Chapter - 20 Episode 20 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Leonhardt recalled Albert's oath, kissing the back of the beautiful Lady's hand, the sworn knight.

It was a scene that could only come out of a fairy tale, but he was showing discomfort with the sense of spines popping out of his chest.

Calm down, calm down, me. Don't tell me you're jealous about this? It's just that the knight swears to Lady. I was the one who was supposed to escort Albert to Lizzie in the first place, right? And Albert is much older than Lizzie, and he already has a fiancee! First of all, in the future, that blonde hair will fall out and the muscles will turn into belly fat!’

Why a child's body is so hard to hide its emotions.

I can understand everything in my heart, but only my dissatisfied lips popped out for no reason.

Leonhardt's conscience was poked at Elizabeth's eyes for salvation.

Do as you please.

Leonhardt whispered silently in the shape of his mouth. I don't know if she understood, but when she asked again, he meant the same answer.

Elizabeth briefly agonized and nodded as if she had made a decision, formally appointing him as her escort.

Leonhardt smiled proudly at the sight.

There was still a little jealousy in her stomach that wasn't funny, but Elizabeth succeeded in making her own decision, so that was enough.

And Albert apparently was ready to do anything for her, even if he didn't have to say otherwise.

"Then now there's an adult to protect....”

"Do you have…?"

Albert again felt his instincts rant the alarm bells.

I don't know what the Crown Prince is trying to order, but I had a feeling that it would be very troublesome and cumbersome, faithful to the original duties of the Knights, but impossible for both time and stamina to accomplish at the same time.

"Tomorrow, I'll introduce you to the Imperial Palace!”

Oh my god.

Albert screamed, holding his head to himself, saying, "Why does this ominous intuition never go astray?"

Of course, serving the Crown Prince and his fiancee was one of his duties as a knight commander and escort driver.

But besides that, he had a lot of work to do. I'd like to start with Leonhardt's sword training right now.

Let's see. Sword training and imperial palace...I think I can use it if I'm good at it.

"Hmmmmmm, Your Highness."

"What's wrong with you?"

Albert quizzed Leonhardt with a stern look on his face.

"Come to think of it, you've been neglecting your training lately.”

"That's! …for a reasonable reason….”

Albert had a more severe look on his face. Leonhardt stretched his tongue.

"Is the little sun of the country making an excuse?”

"It's not like that! Ugh... what do you want?"

Leonhardt judged that Albert's sudden appearance was due to certain conditions he wanted.

And Albert's eyebrows twitched lightly to see if his judgment was right.

"You don't have to do it yourself to guide the palace. But if you want to leave others behind and show Elizabeth the palace yourself....”

"If you want…?"

Albert suggested with a distinctive, beautiful smile that excited social women.

"Why don't you show me around after you've finished your training? If you accompany me to a place where you cannot go alone, you will be able to enter."

"Hua, Crown Prince, where can't I go to the palace?""The Imperial Armory. The Magic Laboratory. Besides... as you know, there are many dangerous places in the Imperial Palace for children without adults...?”

I got …!

Leonhardt's expression hardened.

I was going to drag Albert here and there in the name of Elizabeth's escort, and he used it as a station! It was as if I had fallen for it.

Elizabeth alternately looked at the smiling Albert and Leonhardt, who stared at Albert with an angry look as if they were about to bite him, and turned to Bailey when she realized that Bailey in her arms had fallen asleep.

"You can do it! You'll see, I'll wake up early tomorrow.”

"Oh, you don't have to do that. Your Highness, you have to go to bed early and get up early to grow taller."

Albert laughed out loud in a jovial mood.

I was just slightly looking forward to seeing him tomorrow morning really early.

Elizabeth's temporary residence, which she prepared in a day, was more carefully decorated than Leonhardt's room, contrary to her nanny's words that she would not feel uncomfortable if she stayed for a while.

I felt it when I first entered her temporary residence, but as soon as I entered Elizabeth's bedroom, Leonhardt felt like his room was just a guest room.

"Aren't you tired?”

"A little..."

Elizabeth, sitting on the bed, toddled half and crawled half, crawled on the pillow and laughed at Bailey, who fell asleep.

"Bailey has her own bed over there. Why would she want to sleep over there?”

"Wouldn't one day be all right?”

"I don't want to lose to a dog."



Leonhardt pouted his lips and glossed over moderately.

"Well, Lizzy."


At the same time, the two people who called the other person were surprised and made eye contact with each other, and laughed without anyone saying anything.

"Leon, go ahead.”

"Shall we? Hmm... Lizzy, the flower ring I made for you. Do you remember yet?”

Elizabeth jumped out of bed and brought a small box on the chest of drawers.

There was already a dried and withered flower ring in the box.

"…can I borrow it for a while?”

Leonhardt said, forcing himself to hold his throat. Elizabeth blinked in wonder and gently handed over the box.

"Do you have to give it back?"

"Of course. You're supposed to pay interest when you lend it to someone."


