Chapter - 28 Episode 28 of The Emperor's Return of the Clock.

Leonhardt broke down at Elizabeth's pace and entered with a slow pace.

People's eyes were all over her.

I wonder if she was too nervous or if she was forced to bring her out when she needed more preparation. I was so worried.

Fortunately, the atmosphere of the chairman was not so bad as it was taken lightly.

Who would frown openly in front of such a lovely person?

If there's one, we'll destroy the Three People.’

Elizabeth was also walking beside me with a rather nonchalant attitude than worried.

Leonhardt was relieved at heart.

Applause subsided as the emperor and empress sat down.

The emperor raised his hand to silence the audience completely, and a light greeting marked the start of the dance.

"It's spring. There's a lovely, pretty, and actionable child in the royal family who will be the crown prince's companion in the future, and today is a welcoming party and a ball for him, so don't be formal....”

The emperor's words were interrupted. It was because the Duchess, who beat the crowd and proudly took the front seat, came into his sight.

Those who noticed that the emperor stopped talking and his eyes were directed at the Duchess had to turn their eyes to the emperor, pinching their thighs or biting their mouth flesh to hold back their laughter.

The Duchess looked around as she suddenly felt the silence and gaze everywhere.

And then he repeatedly fanned himself, realizing that no one came here as formal as he did.

"…Hmmm, hmmm. Don't be formal and enjoy it. Seah, will you say anything to them because this is for you?”

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Elizabeth, who was sitting next to Leonhardt, rose from her seat, arranging the hem of her skirt lightly so that it would not be messy.


Leonhardt grabbed Elizabeth by the skirt and stopped her.

"You, forget everything you're thinking about. Just say what you want to say. Don't forget, the highest people here are your dad and your mom, not your parents."

Elizabeth stared at him with confused eyes.

Leonhardt smiled at her and stood up and escorted Elizabeth down the podium.

The aristocrats were smiling happily at the appearance of two rather cute people.

"You can say whatever you want.”

Leonhardt whispered, deliberately placing his palms on Elizabeth's ears so that people would feel they were cute.

If Elizabeth was left as she was, it was clear that she would recite difficult words as the Duchess taught her harshly.

Elizabeth was troubled between her mother's manners and Leonhardt's words.

What am I supposed to do at a time like this?

People were watching with curious and intrigued eyes what she would say.

Elizabeth warmed her lips for a long time.

"That girl is slandering her mother's face!"

The Duchess thought, hiding her contorted expression behind the fan.

In this case, ssgeoneul she tell me and taught how to behave so in grading can not properly ppeongkkeuta.

"Lizzy, it's okay. Trust me."

Leonhardt whispered to her for the last time with a desperate face.

If silence continued further, it was clear that people's attention would quickly turn to malicious curiosity under the guise of worrying, "Is there something wrong with Young-ae?"

"…Your Majesty, Empress. And everyone... Well, thank you for welcoming me!"Elizabeth closed her eyes tightly and bent down, exhaling at once.

As a result, the flower crown that the empress herself put on fell in front of me.

Leonhardt picked it up in a hurry. I put it on Elizabeth's head in advance.

When she rose, the flower crown naturally sat on the silver crown again as if nothing had happened.

People were smiling at the corners of their mouths or looking so cute that they couldn't help it because they were cute.


Elizabeth, who returned to the waiting room for a while after the adults' ball began, wrapped her burning face and collapsed in a chair.

The little shoulders shook, and soon Elizabeth began to tremble all over.

Leonhardt, who followed her, knelt down in front of her and forced her eyes together, not refusing to let her clothes get dirty.

"Lizzy, Lizzy. Are you okay?"

"Uh... oh no... My mother... my mother... If you take me back....”

"That never happens. I can assure you. If you give me that order, I'll carry you on my back and run away at night."

Leonhardt clasped Elizabeth's cold hand.

"Let's go, Lizzy. Today is your welcome. People must have brought a lot of presents for you.”


Elizabeth showed interest in the word "gift".

Only then did Leonhardt sit by her side, relieved, and patted the dust off his knee.

"Are you curious?"

Elizabeth nodded her head. I could feel my trembling body calming down little by little by little.

