Chapter - 42 Episode 42 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

The Empress, who had recovered as if it was a lie that worried Leonhardt and the Emperor, took Elizabeth's hand and went to the beach.

Behind her were a series of servants who packed painting tools for painting.

"The sea is a great being that gives us so much and so much to reap."

Elizabeth looked up and stared at the horizon at the empress's words.

Every time the waves passed through my ankle, the sand was swept away and I felt strange.

The empress was painting Elizabeth, who was busily watching the blue sea burn white and break down transparently, patting the fine sand and passing by.

A large sketchbook filled with images of Elizabeth and Leonhardt using the unique feeling of charcoal.

The two, who were playing building a sand castle a while ago, were disappointed when the sand castle that they had made collapsed due to the sudden influx of large waves, and soon began to look at the stagnant seawater and seaweed between the black rocks.

And when the sun was blazing down, I came back down to the beach and started playing with the waves or playing with the water.

The images were all left in the empress' sketchbook.

"What happened last night, don't you really remember?"

"I don't remember. I'm sure the navy guys gave me something to drink, so I drank it....”

"If it doesn't work, that's fine. It's okay."

"…are you sure you're okay?”

Leonhardt nodded awkwardly.

Elizabeth sneaked down Leonhardt's name and her name on the sandy beach.

It was only one night, but Tristan and Isolde's time seemed unforgettable.


Leonhardt looked back after learning that the side of his footprints was empty.

Elizabeth was bending her knees and drawing something over the sand.

As soon as I tried to approach her, wondering what she was doing, waves rushed in and soaked her wrist, stealing Elizabeth's work from his eyes.

"Leon, what's that tower thing over there?"

Elizabeth sat down and asked if the waves flowing over the back of her hand felt good.

At the end of Elizabeth's gaze was a lighthouse.

"Lighthouse? It's a tower that lights up and sends signals at night, bright enough to be seen from ships far away.”


"Yesterday... Oops, come to think of it, you didn't have a chance to see the night sea properly. Can you see the horizon clearly now?"

Before I knew it, Leonhardt, who sank next to Elizabeth, said.

"Everywhere the sky and the sea meet, it's so pretty."

"Your eyes are that color."

Elizabeth poked Leonhardt in the ribs and urged him to finish explaining.

"At night, the sea becomes a mirror of the sky. Of course, the feeling of cutting through the stars in the night sky is fantastic... The problem is that the reef, the island, and everything that was clearly visible during the day, is locked in the dark."

"So the lighthouse sends a signal? This is dangerous, this is a harbor."

"I like Lizzie being clever."

With the clapping sound, a splash splashed over Leonhardt's face.

The waves, which left a white slap on Elizabeth's face, recoiled with a coy and arrogant look.

"So Leon is my lighthouse?”


Elizabeth sat down in a place where the waves wouldn't rise along Leonhardt.

Elizabeth leaned her face on her lap as she watched waves that tickled between her toes and brought fine sand like trophies."When I was at the Duke's... I think I lived with just one thought that I had to be the perfect lady for Leon.”

"Why did you tell that story...?”

Leonhardt carefully read Elizabeth's countenance.

Contrary to his concerns, however, Elizabeth recalled the incident with surprising calmness.

"I just learned manners, dressed in stuffy clothes, and one day I became a crown princess, and when I became an empress, I thought it was over.”

Leonhardt listened silently to Elizabeth.

"But one day Leon showed me the way. He taught me how to think on my own, not knowing what is right or wrong, and he also taught me that I have the power to choose. Do you remember?

"…the day you charged to the duchy from morning?"

Elizabeth nodded her head.

"It felt like the world was falling apart and I was so scared. I wanted to ask someone if this was the right thing to do, but there was no one to answer.”

"Leon taught me that it's okay. I think I vaguely realized that I was a human, not a doll that moved as I was told, but when I saw the butler asking for permission from me.”

Elizabeth wriggled her toes. Her pinkies on both sides were slightly bent toward the soles of her feet.

Leonhardt had repeatedly thanked God for the doctor's diagnosis that he was particularly responsible for the shoes he wore at such a young age and that he did not have trouble walking and the shape of his toenails.

"It was Leon who told me where to go. So Leon is my lighthouse."

Elizabeth smiled brightly at Leonhardt, saying so.

A handful of sunlight hit the waves at one smile and broke into a thousand blind spots.

"Thank you, Leon."

Elizabeth jumped up from her seat for the last time and ran toward the empress.

I couldn't tell if the white sand stuck to the wet soles of my feet was stinging or if one side of my heart was really stinging.

"Oh, what's up, my baby?"

