Chapter - 46 Episode 45 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

The two sat back to back with one door between them.

Elizabeth's breathing was heard beyond the door of a finger, and there was nothing she could do.

Elizabeth also be at a loss for how they turned white for my head.

Should I open the door? Or should I go back to bed saying it's nothing?

Should I force the door open? Or should we just check if it's okay and go back to the room?

Leonhardt sat a little closer to the door.

"Lizzy... do you copy?"

Elizabeth, crouching her head between her knees, pricked up her ears.

"Answer... because you don't have to... Can you at least listen to me?”

This time, there was no reply back. But Leonhardt was relieved to notice Elizabeth's breathing over the door was calm again.

"I like you, Lizzy."

Leonhardt continued his long confession, looking up at the ceiling.

"If you're saying that you really like one person, not the way you think blue is better between red and blue… I like Lizzy, too. I like everything about you.”

Elizabeth was confused. Then how do I interpret that look right before I enter the room?

"The reason I couldn't say anything earlier... I was surprised. I was so surprised that I didn't know how to answer... I don't know! Lizzy, think about it. Flowers that I like and cherish usually or shiny jewelry... A book would be nice. Anyway, what do you think of as a precious person that always comes to mind when I say 'I like you too!' to you? You can't live without being surprised."

Why do I always use this metaphor? Leonhardt breathed a long breath and scratched only the bridge of his nose.

"… am I... precious to Leon?”

It was a soft and thin voice as if fine sand was being swept away by the waves.

Leonhardt smiled bitterly at the question, which was fraught with anxiety.

"Even if I'm reborn, Lizzy, I'm so precious that I can devote my whole life to you. Didn't you notice it too late? I'm disappointed…"

"Mi, I'm sorry! Then... then... Leon is...."

"I love it. I love it, Lizzy."

Elizabeth's little heart began to beat again.

I thought I knew it now. Why every time I think of him, my heart aches and aches.

Why sometimes I felt so ashamed to make eye contact.

Why he was always there for every happy and precious memory.

It was all because they liked Leon.



"I... I don't know yet, actually. Can I really like you? As much as you like me, no. Can I like you more than that? I'm a greedy person, so I may never let you go again if you let me. But if you don't mind... Can I like you?”

Can I like you again? Leonhardt thought, glaring only at the wallpaper pattern.

I turned back time. I could only be proud to live to make her happy. It was a matter of course. But it was his greed to be loved by her.

Elizabeth agonized over and over again how to respond.

I didn't fully understand what he meant, but I could see that it was a much more difficult and complicated problem than choosing the color of the curtain.

Isn't it okay to like and cherish someone so much that you can laugh just by looking at them?Moreover, Leonhardt was the third highest-ranking crown prince in the empire. If you want, you don't have to ask for permission, but you can like it to your heart's content.

And yet why does he ask permission?

"What would Leon do if I said no?”

Elizabeth put up with her fears and asked questions.

Beyond the door, I could hear the sound of breathing and stopping for a breath.

"…I'll respect your will. If you want to break off your engagement with me....”

"I don't want that!"


Elizabeth stood on her knees and hung on the doorknob without realizing it.

"A little more… I'll help you. Lizzy, do you want to see me smile? Do you want to be with me? Do you want to be with me? Do you think it's okay to share all my feelings with you in half and take half of your feelings back?”

"Everything's fine. Everything is fine. I want Leon to smile. I want you to stay with me as you are now, and no matter what feelings Leon has, no matter what feelings he has, he can give me all of them, he can... "Because I like..."

"Elizabeth, do you like me?"

Elizabeth pulled on the doorknob as if she were slipping.

Then, with a shrieking scream, a longing face poured down her lap like a meteor.

With more tender, moist eyes than ever, Leonhardt was looking up at Elizabeth.

The back of her hand, which had become quite thick, brushed Elizabeth's cheek and stole a drop of tears.

"I like you…I like you, Leon. I like it the most in the world."

Tears began to fall one by one over Leonhardt's face.

Elizabeth sniffed and covered Leonhardt's eyes with her hands.

I always wanted to show my pretty self in front of him.

"It's all right, Lizzy. Don't cry. Of course I cry, you look the prettiest in the world to me... Smile. Show your smile rather than crying in front of the person you like. Huh?"

Leonhardt carefully took Elizabeth's hand off.

Already burned to the ground, the tattered heart began to melt again in her tears.

But Leonhardt put up with the pain and laughed hard. As if to laugh at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth smiled as hard as she touched Leonhardt's face.