Leonhardt waited until Elizabeth calmed down enough. I put out my arm once again.

"Oh, you're just in time. Otherwise, Jim was about to give a present for the new baby."

Elizabeth, who clings to Leonhardt's arm, only blinked.

When the emperor asked me to sit down, I sat in the middle of the podium, but somehow I was embarrassed to stay calm because people's eyes were focused.

When the emperor gestured, the nobles, who had been waiting in line in order, stepped forward.

They were all with children of Elizabeth and Leonhardt's age, or with large gift boxes in their hands.

"The more friends, the better."


The emperor nodded, fixing Elizabeth's crooked flower crown.

The nobles who came to Elizabeth's front greeted her politely as if she were already a crown princess, introduced herself and her child's name, or delivered her the gifts she had prepared.

Elizabeth responded kindly to each of their children, who greeted them in awkward gestures with a strange adult.

"In many ways, it's a lovely night, Elysium. My name is Marquis Perian."

"Isn't Ils here?"

Leonhardt, who was enjoying the youth of familiar nobles by Elizabeth's side with a boring look, jumped up.

"…Have you ever met my son before?”

Leonhardt sat down again and shook his head.

He still had to pass a few more seasons to meet his only friend in life.

"Oh, no. Just a rumor... It is said that he is the greatest genius....”

Marquis Perian, with a curious look, continued with a proud face.

"It's just a little bit of reading. Still, it's hard to hide his pride as a father to hear the child's rumor. Future Empress, would you accept this if you don't mind?"The Marquis held out a small travel trunk.

Travel trunks, unlike jewelry, dresses, shoes and accessories from other aristocrats? Elizabeth was curious and asked the Marquis a questioned the Marquis.

"Can I open it?”

"Of course."

Elizabeth, of course, and everyone's eyes were focused on the dainty size of the trunk.


Elizabeth, who opened the trunk, exclaimed without realizing it. In the trunk were pottery dolls, dresses for dolls, shoes, pajamas, riding pants, and matching headdress, as well as small tea bags for dolls and tea time, and even hunting guns and swords.

"I've never seen anything like this before! Thank you very much, Marquis Perian."

"I'm honored that Young-ae likes it. If you'll excuse me."

Elizabeth carefully took out the doll.

It was a very lovely doll with shiny hair, blue glass eyes, rosy cheeks and lips as if it were made of real gold.

"Do you like it?”


Elizabeth seemed to really like the doll and sat it on her lap and began to receive greetings from the rest of the nobility.

Leonhardt somehow felt sorry for himself when he saw it.

I remembered that there was no such common teddy bear in the Duke's room, let alone such a ceramic doll, to the point where I wondered why I hadn't thought of giving him a doll as a present.

The last person who came to give her a present was someone she had met before.

"I'm Mimir, who came on behalf of the owner of the clock tower and represented everyone in the clock tower. Lizzy, congratulations again on coming to the palace.”

Leonhardt breathed a sigh of relief inside when he saw Mimir.

I thought it would come full of unidentified traces of research, but she was wearing a dark red dress, perhaps with minimal etiquette.


"I have a present for you.”


Elizabeth's face brightened noticeably.

Leonhardt poked his lips inwardly, but looked closely at how her magic worked.

When the wizard came to represent the clock tower, even nobles who had been talking to each other for a while flocked.

Mimir flicked his finger three times. Then every time a rainbow stretched out from her fingertips, becoming a bird and a butterfly, and falling down on Elizabeth's flower crown.

Mimir then took a small watch out of his pocket and held it directly to Elizabeth.

"And it's a watch that can come where I am anytime. We adjusted it so that it doesn't go to another time like last time, so you can relax.”

"Thank you so much, Mimiir!"

Mimiir shrugged his shoulders. The eyes of wizards who yearn for themselves have been fed up with themselves.

However, Elizabeth's long-cherished eyes wanted more.

"What do you say, Seah, do you like any children?"

All the aristocrats who last brought Mimiir gifts or greeted them first to introduce their children stepped down.

Elizabeth, hot at the emperor's words, hardened.

I couldn't remember who was who except for the name Marquis Ferrian because I was completely distracted by the magic of dolls and Mimi-r.

"Lizzy, in a little while. Let's play with the kids. Then we'll get close naturally.”

