Chapter - 45 Episode 44 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

The waves are throbbing, the heart is pounding.

"That's what I don't know."


The empress said with a mischievous smile.

"Will you ask Leon yourself?”

"Can I... can I?

If someone you like asks you if you like him in front of your eyes, what kind of expression would the Crown Prince make?

Just imagining it made me laugh.

"People sometimes don't know each other unless they face each other and speak directly. And for the most part, a great tragedy is caused by such a small thing."

"Is he... really?"

The empress grabbed Elizabeth by the shoulder and nodded with a serious look.

"Elizabeth, my daughter-in-law. Be careful not to let such a tragedy happen."

"I'll keep that in mind!"

Leonhardt tilted his head in the distance as he watched the empress holding Elizabeth by the shoulder and delivering a speech.

Having not seen the big waves coming from the wind, Leonhardt was covered with cold sea water from the head.

"Your Highness, are you all right?"

Leonhardt waved his hand to say it was OK.

"What did you have so much fun talking to her?”

"Your Majesty!"

The emperor, who had been away for a while, returned. The empress began to babble about what had happened a while ago with a very excited look on her face.

"Oh, my god. Already? It's already been that long."

"Whoa, what if my Highness is so frightened that she can't sleep tonight?”

"No way. I didn't raise my son so weakly."

"But you've been stiff for a long time when I confessed. "I remember everything."

"The Empress, at that time....”

When the empress was having a marriage with the emperor, she smiled with her eyes that made her fall in love with him and sipped only fruit juice.

It's only a few days away from playing on the beach all day.

Instead, Leonhardt and Elizabeth agreed to return to the palace and focus on making even a little more memories for Albert and Mimir.

"Well, that's true, but….”

At Elizabeth's heart-throbbing words Leonhardt only scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

"Excuse me, Leon."


Elizabeth swallowed a small saliva.

Just before going to bed with each other, the last time we talked in front of the door was the time to take action on what we decided to do during the day while sharing with the empress.

"I like you."


"Does Leon like me?"

Leonhardt instantly doubted my ears.

What did your little fiancée say, wearing a thin, white pajama like a foam that shows her slender limbs?

Do you like me, too?

The words were as calm as the waves of the night sea, but they clattered in his ears endlessly.

What should I say?

Leonhardt was troubled.

How do we act.

Leonhardt was in conflict.

What's wrong with Elizabeth all of a sudden?

A smile disappeared from Leonhardt's face.

Elizabeth, who was watching the scene, was frightened when she saw the smile disappear from Leonhardt's face at every word she said.

"You don't have to answer! I'm sorry, Leon. Suddenly saying weird things... The Empress said, no. No, good night!"

Elizabeth went into the room and locked the door without giving Leonhardt a moment to say anything.

Elizabeth, who sat on her back against the door, buried her face between her knees and calmed her beating heart.

Did he say something he shouldn't have said? Is that why Leon is responding like that?

The empress said she could tell by looking into the eyes. But all she could read in Leonhardt's eyes was embarrassment and anxiety.

At the end of the day, even her natural smile disappeared when she faced her.Elizabeth, who was not good with human emotions, could instinctively see that it was never a good meaning.

Elizabeth's fear ate the shadows of the night and began to grow bigger.

Just in case. If

Maybe he doesn't like me?

Elizabeth covered her mouth and screamed at the awl-like uneasiness of the heart, pretending to sneak up.

Maybe I'm the only one who's mistaken, or maybe I'm the only one who likes it.

Elizabeth looked up.

Before I knew it, fear that had grown bigger than her body stood like a black, long seaweed in the sea.

And that night Elizabeth had a nightmare.

"I knew I would! Always, always said to be the best lady ever!"

The mother, holding a corset in one hand and high-heeled shoes in the other, was approaching with a terrible look.

Elizabeth unconsciously stepped back and tripped over something tough.

My mother's expression became more frightening.

Looking back, Elizabeth screamed and crawled forward again.

It was her father's cane with a stern and stern expression that she tripped over.

"What the hell is that vulgar move!"

"I'm a kid.

"Uh...Mother... Father...."

"I knew this would happen, come on, put your calves first!"

My mother, whose mouth and eyes were torn sideways, began to run with a cane.

Don't get caught. Instinct screamed like that.

But unlike my mind, my body didn't move.

Elizabeth screamed and struggled wildly to force her immovable body somehow.

Before she knew it, high-heeled shoes were attached to her feet, and corsets, broken bones and breathtakingly tightened.


Elizabeth was screaming and floundering wildly.

A cold, creepy hand grabbed my ankle and began to drag.

Before I knew it, the space surrounding her turned into a white duchess's room, and a lady sitting calmly in a pretty and colorful dress like a doll appeared.

Colder and stranger beings than ceramic dolls, who had no light to give rise to, had the same silver hair and blue eyes as Elizabeth.

