Chapter - 37 Episode 37 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Hands, hands, eyes, eyes.

Albert took Leonhardt's sword when he heard that the imperial family had decided to go on a vacation to the beach together.

"Oh... there... do you mean... It's where I went for my honeymoon. It was very beautiful."

"Madam, or the sea?”

"The lady who smiles brightly at the sea... No, not this one. Your Highness!"

"May I get you a souvenir for your wife?"

"…then I'm grateful, but for someone who's going to such a nice place, I don't look very happy."

Leonhardt now penetrated Albert's gap as if he had expected this much.

As Albert expected and expected, Leonhardt grew up to be a man who had mastered swordsmanship since birth, and now he was unable to handle it by himself.

"By the way, did you hear about the festival?”

"Oh, I just happened to get the catalog. If time allows... Oh, my. I thought I'd go. That's what happened."

"Sir, if you don't concentrate, you'll be in trouble."

Albert simply the other side of the attacks as a toilet, back to the side and broke his arm.

It was a close call, but it was Albert's victory again.

'Show me the catalog.'

Leonhardt turned his stiff shoulders and said to Albert.

Albert stuck out an unusually colorful piece of paper on his desk.

"The Little Mermaid, who finds out that all she wants is never to be by her side, finally goes up in smoke and gets her hands on real freedom...?”

"That's what this interpretation says. Well, like last year, the prince is actually a madman, so it's much more wholesome than cutting and poisoning a healthy woman's ankle tendon and using it as a concubine without a proper name."

"…that interpretation somehow came up on stage.”

"That's why there's been a lot of controversy among critics for a while."

"Thank you for the information. Then I'll see you after the vacation."

"Oh, Your Highness, the... With all due respect, may I ask you a favor?"

"What is it?"

Albert grabbed Leonhardt, who was in a hurry to return for Elizabeth, who was waiting outside the battlefield.

The giant man, who had a couple of heads bigger than the other man, was somehow blushing at the distant place.

"I'm going to... Can you get me a long stem of seaweed....”

Seaweed? A person who has been married for less than a month can't... Are you sure?

"Don't tell me you're Albert....”

"Well, well, well, well, well, well!"

Leonhardt shook his head saying, "There is no one to trust in the world."

Albert shouted behind his back as he walked out of the battlefield.

"I'd like the best, no matter what! Your Highness, are you there? Your Highness!"


"It smells strange."

Elizabeth, who opened the window and was enjoying the sea breeze, said.

The Empress also approached the window and reached out the window.

The wind in hand was clearly salty.

"It smells like the sea!"

"The smell of the sea?"

"This particular salty damp wind, the fishy smell of seaweed. You're really home!"

The empress, like Elizabeth, spoke with a full of excitement and emotion.

Leonhardt and the Emperor were smiling at their loved ones with the same expression.

"There are white birds! Is that a seagull?"

"Yes, I'll show you something fun when I get closer to the sea.”

"Funny thing..."

The empress sat down again with a look of bewilderment as she wanted to run out of the wagon at any moment.As I got closer to the sea, the old memories that had to be forcibly erased from the empress began to come to mind one by one.

Memories of riding horses through the sea breeze, lying down on the black stone on the beach enjoying the warm sunshine, sitting alone on the eve of leaving home, and tearing up at the sound of waves.

"I thought I'd never hear it again….”

The eyes of the emperor and Leonhardt simultaneously turned to the empress.

The empress continued, looking at the horizon that began to appear far away with a faint look on her face, still incredible.

"I can't believe I'm going to live and listen to the song of the sea again. You're not going to break your dream, are you?”


It is said that the estate, which was the hometown of the empress, was automatically returned to the imperial family as there were no suitable people left to succeed her family.

But its people were proud to be the best resort in the empire.

Officials who came down from the imperial family left anything in moderation unless the people crossed the line at the order of the emperor, and even gave permission when they created or formed a self-governing council.

So they themselves developed and improved the hometown the empress loved.

Returning to the mansion, which is now the summer villa of the imperial family, the empress said hello to the old users who were still in charge of the mansion after a very long time.

The emperor, who was watching, regretted why he had not come here with the empress earlier, and Leonhardt saw such a father and vowed that he would never do that.

Wait, if you're sending Lizzie home, you're sending her back to the dukes of Elysium, right? No, no, no, no, no. The pledge just now is a cancellation.’

"Leon, what's wrong?"

"Lizzy, why don't you make this your second home?”


Elizabeth tilted her head at the wrong sound of Leonhardt.

