Chapter - 41 Episode 41 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

The party to commemorate the Empress' visit to her hometown also served as a party to commemorate the crown prince's awakening of the Sword Master, which made the atmosphere even hotter.

The navy glowed, saying it was an opportunity to compete with the Sod Master, and Leonhardt swung the sword without mercy for Elizabeth's honor.

The emperor grinned as he saw his son, who had beaten more than half of the troops gathered at the party.

The admiral and other officials also congratulated the emperor on the bright future of the empire.

The highlight of the party was a tap dance performance by drunken sailors.

The Navy's tap dance, which began to withstand boring voyages and strengthen their physical strength, had become their own pride that they would not be ashamed to perform in formal occasions.

Elizabeth exclaimed and clapped her hands as she watched their dance move in the same way as a person's leg.

The dance began to seduce Elizabeth, who was amazed that she had never seen it in the palace, in front of Leonhardt, saying that polite sailors would teach her steps.

Leonhardt glared at the navy who had just reached out to Elizabeth.

"Oh, my God! Your eyes are so scary that I can't do this.”

The navies laughed and drank again.

"How the hell does that look like a navy that catches the ghosts of the sea? Lizzy, come this way. Stay there. You'll be drunk, too.

Elizabeth came up to him with a giggle as she watched Leonhardt flustered by every word of the navy.

"I've never had a party like this before.”

"Are you having fun?"

"Very much!"

"That's a relief. Should I go say thank you to my mom?”

Leonhardt held Elizabeth's hand and began to look around the party in search of the Empress.

The empress stood beside the drunk or drunk emperor with a gentle expression as usual.

"Oh, my God!"

"Huh? Oh, they're my babies. I don't play.

"Wow, you don't look very well. If there is any inconvenience....”

The empress replied a beat later this time.

"It's been a long time since I've had such a good party, so don't worry, my babies."


"My love, what's wrong?"

The emperor, who was literally drinking congratulatory drinks, recognized that the empress' complexion was unusual, and bit people and sat the empress on the sofa.

"I don't like the look of my love on such a fine day."

"Is that so? Actually, I feel a little uncomfortable inside....”

"Well, maybe Leon was surprised a little while ago because he pulled out his sword. My love is so soft. Empress, would you rather go home and rest?"

With a pale complexion on her forehead, the empress nodded slowly.

"I think we should. Your Majesty, don't drink too much."

"There, serve the Empress. My love. I'll be right there. So take a good rest."

The emperor kissed the back of the empress' hand and handed her over to the servant.

Leonhardt only stared at the back of the Empress, reeling with an anxious look.

Doesn't the future change?

Even if you stop the tragedy, will your mom not be able to get through this summer anyway?

Looking at the back of the empress, who was getting farther away, Leonhardt reached out to the empress as his heart sank.

Elizabeth was looking at him with a curious look on her face.

"Oh, nothing. I'm just worried that my mom is not feeling well even though it's been a long time since we had a fun party..”"I'll call a doctor if I have to, so don't worry too much about the Crown Prince."

"I hope you don't get too drunk, just like you said. When I went back to the palace, I bet the rumor that I had become a sod master arrived before us."

The emperor smiled and tried to pat Leonhardt's head, but before he knew it, he had grown up well to pat his head and put his hands together.

"You grew up well."


"It's nothing. Go get your fiancee. They'll all be in trouble if they go too far.”


Leonhardt ran frightened when he saw Lizzie leaning a small barrel-shaped cup from the tip of his finger pointed at the emperor.

"It was just water, why did you run in such surprise?”

"I'm glad it was water. What if it was alcohol?"

Leonhardt sighed and glared again at the sailors who dared to drink (water that looked like) the crown prince's fiancee.

Elizabeth poked her lips, thinking Leonhardt was too sensitive.

"I learned tap dancing from them, though. Do you want to take a look?"

"Did you learn in the meantime?”

"Are you going to watch it or not?”

Leonhardt watched Elizabeth bouncy in place with the navy with a look on her face that he had lost.

Elizabeth, whose specialty is dance, was moving at a fairly plausible beat for the first person who learned the dance of the sea, as well as the dance of the sea.

"How do you like it?"

Leonhardt clapped with all his heart to the point where his palms were tingling.

People toasted and toasted the emperor, the empress, the crown prince and his fiancee until the last minute of the party.


"Empress, you still don't feel well?"

The emperor carefully touched the back of his hand on the empress' cheek.

"Shall I call a doctor?”

"I'm fine. It's been a long time since I've had this opportunity, and there's no more."

"How sweet would it be to have a drink when my love is lying down like this?"

The emperor held the empress' hand tightly with a sad look.

"I guess I'm just so excited to be back home. I'm not even a kid anymore."

"Now that you mention it, Leonhardt, you're old enough to stroke your head. Did you know my love?”

"Of course, I've heard reports recently that Elizabeth has been feeling quite sick as she enters puberty."

"Oh, I hope Young-ae will refrain from cutting down trees that are intact."

"Do you think Elizabeth would do that?"

