Chapter - 23 Episode 23 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

"It's a lovely day.”

The emperor murmured, reading the papers at high speed.

"Because it's spring. This spring seems to be exceptionally warm."

"Thanks to the new baby."

The emperor smiled with delight.

Instead of bringing him here all his life, he presented a new agenda and smiled with the same expression.

When the emperor first put words like "Se-Ah" in his mouth, it seemed yesterday that he immediately ran to the observatory to check where the sun rose today, but now it was quite familiar.

"Come to think of it, there's a new person in here and they haven't even given us a proper welcome.”

Sitting leaning against a soft velvet chair, the emperor clasped his fingers on his stomach and closed his eyes.

"Shall we prepare for the welcoming ceremony?”

"As usual, no. I will invite the children of noble families who will be friends of the children and open them ten, twenty times bigger."

The emperor's voice was somehow excited. Instead, he nodded and offered another agenda.

[List of Elisium welcome invitations to be distributed]

…the Duke of Elisium

…the Marquis of Perian


Duke of Ellisium.

Instead, he forgot that ink was dripping from the pen and pondered for a long time.

"He's a good talker, but he's raising his head stiffly, saying he's in-laws with the imperial family again." I don't know much about that, but there are a lot of people talking about how to discipline Young-ae... Can I invite this person? No, it doesn't make sense if you're a parent and you don't invite them to this kind of event.'

Instead, he kept writing down the invitation list, judging freely. Instead of trusting the emperor, the emperor approved the list without checking it properly.

'You must have done a good job.’

If he saw it in the future, it was a moment to smack himself in the past at the thought of suggestion.


"Listen, it's a clock tower. It is the highest quality of magic education and research institution in the Empire of Esperdor. It's a huge place where we don't know when it was built, who built it, or how many secrets we don't know."


"But there was no clock outside the tower… Isn't that just a tower?"

Mimir smiled as if he had waited for Elizabeth's question and flicked his finger in the air.

"Good question! There's no clock in the clock tower. But this is the clock tower.”

"Well, please explain it a little more easily."

"You know the room you went into?"


"There was a clock, wasn't there?"

"Although I didn't have a needle….”

"There are so many clocks here. And all the views that second hand, minute hand, hour hand can make appear to be "room" in this clock tower."

"Well, then I drew a needle on the clock and went to a strange room?"

"That's right! So our Crown Prince cried and begged a weak wizard whose strength had all gone to his brain. He took Young-ae, whose soul had escaped, all the way here....”

"You said you saw a very scary scene earlier....”

"...uh, so I guess you saw it in the room. Anyway, that's not the point. You shouldn't draw the hands of a clock tower carelessly. If I'm lucky, I'll go to some wizard's lab, but if I'm unlucky, not only the space, but also the time changes."

Elizabeth desperately tried to understand what Mimiir said. But less than half of Mimiir's explanations she could understand.

"I don't know, um... I won't touch the clock from now on.""Was it too difficult to explain? If you're careful next time, that's fine. You were lucky, though. The Crown Prince was right next to you, wasn't he? The lucky guy hasn't found the time and where he is yet.”


Oh my gosh, Elizabeth was flabbergasted pulling up her quilt.

Mimi-r shook her head quickly because she felt like a terrible adult teasing a child who knew nothing.

"Just kidding, joking! My grandfather, who is usually the owner of the clock tower, saves me, so don't make that face."

"That's a relief..."

Elizabeth blinked slowly.

Mimir felt a poking in her chest when she saw her being deceived by a clumsy lie.

This is better. I'm sure you won't know what kind of deal your highness made to save this child. And... no matter who she met at what time zone, it becomes complicated when her fate gets twisted.’

Mimir once again introduced herself to Elizabeth, pledging in his mind.

"As I said before, I'm Mimir. He is twelve years old and the youngest person to graduate from this clock tower, and he is the master of the clock tower in the future. You... Elizabeth, right? The rumour of Elysium Young-ae."

Elizabeth nodded her head blankly.

'He's a very shiny man.’

Elizabeth's first impression of Mimiir was that she was like a shining sun.

