Chapter - 33 Episode 33 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Elizabeth began to explain the situation in a crawling voice.

"He said he has to go to the clock tower... There is no ship... so I used the conference clock that my sister gave me....”

What if she gets angry? When I ask for my watch back... Or you don't want to meet me anymore... I don't like that kind of course.But I was bad for using my own watch.’

Elizabeth's face was full of anxiety, anxiety, and sorry.

Mimir looked at Elizabeth and the rabbit-like boy, who still understood the situation, and soon realized what had happened and looked aghast.

"Come to think of it, today was the day! I'm sorry, Ils, I completely forgot because I was so focused on my research.”

Mimiir clapped her hands and jumped out of a pile of books she was using as a prop.

"My grandfather is inside. Do you want me to show you right away?”

The boy stood up and shook off the dust from his clothes and nodded.

"Lizzy, can you wait here for a minute? I'll be right back!"

As Mimir lightly stirred the air with his hands, rainbow flowers and butterflies began to fall like snowflakes in front of Elizabeth's eyes.

Come to think of it, I didn't even hear your name.’

Does it matter? Elizabeth tilted her head, grabbed the boy's hand as white as a rabbit and waved at Mimiir's back, which had disappeared.

Contrary to her saying that she would come soon, she leaned on a pile of books and took a nap until she woke up, but Mimir did not return.

The rainbow flowers and butterflies were still circling around her, but I'm a little tired of watching them.

Elizabeth rose from her seat, stretching her hair straight and arranging the mess lightly.

Would you believe me if I told myself, 'You're going to be friends with the witch in the clock tower and roll around on his dusty carpet?

With a giggle, Elizabeth brushed off dust stuck to her clothes, and looked around for safe paper and pens that she could use.

Elizabeth, who left a note in a more elegant handwriting than any adult, used the watch again.

It was time for Leonhardt, who had finished his sword training, to return.

Having completed his sword training, Leonhardt would always eat quite a hearty snack with Elizabeth.

It was also a more special time of Elizabeth's day.

"Sir Bern!"

"Lady Elizabeth, welcome."

Albert welcomed the girl, who was familiar with his name.

"Where is Leon?"

Perhaps because he was a little late to stop by the clock tower again, Elizabeth asked his driver, Albert, where Leon was.

Albert reached out his arm to Elizabeth.

She was a bit bent to fit her height, but the folds in her clothes, which resulted from escorting her every day, were a sort of medal for Albert.

"Your Highness has just finished training and is changing his clothes. What did you do today?"

"I've been to the clock tower for a while. By the way! I heard chivalry includes helping people who ask for help, so am I a chivalry?"

Albert only blinked. It was hard to understand what the girl with slender wrists was saying now than the spear used by the knights.

"Well, how did you help?"

"I had to go to the clock tower, but I helped those who were in trouble because they couldn't find the boat."

Elizabeth blabbed triumphantly in a rather proud voice.

Albert smiled because he felt proud of her and cute."You did a good job. Lady Elizabeth is already a great knight."

"Oh, really?"

Elizabeth was genuinely pleased.

Her visible knights always treat themselves as decent ladies with neat looks, polite language and polite movements, tall, white uniforms, and already married... No, not this one.

The images of knights from the palace have always been admired by Elizabeth.


Leonhardt, who was about to clean his sweaty body with a wet towel after training and change his clothes, opened his eyes wide as soon as he saw Elizabeth, who came into the training center under Albert's guidance.

"Leon, excuse me!"

Recognizing that he was changing his clothes, Elizabeth ran to him in one breath and ran out again.

"Lady Elizabeth?"

Leonhardt, half naked - or wearing - floated in front of his eyes.

Sweat-soaked hair, a cold violet gaze that is hard to see because she is always smiling when she is with her, and a clear line along her drooping mouth and shadow, from her forehead to her chin.

His body, whose well-trained muscles began to settle down properly, was so reliable that it was hard to say that there was a young tee left at a glance, but if you look closely, there was still a thin and slender line left.

The knights say it may indeed be a sodmaster.

Elizabeth imagined him as a sod master, waiting for Leonhardt.

