Chapter - 21 Episode 21 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

The hands of the clock tower

What is a tower?

A tower is usually referred to as a tower, or a tall, pointed structure.

If there is a bell at the top of it, it is called a bell tower, if there is a clock, and if it is built to commemorate something, it is called a memorial tower.

It was extremely childlike and natural to think that you wanted to go to the top of a tower that rose high in the sky or to snoop with curiosity....

Leonhardt nodded, who simply could not withstand Elizabeth's sparkling eyes, not for the same reason.

"Tower! I love it. What's up there? I'm really curious. Right?"

Hahaha. Hahaha. Leónhardt held Elizabeth's hand and went down to the lake, blaming her for her poor acting.


The waves on the surface of the water with the morning sun seemed to sparkle with large scales of fish.

The gentle spring breeze lightly touched the lake and the waves shook.

Elizabeth, who had been watching the scene for a long time, murmured.


Leonhardt also muttered, glancing at Elizabeth.

"Your eyes are exactly that light, you know that?"


Leonhardt nodded his head.

Elizabeth's eyes were a clear, sunny summer sky at first glance, but when looked closely, they had a deep blue color like a deep, calm lake.

"I think I like it here.”


Leonhardt stuttered to ask why.

Elizabeth tilted her head toward him, who was strangely sensitive.

"Because Leon told me that this lake and my eyes are the same color."

Leonhardt began to punch himself in the mouth.

"By the way… that tower is in the middle of the lake, there's no way to get there. There's no ship... and we're going back....”

"There's a boat over there."

Leonhardt, who was about to say, "There is no way to get to the tower, turned his head in surprise at Elizabeth's words.

Those who wrapped themselves in black robes gathered by the lake one by one and headed for the island on a small ferry.

Knowing their identity, Leonhardt tore his hair again. Today, of all days, this moment was that day!

"Of all things, the second hand of the clock tower was the day I submitted my graduation thesis.’

"Leon, are you sick?"

Elizabeth looked anxiously at Leonhardt, who suddenly started tearing his hair out.

"Why are they going to the tower?”

"It's the... uh... the people who take care of the tower! That's why I'm going to the tower."

"Why is the tower so small and crowded? Is there something precious inside?”

"Treasure... yes, it is. It's a treasure. It's very, very precious and I'm trying to protect it from others."

Elizabeth recalled her mother's diamond necklace and a dress room full of jewels.

I could understand so many people going to protect a place full of such things.

"But everyone doesn't look well. Is it too hard to protect the treasure?”

"I guess... I guess so.”

All the people wearing hoodies down their noses were walking slower than Elizabeth.

The two children watched the walkers with compassion, as if they were crawling slower than them.

"Wow, there's no cooks, and the boat is moving! Leon, is this magic?”

"Well, it's about the same."

Leonhardt nodded with a worried face in case Elizabeth insisted on going to the tower."Can we go to the tower?"

"Tower... Tower? Why?"

"I want to see what a treasure it is.”

"Ha, but can we go? They're all wearing black robes, and they're grown-ups..”

"Leon is the Crown Prince... Can't you do that?”

Elizabeth, who had been shining brightly with anticipation until a while ago, drooped her eyebrows.

Leonhardt was distressed by the sight.

Is it the right choice to take Lizzie to the clock tower?

"Who is this? Your Highness, the Crown Prince. You're going to the clock tower?”

A man who was joining the group of black robes with slow steps recognized Leonhardt's face and spoke to him gladly.

Leonhardt was genuinely embarrassed by the totally unexpected encounter.

"No, I mean....”

"Can we go?"

Elizabeth smiled and asked the man. The man changed his glasses and nodded for granted.

"Of course. The treasure of the clock tower can be seen by anyone."

"Really? Good for you! Isn't that right?

"Well... yeah... That's very... good for you..”

Elizabeth smiled brightly with her eyes shining again.

As expected, Leonhardt was great. As the crown prince, there has been no place he has not been to so far. And I knew so much about the Imperial Palace.

One of my heart tickled again when I thought I could be with him in the future.

Leonhardt had a very reluctant face.


Elizabeth wondered and lightly pulled Leonhardt's sleeve.

"No way! I'm such a good swimmer!"

"Then why do you have that face? Does Leon hate that tower?”


Leonhardt has been agonizing for a long time. I've already said there's treasure in there, so I can't lie again that there's a terrible monster.

I didn't want to disappoint Elizabeth by refusing to do what she asked me to do in a long time.

"Nothing. Let's go, Lizzy."

Eventually Leonhardt took Elizabeth's hand and boarded the ferry with the Black Rove crowd, praying that nothing would happen.

Elizabeth and Leonhardt were perfect strangers in the midst of people who were smiling serenely and peaceful on one side, and growling as if they were about to turn over their ships in lost anger.

As the robes neared the tower, each began to mutter unknown language or cry out the name of God.

Finally, the ship arrived at the small island where the tower stood, and people began to get off one by one, led by Leonhardt and Elizabeth.

"Why are they so scared when they're working in the tower?”

"…I know…why?"

Leonhardt, like a walking corpse, uh, uh, uh, just let him graduate. Among those who muttered with unclear pronunciation, he caught a person with a calm face.

"What time does the hands of the clock point to today?"

"It's nine thirteen."

"Thank you. I hope you pass."

"Hahaha... it's up to the owner of the clock tower to decide whether to pass or not....”

He disappeared among the people, leaving unknown words.

"More and more people are coming."

"I told you to hand it in sooner."


"Oh, nothing. Hold my hand tight just in case.”


More and more people were coming in black robes. Elizabeth clasped Leonhardt's hand and chased him into the tower.***


The tower was lined up with large bookshelves that could only be found in his father's study.

