Chapter - 30 Episode 30 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

The bathtub, which was filled with a cool mint-flavored bath, was filled with cloud-like bubbles to remove the smell of alcohol.

"Alone... you can do it. Everyone... even if you're out... Rock."

"But Your Highness....”

"Me too… I'm 10 years old now…!”

"It's dangerous for a 30-year-old, not a 10-year-old, to go into a bathtub alone while intoxicated."

The nanny's determined words forced Leonhardt to grasp the swaying view and put on a discontented look.

I thought I had adapted to the body of a child and the daily life of others, but at this moment, I was embarrassed enough to sober up and want to die.

'I am ten years old... Ten years old... if I can't do this, I have to repeat it for another two years... Two years... two years... I can't do this!’

"Leave me alone!"

"Your Highness!"

Leonhardt forced the nanny out of the bathroom.

The nanny exchanged her eyes with the ladies-in-law with a perplexed expression and soon bowed her head deeply with an unexpected smile of satisfaction.

"Your majesty is becoming more mature day by day, and I'm sorry to hear that, Nanny. I'll leave the towel here. Feel free to call me if you have anything to say."

Leonhardt closed the door with a curt look on his face, nodding his head.

Why didn't I just call the male servant? Why didn't I think of that before? No, no, no, no, no, not yet. Not yet... d*mn it!'

Leonhardt fell into deep agony as he punched his fist on the surface of the water filled with foam like whipped cream.

This isn't the time. All you have to think about now is....’


Leonhardt, who was submerged to the tip of his nose, returned to the emperor's expression before returning the hands of the clock, not the age of ten, with his arms folded.

'Ten years at least because the rumors spread to people. I'm sure it'll be talked about for a long time. No matter how thick they are, they dare to leave scars on the body of the imperial family, but they will not show up shamelessly.’

Duke of Elysium....

Leónhardt continued to think, leaning his neck against the edge of the bathtub.

The history of the empire is quite long. But surely the empire wouldn't have been called an empire from the beginning.

Perhaps the first emperor had a political marriage to Elysium because he was the most prominent local emperor at the time.

'And maybe Elysium was the right word for angel's descendants at the time. Great enough to build an empire... Something.'

Something more special than generations of silver hair and blue eyes.

Except for political reasons, there must have been a reason until then for Elysium to occupy the position of the first empress.

"So you're going to be the first empress, you're going to be commissioned as a founding contributor, you're going to eat well, you're going to live well like Lizzie... He would have been called in by sending perfectly made spirits to high-ranking noble families and the royal family of the surrounding kingdoms....’

I didn't even eat the foam, but there was a bitter taste in my mouth.

You're the worst parasite in society selling daughters to the marriage market.

When he hit the surface with unnecessary anger, a pungent mint-flavored wave hit Leonhardt's face.

Leonhardt stuck his face in the water instead of a bathtub wall and kept thinking.

'By the way, I hope you take the opportunity that I've created in a long time... Haha! Ha... I never thought I'd die after hitting my face in the bathtub. Anyway, I hope you use it well. That way, I will have less work to do later....’Leonhardt, with his arms against the bathtub wall and his chin resting on his chin, poked his lips discontentedly.

My father was a great saint.

At some point, however, he was forced to throw the emperor's coffin over Leonhardt's head and remained in his place until he died.

Thanks to this, the first thing Leonhardt, who suddenly rose to the throne, had to do was "cleaning" that the previous emperor had not done.

You want me to repeat it again? I can't. It's annoying. I'd rather induce my father to do it now.'

Leonhardt pointed his fingers at the list of nobles who should be "cleaned".

Even if it was obvious that he had grown up a little, he still didn't like his small palms and short fingers.

'I want to grow up soon... I never thought I'd say this again.’

With a smirk of laughter, Leonhardt rose to his feet.

Perhaps it was because I was drunk, but my reflection in the mirror was just a child, but my face looked like I forced the face of an old adult.