Somehow, even the object of admiration seemed to have become Leonhardt, not a knight.

"Without waiting in the palace first."

"But I missed Leon.”

At Elizabeth's words Leonhardt momentarily lost his words and stared blankly at her.

The empress, who saw through her diary, always wanted to see him. Though I thought about it, I never found him first.

He was a foolishly quiet and shy person who fluttered all day long despite the small act of passing by for a while or holding hands to show people at official events.

The person who did so now says he wants to see himself first, and even comes to see him in person.

"Leon... are you crying?”

"No! It's just... There's dust in my eyes...Let's get back to work."

Was I this bad at controlling emotions?

Leonhardt, in any case, gripped Elizabeth's hand, complaining to himself that the delicate and sensitive emotions of an adolescent boy were difficult to control.

"See you tomorrow, then."

"Hard work."

Albert smiled gloatingly as he looked at the two men heading for the main palace holding their hands tightly together.

Somehow, all kinds of flowers seemed to bloom exceptionally beautifully this summer, and the cause was right there.


A red checkered picnic mat was spread over the sunny lawn by Leonhardt, who said, "It's warm today, so let's eat outside.

While waiting for the ladies-in-law to bring the picnic basket, Leonhardt decided to lie down and sleep for a while.

The warm wind was blowing gently under the shade.

Elizabeth, whose daily life with a smiling face has become more natural, was busy sitting next to her and talking like a mountain bird about what she did today and bursting into laughter with the scent of silver bell flowers.

Soon there will be a picnic basket made from the kitchen.

If there was heaven, wouldn't it be here now? Leonhardt nodded moderately at Elizabeth's words, thinking like that."Leon, do you have any guests at the palace?”


"Yes, I've met someone I've never seen before. Similar in height to Leon, holding such a big book, and....”

Leonhardt rose to his feet at the words. There was only one person who knew.

"By any chance... was it a boy with white hair and red eyes like a rabbit?”

"Do you know him?”

Leonhardt nodded his head. He was confident that he knew better than anyone else in the world.

"There weren't many kids who could be friends at the reception last time… It was a little too much to make friends with. That's why my father and mother said they'd select the aristocratic children of my age to be friends with me and call me a palace. It's probably one of them."

The maidens put down the picnic basket between the two in a cautious move.

The basket made of Wanggol was divided into three layers, and each floor was filled with small tableware like a child's play set.

A few years ago, it was really a small tableware for playing house, but now there was a tableware used by any adult in the basket.

Somehow Leonhardt scratched his cheeks in a restless mood, thinking that he really grew up.

On a blue background, a sandwich baked with a lot of butter on top of a plate with platinum patterns, a steaming roast beef, and a cake with strawberries on top of white cream came up on a picnic mat.

The ladies-in-law stepped down again after a calm flower pattern was drawn on a white background and a cup decorated with gold along the border filled with well-boiled black tea instead of milk tea.

"The white-haired one."


Elizabeth, who was carefully taking a bite to prevent the sandwich from spilling down, turned her eyes.

Leonhardt thought for a moment whether it was right to say this now, and concluded that it would be better to know in advance if you were going to find out anyway.

"Ilysses Eldirjan von Perian. He is the heir to the Marquis Perian."

Perian Hu, a writer, had heard of Elizabeth.

"It would be nice to be close.”

Elizabeth was munching on the sandwich and asked 'Why?' only with her eyes.

Instead of saying, "What will happen in the future, what will she do then?" Leonhardt replied with words that a stormy adolescent boy who is in the midst of self-reflection and his own philosophy would say.

"We understand each other's feelings better than anyone else, and when a friend tries to go the wrong way, we have only a few chances in life to meet someone who will throw us all out and block us….”

Elizabeth tilted her head. Nowadays Leonhardt has often set the tone in this way and uttered unknown words.

"By the way, Leon."


"Don't you eat carrots?"

Elizabeth blinked and pointed to Leonhardt's plate.

Only flowers, carrots and broccoli were left on the plate where Hamburger steak was placed.

"My mother told me that if I leave food behind, I'll die later, so I'll have to mix it all....”

