Chapter - 27 Episode 27 of The Emperor's Return of the Needle.

Until all these flowers wither.

Elizabeth's welcoming and spring ball day has come.

Elizabeth was last taking a deep breath in front of the mirror.

With the help of the maidens, hairdressers were now clinging to her hair for more than two hours, starting with bathing with water with jasmine petals and wiping her body with a perfume towel.

I'll cover my eyebrows with bangs. Cut the sides of your hair neatly near your chin so that it looks like a doll.

The remaining long silver hair was lightly trimmed to about the length before it reached the waist.

As the precious oil that you can only get a drop by crushing a thousand flowers was applied generously and combed repeatedly, light reflected over Elizabeth's head, creating a round frame like an angel's halo.

Finally, the hairdresser rolled her head round with a hot iron. Lightly spread with a brush, her hair almost looked like a flowing stream.

The tailor unfolded the finished dress as the maid admired her beautiful silver hair.

Elizabeth, wearing a new dress, was surprised that she could make a natural bell-shaped silhouette without a petticoat that made her waist heavier.

On a pink silk background that was a little darker than Elizabeth's choice, a soft mesh skirt layered like a flower petal. Then, a white lace was placed on top of a dark pink. The lace embroidered with white roses glistened with crystal beads embedded in each flower, and the tip was round like a shell, making it absolutely lovely. When the lace was surrounded, the dress was finally completed with the subtle and sweet pink color she had chosen.

The top also added a white rose vine lace on silk, but wrapped the collar with light green satin bias to prevent the child's soft skin from being swept and added ribbon embroidery to make it look like a flower vine.

The sleeves made of lace were wide and voluminous enough to flow down the arms. The pinkish, top-quality pearl hung on satin cuffs with dense lace as a decorative button.

The tailor said, putting a ribbon decoration on the back of her waist for the last time.

"Actually, this dress is still incomplete, miss."


Oh my gosh, the ball is just around the corner and the dress is incomplete!

The tailor, who was watching Elizabeth's embarrassed expression through the mirror with a lovely face, smiled with a clear sound, adding the last drink decoration of pearls and crystals.

"Please smile. Every dress is complete with the smile of the person wearing it."


Elizabeth breathed a sigh of relief.

Laughing. Laughing. She forced her lips up in front of the mirror.

However, what was in the mirror was a girl with a forced smile on her face as if she was about to burst into tears.

The tailor exchanged glances with the ladies-in-law, who were standing by with the royal jewel in the cushion.

The maidens were also watching Elizabeth with wistful eyes.

The empress allowed Elizabeth to use imperial jewelry to publicly confirm to the nobles what her position was like in the palace, although she had yet to officially hold an engagement.

The jewel chosen by the empress herself was a necklace made of silver and pearl to match Elizabeth's silver hair, and the heart-shaped pendant was embedded with a pink diamond that was so large that anyone could tell it was an imperial thing."Lizzy, let me sit down for a second... Rae…?"

It was Leonhardt, who had to be held by the maidens to prepare for the ball as soon as the sword art class was over.

Just in time for her bright dress, he also wore a light grayish pastel-toned blue robe.

Leonhardt, who had his bangs pulled up and had only a toy at his waist, had an adult atmosphere that was difficult to approach, unlike usual.

Leonhardt doubted his eyes as soon as he entered the room. Is that really Elizabeth sitting there?

"Even a fairy living in Mama's Rose Garden would believe it.’

Even though her expression was dark, her silver hair shining under the light made her the brightest thing in the world.

Elizabeth's expression briefly brightened the moment she saw Leonhardt.

She took a turn in place with a shy look on her face.

Then, the soft and light skirt suddenly floated into the air, and the mesh skirt, which had been layered like petals, fluttered.

Leonhardt felt his face burning at the moment and rummaged through the bangs that the hairdresser had struggled to hand over.

Thanks to this, the bangs that had been neatly slicked back were messed up, but Elizabeth thought it was more Leonhardt-like as usual.

"You... don't turn around like that in front of others."