Leonhardt, who was struggling with buttons with his clumsy touch, sighed deeply.

I don't know when I'll grow up and protect Lizzy and make her happy.

Eventually, Leonhardt tried to pull up the corners of his mouth as he dressed up with the help of others.

Whatever it is, the Duke is completely destroyed, so that's it. The kind of thing I'm worried about... That kind of thing? What's happening?’

"Your Highness, are you all right?"

Leonhardt felt the pain of stabbing the top of his head with an awl, and his vision tilted sideways.

This feeling, the unpleasant sensation of tearing apart memories, is now a little familiar.

If the nanny hadn't thrown herself and supported her, she might have really fallen to the floor.

"Your Highness, Your Highness, the Crown Prince! Wake up!"



"Give me a hangover... a cure....”

On the surface, he pretended to be drunk and drank a hangover-relieving potion, but Leonhardt was reflecting on the story he shared with Mimi's Brunne at the clock tower.

One hypothesis came to mind.

'Maybe... maybe my actions are changing the future? If I fire my nanny right in front of my eyes right now, the memory of my nanny leaving the palace of adulthood will not exist for me in the future. Then me in the past... Will the future I remember now also change to a nanny who gets fired today, not a nanny who leaves the palace on the coming-of-age day?’

…if this hypothesis is true, the future may already be changing.

If something goes away, it might be because of the side effects of trying to recall something that doesn't exist.

Leonhardt made a fuss and bit his lips, calming people around him trying to call the doctor again.

I don't care. I'm Lizzy, but I just need to make her happy. By my side... by my side?'

Will she ever be happy by her side?

Leonhardt headed to where Elizabeth was waiting with a confused face.

'Lizzy's happiness I want is... It's something she can think for herself, make decisions, act, and accept the consequences. You don't have to be obsessed with the perfect empress, you just become Elizabeth itself.'When she opened the door, Elizabeth, who had been waiting for her, fiddled with dolls with a worried face, ran to her with joy and hugged her.

'If I had to disappear in order for Elizabeth to exist as she is... Can I let Lizzy go?’

Leonhardt, pretending to be broken and over-exaggerated, rose again to a recoil in his waist and hugged Elizabeth equally tightly.

Are you sure you can do that? Can you still keep that kid from smiling, trusting me, relying on me?’

"Leon, do you still have a headache?"

Elizabeth, who had to live her entire life looking at her mother and father, was very sensitive to changes in her facial expressions.

But in her view Leonhardt's smiling face was by no means a genuine smile.

"Head? My head is fine now. Maybe it's because my hair is less dry and I'm out in the wind. I'm sorry, Lizzy. You've been waiting a long time, haven't you?”

What a consistent selfish fellow. What's the difference between the Duke and me? You just let her loose in a wider cage, pretending to be for her. What a disgusting hypocrite you are."

"Mimir was very worried, too. "If he falls into the bathtub and melts like soup, he'll use it as a research material, but I'm sure he's worried about that!"

"Mimirga? Maybe the sun will rise in all directions at the same time tomorrow, except east."

‘ I … I need to do? Leonhardt. Future Leonhardt. Is there a part of you in the happiness she really wants?’

"The sun always rises in the east...? Anyway, don't ever do that again! I... I don't want Leon to be sick. So promise me!"

Elizabeth held out her little finger, frowning a lot, looking threatening.

Leonhardt held back his smirk and hung his finger on her little finger with a serious look on his face.

"Don't ever get hurt again! The Empress said so. Leon's body will be mine after the formal engagement. That's why I'm making a promise in advance. If my Leon gets hurt... I don't think so.”

"…what on earth did you teach a child?”

Leonhardt looked up at the maidens with an absurd face.

They were all desperately holding back their laughter.

"Your Highness, Miss. It is said that the chairman's organization is over. It's time for you to go."

