Chapter - 29 Episode 29 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

"What's in your mind or not? And by title, what if the first person to greet you as the parent of the host of the welcoming ceremony gets drunk like this?"

"Ugh…but… Legendary wine... Slowly, slowly go....”

Duchess Elysium walked on the red carpet, leaning half way against the Duke, forcing her to grasp the view.

I felt uncomfortable because of the empty stomach, the heavily joined corsets, and the wine I drank without a single meal.

Apparently, he was walking upright, while the Emperor, the Empress, my lovely daughter and the future son-in-law were moving to the right and to the left, sitting in a chair.

"Madam, madam! Walk straight!"

"I... walk straight... There is…."

Every time I uttered a word, I felt dizzy.

"Greetings to His Majesty, the sun of the Empire. I can't believe you've even arranged a table for Isolde. I can't help but admire it."

The Duke and Duchess bowed gracefully.

Despite the simple motion, the Duchess's vision became blurred and became clear again.

"Mrs. Ellisium, you don't look very well, are you okay?"

The empress asked after the Duchess with a worried face.

"Hahaha, I think your wife drank a little too much because it was the day. Don't worry too much, Empress."

The Duke answered instead, supporting his wife, who was about to fall sideways.

It was hard to maintain a smiling face because steel crinoline pressed against the sides.

Without having to look around, the aristocrats seemed to be clearly visible.

"Is that so? Well, I'm glad to hear that. Mrs. Elysium, if you don't mind, can you tell the ladies here how you raised our daughter-in-law? How smart and clever the daughter-in-law is... The word "adult" sounds like a word for a daughter-in-law."

The empress even clapped her hands as if she didn't know anything, shining her eyes.

The quick-witted aristocrats already noticed that the word "adult" was not a compliment and fixed their eyes on the Duchess with exciting faces.


Are you talking about this small place? The Duchess, who was about to say, opened her mouth and shut up again at the barrage.

The empress, as well as the wicked interest and curious gaze of the nobles, was all focused on her.

"I'm a little..."

The Duchess, who thought she had calmed down a little, hurriedly covered her mouth with gloves.

If I pulled out like this, something I didn't want to imagine would happen.

Meanwhile, the aristocrats began to exchange their eyes and gossip, hiding their faces behind fans, as they saw her.

"I went to buy my daughter's shoes, and there were high-heeled shoes that I couldn't see from her shoes. So I asked who wore these, and they said, "Well, Elysium."

"Come to think of it, I think I've heard a similar anecdote. Why... the corset that was exceptionally small. I thought it was just an exhibition corset made to show off technology, but it turned out that they ordered it from Elysium."

"Oh, my God, so you're already wearing it at that young age? Who wears dresses that require corsets these days??”

Duke Elysium blamed himself for not being able to firmly join the merchants, feeling the atmosphere of the aristocrats around him getting colder and the murmur that came through his ears."Madam, madam! Say something!"


The Duchess shook her head with a perplexed face.

Even an excuse or a word was fine, so I wanted to talk, but I couldn't open my mouth.

"Well, well, let me tell you where we are….”

"I asked your wife, Duke of Elisium. Ma'am, can you give me an answer? How did a young daughter-in-law learn manners so perfectly?”

Elizabeth turned to Leonhardt with anxious eyes.

Even in her eyes, her parents' condition was a little strange.

"It's all right, Lizzy. Trust me, they're not something you're afraid of anymore."

Leonhardt held her hand tightly again.

Elizabeth hugged the doll tightly in her arms, still nodding her head with an anxious look.


The Duchess managed to say a word and shut her lips again tightly.

Something that came up to my throat tapped the roof of my mouth, pretending to go down slowly again.

"…love, love! First of all, it's a great parish, ma'am.

The empress retorted, "I'm sick of the duchess who tells lies without spitting a word."

The emperor gently clasped the back of the empress' hand as if to calm down a little.

The Empress acknowledged that the nobles were also forced to stop exchanging rumors about Elysium.

"Baby, my baby is small. Will you give this mother a hug?"

The Duchess opened her arms wide, managed to complete the sentence and smiled awkwardly.

Elizabeth's breath stopped for a moment.

Leonhardt whispered to Elizabeth.

"You don't have to go if you don't want to.”

"Uh, yeah, no. There's something I want to check.”


Elizabeth rose carefully from her seat, biting her lips tightly.

Leonhardt led her to the Duchess's front, citing the possibility.

Elizabeth's hands were trembling.

"We're a little boy! Baby!"

"Isole… Woooow, Isole!"