"We're a good little boy. It's all for the sake of Isode. Do you understand this mother's feelings?”

"Yes, mother."

For me? You're lying! You weren't! It's not!

"Don't worry about that useless girl over there. I've never had a mother like that, such a vulgar girl. Our Isolde is a noble figure who will become Empress in the future!"


Elizabeth cried out loud. It became harder and harder to breathe.

Elizabeth looked back with hiccups. My father, who always looked stern and angry, was lifting his cane.

"What a useless b*tc* who has disgraced her family's reputation...!”

Elizabeth closed her eyes tightly and curled up.

"You must learn from scratch! I need to study!"

"Do as your mother says."

"How dare you like the Crown Prince in the first place? It's not funny! Do you think he'll like something like you?"

"No, no, no! That can't be true! Leon... Leon....”

"You don't even know how much I like you!"

"I didn't know how to decide by myself what I like and what I don't like!"


Elizabeth covered her ears tightly. But the voices of her parents mocking her continued endlessly like a whirlwind in her head."Leon…Leon… Where are you... help me....”

Elizabeth only called Leonhardt's name. Like magic, he wanted to show up and take himself away from his parents.

But such a miracle did not happen.

Instead, only worse nightmares continued.

"Goodbye, Elizabeth. I found someone more suitable for the empress than you."

Next to Leonhardt was a woman in a white dress and veil.

In front of Elizabeth, Leonhardt rolled up the veil.

Isolde, who grew up strangely as if his eyes were dead and his waist would not even be a handful, smiled at Elizabeth.

"I've never liked you.”


Elizabeth cried and scratched the ground with her nails to get closer to Leonhardt.

"Don't go!"

A small man's shadow sprang up on the bed with fine drapes to prevent flying insects from flying in.

Elizabeth was the first to gasp and grope at her waist.

Fortunately, I could only feel the texture of my pajamas soaked in cold sweat.

'Is it a dream?'

Elizabeth got out of bed carefully. Only then did Elizabeth feel a little relieved when her barefoot touched the soft carpet.

Elizabeth, who drank a glass of water, tried to forget her nightmare a little while ago, cooling her soaked body with cold sweat in the cool sea breeze.

Knock, knock, knock.

Someone knocked on her door as she tried to get out on the terrace and sit back on a chair.

Did the scream that I just made in my dream continue in reality?

I was worried when I heard the sound, so I might have come to see my wife-in-law.

Elizabeth slowly approached the door.

"Lizzy, Lizzy? Are you okay?"

And I stopped breathing in front of the doorknob.

Beyond the door was Leonhardt, who had abandoned her with a cold gaze that would never be seen again.


Leonhardt couldn't sleep well and only rolled around the big bed.

I like it, did he really know what it meant?

Never imagined she would say it, so a word that came as a surprise destroyed all his senses in a moment.

Given that I was going to mention my mother, it was clear that she was playing a practical joke.

'There's someone else to fool around with...!’

Leonhardt turned over again, stamping his feet under the blanket for no reason.

I heard that you like it, but you felt anxiety before joy.

Leonhardt, lamenting that he was the most pathetic man in the world, turned over again and rolled all over the bed.

'Am I... someone who can be told by Lizzie that I like her?’

It was guilt and regret to hold his feet as thick as mud.

What if you think that I like the same as me? Can I be so greedy for you? Lizzy, I don't know. I made you laugh, I made you laugh, I kept you laugh, I protected you. I promise to live only for you, and I live like that. I still don't know. Can I really like you? Do I deserve to love in the future?’

León Hart, who was lying cross-legged with his arm on his head, sighed heavily.

"I like it when I close my eyes," said Elizabeth, who was smiling.

When I opened my eyes, I was disappointed by his reaction and saw the lonely backside of him returning to his room.

Leonhardt, who was not able to do this or that, rolled around the bed again and hugged only the blanket, rose to his feet.Lizzy, Elizabeth was screaming.

Leonhardt got out of bed at once and knocked the door open.

Elizabeth's door was locked tightly.

When I brought my ears, I heard Elizabeth's thin voice, who was suffering from only screaming and groaning.

"Lizzy, Lizzy! Open the door, Lizzy!"

Leonhardt anxiously pulled the doorknob, calling her name only.

What kind of bad dream is he in so much pain? Leonhardt vowed to wake everyone up and save her from a dream.

I was looking at the movement of the room with bated breath, and suddenly Elizabeth's scream stopped.

Leonhardt knocked carefully back at the door again, anxious.

Knock knock, firm wooden door announced his visit with a clear sound.

"Lizzy, Lizzy? Are you okay?"

Leonhardt, who was relieved to hear the sound of footsteps getting closer, was the first to check if Elizabeth was okay.

But there was no return reply.