Chapter - 25 Episode 25 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

"Isidore Aurum von Espedor!"

The emperor's private study door burst open.

Throughout the Imperial Palace, or empire, there was only one person who could call the emperor's name in such an angry voice.

The emperor put down the book he was reading and put his glasses between them instead of bookmarks.

There was a clear sign of fatigue in the eyes of the emperor who was touching his forehead.

However, instead of getting angry at the uninvited guest who came without any news, the emperor gave him a friendly look.

"What's the matter, Freya? My love."

"What's going on?"

The empress, who was tall enough to overlook a man, came to the emperor's desk in three steps and opened a long list.

The emperor blinked and looked at the empress and the list alternately, and soon jumped to his feet when he saw the contents on the list.

"Call the man who wrote this invitation right now!"

It was the moment when the peaceful night broke apart instead of the home office, which was excited about buying a bottle of wine and cheese on the way home from work.

"Explain how this happened.”

The interior minister, who was just about to get on the wagon for work, was arrested and taken by the Imperial Knights, corrected his disheveled glasses and checked the invitation and list from the emperor.

In his view, it was a perfect "as usual" invitation and invitation list, with no spelling or punctuation mistakes.

"Didn't you like the paper on the invitation?"

Since it's a welcome ceremony for children, I printed it because I thought thin pearls would be better than plain thick paper, but you didn't like that?

Instead, the interior minister only looked at the emperor and the empress, feeling cold sweat dripping down their backs.

Wine and cheese were long gone.

"Paper? Paper? You think Jim called you in on that? Now explain why the Duke of Elysium's name is at the top of the list!"

If it's not paper, is it ink? I just used a little cheap ink to save my budget, did I get caught? The Home Secretary, who thought such a thing, responded stupidly to the emperor's words, "Yes?"

"Well, the Duke of Elysium is the parent of a young child.And in terms of rank, you have a duchess, and you deserve to be in the top row.Do as you always do, Your Majesty has ordered.I just wrote it according to etiquette, but..."

The Home Secretary answered the emperor's question in a crawling voice.

To be honest, it was a little unfair.

Since he/she was told to "do as usual," he/she selected families to send invitations "as usual" according to his/her solemn command.

In addition, he used paper that he paid attention to and cheap ink to save the state coffers.

But you don't understand that, so why are you upset about what you've always done?

The emperor tried to throw any book he could grab, but when the empress sanctioned it with a soft but firm touch, he put it down again.

The sound of a sigh of relief filled the quiet study instead of the interior minister, who was about to recline and recline.

"Your majesty, may I ask you a question. Have you informed your lieutenants of the imperial order from the duchy?"

The emperor fixed his posture, glancing at his long white fingers on his shoulders.In this way, the only time the empress treated herself in the most antique and elegant way was when he or Leonhardt made a ridiculous mistake.

"That's... that's...As the Empress knows...The state of affairs has been so busy these days..."

"Well, let me ask you one more question. Did you inform the vicar of the Duke before writing the invitation?”

The Emperor let out a silent scream at the Queen's grip on her tightly clenched shoulders.

Her hands were white and beautiful under the care of the maidens, but her power to treat the largest stallion in the empire like a foal before she wore the empress' coffin seemed to have not yet rusted.

"It's... it's a mistake. Jim was stupid, Freya, sick... for not telling you beforehand.It hurts!"

The empress still smiled benevolent and put her weight on the emperor's shoulders.

The Home Secretary began to regret the wine and cheese that had disappeared with his head turned to the side of the two harmonious battlefields.

"But we can't cancel the invitation now."

"If you don't think it's a typographical mistake...Hwa, Empress!"

"The Duke of Elisium, of all people."I'm in a bind.”

The empress calmly put the Imperial Code of Law back on her desk, which she had raised as if she were about to strike at the emperor.

A duke's title was a high title that the emperor could not act hastily, even if he were a baron or a baron.

And what about Elizabeth's parents, the star of this welcoming ceremony?

Duke or baron, it was natural to invite them, even if they were hillbillies living in the countryside.

"Hmmm, hmmm, Your Majesty, may I venture to say a word?"

"I'm flattered."

The Home Secretary quickly rolled his brains.

I could not say exactly what was going on at the duchess, but one morning's unscheduled visit to the duchess, the sudden entry of Elysium's spirit into the palace, and the reaction of the two greats among nobles and servants of the imperial family was roughly outlined.

"I mean...I don't know the exact circumstances, but you two don't want Duke Elysium to come to this event?"

"Of course!"

"Empress, even if books are not weapons under imperial law, if ordinary people are beaten by Imperial Code...Oh, my lord! Please stop MAMA. But you can't act rashly because of the position of duchess, the position of parents of eternal love, and the family that will later have in-laws with the imperial family.”

"...yes. Empress, put down the code now."

"Hmm... Your Majesty, when there is a hole in front of you right now, would you block it or would you like to renovate it?"

"Of course, we have to plug the holes and repair them. Don't you think we should build a strong beam in the first place?

The Home Secretary sighed inwardly.

The emperor and the empress in front of the emperor's eyes forgot for a moment that she was a man who did nothing to match the eyes of ordinary people.

"Even if you order the duchess to cancel the invitation right now, do you intend to ban it like that next time? The events that the duke has to participate in are full of calendars, and even more so for those who become the parents of the fiancee of the Crown Prince. You can't be denied participation every time.""What do you want me to do? Neither Jim nor the Empress, nor the Crown Prince nor even the new baby want to see that impudent face again here!"

The empress nodded as if in agreement.

If I could, I wanted to deprive them of their titles, confiscate their lands, and more than double the atrocities they did to young Young-ae.