Without hesitation, she was speaking with confidence beyond confidence, either calling herself a master or saying that she would be the owner of the clock tower in the future.

"This is Elizabeth Isolde von Elysium. Please take care of me, Miss Mimir."

"Don't take care of me, just take care of me, and I'll do it for you!"


Mimiir smiled mischievously.

The young wizard, charming with freckles on the bridge of his nose, once again spoke to Elizabeth.

"Just talk comfortably. Is it Mimir or Miss Mimir, it's enough to hear such a stiff title from the black sorcerers down there. Just Mimir, or... Do you want to call me sister?"

"Oh, my sister?”

Elisabeth unexpectedly followed Mimiir's words and called her sister before grabbing the blanket again.

It was fortunate that Elizabeth did not have a sister or sister.

If there were, I would definitely have to live a hard life for the empress class, but it was better to have a hard time alone than just watching it without helping her.

But... wouldn't it be okay if she was like this?’

"Oh... sister. sister Mimir."

"…cute! Lovely! How did such a lovely angel come from such a human wasp? Are Elysium really angels' descendants? No can do, if you get hurt enough to bleed, come to me. I want to study your blood!"

"What, what are you working on?”

Mimiir flew over the bed and hugged Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, who was swaying back and forth in her arms, asked back in dismay.

In Mimir's arms, the smell of herbs and books from old books was felt.

Elizabeth didn't hate the smell, so she stayed calm for a while so that Mimiir could embrace her as long as she wanted.

"Leon is sad if he gets hurt. So you won't get hurt."

I was hugging him so tightly that I began to choke. Elizabeth replied, struggling in Mimiir's arms.

I didn't know what I hated the most, being hurt, being sad, or being sick, but I wanted to reject any of it if possible."Yes, yes. Don't get hurt and grow up well. If not, this clock tower was full of second hand with black lobes that made me feel frustrated just by looking at it, so it was not fun at all! Elizabeth, I look forward to working with you."

Mimiir reached out his hand. Elizabeth was just looking down at her hand. What are we doing?

"Can you shake hands for me?”


Only then did Elizabeth shake Mimiir's hand up and down.

"By the way, Mimir. Can I ask you one more question?"

"I've already asked, but I'll listen to one more thing. What is it?"

"What's a second hand?”

Mimi-r, who sat with her hips attached to Elizabeth's bed and looked around with wonder at her silver hair, answered casually.

"Magicians trying to get into the clock tower. You can submit your graduation thesis when the time is right, and if the paper is passed, it can become the official needle of the clock tower.”

"Formal needle?"

"Well, the newly-entered wizard moves very fast like a second hand and makes a lot of trouble, so the second hand, the intermediate wizard who gets used to the life of the clock tower or the study of magic, and the second hand, and the advanced wizard. Does this make any sense?"

"Well, what kind of hands do you have, Mimir?”

Mimir replied with a smug look on his face again.

"Me? I'm the youngest hour hand in the clock tower..." It's going to be a minute's needle!

"Not the hour hand?”

Mimiir smiled bitterly at Elizabeth's question.

"It's not just anyone can do that. The second hand to minute hand is called graduation, but I did what other people did when they were 30 or 40 years old when I was 10. But it's still a long way off for me to be a high-ranking wizard."

Mimiir's face suddenly darkened.

Elizabeth clasped Mimir's hand, fiddling with her hair, which was scattered on the blanket.

"If it's Mimiir, you'll make it. You can do it."

Mimiir didn't say anything for a while.

As soon as she tried to call Mimiir's name again with some anxiety, she hugged Elizabeth again.

"Oh, my God! Elizabeth, you are an angel. You must be an angel!"

"Oh, sister! Breathe... I can't breathe...!"


Upon arriving at Mimi's Brunne's lab, Leonhardt had to move around to avoid books flying in the air, unknown liquids, and research materials that he didn't want to know.

"Sit down, Your Highness."

What Mimi's Brunne pointed to was a chair floating in the air.

Leonhardt glared into Mimi's white, thick eyebrows, raised his tiptoe and pulled the chair down to the ground.

