Chapter - 40 Episode 40 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

A bouquet of white flowers from the sea.

The heart of acknowledging and reflecting on his carelessness while bitter at the word that he should only play within the scope of the emperor's permission disappeared in one night, just like the seaweed swept away by the tsunami.

Instead, it was the excitement toward the sea that came like a tide and the expectation of an unfamiliar and exciting experience.

The emperor was amazed at the sight, but he rubbed the back of his stiff neck for a long time when he saw the two children having fun.

The Navy sent a small gift to the prince and his fiancee at the news of their visit.

Two clothes came out of a white box with sharp angles on each corner.

One was for Leonhardt, who would one day become their lord, and the other was for Elizabeth.

Leonhardt smiled bitterly at the coat with colorful shoulder pads and imitation medals attached to it.

Looking at the number of stars on the shoulder pads, it was a coat worn by the admiral. Leonhardt, dressed formally with the help of his servants, looked in the mirror and shrugged, saying, "It was worthwhile that I had not neglected to train swordsmanship.

A solemn face and matching soldiers exchanged grave looks and chin pulling young admiral in the mirror when the same look on his face.

Elizabeth was wearing a dress that was sure to bring a new wind to society.

The white dress, made of a little heavy fabric for a summer dress, had a pleats skirt with neatly navy blue lines at regular intervals.

Elizabeth recalled the navy's uniforms as soon as she saw the elaborately calculated, ironed, fixed skirt wrinkles and golden buttons on her chest.

The six golden buttons on the chest similarly ran at equal intervals, with no errors.

Among the items that came out of the box with the dress, her favorite was a scarf for the collar.

A sailor collar, a symbol of the Navy, was also attached to her dress.

The two lines drawn along the edge of the collar turned gracefully around the corner of the square collar, like a boat changing direction.

"Would you like a ribbon or a tie?”

Elizabeth, needless to say, chose Thailand.

Small pearl decorations hung at the end of the ordinary tied scarf like the sailors.

Elizabeth, wearing lace socks and black Mary Jane, was last ready to go out wearing a small sailor hat on her head obliquely.



The two opened their eyes wide and admired the other person for a moment without saying a word.

Elizabeth, who was seen in Leonhardt's eyes, was briefly a fairy of white waves on the boat.

Elizabeth braided her long silver hair into two braids and fixed it like a doughnut, and wore a small sailor hat like a crown.

The weight of the skirt forced him to wear a petticoat, but thanks to it, the skirt was inflating like a sail of a sailing boat that received wind all over his body.

The blue scarf to match the blue eyes was not a ribbon shape, but a tie used by the navy.

Leonhardt, who saw Elizabeth's stout and lively expression, was relieved that it was a tie, not a ribbon.

Elizabeth also blushed at the moment at the sight of Leonhardt wearing a triangular hat and uniform, a symbol of the sea.

Low and solemnly sank, but on the other hand, violet-colored eyes of affection and tenderness that only Elizabeth could see were staring at her.Somehow I felt like it was the first time I faced Leonhardt's face so close that I could no longer call him a boy.

Leonhardt grew up to be a fine young man who was said to be beautiful, revealing a slender and elegant line hidden by a child's baby skin.

Growing up as a crown prince, the ruler's eyes, hiding his dignity and toenails naturally, and looking down at everything, were strangely matched with the solid image given by the angular uniform, giving off a prince-like atmosphere of the fairy tale sea.

Leonhardt reached out his hand.

Elizabeth reacted a beat late.


Elizabeth held his hand and went down the stairs, staring blankly at Leonhardt, who held out his hand and looked puzzled.

If he didn't run ahead of him, he would have caught his red face.

"It looks good on you."

"Lady Elizabeth, you look great."

Adults waiting for the children gave a short round of applause with exclamation.

The Navy paid homage to him in a naval manner to his future master in the future.

Leonhardt was taken aback at the moment, but nodded back and forth with the emperor, accepting their greetings in the same naval way.

Today was the day of a small party with the Navy.

"On the last day, we'll have a party on board. You're excited, aren't you?"

"Party on board?"

The empress in the blue dress nodded.

"We're having a party on the boat. The sound of the waves will replace the orchestra, and the sunset and constellations will shine more beautifully than the chandelier!"

Elizabeth also looked ecstatic at the excited voice of the empress.


It is no exaggeration to say that almost all food from the sea, as well as clams, shrimp, and lobsters baked with plenty of butter, gathered at the party.

"It's seafood, but I don't see any living things.”

"Yes, the Empress has not been able to eat raw food in the Imperial Palace lately, so I have prepared a dish that is hotter than the summer sun."

"Don't you eat raw food well?”

"Maybe the heat is to blame. But we're still trying to prepare our favorite oysters for the boat party."

