Chapter - 39 Episode 39 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Elizabeth closed her eyes tightly as Leonhardt said.

If this happen certainly turned white head, I learned how they act when none come to mind.

The sound of sharp, rough iron and iron hitting and screaming was clearly heard in the ears, not the sound of the discipline and constant shouts from the potato knights' battlefields.

No matter how much Leonhardt reached the point where he made Albert, the royal guard, nervous, but the other side had a majority before his skills.

Would it be better to just identify yourself, Elizabeth shook her head.

Even if they were the emperor, not the crown prince, they would happily remain hostages, saying that precious people came into their den on their own.

"His woman admires the young master's willingness to protect her, and she especially shows the skill of the sea gentlemen!"

Leonhardt fixed the sword by kicking his tongue, saying, "How can pirates rush against one person at the same time.

No matter how well he has the expectation of becoming a sod master and how well he fits, even if he has physical strength above the average age.

He was in an absolute disadvantage.

The moment I let my guard down, it was obvious that flying in the air would be part of his body, not the dazzling blonde that his mother had given him.

He had to win, though.

Win, and show Elizabeth the flame of the night sea that her mother loved.

And I had an obligation to watch Elizabeth happy as she saw it.

With that thought, he recklessly sword-to-knife with pirates and narrowly avoided their attack.

"Madam... you're pretty good, aren't you?”

"Ha, you're a child!"

Leonhardt gnashed his teeth inside and swung the sword again for their gap.

Leonhardt's sword skills, which have been faithful to the basics of the imperial court, were enough to embarrass pirates, compared to the harsh swordsmanship of pirates who had learned to survive and pillage.

Leonhardt doubted my eyes.

The pirates' movements seemed oddly slow.

At the same time, the blue energy fluttered like a haze over the sword with thrilling fingertips.

Leonhardt fought back, blocking the pirates from attacking him just in case.

For Elizabeth.

I erased all other thoughts and filled my head with them and concentrated on them only.

Every time that happened, the blue energy grew stronger and stronger.

Leonhardt thought with a look on his face, "I don't know whether to laugh or cry."

'I never thought I'd wake up like this. Should I say thank you to them?’

Leonhardt smirked as he felt a clear, clear sword flowing throughout his body.

He then re-touched the sword and left his whole body to the sword.

It was the same as the literature. The Sword Master was literally the one who reached the point of swordsmanship.

Before thinking and judging with head, the body was already acting on how to defend and attack the most efficiently.

One by one, Leonhardt walked to the floor by the fallen pirates.

"So, who wants to know how many finger bones you have in total?"

Elizabeth suddenly got scared when there was no sound.

Don't tell me, Leon didn't fall down, did he?

My small heart beat like crazy in anxiety, and I could hear tinnitus in my ears.

Eventually Elizabeth opened her eyes slightly.

Leonhardt, with a fierce and fierce face that he had never seen before, was unilaterally playing with pirates with swordsmanship.'Really…really Leon…'?’

The cold, hardened face was as determined as a sin-su who was punishing.

She, who knew nothing about swordsmanship, looked at the enemy's loopholes without any unnecessary movements.

The pirate, who thought he had fallen behind Leonhardt's back, was seen raising himself again and approaching carefully.

I had to shout to watch my back, but my voice didn't come out.

Elizabeth tapped her chest and stamped her feet with tears in her frustration.

However, Leonhardt avoided a surprise attack as if he had eyes on his back, and rather grabbed the pirate by the collar and threw him away.

Elizabeth closed her eyes tightly again.

But unlike a while ago, she closed her eyes and had a smile around her mouth.

Leonhardt will win.

I don't know why, but I was just convinced.

Leonhardt, who personally taught pirates that there were 54 finger bones in total, approached Elizabeth sweating.

Elizabeth, as he said, was waiting for him with her eyes closed tightly.


Summer wind is the only thing, but the night wind on the beach is still cold.

Leonhardt once again called her name, taking off her jacket and covering Elizabeth's shoulder.

"You can open your eyes now."

Even though the food is cold.

Leonhardt knelt down in front of her, exhaling a long breath.


Elizabeth opened her eyes. At the same time, tears trapped under the eyelids trickled down his chin on his cheeks.

"It's all right."

Elizabeth sniffed and nodded wildly, eyeing Leonhardt.

"…Are you hurt?"

Bloodstains remained on Leonhardt's cheeks.

At Elizabeth's words, Leonhardt was stunned, took out a handkerchief and rubbed his cheek.

"I don't think it's my blood.”

"I'm sorry to have worried you.”

Elizabeth shook her head and gave a look of genuine resentment.

"Me too... I wanted to do something, protect Leon. I wanted to protect Leon. At least I didn't want to be a burden....”

If the pirates hadn't kept their promise, they would have been hostages and grabbed Leon's ankle, and I would have been helpless.

Elizabeth was upset and saddened by that.

The champagne tower incident at the welcoming ceremony, and now.

Leonhardt always put Elizabeth before his body.

