Chapter - 35 Episode 35 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.


It was Elizabeth. Leonhardt came outside and greeted her, wiping her wet hair roughly with a towel.

"What's wrong with you? The ladies at the Crown Princess were running out looking for a doctor a while ago. Are you hurt?”


"Uh... Huh?

Elizabeth was taken aback at the sight of Leonhardt calling herself in a weary voice.

She was still too young to read the emotions swirling in her messed-up hair and cold, low-sink violet-colored eyes from a rough towel wipe. So instead of guessing his feelings, she decided to focus on the sensation that tickled the heart.

Glittering golden hair, violet eyes, fluffy eyelashes like wheat fields on autumn days, nose blades that twist gracefully when receiving light, and soft lips that always say friendly words.

If the boy with white and red eyes I saw a while ago was a rabbit, Leonhardt looked just like a lion.

Although he was only a lion whose mane was only beginning to grow, the dedication to his fiancee and all the good things he recommended to her first spread throughout the imperial palace on the mouths of the maidens.

The names of Leonhardt and Elizabeth have often been mentioned in social circles.

Especially now that the two are old enough to reach puberty, their love affairs have always been perfect for those hungry for interesting stories.

Even now, the story of two sugar-sweet women at a wife's tea party would be going back and forth between the wives' fans.

However, contrary to rumors that "Elisabeth Young-ae is very affectionate to the king and dreams of him every night," Elizabeth still had no idea what the feelings were in her and why she was tickled and had a fever in her face.

However, I could see that Leonhardt was very worried about himself, such as the rumor that "Your Highness is that much for love."

"It's okay..."

Are you okay?

Leonhardt forced up his crumbling facial muscles.

I always wanted her to act freely with a smile and say sweet and pleasant things.

This time again, he was worried about Elizabeth, who should be happier than anyone else in the world.

"I'm sorry…I'm sorry, Elizabeth…".”

"I'm sorry, what? What's wrong with you all of a sudden? Are you sure you're hurt? Did you hit your head again? I told you to stop that! I mean, you're going to get smart.”

"Maybe I'm stupid enough already, as you say. The greatest jerk! You idiot!

"Le, Leon…?"

Leonhardt hugged Elizabeth in his arms.

I want to make her happy, but there was nothing the 19-year-old little prince could do for her.

Elizabeth carefully raised her hand and patted Leonhardt on the back after only blinking.

When I consulted Mimir about Leonhardt's abnormalities, which often hit his head on walls or tables, Mimir shook the magic pot and said casually.

It's because it's puberty. Leave it alone and I'll kick the covers in the middle of the night.'

Still... is there anything I can do for Leon?’

You're a great saint. Where do you like your majesty so much, Leon, Leon. Is that what you're doing? Even though I promised to get married in the future....’

"Leon is wonderful, and he's always sweet to me. It's sweet, and I... Because you make me happy....’'Anyway, kids are precocious. Next time your Highness says so, give him a pat on the back and comfort him by saying, "Good boy."

Is that a magic spell?’

'Yes, it's a very effective order, so try it later in a crowded place. Don't forget to let me know the results.'

Maybe it was time to use the magic.

"Nice to meet you, my Prince Leonhardt. There you go."

Leonhardt momentarily doubted his ears. What, what?

"Good boy, good boy. What the hell does Leon have to be sorry for? Did you eat something delicious alone without me knowing? That's okay. Leon needs to be bigger than he is now."


Leonhardt felt a sudden release of complicated thoughts and tension weighing on his shoulders in his young fiancee's arms.

Elizabeth, who saw the complex Leonhardt's face mixed with half relief, half despondency, and a little absurdity, admired the effectiveness of the spell taught by Mimir.

"Mimir must have taught me something strange again… I'm fine. I didn't eat anything behind your back, and....”

"Your forehead is so red."

"…it's because I slipped. I dozed off in front of the desk.”

Elizabeth lifted Leonhardt's bangs slightly and regretted collecting her eyebrows as if she had been hurt.

Leonhardt felt his heart throbbing again.

Don't make that face, Lizzy. Smile. Never mind things like me....’

"Didn't you have something to do?”

"I don't have anything to do because it's my daily routine to play and eat in the palace…Unlike your Highness, you've already finished your homework.”

"Oh, right, homework...Can you show me your homework?”

Elizabeth had the most threatening and frightening look she could make.

Leonhardt shook his hands pretending to be scared, even though he was at a loss because Elizabeth, who had swollen her cheeks and frowned, was so cute.

"No, no, no, no. I'll do it on my own. I can do it. Let's do our own thing. Let's do our own thing..”

"And then you're really gonna get mad?”

