Chapter - 31 Episode 31 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Between spring and summer

Elizabeth opened her diary.

Shortly after coming to the Imperial Palace, Leonhardt's diary was based on grayish, calm pink leather, with Elizabeth's initials and imperial sentences beautifully decorated with jewels.

What am I supposed to write here?’

Just write what you want to write. I did something today, and it felt like it.Or you want to do something tomorrow..’

Elizabeth was the first to write down the memory of the first day she met him. And I wrote a diary every day.

Elizabeth was surprised by her uncharacteristic behavior while chewing on the tip of the pen, and checked again to see if there was anyone around her, and even bit the tip of the pen in her mouth.

It was unimaginable just three months ago. But now Elizabeth knew that no one would scold her or reprimand her if she acted like a lady.

So wouldn't it be okay if it was when no one else was watching?

Elizabeth judged herself and made a decision. Then, chewing on the tip of the pen, he began to turn the page quite thick with a nostalgic look on his face.

I met Leon for the first time. Leon didn't scold me for being so nervous and rude, but rather treated me kindly.

Leon gave me shoes without heels. Everything was like a first time job. Every time I walked on the lawn, I felt a rustling sound and a soft texture. When I ran on the ground, the wind blew my hair away. He proposed to me as a gift of a flower ring. I was so happy that I cried.

Back then, I didn't even know that people cry when they're too happy.

Elizabeth finished the page with a wry smile.

Thanks to His Majesty, Empress Mama, and Leon, he was able to live in the palace. I was so unfamiliar and nervous, but I was a little relieved to have Leon.]

Leon made a flower crown out of flowers this time. Next time they'll bring you a veil, is that true? Leon is really good at everything, by the way. I should be a great lady who's not ashamed of Leon. With the help of the maidens, the flower crown was decided to be dried finely and hung on the bedside.

The flower crown was still hanging by her bedside, helping her dream only fragrant and sweet dreams every night.

Leon gave me a puppy as a present. Her name is Bailey. White, black, pink, now playing by biting off my slippers. I keep laughing when I watch it even though I make an accident every day. Do you think it's cute?]

"Bailey, you took my cushion again! No, give it to me!"

Strangely quiet Bailey meant two things. Sleeping, or making an accident with a cautious and quiet movement.

Elizabeth turned to her ominous foreboding and shouted at Bailey, who had grown up to be the two biggest pillows in the bed.

Bailey, who was slobbering the cushion, put it down with a sullen look on her face.

But Elizabeth was no longer fooled by that look. Rather, when she firmly stopped her from doing so with her hands on her waist, Bailey lay her chin on the cushion with a sniffing sound.

For the first time, I got my own dress without corsets. I met Lord Bern, the escort. It's all thanks to Leon's care.[The day he went to the clock tower] I met Mimir. I heard Leon had worked hard to act rashly. All magic needs a price, Mimir said. I should never do that again."

[The Emperor gave us a welcoming ceremony]

Elizabeth's hand, which was turning the page, stopped moving.

Elizabeth was experiencing symptoms of burning face and sudden warming of the room whenever she recalled the welcoming ceremony.

[Leon returned the borrowed flower ring] Including a nice interest rate. And you asked me for permission. What is happiness that Leon was so desperate to ask for my permission? I still don't know.]

She reached out and touched a bouquet of flowers in a crystal bottle.

Other flowers had already withered and cast conservation magic, but only the violet made of amethyst and blue sapphire were still shining without dust.

[When father and mother hug me, when Leon hugs me, and when the Empress hugs me, they all feel different] I don't know what the difference is. However, the hug between father and mother is more unpleasant than that of Leon and the Empress.]

Elizabeth rubbed her forearm lightly. It was just a flashback, but I got goosebumps with a feeling of reluctance.

Suddenly, realizing that Leonhardt's name was at the beginning of every sentence, Elizabeth hurriedly covered her diary.

Ticklish, heart pounding. These days, just thinking of Leonhardt has worsened the symptoms of his heart beating wildly.

Elizabeth leaned her face against a cool wooden desk with the back of her hand on her cheek. The heat of the hot ball reached the cold tree and cooled down a little.

She was consulted about the symptoms by a maid, a nanny, a doctor and a history teacher, and even the empress, but each time people smiled and sent her back, saying they would find out one day.

The maid told me chocolate, the doctor told me candy that prevents cavities, and the history teacher told me old stories about love. Even the Empress shared her eyes with Her Majesty, who was beside her, and kissed him lightly on the spot.

'When I told Leon about it, he was furious about what his father and mother were doing in front of a child....’

Why would he do that? Elizabeth again rummaged on the tip of her pen, resting her chin on her desk and recalling the end of the welcoming ball.


Elizabeth picked up a bouquet of flowers from Leonhardt. People smiled heartwarmingly as they watched their cute and quite romantic young faces.

As soon as he nodded at the bouquet, Leonhardt looked as if he had been forgiven by God.