Leonhardt noticed Elizabeth panicking and suggested to her first.The emperor also agreed with him, saying it was a good idea. Only then could Elizabeth's tense shoulders be seen loosening.


Leonhardt's sword teacher, Lady Elizabeth's escort, and Lord Albert Dietrich Bern, the head of the Imperial Knights, were looking for targets in the corner of the hall with a gloomy look.

d*mn it again, no. The person who gave birth to him, even for his salary, should not go out of business. In recent years, however, there has been a pre-order from Her Majesty's Crown Prince, who has been acting very like a servant.

By all means, feed the Duchess all of this.

Do you intend to poison me?’

"If I die of acute alcoholism, I'll be fine with Lizzie and everyone else, but the odds are low, right?’

'Where else did you learn such difficult words....’

It's for Lizzie. You can do it, right?’

As a result, what was in his hands now was a legendary wine bottle that even the Empire calls for a price.

Holding a bottle of red ribbon, Albert lamented again about his condition.

Just in time, the target appeared.

'…that's why you don't have to look for it with hawk eyes of a hawk eyes.’

Albert died inside as he approached the Duchess, who seemed to overwhelm the crowd, no matter what she had done with her hair.

"Greetings to Mrs. Elysium. I'm Bern, commander of the Imperial Knights and the Prince of Wales, in charge of Young Ae's escort."

Albert introduced himself with a beautiful smile and elegant yet disciplined movements that once excited society.

"You're Isolde's escort? Well, please take care of the child. Not a single hair should be hurt.”

If people who knew about Elizabeth's wounds heard, everyone would casually say something to hold her neck, and the Duchess would only flap her fan.

"There's actually one thing I'd like to pass on to your wife."

"To me?"

Albert felt his nose numb from the smell of strong perfume from the Duchess.

He had to complete his mission quickly and do some breathing exercises in the imperial garden.

With the message, "My future son-in-law to my mother-in-law...".”

"Oh, my God! This is the famous….”

"Hush, ma'am, keep your voice down. It's a gift only for your wife."

Albert smiled deftly, bringing his gloved fingers over the duchess' lips, taking advantage of his past experience.

As soon as Albert stepped back, the Duchess flapped her fan even harder.

The palpitations, which were not felt when I first saw the Duke, began to tap on my heart.

"May I take your place, sir.

"Uh... by all means."

Albert said, "As much as you can! I don't mind shaking off my dad's wine cellar, so I'll get you drunk!' he gritted his teeth into the prince's cup.

The Duchess, who was on a diet that was almost fast for the ball, paused as she tried to receive the cup handed by Albert.

It's just a glass of wine. It's like water.’

"Are you crazy? Wine on an empty stomach! What if I make a mistake in front of you?’

"But I'm thirsty and above all, that wine is something that I can't drink unless I'm in the imperial family….’


But as soon as Albert urged himself in a soft voice, her ego, which had been fighting in two in the Duchess's head, merged back into one and snatched away the cup of red waves."…Ha…."

People's word of mouth was all a lie. It was not enough to say it was a legend.

"Your Highness has been ordered to serve your wife without shortage."

Albert smiled and led her to a deserted terrace, holding a bottle to the Duchess, who was sighing like a man possessed.

The Duchess held out her glass. The red wine, which is just like the legendary wine of Byeongman, and what is inside, has endlessly entered the belly of the Duchess.

"Madam, what are you doing here? I have to go say hello to His Majesty... What about you?

It was the Duke of Elysium, with a silver-haired wall like Elizabeth, who ran from afar. Albert explained the situation with a puzzled look on his face.

"I'm Bern, the escort of Young-ae. The Crown Prince gave his wife wine as a gift, so I only gave her a drink..”

"Huh...? Who the hell is this! We... show off... I'm not your husband...Emperor or Emperor? Let's go! Let's Go! Let's Go! We're so small... Maybe... that's how I teach... I'm going to scold my baby...!”

I didn't expect things to go this well.

Albert leaned a bottle of wine, watching the Duchess almost dragged away by the Duke.

It may not be a legendary wine, but it tasted pretty good as it was delivered to the royal family anyway.

An appropriate side dish was to be served in front of us from now on.