Leonhardt had a short conversation with the cook who was gloating over the party from the corner.

Growing up by the sea, she especially liked seafood dishes.

Her favorite was raw abalone and small octopus dipped in olive oil and salt, which is also known as a quite bizarre dish in her hometown.

Of course, the great empress could not have allowed such a dish out of line with imperial dignity.

But this was her hometown. She could eat as much as she wanted, even if it was a freak.

But you don't want to cook what you like?

Leonhardt somehow felt that he had a bad feeling and went out to find Elizabeth, who had been mixed among the navies.

"Oh, there you are. Your Highness, the Crown Prince, I was just about to hear from Young-ae."


"I heard you were dealing with pirates at the festival yesterday to protect your spirituality. Your Highness has become a man before you know it!"

"That... that...!"


The emperor, who was leaning wine with admirals, turned his eyes to the word of pirates.

Already drunk after drinking rum, wine, or both, the navy began to explain again in a lengthy way the crown prince's courageous battle against pirates he heard from Lady Elizabeth, forgetting for a moment who was in front of him.

"…Admiral, these days pirates are operating on land, aren't they?"

"Ugh… I'm ashamed of myself. I will wipe them out before you return to the palace.""I don't blame you. It's a pleasant occasion today, so let's put off the heavy story until tomorrow and keep listening to how the great crown prince saved Lady Elizabeth."

The admiral moved with the emperor, thinking that he would soon tie the sailors to the mast.

"Come on, come on, come on. Please show it to us! Your Majesty the Crown Prince!"

"I'm a terrible pirate! If you don't come at me from the bottom of your heart, I'll do something very rude to Lady Elizabeth!"

"What are you going to do?"

Leonhardt's face turned blue.

All the adults around them were sitting on the sidelines with the expression, "Let's step forward then."

Elizabeth, who was laughing among the navies, tilted her head to see what the real gentlemen of the liquor-smelling sea were going to do.

"What Young-ae and His Highness did on the night of the fireworks festival will be said to the whole sea. "So deep down in the deep sea that Mananan can hear!"

"You bastards!"

Leonhardt's face quickly turned red.

The sailors smiled, exchanged glances, and surrounded Leonhardt with silverware one by one.

It was a threat to the imperial family enough, so they had to stop it, but everyone was so drunk and laughed it off lightly, saying, "What can I do with just one spoon?"

"Well, I don't know what they're...You bastards, realize what you're doing right now! Is that a seagull's nest on its head?"

The admiral, who was completely sober, put a good night on the sailors' heads and battled them.

Then he began to beg the Emperor and the Crown Prince to bend his back, his hands being his feet.

The emperor tried hard to hide his smile with a solemn look and ruled against the crown prince with a powerful and heavy voice.

"Even if you ignore the crown prince, treating the child with only one spoon is rather a blasphemy. Jim allows it. Get your swords out of here we go.

"Hooray to the Emperor!”

"Oh, my God!"

"Your Majesty!"

Drunken navies took out their swords, shouting hurray.

Even if it was a courtesy for the funeral, it would not simply end up with bruises if an adult intended to stab him.

Leonhardt shot a look of resentment at the emperor, and sighed knowing that everyone was enjoying the situation except for the empress, who leaned on his side and smiled pleasantly and languidly.

'Yes... if Elizabeth can smile... You can sacrifice yourself to become a theater actor....’

Leonhardt similarly took out a decorative example and posed.


Elizabeth sat on a large barrel of rum and smiled as she watched.

"Leon, come on! We have to win!"

"Your Majesty the Crown Prince! I've even received support from my fiancee, and you can't lose!"

"But we don't intend to let you off the hook!"

Leonhardt started the attack with a wry smile.

The Navy, who was drunk and had a smooth tongue, began to unravel the scene as if it were a song of a bard.

It was a party that could never happen in the Imperial Palace, because it was the hometown of the Empress."But the back is empty!"

"You guys...!"

Leonhardt was in conflict. Is it okay to liberate the sword when there are so many people?

But Elizabeth was hoping he would win. And I didn't want other guys to call her name recklessly, no matter how nice it was.

'Just a little... so you don't get caught. Slightly…'

Leonhardt sneaked up his sword, thinking so.

But there was one thing Leonhardt overlooked.

"Hua, Your Majesty the Crown Prince? Now that's... no way....”

"Black…Black…"Your Highness... how could you....”

"This... this is! I mean! I mean....”

"Explain, Crown Prince."

Leonhardt was embarrassed when the sword, which was about to be raised just a little, appeared as if it were burning a prayer.

Only then did the sword, which showed its presence so brightly that it could not be called an illusion of the eyes, sober up the drunken sailors.

"Elizabeth... I was going to protect...."

Leonhardt mumbled and began to explain the situation.

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