Elizabeth tilted her head to the inside, not knowing why he had that look on his face.

Making someone happy must be difficult and difficult enough to ask for permission, and Elizabeth, who understood so, decided to help Leonhardt as much as she could to be happy.

After the gift ceremony, Leonhardt soon asked Elizabeth to dance.

The main character of the day was her, so she deserved to start the first dance.

Elizabeth stepped on the steps perfectly and turned gracefully.

Each time her skirt bloomed like a rose in full bloom. It sank as slowly as dandelion seeds.

Leonhardt, an incredibly clean and disciplined child who was soaked from head to toe, hoisted onto the music in tune with her movements.It was the best courtesy he could and should have done for Lady, who has yet to make her official debut in society.

Following Leonhardt, her next dance partner was the Empress.

The empress, who snatched Elizabeth, who had been carefully stretching her arms toward the hands of the emperor, taught her a new cheerful and light dance to the fast tempo with a playful face.

Even after dancing one more song, the emperor had to wait until the end of all the faster dance songs to maintain dignity and dignity.

His Majesty followed by Lord Bern, the escort. At the same time, Elizabeth, who was asked to dance by two men with tall height and good looks, was proud to be a real adult.

Of course, now that I think about it, adults would have just been able to move their bodies left and right in place according to their small size.

Just holding hands and spinning around in place is not important for steps and movements at an age where people laugh.

Leonhardt murmured so and held Elizabeth's hand. Mimir nodded and held her opposite hand in agreement.

In the music of a very fast and cheerful tempo, Leonhardt and Mimir were holding hands, respectively, and the dance that they danced twirling around with aristocratic children of their own age was very enjoyable.


Knock, knock, knock.

"Rizzie, are you in there?”

It was the voice of Leonhardt.

Elizabeth stood up, hot, put her diary on the shelf and opened the door.

"It's too late, so I was wondering if something had happened....”

"Well, no, it's not. I was reading my diary for a while.”


Elizabeth nodded her head. Leonhardt, in front of his eyes, was wearing a white robes.

Elizabeth held Leonhardt's hand and headed to the waiting room where the empress, her tailor and her maid-in-law were waiting.

"I'll see you in a little while."

Leonhardt kissed Elizabeth's forehead and handed her over to the maidens.

In a few months, the two grew more than a foot tall, but Leonhardt had to lift his toes slightly because Elizabeth was still about a finger taller.

Do we have to drink more milk? No, exercise... Is exercise a problem?’

Elizabeth, waving at Leonhardt's back, burst into exclamation when she saw the dress brought by the tailor.

"It's so beautiful!”

"I'm grateful that you're happy again. But this dress is....”

"It's still incomplete, isn't it?"

The tailor and Elizabeth looked at each other and grinned.

When the tailor first faced her, she was perfect and awkward like a doll, but now she was smiling naturally like the girl in the design shoes she brought that day.

The change was surprising and grateful, and the tailor sniffled secretly.

The skirt, made of silk fabric embroidered with silver roses, decorated with lace with white pearls, deliberately opened to show a six-layer lace frill petticoat under the white ribbon decoration.

The neck circumference, shaped like a round shell, was decorated with jewels like petals fluttering.

Elizabeth, who wore a list band with harmony and lace ribbon on her wrist instead of gloves and wore imperial jewelry around her neck, wore shoes that Leonhardt himself chose this time.

The large silk flower decorations with diamonds in the center and lovely heels shaped like cat legs were made of shiny material like fairy wings, which seemed to create rainbow-colored footprints every time I walked."You're so cute. My daughter-in-law, will you come here?”

"Yes, Empress."

The empress, who had not smiled for a moment from the moment she entered the waiting room, hugged Elizabeth in admiration.

"Leon says he'll do the last decoration himself, but is that okay?”


The Empress nodded her head. Elizabeth tilted her head, but allowed it with vague thought that anything would be good because Leon gave it to her.

"Then Lizzie, you're coming in?”

Leonhardt entered the waiting room with a flower crown made of summer roses that had just bloomed in the empress' garden.

"Leon, the flower crown....”

Leonhardt raised his tiptoe, placed a flower crown over Elizabeth's head, and, with the help of the maidens, fixed it with a small veil.

"Then... you said you'd bring me a veil next time. I keep my word."

Leonhardt's voice was a little cracked. Elizabeth blinked blankly, her eyes wide open. What was written in the diary a while ago was actually done in front of my eyes.

"You look great. You look really pretty today, too. Lizzy."

Leonhardt spoke tenderly and smiled at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, who has no idea how grateful he is to God and how grateful he is to the witch of the clock tower, turned red, wrapped her cheeks and stamped her feet.

"Well, my babies, shall we go?"

Elizabeth smiled lightly at Leonhardt and the Empress's hand and headed for the cathedral in the Imperial Palace.

Before summer, Elizabeth Isolde von Elysium and Leonhard Tristan von Esperdor exchanged their futures as God watched.