At this rate, he may be a burden to him for life.

Leonhardt is a useless creature that holds a great man back.

When Elizabeth thought so, she hated herself to the point of nausea.

"It's all right."

Leonhardt once again spoke friendly to Elizabeth.

But the reason she was upset was not because she was afraid of what had happened earlier.

Elizabeth opened her mouth to refute, saying it was not like that.

But before that, Leonhardt kissed Elizabeth on the forehead and repeated his vow every time he swung his sword thousands or tens of thousands of times.

"If I could protect you, I'd do anything."

At the same time, a large flame shot up behind Leonhardt's back.

The firecracker, who dared to throw himself into the sky while coveting the side of the star, knows that no matter how much he reaches out, he cannot even catch the shadow of the star, let alone penetrate the clouds. Leonhardt was laughing as the firecracker shattered his whole body into pieces and jumped into the sea.Elizabeth rubbed her eyes with her sleeves and kept his figure in her eyes for a long time.

When I closed my eyes, I didn't want to blink because I thought his existence would disappear along with the flame falling into the black darkness.

"Fire…Start…" I did…."

I wanted to say something, so I opened my mouth, but all I could say was not thank you or scared.

Elizabeth bowed her head because she felt pathetic about herself.

Small and round marks like fireworks scattered over the skirt.

Leonhardt sat next to her and held Elizabeth's hand tightly.

My hand, which was holding the sword until just now, was a little wet with cold sweat, but it was very hot and strong.

Elizabeth glanced up at Leonhardt's face, looking at the flame.

Her heart, which seemed to have calmed down a little, began to pound again.

Suddenly I wondered if he was feeling the same way as her.

Leonhardt was also struggling not to glance at Elizabeth.

I liked fireworks anyway.

There is a person around me who wants to see a little more and seems to be relieved to see if he/she is safe, but the rainbow-colored flame reflected in the sea couldn't be seen.

Fortunately, Elizabeth was so into fireworks that she was brighter than the stars and smiling as a shadow of the moon on the waves.

But Leonhardt, who saw it, was worried, worried and anxious.

Can that bright smile continue in the imperial family?


Instead of saying you're prettier, Leonhardt held Elizabeth's hand tighter.

His heart was also pounding in a different sense than it was when he swung a sword for life and death a moment ago.

Would she feel the same way, Leonhardt wondered, sneaking Elizabeth's head against my shoulder.


To begin with, Leonhardt and Elizabeth had to listen to harsh nagging for more than three hours.

And there was a curfew order.

The only places available are in the mansion and private beaches of the Imperial family, and travel elsewhere was strictly prohibited until the end of the holiday.

"What about the play?"

"That's with adults, so I'll allow it. But nothing else can be done!"

Leonhardt had to nod gently in front of his truly angry father.

Elizabeth was also warned that she had acted rashly by the Empress.

"…but I'll accept that you've kept your spirituality on your own. And the presence of pirates."

Leonhardt, who was listening to the emperor with his head down, lifted his head.

But the emperor's anger showed no sign of abating.

"You'll be tired. Go rest. And don't ever act rash again. Leonhardt, you are Jim's only son before you are the only heir to this country. What kind of parents wouldn't worry about their son's disappearance?"

"…wrong. Father."

The emperor looked at Leonhardt, who looked sincerely sorry, and then gestured with a tired expression as if he wanted to go out.

Leonhardt, who was just coming out of the empress' room, let out a sigh at the same time.

"…we were wrong about this. Don't that right?"


"No going out. But I'm glad I could go to the beach."

"On condition that adults are together...?”

"But I wanted to show you the fireworks yesterday."Elizabeth looked up and stared at Leonhardt.

"…thank you."

Elizabeth spoke in a small voice, fiddling with a necklace of shells around her neck.

Leonhardt raised his eyebrows slightly.

"I can't hear you. What did you just say?”

Elizabeth raised her head with a look of great disapproval.

And ran out into my room.

Leonhardt was smiling with a happy face after hearing what constitutes a contempt of the imperial family.

Elizabeth, who came to her room, fell on her bed and began to sob.

Just as the candle blew out in the capricious wind, the fun that had been happening a while ago disappeared in an instant and only disappointed feelings remained.

I played with the seagulls with the Empress, held Leonhardt's hand and looked at the night market, bought a seashell necklace for lovers, and enjoyed it all day. What's going on all of a sudden?

Also, the mouth opened freely and the hateful words popped out.

It all seemed to be his fault. It was hard to control emotions. It was frustrating and sad.

If you can't control your own feelings, who knows?

Elizabeth clenched her fist and quarreled only with innocent pillows.

The forehead that Leonhardt kissed was exceptionally hot.

His hand, which was held tightly, was also warm as if it had caught fire.

Leonhardt, who said it was okay with the pouring flames like rain, throbbed his heart just thinking about it.

Elizabeth herself was the only one who didn't know the feeling of Yeonjung, who had already taken root in her small heart and blossomed into a big flower.