Elizabeth, who had no idea what had happened to her dancing with her eyes closed, only tilted her head.

Leonhardt moderately turned the subject around, motioned Elizabeth into a chair, knelt before her, and opened the box.

The box contained low-heeled children's shoes made of pink satin.

Leonhardt carefully put the shoes on Elizabeth's feet and tied them to a ribbon in the same position as he first presented them to her at the duchess.

"Maybe all I can do for you is spray the petals on your way and put on as comfortable shoes as possible. But Lizzy, if you could walk a little happily... I will give everything I can to make you laugh."

Leonhardt was serious. Even God could not allow Elizabeth to walk. Only on her own, she wished to walk on flower roads or thorny bushes of her own will.

And even if she wanted to walk on a thorn bush, I dared to roll over it first so that she could walk comfortably even a little bit.

Elizabeth didn't fully understand what Leonhardt was saying.

But I could only understand that he was for himself.

The sound of the heart seemed to be unusually loud.

The beautiful violet eyes that first appeared in her white world looked up at her.

She was too young to read what emotion was in that gaze.

"Will you grant me the honor of escorting you today? Lady Elizabeth."

Originally, it was called Elysium, but Leonhardt broke and reached out his hand calling her name.

Elizabeth held his hand, feeling the tip of her lips tickling and rising unknowingly.

What if the sound of his heart is transmitted over the hand he held him tight? Elizabeth felt unusually hot in the palace today and put her hand on her cheek.The palace was not hot. It was because her cheeks heated up.

"Then, Your Highness, Miss, have a good time.”

"I'll be back. You all did a great job.

"I'll be back. Well, Mr. tailor...!”

"Give me a name, miss."

Just before leaving the door, Elizabeth smiled as hard as she could. Elizabeth asked with starry eyes.

"Are you done with the dress?”

The tailor nodded with a pleased look on his face with the ladies-in-in-law.

"It's the most beautiful dress I've ever made. Please smile like that from now onward. Have a good time."


The Duke and wife of Elysium arrived at the palace about 10 minutes later than the start of the ball.

Which do you prefer, this dress, that dress, this shoes, that shoes, honey, this hat or this hat? They both look the same black, and if they do, your lips are all the same red! What are you talking about? There's no same shade under the sky! It wasn't late to have a fight with a married couple.

"…the main character always appears late. Isn't that right, ma'am?"

"Ho-ho, you're right. Ho-ho... Ho-ho....”

The Duchess smiled awkwardly, flapping a fan of thin ivory.

"I will."

The Duchess, who was carefully getting off the wagon to prevent the completed headdress from collapsing after eight hours, felt a slight dizziness.

Since the day she received the invitation, the Duchess has eaten nothing but water, boiled potatoes and vegetables without dressing.

Thanks to this, she succeeded in tightening her waist to the desired level, but even now she was feeling dizzy enough to twinkle in front of her even with a light move.

On top of that, the dress I wore today was literally a heavy dress for a decent house made of all the best tailor and jewelry craftsmen in the empire for today.

Throughout the way to the chairman, everyone who encountered her opened their eyes wide open, and took a step back.

The Duchess fully enjoyed their gaze and entered the Chair under escort from Duke Elysium.

"Here comes the Duke and Duchess of Elysium!"

Facing them, Sijong shouted out the name at the top of the list with a fed up look on his face.

The friendly atmosphere subsided as the eyes of the people in the chairman were focused on the Duke and his wife.

The Duchess pretended to be shy and leaned a little closer to the Duke, covering her face with a fan.

But the cage-shaped crinoline, worn to bear the weight of a string of jewels along the hem of the skirt, bounces her back from the Duke to keep her away from the Duke for more than a certain distance.

The Duchess, again away from the Duke, slowly observed the inside of the hall.

"Marquis Villienne. It's been a while since I saw you."

"Duchess of Ellisium! Good evening. Hmm... hmm. Your wife still enjoys the taste of nobility.”

