Chapter - 18 Episode 18 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

There was a lovely girl on the design shoes.

The child, whose hair flows down like a stream to his waist, his slightly drooping eyes, and his chubby cheeks and innocent smile, seemed to jump out of the painting at any moment and burst into laughter with a high and clear sound like the smallest bell in the cathedral.

The child was wearing a dress that looked very comfortable, not a corset or high-heeled shoes.

A small, dense lace hangs along the rim of a round collar embroidered with flowers, and a blue ribbon hangs in the middle of the collar.

The wrinkled sleeves were in the bishop sleeves, which became more spacious and loose as they went down, and the buttons on the cuffs were rose-shaped.

The tailor smiled and began to bring her design shoes and explain them to her.

"Do you like it?"

"What? Yes..."

"I'm going to put two rows of pintuck here, and underneath it, I'm going to embroider your favorite flower with a ribbon…"Do you prefer a different design?"

Elizabeth blinked quickly. It was so different from the clothes I wore at the duchess.

"I... don't you think there's too little jewelry or lace…"?”

"Oh, do you like fancy dresses?"

The tailor asked back in surprise. Then Elizabeth shook her head with a startled face, too, when asked by the tailor.

The dress you are wearing now was a dress that the ladies of the Crown Princess had been getting from the finest boutique since early morning.

The dress, which did not require corsets, was not worn in a panie to make the skirt look like a bell, and had a lot of heavy jewelry or no lace that used to sting when it touched the skin, was very easy to move and light.

Elizabeth liked this outfit so much that she wanted to wear it forever if she could.

I never wanted to wear a tight corset or high-heeled shoes again.

"If you'd like, there's a design like this….”

The tailor quickly painted a dress similar to Elizabeth's at the duchess.

"I don't like it…!”

Elizabeth shook her head urgently.

Her reaction surprised the tailor and offered her a new set of designs. You don't like fancy things, but you're looking for jewelry and lace?

Are you trying to ask Young-ae to use simple, jewelry and lace generously, dig out her neck enough to reveal her chest bone, but she doesn't look shallow, and her waist looks thinner, but she doesn't feel uncomfortable when she wears it?

The tailor was determined to read Elizabeth's countenance.

"…is it okay to wear this in the palace…?”

Elizabeth's words were answered by the tailor, rather asking for the obvious.

"Of course, especially for young people like Young-ae, this design doesn't suit you."


Elizabeth's eyes doubled. Looking at her surprised with a slight opening of her mouth, the tailor realized that she was clearly mistaken.

"Maybe... Young-ae, can you tell me what you usually wear?”

"Uh... I'm wearing a corset over Schmiz, and I'm wearing a panier, and....”

God, the tailor closed his eyes and touched his forehead.

Two words, Corset and Farnier, alone, allowed her to infer what Elizabeth usually wore.

"Did you always have jewelry on your dress?”

"Oh, uh, how did you know?”

"Didn't you always feel uncomfortable, with the lace embroidered with a silver thread running all the way up here?”

The seamstress looked a little above the elbow. Elizabeth nodded her head up and down with a face that really looked like a wizard.The tailor sighed inwardly at the sight.

The little babe in front of her didn't want a fancy dress with jewelry and lace.

Rather, I was worried that I would have to wear such clothes again.

"What's the use of a silver lace and colorful jewelry? Here's something more shiny than the most beautiful jewel and gift in the world.”


The tailor smiled and held a small hand mirror in front of Elizabeth.

"Safire, pure gold, no. Even the rarest blue diamond in the world would not be as blue as the eyes of an infant."

Elizabeth felt the tip of her ear burning at the tailor's words. Somehow, with shame, the tailor stroked her silvery hair, gloating over Elizabeth.

"The silk thread fresh from cocoons needs to be touched by artisans to become a smooth, shiny white silk thread. Young-ae's hair is much thinner, softer, and shiny than the finest silk thread. It's like a thread from a crystal."

The tailor felt the bell ring in her head as soon as she saw her silver hair and blue eyes with her own eyes.

Early in the morning, the maid from the palace said, 'An eight-year-old girl with silver hair and inside the wall. "I like blue," he said. "I don't know, but I don't like blue."

So I brought design shoes that are popular among young children these days, and I thought I should design them again from the beginning.

"Then... can I really wear this as it is? Even in the Imperial Palace?

"Of course!"

Elizabeth's face was filled with joy. The tailor continued to explain with a big smile.

"The race will only run here, on the skirt hem. It's a soft cotton lace that doesn't feel uncomfortable even if it touches your skin."

Elizabeth imagined herself in her head wearing a dress of design shoes.

The tailor lifted herself, gloating over her cheeks as she was flushed with palpitations and expectations.

"What kind of hairdress would you like? A bonnet, headdress, ribbon, and a little mini hat!"

The tailor, who met a guest whose heart was pounding for the first time in a while, was also full of excitement.

Biting his lips to avoid making mistakes, the tailor began to put a bonnet decorated with blue real flowers in his head, a headdress with rose-shaped lace, a butterfly-shaped ribbon with ears open, and a slanted little hat over Elizabeth's head one by one.


I was sure I'd fit in with anything. The tailor waited anxiously for her decision.

"…I don't know."

Elizabeth replied in a crawling voice. Before I knew it, my small face was filled with fear as if the tailor would be angry, saying, "Why can't you decide that?"

