Chapter - 32 Episode 32 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

The future that we exchanged with each other was growing up with pretty and pleasant memories.

Of course, every day wasn't just as happy as a dream.

On the first day Leonhardt's voice broke, Elizabeth was genuinely worried that he might have been ill, and Leonhardt was truly sorry that he could not sing to her for the time being.

"Knock knock knock."


Elizabeth naturally entered Leonhardt's room, knocking with her mouth.

She wore a blue linen dress embroidered with silk ribbons, ankle-length lace socks and black Mary Jane, knitted petal lace along the skirt hem.

Leonhardt was thrilled to see her growing up again.

Over the years she was always a finger ahead of Leonhardt.

Each time Leonhardt was thrilled that she was growing up well, and Elizabeth regretted that she wanted to grow up like Leon Albert soon.

'Then I used to tease you about Lord Bern in your dreams last night....’

Honestly, I was jealous and disappointed that his fiancee's first love was a knight with a head taller than a man who was not himself, but a knight with golden braids and blue eyes.

A month ago, he officially had a ceremony with his family-appointed love and even went on a happy honeymoon.

"What's going on?"

Elizabeth grinned with blue eyes.

Even the SS, who guarded the emperor's place, smiled with their magical eyes.

"Just, I miss you."

Leonhardt smirked after her.

Other young children are in the midst of a etiquette class to become a perfect lady day by day, but the lovely fiancee in front of her was walking around the palace with a light gesture as if flying like a free bird every day.

But there was no one in this palace who stopped or rebuked her for that.

Even if she danced in a rainy garden in her pajamas in the middle of the night, people would prepare a warm bath and a cup of hot tea for her who would return wet all over instead of stopping her.

"Uh... um... engagement flashbacks? Why, it was a bright day like today. It was just between spring and summer, and you....”

"What about me?"

Elizabeth's blue eyes began to sparkle with anticipation. It's already been a conversation over and over again, but every time she glows and blushes her cheeks like now.

"It was cute and lovely."

"What about now?

Leonhardt caught her eye, holding Elizabeth's hand carefully.

"More beautiful, more lovely."

Elizabeth burst into laughter in her distinctive clear voice. Never tire of this conversation, it was the language of two small, secret promises that adults did not know.

Leonhardt, who used to tickle Elizabeth's palm with his hands that are now quite thick, asked.

"What have you been up to today?”

"I arranged flowers with the Empress. I've heard compliments that I'm quite used to it now."

"It'll probably be in my bedroom by the end of the day, so I can bet you a snack today.”

"Oh, my God! If I knew it, I would have made it with more care!"

Elizabeth, unlike her horse, was still smiling.

"I thought you said you smelled like flowers. Lizzy, you're always... You show up in front of me like a fairy, you know?""So you're a flower fairy today? If I become empress later, can I take care of all the flowers in the palace?”

Leonhardt put a serious look on his face at the words.

He wasn't trying to tease Elizabeth, he was really seriously thinking.

So you can't change the fate that's been decided?’

On the day when she generously offered her life as much as the time she spent in the clock to save her who disappeared into the clock, the conversation with the owner of the clock tower was bothering me.


"If you want, I can manage the flowers of the entire empire, not the palace.”

Leonhardt instantly smiled again and held Elizabeth's hand tightly.

Whether fate was set or made on his own in the future, Elizabeth's happiness was the only thing that mattered to him.

For that he could turn back time and time again at any cost.

"Lady Elizabeth, Your Majesty says he likes the flowers he has trimmed today, and asks if he can move them to his place."

Elizabeth and Leonhardt exchanged glances again at the words of the maid.

The emperor could have taken her flowers without saying anything if he wanted, but he would always ask her first.

"It's a good thing that I'm still not good enough to be an eyesore for your place, but I'll give it to you if you want."

At her words, the maid greeted politely and walked away.

"What was the snack today?"

Leonhardt said with a shrug. But Elizabeth stood up with a look of regret.

"I'll get the snack tomorrow. I'm going to have tea time with Mimir soon."

"Mimir again? Don't tell me you're still doing weird things with Mimir just to learn magic?

"What a strange thing to do...It's just normal lady and lady tea time today. It's none of your business!"

Mimir sharpened his teeth, saying he would somehow teach Elizabeth magic, who Mimis Brune asserted that he had no talent for magic.

But the result has always been a disastrous debacle, and it has always been up to the youngest wizards of the clock tower and Leonhardt to clean up the mess.

But I'm glad it's not like that today.

Leonhardt was relieved, but on the other hand, he began to worry about what if Mimir brought out the car with his frog hind legs and dried spider web.

