Chapter - 24 Episode 24 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

the last cold snap

"Did you two know each other?"

Mimiir's expression distorted at Elizabeth's words.

Leonhardt was also holding back Elizabeth's presence, showing signs of discomfort as well.

"…just…just know each other. It's not good to be friendly with people on the clock tower, Lizzy."

"But Mimir's sister is incredible.Look, they even made butterflies out of rainbows!"

A rainbow-colored butterfly flying in the air sat at the tip of Elizabeth's finger.

Leonhardt murmured curtly, swinging his hand away like a flying bug, the rainbow bird passing by.

"They're the ones who'll take my dad's blood if they want to."

"Don't scare the little one, Your Majesty the Crown Prince. We're keeping our own experimental ethics.”

An angry Mimir jumped up from his seat and refuted the remark.


Elizabeth tilted her head, stroking the rainbow bird that flew into her hand to escape Leonhardt.

I don't know what it means, but Mimi-r, who spews out difficult words without hesitation, seemed even more amazing.

"Oh, by the way, Lizzy. Are you feeling better now? Let's get out of here. The clock tower... no.”


Leonhardt couldn't answer easily and only his lips were smiling.

Elizabeth, do you want to see the clock tower?

See? Mimiir deliberately provoked Leonhardt with more brilliant inquisitiveness and curiosity in the face of wizard-specific dangers.


As expected, Leonhardt reacted sensitively.

Apparently, she was about to escape the clock tower with Elizabeth on her back.

Mimiir shrugged his shoulders.

There was nothing more fun than teasing the little prince, but today was not the day.

"The Crown Prince opposes it so much that a wizard in a powerless clock tower like me needs to focus on his research again.”

Leonhardt quipped, helping Elizabeth get out of bed.

"But, Your Grace, do you know how to get out of the clock tower?"

Leonhardt, who held Elizabeth's hand tightly and tried to hold the doorknob, paused.

Mimir grinned and clasped Elizabeth's empty other hand.

"Elizabeth, shall we have tea together next time?"

"All right!"

"No, Lizzy. I'm sure he'll put something strange in his car and test you."

"That's too much. Well... that's not wrong. Whether Ellisium's blood contains ingredients that are believed to belong to angels or not is controversial..”

"That's enough of the bad stories about childhood and just open the door quickly."

"Yes, yes, if anyone hears you, they'll think you're not a child. The way out is this way."

Mimiir similarly bowed and opened the door with sarcasm and exaggerated movements.


Elizabeth blinked her eyes. Unlike what I thought would definitely be a corridor, a hall, or anyways in the building, the scenery outside the door opened by Mimir was not an island where the tower stood, nor a lake with sparkling water, but a ferry of hills beyond it.

"Mimir, is this magic?”

"Well, if the ill-tempered Prince had opened the door freely, he might have fallen into the magic pot of a cranky sorcerer, not out of the building.

"Bad personality...? Mimir!"

"Well, I'll see you next time! Hi!"

Mimi-r, who saw Leonhardt making a terrible face, slammed the door after only saying what she had to say in a quick voice.

"The door's gone!"

"Mimir! Really… This is why I didn't like it.!”

Elizabeth was surprised to see the door in front of her just now disappeared and replaced by bricks, moss and ivy on the ferry. Is this magic, too?"Excuse me, Leon."

"The clock tower is… Huh?"

"Can I learn magic?”

Leonhardt doubted his ears. Who's gonna do what?

"Lizzy, why did you think of that all of a sudden…"?”

My facial muscles sprained as I tried to keep my smiling face desperately.

"I want to be a wizard who blooms with a rainbow like Mimir!"

Leonhardt looked back on his memory. However, he confirmed that he still didn't know anything about the empress as much as his fingernails, and hit his head against the brick wall of the ferry with a smiling face.

I had become quite used to the child's body, so I had to hit my head with how much strength I needed to know that it hurt so much that I didn't faint.

"Leon, it's okay...?”

When Leonhardt said he wanted to be a wizard, instead of answering, he put his head on the wall with a smiling face and slammed it.

"You don't want me to be a wizard? Then I won't do it. So don't do that... Huh?"