However, contrary to Elizabeth's concerns, the tailor smiled even more loudly and picked up the paper and pen and began drawing some designs with quick hand movements.

"Then you can have it all! Young-ae can do that. Bonnet, headdress, ribbon, mini hat… A straw hat with ribbons would be nice to prevent sunburn! We could decorate it with different flowers every day until summer, and in autumn we could have branches or leaf-shaped brooches with ripe red fruit."

Elisabeth's face began to get excited again. The tailor left a short note next to the design shoes with a proud face and asked another question."What kind of shoes do you recommend?”

"Should I choose shoes?"

The words from the tailor's mouth were ecstatic enough to sound like a fairy's song to her, who had to wear only a stuffy and heavy dress that her mother had chosen for her whole life.

But Elizabeth sighed when the tailor told her that she had to choose shoes, accessories, and even socks.

The tailor, who quickly noticed that she was tired because she was not used to choosing clothes, said, "What is left can be decided slowly," and put out a catalog of a nearby partner, shoe workshop.

The catalog was filled with low-heeled shoes and boots that a child would wear.

Elizabeth was looking at the shoes she had never seen before, looking at them with a strong nose in the catalog.

'Oh, I didn't know there were shoes like this...But why did my mother let me wear high-heeled shoes?’

"It's hard, isn't it?"


Before I knew it, the tailor who took the design shoes and Elizabeth's measurements made eye contact with Elizabeth again with a face that he understood everything.

"I like beautiful people. And I also like that beautiful person to be even more beautiful in the clothes I made. But do you know what my favorite thing is?"

"What's that?"

The tailor replied with a silent smile, somehow embarrassed.

"The person in the suit has a satisfactory smile on his face. I want Young-ae to wear the clothes I made and smile the prettiest in the world."

The tailor stood up again, smiling like a crescent.

There was a lot of work to be done back in the studio. In addition to sending clothes that had been made in advance, clothes that had to be newly made and designed from now on were constantly popping up in my head.

"It's been a long time since I've had my first needle in my hand. I look forward to your kind cooperation, little Muse."

The tailor opened the door to greet and leave the room according to etiquette.




"Leon... Your Highness Prince Hart?"

When I opened the door, it was Leonhardt who rolled into the room with a white, fluffy puppy in his arms.

"Your Highness, are you hurt anywhere?"

The ladies-in-law, who were watching the conversation between the tailor and Elizabeth with a pleased face, ran at once.

At the same time, the tailor's face turned pale. But Leonhardt jumped out of his seat and dusted off his clothes.

"It's all over... I've never met your master before, so be a little mature!"


The puppy in Leonhardt's arms was struggling to escape his arms.

"This is your home from now on! Don't bite your sleeves, man!"

Waving his sleeve covered with his dog's saliva, Leonhardt put it down in the room.

"Well, I'm going to get going. Excuse me, then!"

Until the end, the tailor forced Elizabeth, the dog and Leonhardt to keep their eyes peeled.



"Yes, Your Majesty the Crown Prince."

Leonhardt preferred Elizabeth to call him Leon rather than the hard title of crown prince.

You can pretend it's a mistake and call me Leon in front of the ladies-in-law.

Leonhardt poked his mouth to the inside, then extended his chest and commanded the maidens in a dignified and solemn manner as the soul remembered.

"I need to talk to Young-ae for a moment, so you guys should get out of course.

The maids left the room desperately, biting their lips not to laugh in front of the 10-year-old crown prince, pretending to be solemn, dignified and dignified as if they were his majesty."I... Lizzy."

"Yes, Leon."

"…you can call me Leon in front of other people."

"But didn't Leon tell you to do that when it was just you two?”

Why is he so inflexible? Leonhardt quibbled inwardly and withdrew the order.

"Cancel that! I'm sorry. We haven't even had an engagement yet, so Lizzie is my friend. Isn't it funny how a friend looks at a friend and says, "Your Highness, have you forgotten a moment after coughing today?"”

"Geosephu, Ilhyang, Mangang… It's…"

"Whatever! Anyway... I want Lizzy to be more comfortable with me. Why don't you do that?”

If I'm being mean to you, please feel comfortable enough to squeeze and kick me! Leonhardt prayed earnestly inside.

"But in etiquette....”

His manners! Leonhardt sighed inwardly on his forehead, before he knew it, hugged a puppy interested in the hem of Elizabeth's dress and handed it over to Elizabeth.

"I'll protect you when I'm away. So you name it, too.


"Yes, anything is fine. Well, white stone with white fur, or Sebastian Benedict Edwardian Gregory Franz III with an elegant name for a puppy born in the Imperial Palace....”


Elizabeth is in deep agony. White and soft fur, warm body temperature, convex belly that goes up and down every time you breathe, drooping eyes that look a little sleepy, and a tail that can't stand in the air for a moment and put it on glass! Even the soft soles of your feet.

There were too many other lovely things to call white stones because they were barely white. Leonhardt put his hand on his waist and smiled pleasedly.

"I have something to do, so I'll go again. You have to tell me your name later?”

No sooner had Leonhardt left the room than the maidens returned. Elizabeth, who held a lovely puppy tightly in her arms, asked.

"Is Leon strange in the name of a puppy, too?”