The empress chuckled.

"Already children... You've grown up to be awkward to call me a child."

The empress, who raised herself with the help of the emperor, closed her eyes with a smile in her strong and warm arms.

"Do you remember the day we first met, and the moment we met again."

"I remember everything. The only thing I remember was the sight of my love."

"Are they feeling happy at this moment?”

The emperor clasped the empress' hand and patted her on the back as if to rest assured.

"I assure you, they'll remember this summer for the rest of their lives.”

"Then…it would be great….”

The emperor, who saw the empress' eyes faint, laid her down again.

Recently, there have been reports that the Empress is particularly sleepy.

They say they feel uncomfortable in front of seafood that they loved so much, or they sleep more than half of the day with a pale complexion.

The emperor was worried about what might have happened to his beloved empress.Leonhardt was also heavy on one side of his mind with anxiety.


Eventually, the Navy hit the ground running.

The appearance of the sailors, who gathered side by side and hit their heads at the Admiral's words, was a minister of meaning, but Leonhardt could not afford to appreciate it.

"Leon… It's Leon… Hehe."

"Yes, I am Leon. Why don't we go get some rest in the room?"

"I... am so happy... It's fun... it's fun... De…."

Leonhardt carried her drooping body in fear of making a slip of the tongue in public.

"Admiral, I'll leave it to the admiral to dispose of those who dared to make the Crown Prince's fiancée drink with water.”

"Whether or not, Your Highness. In the name of Mananan, the god of the sea, I will make it an unforgettable summer."

"Trust the admiral."

Leonhardt carried Elizabeth to her room.

Elizabeth, who exhaled only a breath of fresh liquid from her ears, felt light as if she had become a bubble and disappeared if she didn't hold it tight.

Leonhardt, who laid her in bed, tried to get up, leaving the rest to the maidens.

"Leon... don't go....”


I thought you were asleep. Elizabeth opened her eyes thinly and clasped Leonhardt's sleeve.

"Would you like a glass of water…?"

"…as if you weren't drunk."

"How did that happen?”

"I don't know…just… I drank it because it was transparent and there was nothing wrong with the smell....”

"You know how surprised I was to hear the news? I thought you were....”

Elizabeth, who came to her senses a little after drinking a glass of cool water, stared at Leonhardt with an expression of ignorance.

I'm afraid you'll fall down after drinking poison again. I was afraid you'd end your life like that for me.

Leonhardt bit his lips hard.

"…again…for fear of causing some trouble….”

Elizabeth held out an empty cup to the maid-in-law with a sulky look.

"…I'm sorry."


"I'm sorry to have worried you."

"Don't do that next time. That's enough."

"…Leon is always like that."

"What did I do?"

Elizabeth replied only after returning with a light shawl on top of a spit instead of a party dress with the help of a maid.

"You accept everything I do, you allow it, you say it's okay.”

"I just want Lizzie to be happy and happy....”

"And Leon?"


Elizabeth grabbed Leonhardt's collar and pulled it.

What kind of alcohol was in the water, and Elizabeth still smelled unique to alcohol.

"Leon, I think I'll be happy if I die, so if I do, will you still allow me?”

"Lizzie, Lizzie, let me put this first... Why are you saying that all of a sudden?

While choking and choking, Leonhardt did not readily touch Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was crying again before I knew it.

The words that I had been holding in my heart began to pour out.

"I had fun doing that, Leon? Did Leon have fun? What does Leon really like? Is it something that makes me happy? Is Leon a clown? I... I want Leon to feel that he is enjoying other things besides making me happy. This is why I feel like a rare gem. Layed on velvet cushions, dusting off the dust with feather dust every day and polishing with silk!"


Leonhardt also dismissed this as due to Elizabeth's passing puberty and decided to silently listen to her."Me too… I want to entertain Leon… I don't know what to do...Leon did everything first..”

I'm happy and happy enough that you can speak your mind in front of me safely.

Leonhardt handed Elizabeth a handkerchief in a cold sweat.

"Will you let me say one thing, Lizzy?"

Elizabeth nodded, with her face buried in her handkerchief.

"I go back and forth between heaven and hell tens of thousands of times a day in every eye, breath, and motion. That's how precious you are to me. Is it so bad to help such a precious person have more fun, smile happily, and do what they want to do?”

Elizabeth shook her head instead of answering.

"My precious Lizzy. I can do anything for you if you'll let me. So if you want to entertain me... Just. Just smile. That's all I need."

Leonhardt sat on one knee in front of Elizabeth.

"Leon... is so mean."

It was not long before Elizabeth muttered, taking her face off the handkerchief.

"Drink another glass of water and get some rest. Let's build a sand castle on the sandy beach tomorrow."

"I'm not a kid..”

Under the blanket covered by Leonhardt, Elizabeth murmured discontentedly.

"Good night, my dear Lizzy."

Leonhardt left the room with a good night kiss on Elizabeth's forehead.

Elizabeth got up again and put her hand on Leonhardt's forehead, which he kissed a little while ago.

"…Leonhardt, what a fool."