"...if you can't stop it from this side, you can't let them hold out their heads. How many aristocrats are humiliated in society and imprisoned on land?"

The Home Secretary carefully read the countenance of the Emperor and Empress.

Unknowingly, the empress tightened her hand holding the emperor's shoulder and followed the minister's

When she just made her social debut, a noble family made a serious scandal in front of the then crown prince, and the parents were unable to show up for a while, and their son volunteered as if he were being kicked out to the border area, and their daughter eventually went to the monastery.

In the air, the eyes of the emperor and the empress met.

Perhaps the emperor was also recalling the day.

"...then I'll get off work."

"Oh, yeah."

The interior minister breathed a sigh of relief and stepped back out of the study before the emperor found fault again.

"Jessie said she saw it herself. Oh, my God! The little man's legs were swollen, his skin was running, and his scab was back on the scab, so it was a terrible level!"

"Yes, I heard that. How tight she was living with her corset, her waist still feels like it's touching her fingers!"

I could hear the whispers of the maidens from the other side of the hall.

The Home Secretary passed them in advance so that they would not be embarrassed.

Even considering that rumors are somewhat misrepresented, it was unusual where they were.

Aside from the personal impression of Duke Elysium, was it right to put your name on the invitation because you're still a parent?

I felt skeptical at the drop of a hat.


Elizabeth was having a nightmare.

In a room with people's eyes instead of wallpaper, she managed to stand on high-heeled shoes, which were hard to even center, with steel corsets and knees reeling.


A fresh voice passed through her calf.

You're going to be the empress.]

A solemn, heartless voice strangled her.

[You're the empress? Ha!]

As expected, Taejoong's wedding was too rash...]

I'm gonna have to pretend this engagement never happened.]

Then we'll kick him out, right?]

How did you behave to get kicked out of the Imperial Court? How did this mother teach you?]

I don't need a daughter who can't be empress. Send him to a monastery right now!]

I've been upset since the first time we met.]

No, I don't like this. Leon, why are you saying that? What did I do wrong?

Mother! Father! I... what the hell am I supposed to do! Your Majesty, Empress!


Elizabeth sprang to her feet screaming. Where am I? Are you back at the duchess?

First, she stuttered down and checked if she was wearing a corset.

But her health was not a human-shaped prison, but a pajama that washed the soft side a hundred times and made it very mushy.

" was a dream..."

Elizabeth gasped hard and touched the wounded part of her neck and calf again in her dream.His neck was damp with cold sweat, and his calf was wrapped with a bandage that the doctor had changed before sleeping.


Elizabeth carefully got out of bed and put on a thin shawl.

Then carefully opened the door to prevent Bailey from waking up and sneaked into the prince's bedroom, where Leonhardt would be asleep.

Leonhardt opened his eyes feeling the weight coming up on the bed.

The child's body was told to close his eyes quickly and go back to sleep, but the adult's senses were tense enough to take out the dagger hidden under the pillow at any moment.

"Leon... Leon... Argh!"

As soon as the intruder's body touched behind his back, Leonhardt grabbed the thin wrist in a sleek movement and pressed it down on the bed.

Although it was not visible due to darkness, I could see Elizabeth's silver hair and blue eyes full of tears.

What's wrong with you? Why are you here at this hour?Don't cry. Don't cry.Did you have a bad dream?”

"Leon, Leon, Leon, don't you feel bad? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Don't you hate me? Can I stay here the whole time? You're not sending me to the monastery, are you? Huh... right?

Leonhardt had no idea what Elizabeth was talking about.

But her desperate clinging to the world as if she were the only one she could rely on, so she could only see what she had to do now.

"You are so lovely and precious to me as to deserve it. Elizabeth, in front of you, I am always a sinner and a penance that will never exist again. This is your home now, and you will never go to the monastery until you die. So don't worry, just...I just had a bad dream. Don't that right?"

"Oh, my god.I... I... I... I...!"

Leonhardt pulled the rope lightly and called the maid on duty first.

Elizabeth was completely clinging to Leonhardt and crying for the world to go away.

"Prepare Izzie with water, soft towels, and clothes to change. Lizzy, let's go back to sleep. Where in the Empire is as safe as the Imperial Palace? It's okay. Everything's okay. Huh?"

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no.I don't want to!"

Elizabeth shook her head wildly.

I was afraid to close my eyes. If I closed my eyes, I thought he would disappear.

Tears flowed endlessly and it was hard to open her eyes properly, but she forced her eyes open.

Leonhardt's violet-colored eyes were staring straight at her, as if I were here, as if to rest assured.

Leonhardt looked at Elizabeth and swept her back until she calmed down enough.

I was happy that she believed in her, relied on her, and showed her unstinting affection, but at the same time, I was sorry and sorry for her for responding so much even though I only heard her name once.

It was better to have a heart burst alive.

"Then... shall we sleep together? Go get a glass of water, wash your face, man. You and I have terrible clothes. Change your clothes."

"Together?"Can I...? Lol."

"I told you. Lizzy, I'll do whatever you want. My bed is big enough for ten of you, Lizzy, so it's okay. If you want, I'll take Bailey to bed with me."

Only then did Elizabeth stop crying and make something similar to a smile.

'I wish all your nightmares came to me. You... you are the most beautiful and lovely person in the world and you should be loved and happy. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Elizabeth, I'm still incompetent.I'm not strong enough to push your nightmares away.’Leonhardt inwardly asked her for forgiveness again.

As soon as the day came, he also intended to visit the emperor and ask why Elysium's name was written on the invitation to the welcoming ceremony.