Elizabeth, who was looking at the titles written in letters for the first time with a curious face, quickly lost interest and turned around again when there was nothing to read.

"It looked very narrow from the outside, but it's very spacious inside. Right?"

"I know. Ugh, Lizzy. Come here. They'll have to pass by to get out of the tower."

"I just came in. Leon has been weird. You've been weird. Are you hiding something?”

"Hide... what do you mean hide... I'm not. It's just that this place is... I mean... Oh, we can wait in that room over there."

Leonhardt grabbed Elizabeth's hand and dragged her helplessly.

Elizabeth obediently followed him and tilted her head.

"How precious is this treasure that so many people care about, and Leon doesn't want to show up?"’

Leonhardt, who managed to beat the black robes into the room, breathed heavily.

The wizards of the clock tower were notorious for having a lot of freaks.

She's the crown prince, so she's less likely to get caught up in their practical jokes, but Elizabeth....

Never let the Wizards of the Clock Tower show interest in Lizzie!

It was clear that they would be more interested in the "blood of Elisium" of angel descendants than in the noble status of Duke Yeong-ae, who had the crown prince's prenatal marriage, and would study Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was slowly looking around the room while Leonhardt locked the door tightly.

One, two, three... There were ink and pens on the desk big enough for eight people to sit on.

And an empty bookshelf and a crate under a sunny window were all the furniture in the room.

There was a vase and a watch on the table.

Elizabeth approached the narrow table and looked at the vase and the clock.

There was nothing in the vase.

There was no needle on the clock.

'That's weird. Why doesn't this watch have a needle?’

Elizabeth, wondering, asked Leonhardt. Leonhardt would know why.

"Leon, why doesn't this watch have a needle?"

Leonhardt hung around the door, focusing on checking the situation outside.

"It's probably just a broken watch."

"Can I play with this then?"

Leonhardt nodded his head. It took a long time for people to get out, I guess.

I'm glad Elizabeth had a toy to play with so that she wouldn't get bored... Wait, what are you playing with?

Elizabeth brought a clockless clock while humming a song taught by her nanny not long ago.

Leonhardt looked back with a frightened look.

Elizabeth was bringing a pen soaked in ink to a clockless clock.

"Lizzy, don't touch that!"

Leonhardt dissuaded Elizabeth in an urgent voice.

Elizabeth looked back at herself in bewilderment and put down her watch.

But the clock already had three crooked lines drawn in a straight line.

Elizabeth hurriedly put down her watch, bewildered by the loud voice of Leonhardt, whom she had never heard before.


But something was off. Elizabeth looked around, looked around.

Instead of the bookshelf, desk, narrow table, empty vase without flowers, I could see bookshelf/bookcase with random bookshelf/bookcase with unknown glass bottle, and vase with unknown flowers withered."Where am I?"

"Huh? Who is this? We have a welcome guest."

Elizabeth backed away, nervous as a frightened rabbit. Elizabeth, who touched something behind her back and looked back reflexively, realized that it was a human skeleton model that hit her body, and sat down as if she were falling as if she were stunned.

"I'm sorry, Lizzy! I'll clean that up in a minute. Hmmm hmmm… I'm the witch of the clock tower."

The witch of the clock tower introduced herself to Elizabeth at once.

"Do you... know my name? Witch, where are we? Where's Leon?"

Frightened, Elizabeth quivered and asked, keeping as calm as possible.

I could feel my eyes teary.

The witch, who appeared in the book Elizabeth read, was always a very, very mean and terrifying creature that always did evil things and harassed good people.

But the witch in front of her didn't seem like a bad person at all.

I have never seen a witch with red hair that flutters freely like flames, green eyes with cat tails over her glasses, and white skin like plaster.

"The Witch of the Clock Tower knows everything. This is the top floor of the clock tower, and Leon is probably looking for you.”

And I've never heard more of a witch laughing with a sad look on her face.

The witch flicked her finger in the air.

Then things scattered around quickly disappeared, and instead appeared a table with a white lace tablecloth, a large chair, a small chair suitable for Elizabeth's physique, and a neatly arranged tea party set.

"Tea... No, milk is good because you're still young. Do you want to drink some milk? You like rose macaroons, don't you?

How did you know?

Rose macaroons decorated with raspberries with peeling and tropical fruits were Elizabeth's favorite dessert.

"I haven't told anyone in the palace yet."

"The Witch of the Clock Tower knows everything."

The witch in the clock tower winked at one eye, saying so.

"Come on, come on. We don't have much time."

Elizabeth agonized for a moment.

On the table in front of us were well-mixed black tea, sweetened milk with honey, and macaroons with rose petals.

"Are you going to fatten me up and eat me?”

Elizabeth stopped again, leaving about a step to the chair.

Of course, there were no windows made of melted sugar, chimneys made of ginger cookies, or brick stoves made of colorful candies, but my mother told me to be cautious about everything.

"Oh, anyway, fairy tales ruined the kids. Lizzy, it's okay. I'm your friend. Feel free to come and eat."


The witch of the clock tower nodded.

Elizabeth still sat facing the witch with a questionable face.

"Never, never, ever talk and go! No matter how delicious that macaron is, I will never eat it!’

The witch in the clock tower, who read Elizabeth's determined expression, grinned at what she was thinking.

"Are you sure you don't want it? Then shall we just clean it up?"

"Oh, wait a minute! Think a little more... Argh!"

The macaroons began to fog up before my eyes. Elizabeth stomped her feet in tears.

"What... I'll eat it! I want to eat!"

'You treated me for the first time in a while, and it's against manners to ignore the sincerity. So it can't be helped!'Elizabeth sat down at the table thinking so. Then, before the shiny pink macaron disappeared again, he lifted up a cute silver tableware with a ribbon at the end of the handle.