But Leonhardt has never seen Elizabeth genuinely angry.

Leonhardt, who had been associated with a cute and insignificant threat, suddenly noticed that he had been held in Elizabeth's arms until then and stepped back.

On Elizabeth's shoulder, a drop of water fell from his head remained thick and round.

"I'm sorry, my clothes are going to get wet. Oh, you want me to introduce him to you? Why... the one who was holding a big, white, red book like a rabbit."

"I went to see Mimi Brunne, so it's going to take a long time….”

"Then do you want to take a walk in the rose garden?"

"Um… I don't want to walk anymore today.”


"I'm going to take a nap. Let me borrow your bed.”

Elizabeth, relieved to see Leonhardt return to his usual form, smiled cheerfully.

Walking in the rose garden, looking around the imperial palace, and admiring the swordsmanship of the knights were all done, so I wanted to do something that I wanted to do something that I had never done before.

"What about your bed?"

"Bailey is sleeping.”


Unable to be jealous of his beloved dog, Leonhardt only pulled his hair as if he were squeezing water out of his head."Sleep tight…". I will do my homework or anything, so don't worry....”

Leonhardt went to his desk dripping small round drops of water instead of footprints and really began to do his homework.

Elizabeth, who was staring at Leonhardt's wide back and back instead of taking a nap, jumped out of her seat.

"I'm leaving."

"Huh? Uh... Yeah....”

"I'm leaving.”

"Huh? Well, yeah. Goodbye...?"

"Don't you want me to stop you?"

Stop me? Stop me? Dry your hair?

Leonhardt looked at Elizabeth with a look of bewilder.

Elizabeth somehow had a face full of disapproval, discontent, and disappointment.

Leonhardt felt his heart drop for a moment. I don't know what it was, but I felt like I made a big mistake.

"Should I go to Mimir in the clock tower now and ask him to turn back time...?’

"Why should I stop you..."Lizzy, you can do whatever you want. That's what I'm allowed to do. Do whatever you want. It's my room, but if you want to come in, go out if you want. Bed? I can lend you a bed as much as I want. I mean...."

"Your Highness the Crown Prince... Fool!"

Elizabeth closed her eyes tightly and uttered the equivalent of defamation of the imperial family. Then she turned to the road and ran out to her quarters (which, if any, still had Leonhardt's opposite).

Left alone, Leonhardt was bewildered, dripping water from his head.

What's wrong with Elizabeth?

'No way... did Lizzie reach puberty? Rebellion? That sweet, kind Lizzie? Don't tell me Lizzie ran away from home, messed up her room just because she didn't like it, turned the table upside down?’

Leonhardt began to think seriously about the atrocities he had done in his first adolescence.

Elizabeth held Bailey in the corner of the bed and was shaking her shoulders and crying.

These days, emotions have rarely been controlled at will.

When I saw Leonhardt, my heart beat fast. Then, I became grumpy with the unfamiliar and unfamiliar sense and wanted to tease or bully him.

But at the same time, he didn't want to die to be hurt by what he said.

Then what the hell am I supposed to do?

Leonhardt didn't know about it, but all the maids-in-law at the Crown Prince's Palace in charge of her knew the story.

Elizabeth has finally come to puberty, and she's starting to feel sorry for the Crown Prince.

'People say it's okay, and at my age it's like that. Still... Still....’

What if Leonhardt gets disappointed by my actions and asks me to forget about my engagement?

It was a hateful thing to imagine it.

Eventually Elizabeth burst into tears and grabbed Bailey and asked.

"Bailey, do you think I'm weird, too?”


"… Never mind. I can't even communicate with people, so I can't say dog. Whoops."

Bailey was much smarter and smarter than the other brothers, but unfortunately, she was not wise enough to fully understand the psychological state of her owner in puberty.

Why does the owner have such a sad look on his face, Bailey whined around Elizabeth and brought her favorite toy.

I'll give you this, so smile.

However, Elizabeth looked at Bailey, who stuck out her tongue half way and gasped, and rather frowned more and began sobbing silently.

What happened to the owner? Who's trying to hurt the owner?Bailey stopped laughing and pulled herself up.

Standing on his two feet and leaning against the owner, the owner lay down on the floor pretending not to win, and soon laughed with him and rolled on the floor for a long time.

But instead of falling to the floor, the owner hugged Bailey tightly and began to cry aloud.

Bailey began to deduce what had happened through the smell of the owner's arms at the same time as licking the salty water flowing through his owner's cheeks.

I don't know what happened, but the man who was always with the owner seemed to have made the owner like this.

Next time we meet, I'll bite off your shoes. Bailey thought so and gave Elizabeth a little more space to bury her face in her fluffy fur.