Chapter - 47 Episode 46 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

Elizabeth had another dream that night.

This time, the Duchess of Elysium appeared, all dressed in light and fresh clothes at the welcoming ceremony, wearing tight corsets and heavy jewelry decorations alone.

The Duchess smiled, mouth-to-mouth, and opened her arms to Elizabeth.

The Champagne-soaked Duke also had his arms open by her side.

But instead of running to them, Elizabeth closed her eyes tightly and thought of a mouse.

A little mouse, a mouse called by Mimiir. A cute mouse that sprung out of his big ridiculous head and greeted the Duchess with a lot of oil.

Then the rats began to pop out of the Duchess's head endlessly.

Squeakingly, the mice joined hands and began to dance round and round, surrounding the Duke and Duchess.

Elizabeth laughed aloud at the sight.

Now I remember what she wanted to confirm that day.

The only affection left for them was that they gave birth to Leonhardt and raised him.

Not a hug I've always wanted, not a word of love. It was nothing but a sweet lie whispered in their ears for their benefit, not for her.

When Elizabeth woke up, she was lost in thought, brushing her long hair with her hands.

Elizabeth had been dozing off like a medicated chick since morning because she had been up all night.

After refusing Leonhardt's suggestion to take a walk outside, Elizabeth headed to her study.

Compared to the Imperial Palace's library, it was insignificant, but there were many interesting books that were not seen in the imperial family.

I'll bring a chair by the sunlit window so that I can fall asleep, and I'll bring a soft blanket.

Elizabeth, who prepared a kettle of tea and even a light snack, began to find a catchy title in her study.

What she started reading was a romance novel.

Elizabeth loved the story that men and women meet each other, fall in love, go through conflicts, overcome the conflict together, and finally become happy.

Looking at the books she stacked up like a tower, the maidens exchanged glances at each other.

Spring seemed to finally come to the 10-year-old little lady, who entered the palace with almost no emotion.

So the two lived happily ever after.’

Elisabeth sniffed with a handkerchief she had prepared in advance, poking tears into her eyes.

It was too provocative for Elizabeth, who was not even good at loving terrible love and conflict.

Not all romance novels ended happily.

Elizabeth tilted her head as she read the story of lovers who eventually broke up hoping for each other's happiness and could not overcome the conflict, unlike the title and beginning that seemed happy.

Why can't they do that when what they want the most is the other person's happiness and what they want is to be with each other?

Elizabeth opened the next book, thinking that if the main characters in the novel knew, their hearts would collapse and they would throw up blood tears.

It is a collection of tales handed down from the sea around here.

There were also various versions of tales that became the motif of the theatrical festival.

Elizabeth overlooked the obvious developments and trends and blinked her eyes full of curiosity.

"Why do loving characters embrace each other and kiss each other?"’

It was a childlike pure curiosity.Elizabeth recalled the people who had left kisses on her forehead.

However, there has never been a kiss that makes me feel like my whole body is going to melt or that I wish time would stop like this.

Although my heart pounded a little when Leonhardt, who grew up to be polite to her.

Elizabeth covered her face with a blanket over her head in the study where no one was there.

Elizabeth, who reached out in that position and took out a book that had a fresh first love story of young lovers between the piles of books she was reading a while ago, turned the page.

The writer described the hearts of young lovers who were so shy and shy that they couldn't even make eye contact with each other because they were pounding, beating, and stopped breathing while considering the small moment as if it were an eternity.

'Lemon... Lemon... Leon…'

Elizabeth giggled as she remembered the lame pun in her head.

Although it was a sad story that could not be continued due to the heroine's illness, the story of the two hurriedly kissed under the sunflower and spent a summer night with a full moon only with love was short and intense.

It's a story I've already read over and over again, but Elizabeth has begun to turn it over again from the first page of the book.

Elizabeth was whimpering again by the time she covered the last page.

One night when the moon was shaking on the water, the heroine threw up red blood and shook wildly with the moon in the male protagonist's arms.

Please make my summer an eternal summer as my last wish.

As the heroine wishes, the summer has become her last and never-ending summer.

The scene where the male lead sobbed and hugged the female lead who had already cooled down was a scene that made Elizabeth cry no matter how many times she watched it.

Elizabeth was getting used to the feeling of love without me knowing it.


"You've been in your study all day today, haven't you?”


"I'm teary-eyed, sad stories are good, but why don't you read light and funny stories sometimes?"

Leonhardt spoke in a friendly voice, stroking Elizabeth's small face carefully.

Elizabeth took a step back without realizing it when the male lead in the romance novel, which she had read all day, appeared all over Leonhardt's face.


"Oh, no. I'm fine. It's just... I guess I read too much.

