Chapter - 26 Episode 26 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

"Oh, my God!"

"Your Majesty the Emperor."

"Are you here, my dear Freya?"

Leonhardt clicked his tongue, asking if he had a father like that.

I want you to have such a different attitude toward your son and wife.

The emperor even took out a chair for the empress to sit on.

However, the empress turned her step around in a cold, cape-like manner, and sat down without her chair on the other side of the chair taken by the emperor.

The vacancy was occupied by Leonhardt while the emperor only looked at her with a awkward look on his face.

"Why are you sitting here?"

"I'm afraid the chair will be embarrassing."

The emperor sat at the head of a long desk with a grimace.

"Our imperial family gathered together today....”

"To figure out how to get the Duke and his wife out of society on behalf of the incompetent man who kept the little bird awake because of his lack of meticulous work."

The Empress still approaches in a cold manner without breathing out a breath. retorted.

Leonhardt clicked his tongue again inside, looking at his mother's cold gaze and her father's eyes.

"How is your new baby doing, crown prince?"

"I don't know who it is as Mama said, but thanks to the man who approved it roughly, half-heartedly and half-heartedly, I woke up in the middle of the night, yesterday, the day before, and barely slept by my side."

The eyes of the empress became more fierce.

It was an empty meeting room where all the heavy books, thick books, and hard-cover books were removed in advance in case of an unexpected incident, but the resentful gaze was staring at him as if he were going to stab him to death.

Leonhardt wiggled his fingers as he breathed out a sigh inside, which he did not even know how many times.

Elizabeth's condition was getting worse as the ball approached.


"White, white."

"But, miss, it's been a long time since you've seen a spring and you're mixing colors other than white....”

"It should be white. My father said that. Our Ellisium is a descendant of angels. White is a symbol of Elysium, so I have to wear white."

Leonhardt exchanged views with the tailor. Lady-in-law, who brought the royal jewels, had the same troubled face.

Elizabeth, who had been sleepless for days, had a big shadow on her face.

That's not enough recently, Elizabeth was trying to keep her mouth shut except for water and a few fruits.

Leonhard is Korean and U.S. militaries attended a cook and nanny in charge of the palace in Inwang-dong, somewhat nervously with eyes when I asked him why she said.

"You shouldn't eat too much to make your back look thinner when you wear a corset."

Leonhardt, a nanny, a maid-in-law and even a tailor to give evidence of the new dress's silhouette this spring.

Still, three hours of explanation, persuasion, conciliation and understanding, and all the other ways 10-year-old children and adults could mobilize, she managed to eat scrambled eggs, a slice of freshly baked bread, two slices of apple and a glass of milk this morning.

But when she called the tailor to dress for the ball, she tried to go back to her days at the duchess.Leonhardt, who came to match the new robes for the first time in a while to Elizabeth's obsession with white beyond the level of preference, bit her lips.

"Lizzie... if you want, you can use anything from the canary-looking bright yellow diamond, the rose pink diamond that bloomed in your mother's rose garden that you said was pretty, and the blue diamond that I mentioned last time….”

"No, white. It should be white.”

Elizabeth curled up, shaking her head hastily.

If I didn't wear white clothes, my mother and father, whom I encountered at the ball, would be angry and drag me back to the duchess.

"Lizzy... Ugh. I think I'll have to adjust the clothes next time. Think more of a design that would suit Lizzy in the meantime. And let's all go out for a second. I need to talk to Young-ae.”

The tailor and maid left the room with worried faces. Left alone, Leonhardt knelt down again in front of Elizabeth and forced his gaze.

"Lizzy, listen to me. This is the Imperial Court. Don't that right?"

Elizabeth nodded helplessly.

"Who is the highest man in the whole empire, or in the Imperial family?”

"It's him... Your Majesty... I guess so.

"I think you're higher than my dad, but... Let's just say so for now.’

"Will the court suddenly turn into a duchy just because of the ballroom? No, even if it's a banquet at the duchess, if there's a father and a mother, it's not your parents, it's the Emperor and the Empress. So far, you understand?"


Leonhardt thought hard about how to explain the word to an eight-year-old.

"I don't know what you're worried about, but it never happens. So don't worry. Can you trust me just once? Can you give me a chance to protect you? Lizzy."


"It's all right, they'll never touch you. I'm going to keep him out of the palace for at least 10 years."

"…how can…?"

Elizabeth raised her head. Leonhardt clasped Elizabeth's hand as if to trust me with a playful smile that only bad boys of his age could build.


"I have to make sure they don't ever get a foot in the palace again... To do that, I don't know what kind of humiliation I should give them..”

"If you press it against your will, it will bounce off. Your majesty, they must be ashamed of themselves and let their mouths tell them that they will not enter the palace voluntarily again."

"As expected, Frey, you are wise."

But the empress still had a stiff face.

After failing to see his father lowering himself in front of her to the point of pity for the beholder, Leonhardt sprang up from his chair at the thought that suddenly came to mind, instead of sighing again.

"My dad, my mom, my little boy is ten years old this year, right?"

"Uh...huh? That's right. I'm already ten years old. Time flies. Isn't that right, Empress?"

"If you're a 10-year-old boy, it's natural to make a mess of all kinds of accidents. With your permission, Prince Leonhardt, I will devote myself to making a complete mess of the ball!""Did you eat something wrong for dinner?”