The Duchess personally approached and greeted the wives, who were unable to approach her and were only waiting for her to talk to her first.

Marquis Villienne frowned at the moment her name was called and turned her back with a new elegant smile as if she had done so.

It was purely thanks to her accumulated efforts in society that she was able to recover her expression at once without being shocked even after facing the Duchess."The Duke of Elysium is the descendants of angels, and it seems so. Time itself seems to flow differently from humans like us."

"This time, I changed my cosmetics. Would you like me to share a little with your wife if you'd like?"

"Oh, it's an honor."

The duchess smiled gracefully, holding her white cheeks on the back of her hand.

Was he so stupid that I couldn't even notice the sarcasm?

Marquis Villienne was forced to take an unwilling step and lead her into a group chatting together.

"Oh, my God, Duchess Elysium! It's been a long time since I saw you. Oh, my hair looks so... Who else can do this hairstyle besides your wife? It's so... incredible!"

"Hohoho, what are you talking about? Anyone can do it if they invest only eight hours."

The Duchess opened her fan and smiled in a placid manner.

I wanted to smile with my chin up, but if I did, I would pull my head up as it was for eight hours and fix it with oil and put a small leaf device in it to make the mirror waterfall move.

The wives exchanged views with each other. Everyone was thinking the same thing.

"Oh, my God, when was that dress? I think it would be better to hang it in the museum. Don't you have a catalog of new dresses this year at the duchess' house?’

In many ways, the Duchess, dressed in a light, sky-light, light-colored dress for a spring ball, bright-colored jewelry that glitters alone and now looks ridiculous, was very noticeable in the hall.

"By the way, it's a little hot in the ballroom today. Isn't it?”

"Oh, do you think you have a spring cold? I think the temperature is just right now..”

Using the word "can't spit" on a smiling face, a wife babbled like a sparrow.

The Duchess did not think about the clothes she had worn in layers, but began to worry about melting oil that had fixed her head to higher indoor temperatures than expected, blaming only Chairman Amen.

"Oh, now the Emperor is coming out."

"We'll come out together, even though we're a little boy!"

The duchess carefully raised her nose to prevent her hair from collapsing and stepped forward, beating the crowd (with crinoline).

An honor guard in colorful uniforms blew a trumpet and a loud applause broke out with a notice saying, "Your Majesty, the Empress, Your Majesty the Crown Prince, and your close friend, Elizabeth Isolde von Elysium Young-ae, are here.


"What a lovely thing to say! Your Majesty, the Crown Prince's brother must have a daughter, right?”

"Calm down, Empress." I bet my new baby is the most beautiful today.”

"Of course, whose fiancee is it?"

"You're not the one who made the engagement, I'm the one."

"Oh, my God, I am so honored that I am a public servant! Father!"

Leonhardt looked up at the emperor with irritating eyes.

The emperor also looked down at his son, who had grown up to make eye contact without bending his knees.

"My dear, will you leave them alone and close your eyes for a moment?”

"What? Yes, Empress."

Elizabeth closed her eyes tightly and covered them with her hands again just in case.A fresh and sweet smell crossed the tip of my nose and something was put on my head.

"Perfect! It's okay to open your eyes now. How do you like it?”

Elizabeth approached the mirror that was filling one wall.

Above her head was a flower crown woven with spring.

It's a welcome gift to my daughter-in-law.

The empress kissed Elizabeth on her cheek, slightly opening her lips and gently embracing her blinking shoulders.

Elizabeth felt her cheeks burning redder because of Leonhardt.

"You look great, Lizzy. Dad, why don't we just sit here and have an engagement?"

"Huh, there's always an order in everything."

"I can't do it," Leonhardt said, adding, "I can't do it."

Gentleman's perfect position to escort Lady, as seen in the illustrations of the book of worship.

"Shall we get going?”

Elizabeth lightly put her hand on Leonhardt's arm. The empress and emperor were also waiting for entry in the same manner.

I heard a trumpet announcing their position. Elizabeth stepped toward the light with Leonhardt, suppressing her trembling heart.