Elizabeth stretched out the tail of a broken horse and looked at Leonhardt's wit.

"Well... really? So, would it be better to leave some candy or cake and mix it up a little more deliciously?"

"…can't you eat Leon's carrot?”

"Who can't eat carrots? You don't eat!"

Oops, Leonhardt clenched my mouth with his hand.There was a big difference between not being able to eat and not eating as much as heaven and earth.

Elizabeth met eyes with Leonhardt with pure, ephemeral eyes that had taken his whole life.

"I think the Crown Prince is incredible."

"Is he... really?"

I'm glad you think so. Thank you...

"I can't believe your majesty doesn't eat carrots..”

"It's not that I don't eat, but I can eat if you want me to, so listen to me, Lizzy...!”

"I'm a little disappointed. Now I understand why you've grown slower than I have."

Elizabeth made fun of Leonhardt with a smile.

Leonhardt dropped a wooden fork in his hand at the hand.

The maidens who were watching the two from afar were holding back their laughter by holding onto the pillars or pinching each other's sides, but Leonhardt was in danger of never having lived again for 19 years.

"You can eat it!"


Elizabeth said in a tone of incredulity. Leonhardt poked a flower-shaped carrot with a new fork and brought it close to his mouth.

"Eat... su...."

But contrary to what I thought, I can't open my mouth.

"Is this body crazy? Even if you're a child, you're an adult. Even if a carrot doesn't suit a child's taste, an adult can't miss it!’

Leonhardt felt a cold sweat running down his backside. In the meantime, Elizabeth made eye contact with him with a casual look and was eating the carrot cut into a rabbit shape.

"Oh, no, I can't Your Highness, would you like to come here for a second?”

"…Lizzy, you've been acting like an adult lately?"

Leonhardt put down his fork and sat a little closer to Elizabeth.

"Come on! Ah-try it."

Elizabeth picked up the fork that Leonhardt had put down and poked all the remaining carrots.

Leonhardt couldn't believe what was happening now.

If it were up to her mind, she had already finished the digestive process, poked a carrot with a fork and made it into a lump, and was pushing it into my mouth with a strange sound like "Ah-ha."

Is it a dream?’

But the smell of the nose-blowing hamburger sauce was telling me that this was never a dream.

Leonhardt alternately closed his eyes and opened his mouth with a determined look on his face, Elizabeth, and a group of maids who eventually sat down in the distance and shook their shoulders.

"You're so sweet. Your highness is eating so well. Grow tall, grow tall!"

"Lizzy... because I'm two years older than you are."

Gulp. The taste of carrots that were forced to swallow without chewing a few times was beyond the child's taste and also did not suit the youth's taste.

Leonhardt, who washed his mouth with juice made of whole fruits, glared at Elizabeth in a ridiculous way.

Elizabeth could only laugh at what was so pleasant.

"In my life, I tried the carrots that the empress fed me....’

He's such a sweet person. Why didn't I know when he was sweet, innocent, and bright like a bunch of daffodils around him for a second?

Leonhardt blamed himself again. Elizabeth was using Leonhardt instead of a doll to play house, trying to feed him a carrot followed by a slightly burnt broccoli.Do you think I deserve this?’

It was disgusting for a moment to see Elizabeth opening her mouth as if she were a real child, swallowing a few times pretending to eat something she didn't like, and looking for juice with a frown.


Leonhardt's expression darkened. Elizabeth wondered and called his name. Is he angry because he forced him to eat vegetables?

"Mi... I'm sorry. I was angry because I didn't know you hate vegetables so much...?”

"Huh? Oh, no. No, I don't have anything to be mad at Lizzie. Oh, I used to hate vegetables, but Lizzie fed them to me and it's really good!"

Leonhardt smiled awkwardly and tried to avoid Elizabeth's sullen gaze.

"By the way, the Empress said recently....”

"Oh, my God?"

Leonhardt's eyes narrowed sharply when Elizabeth said she heard the Empress murmuring that she wanted to go to the sea.

Sea? Why did you want to go to the sea all of a sudden?

I had a bad feeling. Leonhardt forced the leftover vegetables into his mouth.