Chapter - 36 Episode 36 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

Leonhardt hid his signs and put his ears to Elizabeth's tightly closed door.

I heard a whimper and Bailey whimpering.

'Lizzy is crying again because of me...?’

Leonhardt stumbled backward and hit the wall in the back of his head.

What should I do? There's no such thing as a way to soothe an adolescent girl in the book!'

Stamping his feet, Leonhardt began to think about how to make Elizabeth smile again.

Where do you want me to go? No, you said you didn't want to walk anymore today. Today? If you don't want to walk today, will you walk tomorrow? Going out? Going out... HmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmThat's it!'

Leonhardt flicked his finger in the air.

I thought maybe I could prevent the tragedy of my mother, give Elizabeth a new experience, and everyone could laugh.

"Lizzy…? Can I come in…?”

"Well, then can I just say it here…"?”

"You're the one who can do whatever you want, aren't you? Before you always tell me to do whatever I want, do whatever I want, and do what I want to do!"

Elizabeth herself was well aware of how ridiculous sophistry she is now.

However, as if under a wicked spell, mean and hurtful words kept popping out of my mouth.

Elizabeth snorted, covering her mouth with her hands. I was afraid of what I would say if I opened my mouth any longer.

'You must really be going through puberty....’

Leonhardt sighed inwardly with a wry smile. So far, it's been a decent level. At least they cut down trees because they don't want to turn the bookshelf upside down or see fallen leaves falling from the trees..

"That's why the tree was cut down!"

Leonhardt apologized to the innocent tree. In summer, the crown prince's garden, the largest and broadest branches, nodded lightly at the end of the branches in the wind to accept his apology.

'But I'm glad I can express freely that I don't like Lizzie... Not at all, not at all! Not like this, more... More... No, you have to say you don't like anything other than me, stupid Leonhardt! No... Honestly, I want Lizzy to always be positive to me... But that's your greed and now focus on soothing Lizzie, you idiot!'

Leonhardt put the top of his head against a marble wall and lashed out at him, clearing his throat big time.

It hurt more than the head that hit the forehead, back of the head, and the top of the head.

"Then I'll act freely as you say. Lizzy, why don't you go to the sea? No, this is an order. Lady Elizabeth, come to the sea with me."


It was not long before Elizabeth opened the door with a red nose like a strawberry.

At her feet, Bailey was growling, showing her teeth.

Leonhardt questioned Bailey with his eyes, "Why do you look at her like that?"

Bailey began to bite off the bad guy's shoes that made the owner cry.

Only after a short disturbance between Elizabeth, who tried to stop Bailey for a while, and Leonhardt, who did not understand the owner, and his beloved dog, Leonhardt was able to ask Elizabeth again.

"Have you ever seen the sea?”

"No... no..."

Elizabeth, who had lived only in the Elysium mansion or the Imperial Palace all her life, shook her head.

She knew from the book what the sea was like. Specifically, I understood well enough to admire my teacher's role in the natural world.But I've never seen it with my own eyes.

Elizabeth, who was curious about the wide horizon that always appeared when talking about the sea, opened the door a little more so that Leonhardt could enter.

"You know my mother is from the seashore, don't you?"

"Yes, I know it's the best vacation spot in the Empire."

"…just say it comfortably.”

"Is that also an order?"

"Then are you going to keep being so hard?”

"You told me to do what I wanted to do."

"…do as you please. Anyway, it's summer soon, and there's a theater festival there."


"It's a play based on legends from Mama's hometown. I thought it would be nice to take this opportunity to see how you interpret and direct the same plot every year. And... well....”

Elizabeth tilted her head.

"My dad fell in love with you there at first sight.”

Leonhardt puffed out with his eyes closed.

Seventeen, only adolescence, was the perfect material for a girl of the age who would not be strange if a prince on a white horse appeared in her dream.

'I'm a little sorry I feel like I'm selling my dad... This is all for the best, so please let it slide!'

Leonhardt secretly asked for forgiveness from the emperor, who was in a drowsy nap at the empress' residence.

"You've never seen the sea, have you? And the work that comes up on the last day of the festival can be aimed at artistry, culture and other learning effects....”

"I'm coming!"

There you go! Leonhardt calls joy to his heart.

Elizabeth's coyly raised eyes returned like a gentle lamb. Leonhardt, who confirmed his eyes full of curiosity, interest, and anticipation, reached out to Elizabeth as if he were escorting her.

"Before that, there's a place to go. Would you please be with me?”

"I'm happy!"

Elizabeth smiled brightly again and put her hand on Leonhardt's arm.


"I want to go to the sea."

The Emperor's thick eyebrows wriggled at the words of the Empress.

"Sea…Sea is nice. By the way, Freya, I like my wide arms of love more than the sea....”