Elizabeth tilted her head. Leonhardt shrugged, "It's your turn now."

"Well... just, thank you... I wanted to."

"Thank you?"

"Actually, I still don't know what it is. But everyone is kind to me... Now I'm not being sold, I'm not wearing corsets, I'm comfortable with shoes, I've met cute Bailey, I've met the gorgeous Lord Bern....”

Lord Bern? Leonhardt's expression, who was happily listening to Elizabeth, suddenly distorted.

"Leon held my hand and dragged me. He supported me from behind. He was there for me because he was fine."

Elizabeth felt her heart pounding again and her cheeks warmed up.

But she was no longer unfamiliar or frightened with this sense. Tickle, barely successful in taking root, the seeds in the chest were now trying to take root enough and release blue rice leaves in earnest.

"Thank you, Leon."

Elizabeth smiled brightly, saying so.

At the moment Leonhardt saw the illusion of white wings rising behind Elizabeth's back.It was a fleeting moment, but it was definitely a wing.

I thought it was just a rumor that Elysium was an angel's descendant, but I thought maybe it really was.

"Thank you, Lizzy."


"For giving me... a chance."


Elizabeth tilted her head. Opportunity? What opportunity are you talking about?

Instead of answering, Leonhardt kissed Elizabeth briefly on the forehead and ran away from her bedroom.

If I stayed there, the body of a child who was bad at everything seemed to burst into tears.

Before going to bed, Leonhardt asked the nanny to call him the best jewelry craftsman in the empire.

"Jewelry craftsman?"

"There's something I want to give to Lizzie."

The nanny put a blanket on young Leonhardt, who thought of his fiancee, with a smile on his face, saying he was so cute.

"Of course, I'll call you the most skillful."

The next day, Leonhardt offered a box he had borrowed from Elizabeth to a jewelry craftsman his nanny had called.

"I want flowers that never wither. Can you do it?”


As expected, it didn't come.

The place where Leonhardt trained with other knights was empty today.

'It was a great opportunity to get out of today's military meeting…!’

He comforted himself, saying, "It's better than overdoing it for nothing," but on the other hand, he was still a little disappointed, disappointed, and disappointed.

"I thought I'd meet a kid who seemed to be a sodmaster for the first time in a while…".’

"Sir Bern, it's time for the meeting."

"I'll be right there.”

Albert looked at the empty space with lingering eyes and headed into the building with his deputy.

However, contrary to Albert's prediction that Leonhardt would be asleep, he was shooting around the palace holding Elizabeth's hand as soon as he finished eating.

Everyone he encountered was surprised to see Elizabeth, and he soon smiled and greeted her in the morning.

"Good morning. Lady Elizabeth."

"Have you had a good night's sleep? Did you have any inconvenience all night?”

"I don't know if you liked breakfast. If there's anything you want to eat, feel free to tell me."

At first, Elizabeth wondered if she was a little embarrassed by the kind greetings and greetings she had not received from the duchess, but soon answered one by one with a shy smile.

"Yes, I slept well. Did you relax? Bailey took one of my pillows, but it was okay because she had another pillow. Egg Benedict for breakfast was very delicious, and....”

"Lizzy, you don't have to speak up. If anything, they'll be uncomfortable."

Leon whispered in Elizabeth's ear in bewilderment. Is Elizabeth like that? Then he turned to the maidens.

As Leonhardt said, the women were stunned to hear the honorific language of the crown prince's fiancée, the crown princess, and the queen.

"But these people live in the palace....”

"There's no one in this palace who speaks honorific to you but your father and your mother. So it's okay."

"Your Highness is right. Please feel free to treat me. What?"

"Well... still... Can I?"

"Of course! Now, Lady Elizabeth. What were you going to say for the last time?”


Elizabeth groped her memory, biting her finger slightly with her lips. What was I gonna say?

"I forgot."

Lowering her head, Elizabeth smiled awkwardly. And then I opened my mouth again.

Although I forgot what I was going to say, I remembered what I was going to say instead.

"Have a lovely day again."

Elizabeth hid behind Leonhardt's back for the last time.Leonhardt hid behind his back and looked at Elizabeth holding her cheeks in both hands, and the maidens with loving expressions, asking her to be a cover for them for a while.


"There you go, Leon."


Elizabeth, who was taking a walk in the garden holding Leonhardt's hand, pointed her finger at the tower rising far away.

Leonhardt, who turned his eyes to Elizabeth's fingertips without thinking, crumpled his face.


"Lizzy, do you want to go see something other than that? You haven't seen Bailey's dad yet, have you?

"Wow, there's a tower on the lake!"

"You're right. That's amazing. Right? So other than that....”

"Can we go over there?"

Leonhardt looked into Elizabeth's sparkling eyes and hoped, please, that 'there' she said was near the lake.

Elizabeth, however, reiterated her intention clearly, intelligently and clearly.

"I want to go to that tower!"