"No, no, no, Lizzy. You can do it if you want. Yes. You can go to the clock tower every day if you want. Mimiir I wouldn't welcome it but you seem to like it quite a bit. Wow, Lizzie is a wizard! Just imagining it is very... It's very…."

"Leon, it's been weird all day."

Elizabeth tilted her head and sincerely worried about Leonhardt.

Leonhardt continued with a light sigh, with his arms stretched weakly as if he had been hurling.

"Lizzy, I'll do whatever you want. But if you want to go into the fire pit, I'll stop you at all costs.”

"That's a metaphor! That's a metaphor! Hmmm... hmmm... anyway... If you really want to be a wizard, I'll talk to the owner of the clock tower. But promise me. I'll never do anything dangerous."

Leonhardt held out his little finger. Elizabeth glanced down at his fingers.

"Put your finger on it, will you promise?”

"Uh... how do you do it?”

Leonhardt smiled with only one corner of his mouth pulled up.

Then he carefully grabbed Elizabeth's little hand and hung it on my finger.

"This is how you do it. Promise not to do anything dangerous!"


I don't know what the finger-to-finger appointment means, but Leonhardt's hands were very warm.

Elizabeth smiled again and hung her fingers with Leonhardt and waved in the air.

"But what was the treasure on the clock tower after all?”

When asked by Elizabeth, Leonhardt looked her in the eye and answered.

"It's a book of knowledge and wisdom about the magic they've built up. It's the most precious treasure you can't find anywhere else in the world."


Duke Elysium sat at his desk rubbing his palms with a pleased look and looked at a small envelope with lovely eyes.

The so-called "honey dripping" gaze was so blatant that the butler who put the envelope on the silver tray a while ago felt embarrassed.

"I knew it! I knew it! It's nothing like the Imperial family! You go ahead and bring your wife. Whoo-hoo-hoo... this small, my lovely baby. This father believed that you would persuade the Emperor!"

The butler headed to the place where the Duchess was, looking forward to leaving the library as soon as possible.

All the royal family, Elizabeth after with a girl of the mansion's atmosphere is literally seemed to walk on thin ice.In that breathtaking atmosphere, the users were not even able to open their mouths, but inside they were relieved that the lady had left the duchess.

A few days ago, however, a carriage with the imperial pattern arrived, and the emperor's letter arrived.

What pleased the Duke more than the ceremonial greetings and expression of regret over the disturbance of the day was the imperial command of returning some of the lands confiscated a few generations ago.

As of that day, the atmosphere of the mansion was eased again, and even today, an "invitation" flew from the imperial family.

Did Lady Elizabeth really persuade Her Majesty and other imperial families?

The butler knocked on the door of the master bedroom, hoping it wasn't the only one.

"What's going on? Can't you see you're busy getting your toenails done?"

"Your master called you into his study."

"In the study?"

"An invitation has arrived from the Imperial Court."

Hearing that, the Duchess sprang up from a long sofa lying languidly leaning back.

"Our Isolde has finally done a useful job!"

The duchess went down to the study in one breath, forgetting her face and dignity.

The maid and butler only shook their heads as they saw it.

"You're not gonna rewrite people anyway, are you?"

"You've been so persistent in tightening your corsets, and you've been looking for comfortable clothes....”

Arriving at the study, the Duchess ran to her husband's side, holding the hem of the skirt with her eyes shining.

The Duke lifted the envelope with trembling hands.

"Look, it's an imperial seal. I'm sure the emperor reflected on the return of the land last time.”

"Of course you will! No matter how imperial, this Elysium holds the title of Duke, and every noble family from the first empress has their own name on the genealogy. Can you ignore it like that?”

"You're right, ma'am. Now, let's see what's in this....”

The Duke opened the envelope expecting a handwritten letter from the emperor.

However, contrary to expectations, what was in the envelope was the usual invitation phrase.

"Elysium's reception and ball?"

"You're holding a welcoming ceremony and a ball for our Isolde.”

"It says I must ask you to participate. Hmmm, hmmm. I'd think it's just a polite thing to say if it was usual. It feels a little special because it's an issue.”