"The sea is endless. When I was young, I wondered what was beyond the horizon.”

"I'm my love… Whoa, it's Freya. Did Jim do anything wrong again?"

The emperor, who raised himself and put his arms on the empress' shoulders, asked her with a worried face.

The empress continued with a dazed look as if she had fallen into a daydream.

"Now I know there are other kingdoms beyond... The first day I met you, I was riding a horse to run over the horizon. Do you remember?"

"Oh my God, if it's an incident that almost crushed your head on your hoof while you were taking a nap avoiding the eyes of the maid, you can't help but remember it."

The emperor murmured, leaning his head back in the arms of the empress again.

"I want to go to the sea. I want to see the waves. I want to hear seagulls singing, not the boring and boring music of court bands. Your Majesty, what?"


The emperor raised himself again with a troubled face.

There was no reason not to. He had outstanding substitutes who could be relieved to leave state affairs for a while, and the season was heading for summer, and....

Your Majesty, the Crown Prince and Lady Elizabeth are asking for an audience.

The emperor and empress hurriedly began to find clothes and put them on."It's a little unfair. My love is only one dress, one shawl, and I'm wearing a shirt, pants,.”

"Then I'll have to give you my old pajamas.”


When the children came, the empress' face brightened again as if it had never been the case.

"Did it take you this long to get an audience?"

"Well, I think we're in the wrong time this time.”


"There's something like that.”

Elizabeth and Leonhardt squatted in front of the bedroom of the Imperial Palace, resting their chin and staring at the servant.

Sijong was sweating profusely because he didn't know how to buy time by explaining what was happening beyond the door.

"Come on in."

The door to the bedroom of the empress opened with the low and dignified voice of the emperor.

Leonhardt walked in with Elizabeth into her mother's bedroom.

'That picture is...'

The first thing that caught Leonhardt's eye was a picture of the sea of courtesy.

The endless blue sea, the small boat, but the people on it were already dead and free from everything.

Leonhardt, who knows what it means, bit his lips and spoke first.

"Oh, my God, oh, my God. I have a small request."

"My new baby has become more beautiful! Is there anything you want? Would you like to learn painting with the Empress? If it's for the baby, I'll blend the gold stone and mix it with paint!"


"Oh, yeah, you're here. You have a request? Let's hear it first."

Leonhardt sighed loudly, moving his shoulders.

It suddenly occurred to me that I wish I had a sister who would take my father-in-law's love for her daughter-in-law a little.

"I want to go see the sea.”

"What? No."

"Let's do it!"


The emperor, who tried to ignore the crown prince's words in a word, hurriedly shouted her name at the words of the empress.

In the meantime, Elizabeth slipped out of the emperor's arms and returned to Leonhardt's side.

"Frey, I can do anything for you. But…."

"I'm in front of my children. That's enough of the story, all right. Our babies. Why did you suddenly want to see the sea?”

Leonhardt exchanged views with Elizabeth. Elizabeth opened her mouth with excitement.

"I want to see a play festival in the hometown of the Empress. I... I've never seen the sea before in my life... The weather is summer now, so your Highness recommended it first.”

"Prince? How admirable. Your Majesty, why don't we have the whole family go on a vacation?”

"…that's a great idea! It's my love, Frey, my love.

Leonhardt poked his lips to the core, asking him to put saliva on them and say things like that.

"Does Your Majesty hate the sea?"

Elizabeth looked at the paint and brush with the empress' permission and asked carefully, looking at the emperor's suspicious look.

"…I don't hate it."

"Your Highness, um... I heard it was the first place you two met... That's why I want to go there."

"Frey, have you ever told Leon about our first meeting?"

"No…? Is your majesty…".”

Leonhardt bit his tongue into a cold sweat.

Come to think of it, the first time the two met was when the ruined emperor was drunk and rambling.

"Well, come to think of it, we haven't been anywhere together since Lizzie came to the palace! So please be gracious, Your Majesty."Leonhardt hastily turned the subject around. The emperor and empress looked down at him with suspicious eyes, and exchanged glances.

"…let's do it. It just so happened that the Empress was talking about the sea a little while ago."

The Emperor's head shook up and down. Leonhardt, however, could hardly rejoice at the unexpectedly easy permission.

"And you, too?”

Leonhardt's heart sank again. I felt like everything was going wrong.

"At this time, I would set up a stage on the beach for the festival, and I would run around the stage with my brothers and sisters… I can't believe I'm seeing that again! Let's get ready."

Cacti, which met with welcome rain, blooms the most beautiful flowers in the world as much as they endured thirst.

Just like that, the empress smiled.

Leonhardt kept up with Elizabeth, who was so happy that she could jump from place to place without letting go of the tension.

The story of His Majesty's return of the hands of the clock [exclusive.