Chapter - 19 Episode 19 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Knight and Lady

Leonhardt sighed deeply at every step.

It was good to get Lizzie from the duchess, but I didn't think about it.

I can't believe I've become younger.

Sighing again, Leonhardt headed to the emperor's study where his father would wait.

The greatest crisis of his life, including the age of ten again, was about to come.

"Your Majesty, the Crown Prince has arrived."

"Let me in."

Magnificent opened the door to a large study. Leonhardt sighed and held himself together for the last time.

As soon as he entered the study, the door closed again without a sound.

Leonhardt greeted the objects in the study, a little less old than his memory, with a faint look.

"The Crown Prince."

Leonhardt was so nervous that he straightened his back and pulled his chin.

The emperor's voice was so low that his whole body was fluffed by the prince's words.

"I sent a letter to the duchess a little while ago. What do you think the letter says?"

"…is it the imperial command to deprive yourself of a title?

"Unfortunately, you're only half right."

The emperor took off his glasses and rubbed his forehead.

"From the morning onward, he visited the duchess and expressed his regret for the indiscretion of the order, and the imperial command was to return some of the lands confiscated by the duchess several generations ago as compensation and early dowry."

Leonhardt swallowed his breath.

The Duke and his wife in memory were obviously Duke-in-law, which would make them prosper rather than collapse.

"They're not going to force Lizzie back one day, are they?”

"Now is not the time to think about the child."

"He taught his women to take care of themselves. It's not any other title, it's a family of dukes. If they continue to threaten the imperial power under the pretext of this....”

"…it's nothing for a 10-year-old to worry about. Leonhardt."

Leonhardt came to his senses again, hot at the words.

Now he was a ten-year-old boy who was busy playing immature, not an emperor who ruled an empire.

Leonhardt swallowed his saliva. In this situation is childlike to do?

"Don't think about anything because adults will take care of that."

Fortunately, the emperor no longer rebuked him, but turned the subject around.

"Now that I've got a new baby, I'll move on. But Leonhardt."

"Yes, dad."

"As a result, you saved your new baby. But do you think the process was just and right?"

"But if I didn't do that, Lizzy… No, Elizabeth would have had a hard day at the duchess."

"There might have been another way. Even if it took a little longer, we could have officially brought him to the palace or forced him to change the duchess."

"My dad thinks they're going to turn into the wilderness, but anyone who's only going to change that much wouldn't have treated Elizabeth like that in the first place!"

"Lower your voice, Crown Prince."

Leonhardt frowned a lot. The emperor put his fingers together on the desk and sighed deeply.

"Just because the results are right doesn't mean that the process is always right. The Crown Prince, keep in mind what Jim says. You are the heir to this empire. Think and think about it before you choose. Why do you say it's too late when you regret it?"I know, dad. Leonhardt bit his lips hard.

He knew better than anyone that it was too late when he regretted it.

"…I'll be more careful in the future."

Only then did the emperor relax his face, close his eyes and lean against the chair.

"Have you adjusted to the leaking palace a little palace?"

"I gave you a puppy."

"Dogs? Ah, those puppies. You'll be a good friend to her."

The emperor's expression relaxed a little. Leonhardt was only then able to relax in his body.

"Take care of your new baby. But it's not good to change people too much. You may leave now."

"Why is your father worried about me?”

Leonhardt asked back in an absurd tone.

The emperor rose from his seat, lifted Leonhardt up and put him out of the door himself.

"Even if I worry about you… I'll be busy making your brother, so don't come to the bedroom."

And again the door to the study was closed. Leonhardt was dumbfounded by absurdity.

'I don't even have a younger brother anyway....’

On his way back from the study, Leonhardt found a familiar blonde.

"Sir Bern!"

"Your Royal Highness?"

Albert Dietrich Bern, the chief of the Imperial Knights, who was enjoying a leisurely walk under the pretext of patrolling the Imperial Palace, stopped walking when he saw the crown prince running after finding him.

"That's great. I have a young child to introduce to you."


Leonhardt held Albert's hand recklessly, praising himself for the thought that passed through his mind.

Albert was taken away by the Crown Prince with a face he didn't know what was what.

No, I walked on my own, pretending to be dragged.

"Where are you going?”

"My place."

"What do you mean Young-ae to introduce?"


"Elisabeth... do you mean Elysium spirituality?”

"Then who else but Elizabeth?”

"There are many other articles besides me, so may I ask why you choose me?"

In the work of the Knights Commander, the role of the young crown prince's swordsmanship teacher, and now escort the young spirituality?

He whispered that his instincts had to reject the offer at any cost.

"Kyung has the best swordsmanship in the Imperial Palace. Don't you think so?"

"…I'm ashamed to be positive, and I don't know what to say because I'm lying as a knight to deny it."

"My father taught me. She's the one who protects her. But I'm weak if I have hard eyes. I can't protect Lizzie.”

