Chapter - 34 Episode 34 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

The song the waves sing

Freya Ivanna von Espedor was painting in the Imperial Palace.

On days when the sun was dazzlingly broken into hundreds of branches over a shiny window, the empress would often leave all her schedules behind and take out canvas and paint.

Despite the emperor's visit, the empress did not stop teasing the brush.

Knowing that nothing but paintings came into her eyes when she concentrated on the painting, the emperor quietly gestured at the ladies-in-law and sat in a chair staring at the empress.

The empress sat upright under the shining sun, smiling contentedly like water and teasing her hands stained with paint.

The emperor made a square shape by attaching the thumb and index finger of both hands.

His favorite scene in the world was captured in a hand-made frame.

The beautiful, elegant, and elegant figure people see was a natural fit for the name Empress.

But the empress, who concentrates on one thing, opens her lips slightly, sits close to the canvas, breathlessly, and focuses on the description, was one of her true self that could only be seen.

Her few hobbies known to the public were arranging flowers, drawing pictures, and appreciating poems.

Besides, the empress embroidered herself in a stately manner that any lady in bridal class can admire, or read a difficult philosophy for the learning that any nation's mother must have.

The emperor recalled a small saddle of horses hidden in the queen's treasure chest.

The emperor knew better than anyone how beautiful and bright the empress' face was when she enjoyed what she really liked.

And at the same time, the emperor knew how slowly the smile fell in what pain.

The previous empress, the mother-in-law of the emperor and the mother-in-law of Freya, was a very cold, stern, and, to put it mildly, strict personality.

It is no exaggeration to say that while she existed as the funniest person in the royal family, the time in the imperial palace stopped.

The pot was always there.

Flowers are placed in a vase in the same shape every day.

Not only the tableware but also the documents on the desk should never be disturbed.

The picture in the frame did not change, the academic and philosophical books in the study did not change to poetry, and even the flowers I saw for the first time did not bloom in the garden.

Taking it as a basic and natural thing in the world to wake up at the same time every day, she went to sleep at the same time without any error.

And Freya Ivanna, who has lived in the harbor for generations, was, pitifully, the most free-spirited girl in the empire to be empress.

The emperor carefully approached the empress, who was concentrating on sitting in front of the canvas without knowing that he had come.

Inside the canvas, there was a familiar sea in his eyes.

The emperor's eyes curled finely when he realized what she was drawing. Apparently the sea in the painting was her hometown sea.

Their first meeting was like a story in a fairy tale. Literally came by accident.The prince and the youngest daughter of the Duke, who were enjoying summer vacation on the beach, which was famous for the most beautiful resort in the empire, a hill full of white flowers with the horizon, and a beach full of salt, fell in love at first sight.

It was their first meeting that they almost killed the crown prince by stepping on the horse's hooves while running in the field comforting the stallion, which was particularly difficult to tame.

It would be better if it just ended up with that happening.

The evening before returning to the Imperial Palace, when the sunset was red.

The princess, who spent her entire life walking barefoot on the sandy beach with seagulls, running in the fields, picking open tree fruits by the side of the road, and taking a nap on a heated rock under the sun, was proposed by the crown prince.

Freya was genuinely pleased but worried at the same time. But the Crown Prince trusted only him and asked him to enter the Imperial Court.

Freya, who saw an unprecedented red sunset in his eyes, accepted the proposal.

And the clever Freya, as soon as the crown of the Crown Princess was placed on her head, realized that she had come into the cage on her own.

And the loveliest man in the world was also devastated when he realized that he was born in a cage and locked up for life.

Instead of communicating with horses in the stable, Freya, who came to the palace, became the most colorful flower in society and continued to engage in heartless exchanges with other nobles.

It was only the beginning to learn how to walk at regular intervals, not to run, not to walk often, but to look elegant and in a hurry.

Instead of picking flowers in the field to make flower rings and flower crowns, they had to encounter expensive plants that were difficult to name and to grow, and learn to perfectly reproduce them in the shape the empress liked.

Until the empress builds up enough knowledge and culture to satisfy her, she was also banned from being a bird that flies freely in the vast sky, not in the stuffy imperial palace by reading poetry and mobilizing imagination.

Freya grumbled in front of a thick philosophy book, saying that reading this would make her head as hard as a stone.

On the day when he painted for a change and presented it to the emperor, the emperor framed the painting and hung it directly in the living room.

However, the painting had to be placed in the royal treasure chest at the hands of the empress the next day.

Freya endured everything, though. There was a loving 'husband' beside her.

Although there were not many ways to protect her as a crown prince, on the day that the crown princess was severely reprimanded by the harsh and fierce empress, as a "husband," he hugged her and gave her enough space to cry.

Freya, who became Empress, no longer remembered how to communicate with horses, and realized that running down the long corridor of the Imperial Palace was impossible due to lack of physical strength, and that reading poetry made it even harder to use imagination.

Before she knew it, she adapted to life in a cage.

"When did you get here?"

There was a long shadow on the canvas. Freya then looked back and gave him a bright smile that made him fall in love at first sight.

"I came a long time ago. What were you drawing, my love, Freya?”

Freya slightly moved the seat without the backrest to the side and gave way.