"He says yes. Lady Elizabeth, will you grant me the honor of escorting Lady once again?"

Elizabeth returned to the chair, holding Leonhardt's arm in one hand and the doll's hand in the other.

Thanks to the wizard from the clock tower, the traces of the meal the Duchess had eaten, the crystals that had broken more finely than the grains of sand, and the champagne that had permeated through the cracks in the marble tiles were cleaned up as if it had never been in the first place.

"When you ask a witch for magic, you may call her Emperor's majesty....”

"You have to pay the price. So, what do you want?"

"Allow Lizzie to change the atmosphere a little bit with the color she wants."

The emperor, who was worried about dangerous objects, gold and silver treasures, and asking for parts of his body, readily allowed the wizard's bold request with a big smile.

Mimir again started decorating the venue with Elizabeth's favorite colors, beckoning lightly in the air.

"So now the color of the carpet is blue, not the usual red?"

"What do you think, Lizzie?""Yes! Mimir is amazing."

"Are you ignoring me?”

The rare sorcerer's magic, the empress' ability to lift people's spirits with a smile of her eyes, and a little bit of a drunkenness have rekindled the mood of the venue.

Leonhardt thanked Mimir by scratching the ball.

"… well, that's not so bad. Thank you, Mimir."

"…? Lizzy, did I hear you right now?”

"Why do you say thank you, but you doubt it first!"

"There's nothing we can do about the wizard race!"

Leonhardt shook his head both ways that I had lost. Mimiir snorted, and Elizabeth was in between, fiddling with the doll's hands.

"By the way, Leon, a gift for me. When are you going to give it to me?”

"Oh, Lizzy, can you come over here for a second?"

Elizabeth was led to the center of the chairman by Leonhardt.

People paused for a moment and focused their attention on the prince's unexpected behavior.

"Lizzy, just wait here for a minute. I'll be right back.”

Leonhardt, who climbed the podium, whispered in the emperor's ear.

The emperor stood up with a satisfied smile and drew attention from the audience.

"The Crown Prince has something for our new baby. So, what did you prepare?”

Leonhardt went down the podium again, holding in his arms what the servant had brought in time.

People's eyes were nailed into a wooden box in the crown prince's arms.

Leonhardt, who approached Elizabeth at once, held out a wooden box to her.

The nobles seemed to pull out their necks and secretly expect what would be in the box that looked like an ordinary jewelry box.

"When you give it back, you pay interest, too. Lady Elizabeth."

"Yes, yes, Your Majesty the Crown Prince."

Leonhardt opened the box. Two withered and dried flower rings, two new rings, and a bouquet of wild flowers were in the box.

"The ring you gave me has cast a spell. Although I couldn't make it fresh again… It won't even crumble.”

Leonhardt called the servants with a wink. Sijong tactfully brought a cushion and helped Leonhardt put down the jewelry box.

"And it's... I ordered flower rings from artisans that never wither, and they made these. It'll be humble compared to what you'll have in the future, but will you accept it?”

Leonhardt brought out flowers made of rose-colored crystals and a jeweled flower ring that made them look like flower vines by carving the finest Jade.

Elizabeth opened her mouth and nodded blankly. A flower that does not wither forever, pink smoke rose from my chest and steaming over my head.

Finally, Leonhardt took out a bouquet of flowers.

It was made just before the ball as much as possible to maintain its freshness, but in the meantime, the flower dropped its head and withered half way.

Thanks to you, there was a flower that stood out exceptionally.

A blue sapphire and a violet made of the clearest amethyst.

Recognizing what it meant, the nobles watched the little crown prince with a pleased look, saying he was quite romantic.

"Lady Elizabeth."

Leonhardt knelt down like a young man who was begging.

"Will you give me a chance to love you until all these flowers wither away?"

The right to make you happy, the opportunity.

Would you please allow it?Leonhardt added in a voice that was small enough only to be heard only by Elizabeth.