Chapter - 38 Episode 38 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

"I want to change the ending. Avon, your interpretation of the story is excellent. But… I want my fiancee and mother to shed tears of joy and happiness rather than tears of sorrow and sorrow."

"What's your impression?

"Of course that is guaranteed."

Avon grinned at Leonhardt's words.

The crown prince in front of him was abusing his power to violate the artist's territory.

Even under the pretext of his fiancee and empress behind his back.

"Well, do you have any conclusion in mind?"

Leonhardt was in conflict. What he's about to say is, years later, Avon rewrites the ending.

"…the prince, must you be king?"

"It's not even listed in the nuclear power plant, so it doesn't matter if you thought you were a prince, not a king.”

"So you don't mind being a sailor?”


Avon sat in a straight position.

A prince who did not become a king, a prince who gave up the throne himself, a prince who lost the battle for the throne, etc. I was trying to come up with a brilliant idea in my head.

Looking at Avon in a hurry to find a pen and ink, Leonhardt asked for an understanding from future Avon.

"How does it end with the prince, who became a sailor, and a mermaid by his side, sailing together?

Avon's pen, which was moving frantically on paper like a machine, stopped standing tall.

Avon is a sailor, a mermaid, a voyage. He said only three words over and over again and started tearing up the finished script book from the desk.

"E... Avon?"

"It's an abuse of power. It's an abuse! What am I supposed to do if you give me this idea in less than a week!"

"I believe in your skills."

"Curse me, rather!”

Avon snapped at Leonhardt with a smile or tears on his face.

Leonhardt left his seat smiling pleased with the satisfactory result.

"…are you sure you're okay?”

"I'm a little sorry, but neither am I, nor am I. Even if it's a play, I don't want to see my beloved friend cry because he's sad.”

My beloved friend?

Elizabeth's face suddenly heated up and steam rose above her head.

Avon, who was left alone, murmured the last thing the Crown Prince whispered in his ear.

"If you're going to keep your beloved bird in a cage, you should at least be sincere enough to make the whole world a cage."

What happened to Young-ae, a cage, a bird, a free-grown sea girl, in the imperial court?

Avon's mind was bursting with ideas.

"What about the little mermaid story?"

"What, Lizzy, you didn't know?”

"My mother burned such fairy tales, saying they didn't belong to the empress."

Elizabeth turned her eyes to the sky and spoke in a small voice.

Leonhardt gritted his teeth and blamed Duchess Elysium again.

And walking along the street with Elizabeth, she told the story of the Little Mermaid poorly.

"What a sad story..”

"These days, of course, everyone has different interpretations. Don't you think fairy tales should end happily?”

"Really? But Leon."

Elizabeth stopped walking. Leonhardt stopped following Elizabeth with a curious look and looked around.

"…where am I?"

So engrossed in the story that Elizabeth and Leonhardt went the exact opposite way on the beach.

Tensioned at a strange place, Elizabeth clasped Leonhardt's arm and clasped a little closer.

Leonhardt was thinking about what to do in a strange and familiar place.

Due to the timing of the event, the widest streetways were restricted from access to wagons and all kinds of street vendors were starting to enter along the edge.'I don't think it's possible to go back in a wagon....’

Leonhardt was briefly in conflict and called a boy snooping for work with his tongue in his mouth.

"The villa owned by the imperial family... So go to that mansion over there and tell Her Majesty the Crown Prince and Lady Elizabeth are coming home late. Show me this and no one will doubt you. With this money, enjoy the festival."

Leonhardt handed over a headscarf and took it out of his pocket and held it with some gold coins in the boy's hand.

The boy bowed to Leonhardt with an incredible expression and began to run toward the beach in a more full-fledged manner, alternating between Leonhardt and what was in turn.

"…are you going home late?"

"The night market is about to open. Now that we've come all the way here, it wouldn't be a bad idea to see it."

Elizabeth blinked and nodded. I remember the maid often bragging about cheap accessories and laughing together, saying they bought them at the night market.

I was wondering what kind of place it would be.

"But is it really okay without an adult?"

"I'm here. I'm about to be an adult. There is only this sword Lady Elizabeth... No, would it be better to call him Isolde today?"

"I'm a kid.

"No one knows who we are here. But you never know. Why don't you just be an ordinary people, not a prince or a lady, for one day?"

Elizabeth agonized for a moment.

"Well, then Lord Tristan, escort me today."

Leonhardt patted Elizabeth on the back of her hand as if to not worry about anything.

No wonder my heart was pounding.

Is it because I've been listening to the adventures of pirates and sailors all along in the wagon? Elizabeth felt like she was on such a grand adventure.


As the sunset began to scatter red flames along the hillside, lights began to come on one by one even in the lanterns hanging like a clothesline in the air.

The crystal chandelier filled the spacious banquet hall was incomparably rugged and crude, but Elizabeth burst into exclamation.