"If you say so, I'll have to go with Lady. Have a safe trip. Don't eat weird things, don't get lost....”

"Your majesty, I'm seventeen now.”

Elizabeth pulled out her watch, pouting her lips. It was the watch Mimiir gave her at the welcoming ceremony.

Leonhardt just smiled and waved. Elizabeth, who used a watch, quickly disappeared from his sight.

'Lizzy is seventeen already....’

Leonhardt leaned back narrowly, with his fingers crossed, his head propped up, leaving behind a mountain of homework.

There's really been a lot going on in the last few years.

The second study was still difficult.

Obviously, what I learned was clear, but learning again was a strange and difficult story as if I had never seen it before.

Learning this at this age is child abuse.

Leonhardt grumbled in front of the textbook, which made his head throbbing just by listening to the title.

But Leonhardt's teacher shook his head as if it were a sound.

'Your Highness, these are all the books that the Marquis Perian had already finished when he was 10 years old. He who will be the emperor of the country should not speak so weakly."Leonhardt was forced to shut up at the words.

"Was it this summer that you officially met Ils?"’

When I closed my eyes, I vividly remembered the face of posting advice to him, saying, "How can you do that as a human being?"

A person who reacted sensitively to trivial things like rabbits and rarely made loud noises all his life was truly angry at that moment.

'That's how much you think I'm unforgivable....’

Leonhardt took a deep breath, hitting his head against a desk.

'If we meet again, I'd like to say thank you….’

If the crown prince suddenly says thank you at the first meeting, he may faint in surprise.

Leonhardt shook his head and looked out of the window.

The summer sun was slowly coming down in the clouds.



Elizabeth, who returned to the palace after a pleasant tea time with Mimir and went down the hills where unknown wild flowers bloomed with familiar steps, stopped walking when she saw something white and fluffy in the distance.


The white mass was circling around the lake surrounding the clock tower.

Elizabeth got a little closer, wondering if Bailey had lost her way and chased her all the way here.

But it was a boy who wasn't Bailey there.

The boy, who grew his white, snow-white hair to his shoulder and tied it together, looked her age this morning with red rose-like eyes decorated in a vase.

"Excuse me..."

Elizabeth, who was the first to see anyone my age except Leonhardt in the palace, mustered up her courage and talked to the boy first.

The boy, who was rolling his feet in his arms with a big book packed in his arms, looked back in surprise.

Elizabeth thought it looked like a startled rabbit.

"Are you... trying to get to the tower?”

The boy nodded loudly at her words.

"But I don't know how to get to that tower... If I had a ship, I could go somehow....”

Elizabeth blinked her eyes. The shirt the boy was wearing had plenty of sleeves, and thanks to him, the arms holding the book had been rolled down to his elbow.

But the boy's arms looked too thin and weak to row. Elizabeth knew nothing about the art of navigation, but that much could be learned.

"What are you trying to get to the tower for?”

Elizabeth got a little closer to the boy. The boy shrank his shoulders reflexively.

"S... I'm here to see you."

The boy said, holding the book like a shield and hiding his face. Elizabeth tilted her head and asked again.


Instead of answering, the boy nodded again.

"Is the master in that tower?"

Nod again.

Elizabeth is in deep agony.

Located in the middle of the lake, the tower was a space for wizards, and non-magicians needed ships to get to the tower.

However, the ferry did not even see a small wooden board, let alone a ship, and even if there was a ship, all they could do was sit still so that the ship wouldn't turn over.

The boy kept stamping his feet with a desperate look on his face for something urgent.

Elizabeth nodded her head as if she had made up her mind and took the watch out of her pocket.

"Let me help you."

"Da, you? You are a wizard like Mimir... Are you wearing it?"

"Do you know Mimiir?""She's my teacher's granddaughter... Uh-huh!"

Elizabeth smiled broadly as her welcome name came out of the mouth of a strange boy. Then he grabbed the boy's hand and used a watch.


"Elizabeth? You...!”

"Oh, my God, what the hell is going on?"

Mimir, who was stirring in a large pot with a thick book instead of a pedestal, looked back in surprise.

Just a moment ago, I was checking to get out of the clock tower safely, but Mana shook again and the two showed up in her room.

Elizabeth was staring curiously at the plates, tables and chairs with tea-time pots, cups, and cake creams stuck roughly in the corner of the ceiling.

It was a magic that looked so convenient and amazing every time.

'If I knew how to use that magic, I could hide Bailey's snacks in that way....’

The boy slumped on the floor with a puzzled look and looked around.

"Elizabeth, did you leave anything behind? Is he...?

Mimiir only looked at Elizabeth and the boy alternately.

The story of His Majesty's return of the hands of the clock [exclusive.