The Duke smiled and looked back and forth at the invitation to see if there were any secret codes that could be revealed only when hidden contents or lights were lit.

"This is not the time to be doing this! I think I'll go get a new dress right away. I'm sure our Isolde missed this mother and begged Her Majesty. Oh, I miss you so much. I'll hug you when I see you again!"

"I'm sure there will be young souls and spirits who will be friends of the Crown Prince at such a ball. Then of course the parents will come! Huh, there must be more than one person to say hello to.”

Duke and wife of Elysium laughed in such a frivolous sound that the ceiling of the study was shaking in their own ecstatic delusions.


"Lizzy, are you okay? It must be cold even if it's still spring. Shall we go inside?”

Elizabeth, who was watching the Rose Garden of the Empress with Leonhardt, sneezed small.

Even after just sneezing, Leonhardt was about to make a fuss as if she were a paper doll and order warm water rather than a blanket right away."I'm fine. The Rose Garden of the Empress is more beautiful than that. I've never seen a rose this color before."

"Lizzy, if you'd like, your mother would bloom a blue rose, not a rainbow rose.”

"Hey, where in the world are blue roses?”

"Why don't there not? If you carve a blue diamond, it's a blue rose."

Leonhardt shrugged his shoulders.

Elizabeth then glanced at him and approached the pink rose bush, which still remained a bud.

"Oh, there you are. Leonhardt, our new baby. I have some good news."

"Oh, my God!"

"The Empress!"

The empress smiled as clear as a girl as she saw the two children sticking out their heads like rabbits between the rose bushes.

In her hands were envelopes such as invitations to the houses of the nobles.

"What's going on?”

"Your Majesty has decided to hold a welcoming ceremony and a ball for our daughter-in-law."

"Your Majesty?"

The empress personally bent her knees and nodded in eye contact with the two children.

"It's a welcoming ceremony for my new baby, and it's a ball, and it's actually a boring and boring adult event. So I decided to invite the children of the nobility for my babies."

Leonhardt glowed his eyes at the words of the empress. If it were the children of the nobility, would it be possible to meet him?

"What kind of families are they?”

Leonhardt asked in an anticipated voice.

The empress rose again, opened a long list that had been folded, cleared her throat, and began to read the names on the list.

"Hmm... so first of all... Prince Elysium?

The empress' gentle and elegant voice slipped for a moment.

At the same time, Elizabeth's shoulders were flabbergasted.


Leonhardt was wary of Elizabeth.

No matter how much my father's going to be called the Holy Army, don't tell me you're going to invite them because you're still a parent?

Elizabeth also felt his uneasiness, and her shoulders began to tremble.

"Leon... Leon..."

"It's all right, I'm sure there's something wrong. Even if they come, I'll never touch you. I'll protect you.”

Elizabeth's expression was already stiff.

"Please soothe my new baby, crown prince. I have to go ask your majesty what this is all about. How dare you... where dare you sit!"

The empress hurried back to her main palace.

Leonhardt brushed Elizabeth's back, clinging to him, and bit her lips.

Elysium, I only heard the family name, and Elizabeth's heart was pounding like it was about to burst.

What if my mother and father try to take me back home?’

Elizabeth was afraid.

When things at the duchess came up like a tidal wave, I felt cold to the tip of my finger.

"It's all right, it's all right, Lizzy, it's all right."

Leonhardt held Elizabeth's hand tightly at a table in the middle of the rose garden and repeatedly said, "It's okay like a spell."

"Lizzy, my God, are you hurt? Are you okay? Did you get a rose thorn?”

At Leonhardt's words Elizabeth glanced down at my hand.

A little while ago, redder blood was forming than the reddest rose in the empress' rose garden at the fingertips, perhaps brushing against the rose bushes in surprise.


Leonhardt put Elizabeth's finger in his mouth in a hurry.

I could feel Elizabeth's pulse fluctuating wildly with fear between roses, grass and the smell of fish blood."I'm sorry, Lizzy. Let's go get it treated quickly. It's okay. Everything... Everything's gonna be fine.”

You can't just open your eyes and take away your smile that you've barely recovered!’

Saying it's okay was soothing to her, and at the same time, she vowed herself that she would be able to do so.