"Shall we get going? I'm small."

"All right, Tristan."

As of this evening, the two were young lovers Isolde and Tristan, not Crown Prince Leonhardt and his fiancee Elizabeth.

Elizabeth looked wonderfully at all the accessories made from the sea on the street vendor.

"There's only one pair in the world that fits. It's also used a lot as a couple's harmony and love charm, miss."


The merchant said, showing glistening sand, tiny starfish, coral reefs, and glass-blocked shell decorations in the shell.

"Do you like it?”

"It's amazing. I never knew there was such a thing."

"This is the only place we can get a shell that looks like a fishbowl with glass. Not too long ago, a very tall driver almost swept the stall with his wife, saying it was amazing.”

"Le, Tristan… Don't tell me the driver....”

Leonhardt and Elizabeth, Ani Tristan and Isolde exchanged glances in the air.

"What, do you know the driver? I thought you were wearing different clothes. Good! I feel like it. Thanks to the driver, I've already made enough money. I'll give you a discount, take one."

The merchant, who quickly read out the relationship between the driver and the small customers in front of him, said in an air of generosity.

Leonhardt decided to move on this time, knowing that no one is selling it cheaper than a regular price for a merchant who says so.Elizabeth carefully chose and chose a pair of shells.

"Are you going to do that? You look like a young lady and a young master, so you chose a pretty one."

The merchant laughed and said.

The shells Elizabeth chose contained blue coral and purple coral.

"Until this sea dries up, will you make me happy?”

"If you want, not the sea, but the coral reefs, for the rest of your life."

Leonhardt held Elizabeth's hand and kissed the back of her hand.

The bracelet made of seashells given by merchants made a pleasant sound.

A delicious smell began to come along the road.

Leonhardt and Elizabeth exchanged their eyes in front of grilled potatoes using plenty of butter, grilled potatoes with salt, and roasted corn with skewers.

"What's that?"

Elizabeth stopped looking at the food on the street as if it were interesting.

Leonhardt, who naturally followed Elizabeth's gaze, hesitated for a moment, considering which would be better, grilled potatoes or grilled corn.

It was a store that grilled whole squid.

"That's called squid... The crew of the Kraken, or whatever, but... The texture is chewy, but since it's shaped, it's a bit rare...?”

'I want to try that!'

"Lee, no, I'm a little kid."

Elizabeth twinkled and pestered Leonhardt.

Ellie's food in that shape was the first thing Elizabeth had ever seen in her life.

You always have to take the risk of adventure. With the mind of a good adventurer, Elizabeth shook Leonhardt's sleeve lightly.

"…eat and don't regret."

However, contrary to her worries, Elizabeth took a bite while looking at the grilled squid with a sparkling look of curiosity.

"…how do you like it?"

Elizabeth was not able to answer until a long time later. Grilled squid, unlike its soft appearance, had to be chewed for a very long time before it could barely pass.

"It's chewy... It tastes like butter... It's salty again."

"Can you eat it all?”

Elizabeth nodded her head. There are so many strange and interesting foods in front of me, and I didn't even notice anything I've encountered in the Imperial Palace, such as lobsters and grilled shrimp.

"There's going to be fireworks soon, so where do you want to sit and eat?”

Leonhardt, who checked the poster of the square, recommended Elizabeth.

Fireworks were often seen in the Imperial Palace.

However, Leonhardt told Elizabeth that the flame from the night sea, which has become dark and cannot even tell the difference between the sky and the night, would have another attraction.

Eventually, the two climbed up a hill with their hands full of food to watch the fireworks.

At that time, people were rare, the night breeze was cool, and only the sound of waves was heard from time to time, so I could feel the atmosphere.

Only one thing, except for the black flock that had been chasing Leonhardt and Elizabeth for a long time, was it a perfect place to make summer memories.

"Well, listen to what I'm saying from now on."

"What's wrong, Tristan?"

Leonhardt plodded forward, pulling out a sword from his waist.

Elizabeth cringed and nervous knowing intuitively what would happen.

"Hey, don't hide and come out. Ten fingers, but more than that. I'll finish it before I break it all."

The bushes shook at Leonhardt's threat and the crowds chasing them appeared one by one.

Leonhardt made an impression on their first impression, which could never be seen as favourable.

"Just remember this. If you touch Isolde, I'll let you know how many finger bones you have.""Oh, I'm so scared! Gentlemen of the sea like us prefer a more refined way to such despicable ways."

"Gentlemen of the Sea… Is he a pirate?"

"He's a gentleman of the sea! All right, young master. Take a good look at this.”

Saying so, the man held a sword in one hand, and the fist in the other.

"This guy's name is Dialogue, this guy's name is Negotiation. Which one do you want to choose?"

Leonhardt sighed. And I told Elizabeth.

"Close your eyes until I say it's okay to open them. All right?"