"Right? Unless Your Highness is a mythical hero....”

"But I have the authority to appoint you as Lizzie's escort."

Albert bit his tongue when he heard it.

Anyway, this is why high-ranking people...! Apparently Elysium is only eight years old, but what is an eight-year-old girl like...?

Albert bit his tongue even harder as he recalled the daughters of his early friends and the children of the village.

Crying, lying down on the floor, and the spirit of the aristocracy must have grown up and behaved rudely.

I might as well bite my tongue and die here.

"Why are you looking so dead?”

"What if Young-ae sees me and doesn't like me?”

"Relieved it won't happen."

What do you mean relief! Albert followed Leonhardt into the room where Elizabeth Isolde von Elysium was staying.

"Nice to meet you, Lady Elysium. I'm Albert Dietrich Bern, Knight of the Imperial Household."As soon as the door opened, Albert bent down, closing his eyes tightly. And please, I earnestly prayed that she would hurl whatever she could and issue a toast.


"Yeong-ae's escort under the order of Her Majesty the Crown Prince... Bruise?"

Albert reacted late to a completely unfeeling response from the aristocratic family.

"Bailey, no!"

Albert Dietrich Berne, the chief of the Imperial Knights of the Esperdor Empire and in charge of guarding the Imperial Palace, rolled large to the side with his Imperial heir, the Crown Prince, in his arms to avoid predators rushing toward him.

"Your Highness, are you all right?"

Albert, who tried to identify the predator who attacked him by taking out his sword in a sleek move, saw the ferocious beast in front of him with white fur, sparkling black eyes, and....


I felt my knees wobbling when I saw Leon's cheek licking, which had been lying on the floor until then with a small pink tongue, making the sound of a young beast.

"I'm sorry, no, I'm sorry, Leon! Bailey, you can't use it!"

"Bailey, that's a pretty name. It looks good on you."

What the hell is going on? Albert rose calmly from his seat and scratched the back of his head with an attitude of not knowing what had happened.

First of all, the Crown Prince is safe. And when I looked closely, it was a white puppy that ran toward him, not a beast.

Somehow, feeling drained, Albert first closed the door to prevent the dog from escaping.

And bravely stopping the puppy from showing its teeth towards the heir of the empire... Guess it's Elysium Young-Ae in question?

"Let me introduce you to Albert Dietrich Bern. Commander of the Imperial Knights and given the glorious opportunity to escort Elizabeth Isolde von Elysium as of today....”

"The escort?"

Elizabeth asked back, hugging Bailey, who was struggling to bite off Lord Bern's trouser hem.

"I wish I could protect you... Can't you stay with me all the time, Bailey? Bailey's still young. I thought there should be at least one person I can trust to help you... Why, don't you like it?"

"Not really… Uh... I mean... Hmm, hmm! Nice to meet you. It's Elizabeth Isolde von Elysium. I look forward to your kind cooperation, Lord Bern."

Elizabeth thought for a moment about what to do with Bailey, and eventually bowed to her knees, holding her in one hand and lifting her skirt slightly in the other.

"You may call me Albert, Lady Elysium."

Albert hastily canceled his long-cherished wish before entering the room.

The child holding a puppy in his arms, only his blue eyes like a frightened rabbit, and looking up at himself was so small that he had to lean sideways to hold hands, and every move was cautious and elegant.

Once something rude, arrogant, and unlikable happened to me, which I was worried about a while ago, the children who lay down and watch Elizabeth were the difference between heaven and earth.


"Yes, Lady Elysium."

"Lady... What do you mean lady! Just call me Elizabeth! Like everyone else....”

Elizabeth's face was strangely flushed. Leonhardt alternately looked at Elizabeth and Albert and wriggled his eyebrows.

"I can't do that as the Knight of the Empire who defends chivalry, and as a knight who serves Lady Han."

Albert knelt down and raised her hand as he did when he was knighted before Elizabeth.The child's hands were so small that if he held them readily, they would crumble like fallen leaves.

Albert kissed the back of young Lady's hand lightly.

"This Albert, I swear on my sword, I will protect Lady no matter what."

Elizabeth had almost forgotten to breathe since Albert held my hand.

The white uniform looked very good on the driver, who had colorful blond hair and blue eyes as if he had been pulled out of pure gold, and was tall enough to barely see Elizabeth's face with her head up.

The drooping eyes made the first impression that they were simple, but the eyebrows with the tip rising upward, contrary to the eyes, were straight and clear as if to prove that he was the knight in the article.

Her heart began to beat with a different feeling than when she saw Leonhardt, and when she knelt down in front of her and kissed the back of her hand as if she were dealing with something more precious, Elizabeth hardened.

In this situation isn't even teach anyone how to act.

Elizabeth gave Leonhardt a look for help.


But Leonhardt was staring at Albert with his arms crossed with a sulky expression filled with discontent.