While the servants were unpacking, the royal family decided to take a light tour of the beach.

The fabric itself was made of white, thin linen with small wrinkles, with a three-stage tier skirt that became more and more abundant as it went down. Elizabeth, dressed in lace bolero, which is tightly woven to prevent sunburn on her delicate skin, is ready to go out to the beach by wearing exotic sandals with jewelry and knot decorations on her feet and a large straw hat on her two-pronged braids.

The Empress also appeared before the Emperor in the most natural and comfortable dress allowed by the name Empress.

"It's been a long time since I've been home, so I'd like to wear my old clothes."

"Unfortunately, the size doesn't fit. I guess I was too comfortable in the imperial family."

Leonhardt, who wore a white shirt, black pants, and a decent waist, wearing a black towel like a sailor on his head, reached out to Elizabeth.

"Shall we go, Lady Elizabeth?"

Arriving at the beach, the empress stretched her arms in the air, holding freshly fried French fries in her hand.

Then one of the seagulls, who glided freely in the sky, snatched the fries from her hand with a nimble hand.

"Oh, my God!"

Elizabeth opened her eyes wide and raised her hand to cover her mouth.

The empress began to scatter French fries high into the sky.

Elizabeth, who had been watching the scene, took up her courage and raised her hand with french fries.With a bang, I felt like I was dragging something strong in my hand.

"Oh, my God..."

Elizabeth picked up the french fries again with a half-absorbed look, and began to sprinkle them in the air with the empress.

Unlike the emperor, who watched the white seagulls gather around the empress and Elizabeth and make a squeaky sound, Leonhardt was in serious trouble.

I think we should change the ending of the play festival... Will they ever listen to me?’

While drinking cool fruit juice suitable for the summer beach, the emperor glanced at his troubled son, frowning as if he had heard the world was going to collapse tomorrow.

"Do you have any concerns?"

"Oh, my God, that… Mm... no."

"Tell me. It's been a long time since everyone had a good time, but I won't forgive you for making that face."

Leonhardt looked up at the emperor with an incredible look, barely opening his mouth after only a few flaps of lips.

Here, too, we desperately needed the help of the Emperor.

"The painting of Mama Mama."

"Oh, you mean the picture of the sea named freedom? Why is it?"

"The sea has long been a symbol of freedom. I've heard that my mother's hometown is the sea, and I know who she was before she met her father. So you miss the sea or something... Dad, have you noticed?"

"What, what, what?

Leonhardt, who has been trying to make a deep reflection on the sea and freedom, cannot say his purpose until sunset. I made a decision and got off to the point.

"How many of the people on the ship were alive?”

"Huh, dude?”

The emperor then looked as if he had noticed something.

Then he stared at his son with a proud look, who first noticed what he had not found.

"It bothers you.”

"But, of all things, the ending of this festival goes up in smoke knowing that what the Little Mermaid really wanted was freedom."

"What if you suddenly reveal the end of the story... What?"

"It bothers you, doesn't it?”

"It really bothers me. So?"

"I'm going to take a leaf out of his book and learn how to abuse power."

"You have to respect the will of artists. But…."

"It does bother you, doesn't it?”

Leonhardt smiled and read the emperor's countenance.

No one else but my dad couldn't help but notice what he was saying now.

"…Jim won't stop the Crown Prince from acting. But I wouldn't recommend it."

"Thank you, dad."

Leonhardt, who seemed to have given permission, called Elizabeth and headed to the outdoor stage on the side of the sandy beach with her.

"Is Avon there?"

With the theater festival just around the corner, the busy workers stopped moving.

However, none of them knew who was looking for the general manager of the theater festival as if they were looking for the items they had entrusted.

Thanks to this, Leonhardt revealed his identity to the worker who was about to rest, who was surprised and needed to announce the visit of the crown prince and her fiancee to his superiors and his superiors again.

"Hua, Your Majesty the Crown Prince! What are you all doing? "Without an example right now!"

"Who's looking for me... Oh, you have a very valuable person here.”

Elizabeth stood in front of a stranger and stepped behind Leonhardt's back like a habit.Avon, who appeared scratching his full magpie-like head, was also a screenwriter in charge of the play.

"I want you to change the ending."

Avon's eyebrows twitched yesterday, probably because he fell asleep while writing the script.

"…everyone get out."

"Eh, Avon!"

"Get out!"

Leonhardt frowned at Avon's attitude, which strengthens the public perception that artists are all crazy, cranky, or eccentric.

Avon, who was only two or three men, slumped down on a chair and shrugged as if he wanted to talk to her.