The Duke and Duchess of Elisium smiled broadly and hugged Elizabeth to create a beautiful landscape.

"Of course, it's Ijolde! A political act, calculated as how to act when this already!’

The Duke patted his daughter on the back with a proud face.

But Elizabeth was not laughing at all.

On the contrary, the small, soft face was stiff and had a strange expression.

It was a really strange thing.

The moment her father and mother hugged her like this, kissed her, and called her name affectionately was what she always wanted.

When the moment came, disgust and displeasure seemed to fluctuate in my stomach.

"How can Young-ae react when she says she raised her with love....”

"That's the way it is, isn't it? I think so. I can see it."

"How could a young child be so rigid? No, I can see you're shivering.

Leonhardt coughed Elizabeth away from the duchess as the nobles began to wonder enough and murmur.

"Lizzy, everything's fine now."

Sensing the awkward atmosphere again, Duke Elysium hurriedly said goodbye to Elizabeth in order to get out of his seat.

"Listen carefully to the Emperor and the Empress, and be close to the Crown Prince and take care of yourself, my beloved daughter."

The Duke bent over and poked his wife in the ribs. The wife also bent over, leaving Elizabeth in a hurry to say goodbye.

At that moment, Mimiir's third magic was activated.Shoot!

People in the chairman's office doubted their eyes.

With two black, shiny eyes, a pink nose, round ears and dainty front paws that cut between the Duchess's ridiculously high, splendidly swollen hair....

"Rat..." It's a rat! A mouse has appeared!"

A mouse appeared.


Leonhardt's shoulders trembled as he forced himself to hold back his laughter that was about to burst out.

The eyes of Mimir and Leonhardt, who hid next to the pillar and nibbled at the lollipop with their front teeth, met. Mimiir was giggling and laughing to his end.

"Eh… a rat came out of Duchess Elysium's head! Oh, my God, what the hell is going on!"

"Madam, what the hell is going on?"

"What... something came out of my head... Oh, my god!

Trying to understand why the situation was so strange with a head completely soaked in alcohol, the Duchess screamed as she saw a black mouse riding her hair down her shoulders, arms, and arms, jumping from the back of her hand, standing on two feet on a red carpet, and bowing gracefully toward her.

And with a scream, the stomach that I was barely holding in exploded.


The Duke's death was followed.

The Duchess reached out to the Duke for salvation. But the Duke shook her hand coldly.


Leonhardt hurriedly covered Elizabeth's eyes.

Unfortunately, however, some nobles in the front row, including the emperor and empress, had to experience the rare and unpleasant experience of visually checking the diet of the duchess.

The misfortune of Duke and wife of Elysium did not end there.

Frustrated, the Duchess tripped and fell down, spraining her ankle, and the Duke, who was trying to support her or escape from her seat, fell together in the wind and stretched her arms into the air to catch anything.

He caught something very thin and cold in his hand.

The Duke snatched it tightly, not knowing what it was.


Leonhardt, holding Elizabeth's name in his arms, turned his back and sat down.

Elizabeth clearly saw a cup held by her father over Leonhardt's shoulder, collapsing a tower made of a 10-story crystal champagne glass, and a sharp piece of glass and golden downpour over Leonhardt's head.

Under the golden chandelier, each piece of glass glistened very finely like a diamond, and the golden waves fluttering from the glass poured over Leonhardt's head like a waterfall.

"Lizzy, are you okay?"

"Leon … Leon …Leon! …blood!"

"You're not hurt, are you? Albert, take Lizzie with you!"

Albert, who was watching the Duke and his wife's ridiculous appearance with a light canape, put down what Leonhardt had in his hand even before he finished his words and ran to hug Elizabeth.

Leonhardt thought, licking his tongue at the champagne dripping down his bangs.

'This scent and taste... It's been a long time since we had a good champagne, so it's a waste.’

"Your Royal Highness!"


"What are you all doing? Get the Crown Prince to safety right now! Call a doctor!"

"What are the knights doing? There may be an assassin! Protect the Emperor!"

The screams of the nobles and the urgent footsteps of the Imperial Knights continued, and the atmosphere of the chairman quickly turned into a mess.The Duke and wife of Elysium could only understand what had happened after the Imperial Knights surrounded themselves and prepared to take out the sword at any moment.

"Sir, kill me, Your Majesty! Oh, my God. How did this happen?.”

The colour faded away from Duke Elysium's face.

"It's a coincidence... a coincidence! Your Majesty, I will never... I never tried to harm you....”

Waiting on the broken glass, the Duke clung to the Emperor.

A piece of glass stuck in the palm of the hand tore the Duke's skin and left red blood stains over the emperor's trousers.