"I don't know. Prince, calm down and get back to your seat. The chair is not for stepping on. And you call your only son that!"

Leonhardt sat first, pounding his chest out of frustration.

And I laid out the plan in a little more detail.

"Hmmm… the level of mischief a child would certainly have… Slightly out of the way, but not... It's ambiguous…."

"But if it works, it's going to be a great help to him as well as Lizzie."

"To me? What do you mean, Leonhardt?"

"Wasn't the less powerful the 'some' aristocrats, including the duke, the more glad your father was?"

The Emperor's thick eyebrows wince. What he said was true.

"Some" aristocrats seemed to be customers trying to cut prices somehow and merchants trying to get even a penny more from them. In every case, they are busy taking care of their own interests, shouting against the emperor's words first.

If the Crown Prince's plan was successful at this ball, not only the duke but also the "some" nobles would remain quiet for a while.

"Can you do that?"

"It depends on your approval."

The emperor agonized for a long time. I thought he was busy playing like a child every day, but before I knew it, his son grew up quite mature enough to read the atmosphere between the royal family and the nobles.

"I'm flattered."

"Wait, then there's a better way. Leonhardt, will you help this mother?”

"Of course, my God."

Why are you whispering to each other when I did Yoon-Heo? The emperor somehow felt his stomach seething with the feeling of being a loner.

"Oh, my God! It's going to be very nice to see.”

"What do you mean?"

"Right? It's just a little bit of a coincidence. Who would blame a child for his mistakes. If it's an adult's mistake....”

"Why are you looking at me, Empress!"

The empress, who was kindly exchanging secret stories with Leonhardt, returned with a cold look.

"Well, then I think we're done, so I'll leave the sorcery behind. Leonhardt? You should go to bed now. Be sure to watch over your new baby so that he doesn't have nightmares.”

"Yes, mom. Good night, dad."

The empress walked out of the conference room, wrapping Leonhardt's shoulder at the end of her snort at the emperor.

The emperor, who was left alone, deeply regretted his mistake and hit his head on the desk.

Apparently, he had to use another bedroom today, let alone make a younger brother of the crown prince.

After leaving the conference room, Leonhardt broke up with the empress and pretended to head for the crown prince's palace and headed to the royal knights' quarters.


Sir Albert Dietrich Bern, the Imperial Knight, who was on duty that day, experienced a rare experience of a young boy's unique loud, clear and high voice.

"Hua... Your Highness the Crown Prince...What are you doing here at this hour?.”

"Let's go to the clock tower right now."


Leonhardt ordered Albert again, still half asleep, with a blank face.

"Let's go to the clock tower right now.”

No matter how much the age gap is close to 20 years, you have to do what your superiors tell you to do.

Albert lamented himself for rowing on a boat bound for the clock tower at night, not at night. Is this why I joined the Knights?

Arriving at the clock tower, the crown prince immediately went to Mimiar.

The unfriendlyness of the unwelcome guests late at night greeted them in an iron-fisted manner."Your Highness, do you know how many nights I've been up to research?"

"That's none of my business. Mimir, I need your strength.”

"…Sir Bern, may I take this and dissect it? I don't think it's the Crown Prince."

"I need your strength for Lizzie. "Mimir."

"I've just taken that back. What, what do you need for what?”

Leonhardt, who was almost dissected alive by a wizard with a cranky personality, lowered his voice and gave Albert a toast.

Albert, who was suddenly demoted from the Knights Commander in charge of escorting the Crown Prince to a boatman who traveled to and from the clock tower, left the room with a sad look.

"What do you mean for Lizzie?”

"Did you know that you were invited to the Elysium reception and spring ball?”

"Did I? I guess so. What does this have to do with that anyway?"

"You need to use some magic there.”

"…when I ask a witch,"

"We need a price to match that."

"What can I get you?”

"With the best smile, I guarantee Lizzie's favor for you."


Leonhardt waited for Mimir's answer with a relaxed attitude, unlike when he stormed into Mimir's room with an urgent look a while ago.

"Good. I'm looking forward to it. No, you can look forward to it."

"Did you make a deal?"

"I think so. How's Lizzy doing?”

"Oh, now that you mention it… Is there any medicine that can change nightmares into other dreams...?”

Mimiir tilted his head. What's this nightmare all of a sudden?


Elizabeth stared at Leonhardt with a look on her face asking if she was really okay.

Leonhardt nodded loudly not to worry.

In front of her were fabric samples and new design drafts brought by the tailor.

Elizabeth decided to trust Leonhardt.

"I... I'm this color... I think this pink color will be pretty....”

Elizabeth pointed her fingertips at a light pink silk, like a fresh rose. At the same time, Leonhardt, the tailor, and the maid-in-law brightened up.

The medicine Mimiir gave worked surprisingly well.

Thanks to this, the shadow that had filled Elizabeth's face had disappeared quite a bit and her amount of food had increased as much as Leonhardt.

Although he had to hand over some of his platinum hair for research in return - Mimir was recently working on a reagent that permanently changed his hair color - it was no waste.

"Will you match the same tone of blue?"

"Shall we? Lizzy, what do you think?"

The tailor has come up with several design designs to match the fabric.

Elizabeth, Leonhardt, and the maidens were troubled again.