The empress welcomed her and offered her a cool drink with a seat.

It was a blueberry juice made by generously exercising glass crafting techniques, one of the specialties of this place, using a fishbowl, with fruit cut round and boiled in sugar instead of pebbles, and straw decorated with fish.

Elizabeth, who had been thirsty for a long time under the sun, quickly emptied her glass.

I could hear the sound of ice clattering in the empty glass.

It was a magical ice that did not melt, which was hard to see unless it was more than a certain aristocrat.

"Have you been painting?”

The Empress nodded her head.

"Will you take a look?”

Leonhardt, who was drawn in a rough line in the sketchbook with curious eyes, and Elizabeth, who was looking at me, nodded with dismay.

"Wow… It's not just a painting, it's like seeing it in person."

Inside the empress' sketchbook, the imperial family was full of images from the empress's perspective.

On the first page was young Leonhardt, whom she had not seen.

"The Crown Prince?"

"Leon was five years old. Then and now, your eyes are still the same?"

Until the night before meeting her, Leonhardt was a troublemaker of the imperial family who acted as a small tyrant," the empress said with a gracious smile.

"With Leon now somehow… I think it's someone else.”

Leonhardt was sitting with his chin on the window, but somehow it was different. Elizabeth looked between pages for a long time and wondered what the difference was."This is Leon before I met my baby, and this is Leon the next day."

"What? The mood changes in a day... Hmm. Hmm. Excuse me. Forgive me for my slip of the tongue."

"What a slip of the tongue. It's true. But it's a secret to Leon?”

The Empress met Elizabeth head-to-head with a playful smile and whispered in a small voice.

Elizabeth giggled and nodded after her.

"This is..."

"Hmm, hmm! Can you look at the next page?”

His Majesty was fast asleep, covered in a thin blanket on a long sofa.

The empress blushed and turned the sketchbook over to the next page, turned it over and over for a long time.

"…you've drawn a lot of His Majesty."

"…will you keep it a secret?"

Elizabeth nodded for nothing, looking at the distant sea.

It was too fast to be sure, but the emperor in the painting always smiled at the empress or had a friendly and calm smile.

After turning the page for a while, Leonhardt and Elizabeth appeared again.

On the day of the welcoming ball, I made this face in front of Leonhardt, who was asking for her permission to give her flowers that never wither, and Elizabeth felt her cheeks burning and fanned for no reason.

"On this day, Leonhardt and Elizabeth fell in love."

"What? Us?"

The Empress nodded her head. And I noticed it at once.

The two Yeonri-ji, who had just begun to bloom green leaves stretching thick stems into the sky, did not seem to be fully aware of each other's feelings yet.

"…what is love?"

Elizabeth asked with a look of disbelief.

The empress turned the page anew and made Elizabeth hold the charcoal.

"Hua, Empress?"

"It's okay, just draw what's in my baby's heart."

"But I've never painted….”

"At first, it was hard for me to draw a line. If only my baby could recognize it, that's enough."

Elizabeth still put charcoal on the white paper with a look of disbelief.

Unlike the pen, the texture and sound of charcoal passing over the paper were a little rough and violent.

But what remained where he passed was a line as soft as a rainbow.

Elizabeth quickly became interested in drawing with charcoal and pulled herself closer to the easel.

"I... don't know what to draw."

Watching her gloating from behind, the empress smiled at Elizabeth's flushed face.

"What's in my heart, what's precious, what's in my heart. Anything is fine."

"Precious thing..."

Elizabeth turned again, repeating the words of the empress.

The moments with the person inside, the precious, and the person still came to mind when I closed my eyes.

Elizabeth was so engrossed in painting that she could not even notice that the white sleeves were blackened by charcoal.

The empress burst into admiration at Elizabeth's clumsy but hard-working fingertips as she looked at the painting taking shape little by little.

"I... the Empress."

Elizabeth, who was expressing fireworks by poking dots on the paper, turned to the empress again.

"I want to learn how to draw formally."

The empress readily agreed. Who would blame her for what she allowed to do, even if it is not against the rules and even if it is against the rules for aristocratic young children to paint as a hobby?I was just wondering why.

The empress chose the painting not to forget the moment the blue waves broke in her hometown and the feeling of the wind while running the horse.

Although she failed to fully reproduce the light and sense, she was satisfied with it because she was able to capture the images of her loved ones instead.

Is Elizabeth like that, too?

"May I ask why you want to paint?”

Elizabeth couldn't answer easily and hesitated for a long time, staring at Leonhardt, who began harpoon fishing with servants.

The empress just smiled happily and asked Elizabeth, "I understand everything."

"Lizzy, do you like Leon?”