"It's a coincidence… Right. It's a coincidence."

The empress bowed with a gracious smile and whispered in her ears, pretending to raise the Duchess.

"Just by chance, the invitation went to the duchess. Don't get me wrong, Mrs. Elysium."

"The Empress... Mama...?”

"I would have made it clear then. Stay out of Elizabeth's sight. You're not going to continue to show up at the palace, are you?”


Sitting on his knees under his feet, looking down at the foolish in-laws who began begging for mercy, the emperor showed mercy to the Duke as if he had cleared up the troublesome mess.

"…I don't want to think that my in-law would have dared to do so with vain thoughts. I suggest you reflect on your lands for the time being, Duke Elysium. I don't want to spoil any more of your fun days, so you can leave now."

"…you're right…Your Majesty... last name... I'm so glad to hear that. Really... Really....”

The duchess felt sober.

Thanks to the emperor and empress's direct efforts to calm down, things did not get any bigger, but the nobles had already seen everything with their own eyes.

Maybe we'll have to wait ten years for the land to settle the rumor.

Is that it? He dared to hurt the crown prince's body, the only heir to the empire, and if it wasn't for the parents of Elizabeth, the future crown princess, recognized by the imperial family, he deserved to be stripped of his title and beheaded immediately.

Perhaps some 'some' aristocrats will get angry under the pretext of this.

If so, the resentment will return to Duke Elysium, himself.

Staring angrily at the duchess, Duke Elysium fled the palace as if he had been kicked out or fled.

I won't be able to come here for a while. Thinking like that, my teeth were grinding and my stomach ached.

And Elizabeth saw it clearly in Albert's arms as she went to Leonhardt's.

A large thick glass wall that had locked itself in his mind broke apart in front of his eyes.


"Leon, you're not going to die, are you? Right?"


Leonhardt was breathing a golden breath. Every time I breathed in, the terrible smell of alcohol stimulated the child's tender nose.

"Don't cry, Lizzy. If you weren't hurt, that's fine."

Elizabeth stomped at Leonhardt, who acted as if nothing had happened.

The doctor, who came running after hearing the news, sighed with relief, saying it was a miracle that there were no wounds on his body except for a slight scratch on his cheek.

However, Elizabeth clearly saw Mimiir, who was biting a lollipop and flicking her finger with a relaxed look behind the pillar.

While the maidens brought new robes, bath water, cool drinking water, and busily moving, Elizabeth took the wet top off and took the wet towel from Leonhardt's hand, who was roughly wiping himself with a hot towel."Lizzy?"

"Why…why did you do that…" Leon is heir to this empire....”

Leonhardt looked distraught as he held her arm and wiped it himself.

"If this is going to happen, it's better to get up after you've gotten some muscles. It's been a long time since I had a good opportunity, but I'm not good looking....’

"My dad said he was protecting his girl.”

Leonhardt smiled slyly, kissing Elizabeth's forehead, wiping off her delicate skin red.

I began to smile and feel better as if I were riding on the clouds.

Leonhardt knew very well what this sense was.

'Ah... I'm getting drunk....’

Elizabeth grinned helplessly and cried anxiously, gripping Leonhardt's cheeks, his eyes flickering slowly.

Leonhardt's body was smelling strange.

He's talking nonsense when his whole body is red, and suddenly he's kissing his forehead.

At the sight of Leonhardt for the first time, Elizabeth was so scared that she was seriously worried that Leonhardt would die.

"Leon, Leon! Don't close your eyes! Wake up!"

"Lizzy... I have something for you.”

"Don't die! If you die, I won't accept you!"

I can't give it to you if you die anyway. People will think you've been shot.

Leonhardt spoke slowly, leaving the corners of his mouth hanging high in the sky.

"I can't die this much… You're right. Anyway... Let's go out again when it's a little organized outside."

"Where are you going?"

Leonhardt, who was shaking back and forth with a feeling of alcohol, leaned on his forehead and smiled as if he were falling into Elizabeth's arms.

Elizabeth's concern for herself was never thought of.

But it didn't feel so bad when I went through it. I was rather pleased.

Is it because you're drunk?

Leonhardt stared long at Elizabeth's beak-like lips, put his head in Elizabeth's arms, grinning and muttering again.

'What did you think of when you were a drunk 10-year- I'm... like a piece of crap all the time..’

"You haven't received my present yet….”

Elizabeth didn't know how to deal with the little drunk crown prince, so she had to stay in that state until the ladies-in-law came.

I was worried about Leonhardt's condition, but I was very curious about what the gift was for.