The emperor looked at the painting in a plausible manner and caught a small wrinkle between his eyes as if he was going to make a strict assessment.The sea, which was generously expressed using your precious blue dye, was vividly depicted as if each white wave were alive, as if it were about to feel salt.

And there were people on board the boat on the sea.

The emperor looked at the painting a little closer, admiring his ability to capture the characteristics well so that he could recognize who was who.

"Do you recognize who is who?”

The empress, who put down her brush and pallet and even took off her apron, hung from the emperor's neck and whispered, kissing her cheek lightly.

The emperor embraced the empress and laid her on the bed, reciting the names of the figures in the painting one by one.

The now deceased Empress's parents, her brothers who died early in an unfortunate accident, and even her predecessor Empress, who had been so hard to live.

There was no sign of any living imperial family anywhere, but the emperor did not notice it because he was looking for peace and rest in the arms of the empress.

"What is the title of this painting?”

Freya reached out and answered with a drape.

"It's freedom."


Leonhardt ran to his residence in one fell swoop and pulled out the code and looked in the mirror.

[X-Monday, Mom and Dad died.

I didn't expect it to be this year!

Leonhardt breathed hard, hiding the code again.

I couldn't repeat the incident that destroyed his whole life, no, not just his life, but also Elizabeth's.

The official cause of death of Empress Freya Ivanna von Espedor was drowning.

I visited my hometown with the emperor for the first time in a while. Lost his footing on a cliff off the coast and died.

But Leonhardt knew the truth.

My mother was suffering from terrible depression at the time.

My dad brought all sorts of drugs that made me feel good, funny clowns and bards who knew interesting stories to the palace, but all of them were useless.

She wanted freedom.

The emperor could give everything but not as much.

No, I could give it to you.

To Leonhardt, who came with questions about his mother's death, the emperor screamed and laughed like a madman, looking half-dead drunk.

"Freya, I let you go free! From this d*mn life! From the imperial family! She was only able to escape the cage when she died! I did it for her until the end, granted her wish. Freya, my love. Then who will set me free?"

And there was a black shadow over the imperial family.

The emperor went back and forth between the madman and the normal man, and eventually became a ruined man and lived in prison.

Leonhardt, who was begging him to come to his senses as a crown prince and son, managed to avoid becoming a prince and became confined to his own situation.

Taking advantage of the royal family's staggering moments, crows and rats in human form began to flock to the palace.

And at the heart of it was the Duke of Elysium.

'That's never gonna happen this time. Elysium will collapse like this. I don't want to see a scarecrow like that again.'

When he laughed at his mother, saying, "Why didn't you just follow her to find freedom and fly away?" He laughed and lamented about the life of an emperor who couldn't die the way he wanted to, saying, "I really should have."

Even after taking over the throne, Leonhardt had to rebuild a country that had collapsed as much as it could at home, and restore diplomatic relations that had been completely reversed abroad.'If you tell me to suffer again, I'll bite my tongue and die. Wait, that dog's been through a lot of trouble.

Leonhardt, who was taking a deep breath with his forehead on his desk, asked himself with shaking eyes.

What has Elizabeth been doing all this time?’

He and Ilysses had a cot in the corner of their office to restore the messed up domestic and international situation.

It was ridiculous that the empress had not done anything.

"It was surprisingly easy to calm things down in the country without a single common riot..’

Leonhardt reached a little further beyond memory.

Elisabeth was somewhere within reach.

I remembered receiving a report that the Empress went out of the palace herself to calm the angry people, and in return, she smiled hard while being beaten with rotten vegetables or eggs and handed out her private property to the people.

Leonhardt raised himself with a smile.

And this time, the desk was about to break, banging its head in a brave way.

It's impossible to be loved by everyone. Nothing has ever been more prone to degeneration into hatred than tender affection. It was a person's heart that he didn't even want to see him breathe once he started to hate him.

Even more, the name Empress would have been easy for anyone to pour out loud and explicit resentment, as everyone liked it with a light fantasy.

The Empress endured it alone.

Instead of making it obvious that he was having a hard time, he changed the flowers of his study and office, worrying about his health, and managed to take comfort in one thing and persevere.

Then he might have called himself the "perfect empress" in his diary, censored himself once again and whipped himself. No, it actually was.

Leonhardt beckoned the servants from the Crown Prince's residence and headed to the bathroom.

Leonhardt, who filled the sink with cold water, hit his forehead again.

Screaming automatically came out with a sound of splashing and a cold sense of stabbing the top of the head and the forehead that began to swell with an awl.


Of course, it was actually a floundering sound at best, but Leonhardt let out an evil scream with a scream.

And I swore.

This time, by no means, such a tragedy will ever happen again.

At least these days, my mother was smiling happily and joyfully, but I couldn't let my guard down when I recalled the conversation I had with Mimi's Brunne seven years ago.


It was only after his breath reached the limit that Leonhardt stood up and stared in the mirror.

The colorful golden hair inherited from my mother was wet with a deep light like straw in the autumn frost.

I will never, ever, ever stop the same tragedy from happening.We have to stop him.That way, that way Lizzie can be happy.'

If Mama hadn't died, if she hadn't become a scoundrel, if she hadn't jumped into politics naked as soon as she inherited the throne at an early age, if the Empress hadn't had to endure it all alone with no place to turn to.

Everything is for the happiness of the empress.’

Perhaps Elizabeth had a happier life.