"I like you. I cherish you. I adore you. I adore you with one heart. What else did he say?"

"…it means you like everything."

Elizabeth bowed her head slowly.

Close enough to feel each other's breath, Elizabeth left a short kiss on the back of his nose.

No one asked me to, I didn't teach you, but my body moved on its own.

"I'll give you permission, but promise me. I'll be the only one you'll ever love."

"Put your little finger on the line?"


Leonhardt smiled and held out his hand. Elizabeth promised Leonhardt with her little finger.

Leonhardt likes Elizabeth.

Elizabeth likes Leonhardt.

Elizabeth's face, who said so, had a serene, warm smile of an angel as if to fly back into the sky at any moment.

"Um... Lizzy, isn't it heavy?”

Leonhardt sneaked a question, wondering if he should get out of her lap.

Only then did Elizabeth realize how the two were lying and sitting in the hallway and blushing.

"Who... who's there?”

"Not really….”

Elizabeth decided to be a little more courageous. It was an opportunity to appreciate Leonhardt's face, which always looked down on her.

"…can I stay like this a little longer?”

"If it's heavy, you have to say it right away.”

Leonhardt reached out and answered in a low voice, wrapping Elizabeth's long, soft hair around her fingers.If it was a dream, I would rather not wake up forever. If it was a nightmare, I hoped that time would stop like this.

However, his silvery hair, which glitters as soft and brilliant as the light of the sky, and the blue eyes that smile at him, were so vivid as to be a nightmare.

"I had a nightmare."


"It was a dream for Leon to marry a monster that looked like me, not me.”

"What a stupid dream."

Leonhardt shrugged off in a word and slipped to see Elizabeth closer.

"So I hated it, and I was scared. I screamed so hard to wake up from the dream, but no one came. By the way…."

Over Elizabeth's cheeks were as fine as a summer rose.

Leonhardt held his breath in case she caught her pounding heart.

Elizabeth left a kiss on Leonhardt's forehead. Leonhardt stopped wrapping Elizabeth's hair around his hands and hardened.

The scream I heard a little while ago was also due to nightmares.

It was fortunate that it was nothing else, but the fact that she still suffered in the duchess in her heart shook him up.

"It's okay. Dreams are just dreams. Why don't you give it back to me the next time you dream about it?”

"Do you want it back?"

"Well... put on the Duke's heated shoes, or put the Duchess on a corset... That kind of imagination?"

"Oh, they're my parents, no matter how....”

Leonhardt bit his tongue.

I'm still a parent.

This one sentence served as an excuse for Duke Elysium and his wife to freely roam the imperial palace until the moment of her death and to use her brother as a concubine in the next room of their deceased daughter.

I'd rather she was a cruel saint.

Like Elysium, whose blood was mixed with angel blood, she turned a blind eye to whatever the Duke and his wife did, saying, "We are still parents," and sided with them.

"I wish you had been cruel. It would have been better if a child who didn't know anything had been as pure and cruel as a dragonfly's wings were torn off.”

"What are you talking about? Why would you rip off the wings of an innocent dragonfly?”

"Lizzy, can we say they're normal parents?"

Elizabeth closed her mouth again, which she had opened.

It was a problem that I had never thought about.

Gave birth, fed, raised, and allowed Leon to meet.

Isn't that a good enough parent?

"You hugged them last time you wanted to check it out. How did you feel back then?"

Leonhardt clicked his tongue inside as he saw Elizabeth's expression hardened.

She said it was a mountain beyond the mountain, but she had to face the dark clouds again, swelling with her feelings of liking someone and climbing onto the pink clouds like cotton candy.

All Leonhardt could do was advise her to get out of the dark clouds on her own.

"But my parents...I...."

"Give birth, raise, and engage with me?"

"So they're....”

"If you're born, it's natural to raise them. Even before you were born, you should have raised her even more precious if you had made her a future empress. So that is a matter of course. Rather you... They don't deserve to be parents because they've suffered."


Elizabeth's eyes were wide open. Leonhardt raised himself and grabbed Elizabeth by the shoulder.

"It's too late. Let's go back to bed. If you dream the same dream again, you will get revenge. It's a dream. Who cares?"Leonhardt hugged Elizabeth and patted her, saying everything would be fine.

The chest was pounding at the same time.

"My heart is pounding. I can't see Leon's face properly. It's weird."

"That's the way it is. It's okay."

"…How does Leon know that?”

Leonhardt hugged Elizabeth closer and buried her face in her head.

"Because I've been like that since the first time I saw you."