Instead of rising back into the air, the chair carrying Leonhardt quietly focused on its role as a chair.

"How can I explain this… Hmmm…."

Mimi's Brune stroked his long beard for a long time and considered ways to explain as easily as possible so that he, an ordinary human being, could understand.

"Just explain."

Mimi's Brune opened only one eye and made eye contact with Leonhardt.

The moss-colored eyes mixed with the bright eyes of the person who enlightened the truth and the violet-colored eyes containing the adult's soul were encountered in the air.

"Your Highness, here's this paper. Your Highness has two options. Throw it away, or don't throw it away. Which do you choose, Your Highness?"

"…? He'll throw it away because it's useless to me.”

Mimi's Brune crumpled the paper in her hand and threw it to the floor."Do you know what that is?"

"What is it?"

"Someone's graduation thesis just arrived."


You just threw that important thing away?

Leonhardt, who unintentionally abandoned a person's long-standing research, rushed down from his chair and picked up crumpled paper.

But nothing was written on the paper.

"Just kidding. Chair, come here. You have to behave yourself in front of the guests."

Leonhardt shot Mimi's Brunne with a whiff.

Mimi's Brune grinned and lowered the chair back into the air.

"If that was really a thesis, and if he knew it had been abandoned because of your simple decision, the wizard might have a grudge against you and try to assassinate you."


"If you could turn back time, what would you choose?"

"Of course you won't throw it away."

"What's the matter?"

"He… I knew how important the paper was…?”

Mimi's Brune shrugged, folded the paper with dexterity and made a bird.

Then, as the wizard's breath touched, the paper bird fluttered through the air and threw itself into the stove.


The fire shook once and the bird turned into black ash.

Leonhardt was appalled.

I'm glad it was just an empty piece of paper, if it was really someone's thesis....

It was a pity just imagining it.

"You've turned the clock around and picked up the paper, and it's the same result anyway. It may not be your intention....”

After all, the wizard race has never been so easy to explain.

Leonhardt grumbled inside.

Leonhardt sat on the chair and pondered.

Throwing away without knowing what it's worth, regretting knowing it belatedly, and turning back time like picking up paper that was thrown to the floor.

But the paper was meant to be thrown away again anyway?

"…to a certain extent."

In fact, less than half of it, Leonhardt nodded with unnecessary pride and coming.

Mimi's Brunne smiled and patted her beard like a habit again.

"Be careful. Your Highness the Crown Prince."

"Thank you for your deep teaching. The tower's owner, Mimi's Brunne."

Leonhardt answered half sincerely, but half sarcastically.

"Mimir will guide you out of the tower. As you can see, I have quite a few things to do, so it must be difficult to see him off. The next time you visit the clock tower, I'll make you a cup of tea."

"No, I don't. How do you know if you put a frog's hind leg in the car and snuggled? And clean up the room. Everything will be solved with a flick of your hand....”

"These days, we are studying how to use insects for food instead of frog hind legs. And this is how the Wizard's Room should feel. I'm chirping."

Leonhardt shook his head and concluded once again that the wizard was incomprehensible.

"But coming all the way here means you're doing a good job. Let's keep up the good work. Hahaha."

Despite the fact that it was difficult to see him off, Mimi's Brunne, who guided Leonhardt to the front of the visit, patted Leonhardt with her hand on his head as if she was treating her grandson.

Leonhardt's ear from Mimi's Brunne's room heard a silvery bell-like laugh.

"Oh, Leon!"

When I looked up, I saw Elizabeth calling herself with rosy cheeks again.

Mimiir was sitting next to him, painting all kinds of pictures with a rainbow glistening in the air."Are you feeling well?"

"I drank the medicine that Mimir gave me and I got well."

"Mimir... Sister...?”

Leonhardt copied Elizabeth's words with a dazed look.

When I glanced next to him, Mimir stared at him with a face saying, "What do you want me to him.

"Let's get back, Lizzy. The clock tower is also dangerous."

"Why is it dangerous when I'm here?"

"You make me look even more dangerous. "Mimir."

Elizabeth looked at Mimir and Leonhardt alternately. Somehow the atmosphere between the two was extraordinary.