I'm sick here."

Her fingertips pointed near her heart.

Leonhardt felt his heart also pounding.

"What's wrong? What's wrong? Why does your heart hurt all of a sudden? How does it hurt? Did you eat something wrong?”

"It just... it just hurts here. It's ticklish. I feel like I'm poking... Uh... again."

"Cute, isn't it?"

The vet, who was worse off, smiled benevolently and spoke for Elizabeth's feelings.

"What's cute?”

But Elizabeth blinked round and asked again.

The veterinarian, who thought she would naturally nod and agree, began to recite the dictionary meaning of "cute."

"Cute is... It means you're lovely because you're pretty and pretty or cute."

"What's aegyo?”

"Acting cute is... um... I mean...."

The vet began to think about how to explain from the child's point of view.

"Lizzy, you're cute. It's just that the moment you see it, you're lovely, you're happy, you want to protect it, you want to hold it in your arms."

Leonhardt explained to his young fiancee the definition of cuteness in his own way with a fairly mature manner.

In fact, it was what he felt every time he looked at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth blinked a few more times when she heard the answer and smiled shyly.

"You're a cute man."


Veterinarians and maidens desperately started pinching each other's sides to avoid laughing.

The prince was also very cute when he was embarrassed by the cute words of Young-ae.

"Your Highness makes me feel better.”

Leonhardt, half-mouthed, became stony on the spot.

Elizabeth turned her eyes to the dog again.

The puppies, who had finished eating enough to make their stomach bulge, ran to the stranger and tried to stand on their two feet or started hopping in place.

"Wow, wow, wow….”

"Do you like it?”

Elizabeth nodded instead of answering. The corners of his mouth moved arbitrarily and his cheeks soared high enough to hurt.

"Should I raise one?”


Elizabeth turned away in surprise.

The wind slipped my hand from the fence and one arm fell over the fence.White predators were a little faster to attack her than veterinarians and Leonhardt were embarrassed and raised her.

"Oh, my God. Itchy, itchy! Oh, my! What should I... Guys, stay calm... Whew...!"

The predators rushed into the stranger's arms, waving their short tails vigorously.

He also brought a moist black nose and sniffed it, licked it with his tongue to see if he had anything delicious in his hands, or pushed it with his soft soles.

"Lizzy, are you okay? Didn't you get bitten?"

"…can I raise one?”

The vet moved Elizabeth to safety.

Elizabeth asked Leonhardt for permission as if she were a completely mesmerized person, while the maid cleaned her arms with a wet wet towel.

"Otherwise, one was going to the Crown Prince. Your Highness, what would you do?”

"You can raise a lion, not a dog, if Lizzy wants to.”

At Leonhardt's words, the maid smiled briefly and crossed over the fence.

Then he carefully picked up the puppies, tugging and hanging on to bite off the long navy skirt, and showed them to Elizabeth and Leonhardt.

"You have to take good care of him so that he can grow up better than a lion.”

"Lizzy, you pick your own. Who do you think is the prettiest?”

The puppies with red, yellow, blue, green and purple ribbons, and white ribbons all had lovely and cute faces and thick soles as if they were predicting that they would soon be as big as their mother's.

Elizabeth poked out her lips and was troubled with a very careful face.

Everything looks pretty. Who should I pick?’

While Elizabeth was troubled, Leonhardt went into the fence with the permission of veterinarians and maids and hugged a puppy with a blue ribbon.

She was enjoying the joy of reuniting with her friend after a long time no see.

Elizabeth nodded as if she had made up her mind.

"Hey, that blue ribbon puppy."

Leonhardt approached Elizabeth with a smile. A puppy, who had already been vigilant, followed him.

"Isn't she beautiful?"

Leonhardt deliberately raised the dog with a grueling sound.

The dog that made eye contact with Elizabeth made a short cry, snarling.

"Hug me?"

"Can I do that?"

Leonhardt stared at the vet. Elizabeth was also looking at the vet with sparkling eyes.

The vet grinned and sat next to Elizabeth, teaching her how to hug the dog.

Then a puppy with a blue ribbon came into Elizabeth's arms.


The fur is softer than the carpet in my room. Oh, my God! I can see myself in the snow. The pink tongue is so pretty!’

"I want this one!"

Elizabeth's cheeks, which rubbed her face against the dog's back, were rosy.

Leonhardt and Elizabeth left the cabin only after being told that they would bring things that they needed, as well as dogs, to Elizabeth's room.


Elizabeth, however, stood right in front of the door and mumbled her lips as if she had something to say.

"What's wrong?"

"Well, no, it'sorry.

"If you have something you want to say, you can say it."

Leonhardt soothed Elizabeth again. Only then did she open her mouth, which had been a long time in silence."…can we go a little further?"

There's no reason why not. Can I bring a couch here if you want?

Leonhardt dragged a vet's chair larger than his body toward the fence.

"As much as you want!"

The veterinarians and maidens exchanged glances.

Rumors that the crown prince fell in love with his young fiancee at a glance seemed to be true.

Elizabeth laughed in a clear sound like a silver bell flower when she saw a puppy growling to have a doll made of cotton filled with cotton.

Leonhardt, who had been staring blankly at the scene, unknowingly uttered his innermost thoughts.

"I want you to be happy here."

"What? What did you just say?”

"Huh? No, no... Nothing. Just... should I say that I'm glad the puppies seem to be playing happily or should I say that I congratulate them for their hard work as crown prince....”


Elizabeth, who was sitting in an adult chair and stamping her legs in the air, tilted her head.

"Leon is very good at saying difficult things. You're so smart.’

"The Crown Prince is like a wizard.”


Wizards? The Wizards of the Clock Tower? You mean those maniacs? Leonhardt wondered what she meant to think she was a wizard.

"When I'm with you, it tickles here all the time. Also, you show me a lot of things you see for the first time in your life, teach me things you do for the first time, and know a lot of difficult words....”

Elizabeth babbled, poking her fingers near her heart. Relieved that at least it doesn't mean he's crazy, Leonhardt proudly said, sticking out his chin proudly.

"He's two years older than you are!"

"So I can be a sorcerer like you two years from now?"

Elizabeth asked questions excitedly with anticipation and excitement. Leonhardt thought for a long time about how to answer.

It was Elizabeth who did the magic, and he had already been under her spell for a long time.


"Oh, there you are. Miss Elizabeth, it's time to go get your dress tailored."


The door of the cabin opened and a lady-in-law in a palace uniform where the empress lived visited Elizabeth. Leonhardt looked at Elizabeth and asked back, "What's wrong with her?"

"…it's a story for women who don't have to know!"

Somehow Elizabeth's face was a little more flushed.

Elizabeth, who rushed to the maid-in-law while Leonhardt was unaware of the English language, finally returned and hugged the puppy with a blue ribbon.

"See you later."

Still, with perfect manners, Elizabeth left the cabin with her maid of honor.

Left alone, Leonhardt hugged a puppy with a blue ribbon.

Elizabeth, who was fluttering in front of her eyes until just before, spoke in a bell-shaped, sprouting tone.

Elizabeth's arrival was not the residence of the empress, but a temporary residence across from Leonhardt's bedroom.

Overnight her room had changed beyond belief, if anything, from the previous day.

However, Elizabeth fell into question when she saw the design sketch brought by the seamstress.