"It's not bad to read books, but if you read too much, your eyesight will get worse?"

Elizabeth nodded only.

Leonhardt went back to his room, though he wondered a little bit about Elizabeth, who had a slightly different atmosphere.

Elizabeth, alone in the hallway, leaned against the wall for a moment and closed her eyes.

Someday, Leonhardt will be like the main character in the novel..

Elizabeth, whose face was red enough to steam over his head, ran wild in the hallway.

Do you want me to be friendly like the main characters in the novel?

Coincidentally, among the books she was reading, there seemed to be some books that were not suitable for her to read.

The maidens, who organize the traces she left behind, shrugged their shoulders, asking what she knew, but gathered things close to sensual novels and put them away from her eyes.

Elizabeth, who quickly returned to her room in case anyone read her thoughts, hugged a large pillow the size of her upper body and fell on the bed.The main character in the story had a completely different appearance from Leonhardt, and the heroine also had completely different hair and eyes, but somehow when she tried to think of them in her head, the two main characters disappeared and Leonhardt and my face replaced her.

Elizabeth stomped her feet on the bed and lay down looking at the ceiling, slowly catching her breath.

'Tomorrow... Let's not read books like that from tomorrow....’

Elizabeth nodded wildly and concluded.

Elizabeth stopped walking to the study from the very next day without any reward for the joy of the servants who were managing the study when they heard that guests began to come for the first time in a long time.

I've never heard of side effects in a book, but it was strange to think of the sentence describing the main characters in the book every time I saw Leonhardt.

Elisabeth then moved away from Leonhardt in order not to blush.

Unaware of her circumstances, Leonhardt merely prayed and prayed that Elizabeth's puberty would pass quickly.


"Uh, huh?"

"Oh, my dad asked me if I wanted to go fishing or something. Do you want to come with me?"

Elizabeth desperately had to give her head strength not to recall anecdotes of the main characters in the novel.

"Uh... if you don't like it."

Having closed his eyes tightly and misunderstood to shake off nonsense in his head, Leonhardt backed away, scratching his head awkwardly.

Elizabeth wanted to tell her to wait, but the door had already been closed.

Elizabeth went out to the terrace with a disappointed look and stared at the fishing spot where the crown prince and the emperor were enjoying fishing together.

Of course, without a telescope, they couldn't be seen bare-eyed, but Elizabeth leaned her chin over the railing and sighed heavily.

Elizabeth, who didn't know it was more like love than just liking it, blinked under the warm summer sun and went back to bed and lay down.

Through an open window, the wind sneaked over the lace curtain to where Elizabeth was, leaving a silent knock.

It was quite noisy outside when Elizabeth woke up from a deep sleep.

Elizabeth, who went out to tidy up her disheveled hair, smiled as she looked at Leonhardt proudly holding up the big fish she had caught.

"The glory of cooking with the ingredients you have brought yourself may not have been experienced by the palace chefs."

Shaking, the kitchen family accepted trophies from the Emperor and Crown Prince.

Even though he washed it lightly once, Leonhardt climbed the stairs with a fishy look.

Is it just me feeling that Elizabeth's face looks like "Leon is great!"

Elizabeth first went down the stairs about three steps toward Leonhardt.

And I kissed him lightly on the forehead.

"…Lee, Lizzy?"

"It's a reward for catching a big fish!"

Elizabeth was convinced when she saw Leonhardt's face burning instantly.

Leonhardt was in love with himself.

He was also fond of Leonhardt.

Otherwise, my heart couldn't have been fluttering like this, pounding, beating so hard.

"…next time I'll catch a whale."


Leonhardt stared at the corner of the ceiling for a moment and wondered how to explain it, pointing to the hall on the first floor under the stairs as if he had a good idea.

"You see that fish made of mosaic?""Yes, you mean the one that's much bigger than the other fish?

"There's no such thing like that…Leon, are you making fun of me?"

"Really! If you catch a whale, you won't have to be a fisherman for ten years at that port."


Elizabeth stared at Leonhardt with a look at him, wondering how far he was exaggerating and how far he could be true.


"It's true.

"Then I'll show it to you later."

"I promise. Yes, there must be a fish book in the study....”

Elizabeth grabbed Leonhardt's sleeve and dissuaded him from trying to head to the study at any moment.

"Leon, I can smell the sea."

Leonhardt blushed with shame again, noticing Elizabeth's spin of the word.

"Sigh... I'll go wash up....”

Only then did Elizabeth let Leonhardt go.

In fact, I didn't hate Leonhardt, who was soaked with the smell of the sea.

Rather, he seemed proud and great to win the fight against a big fish.

What would it feel like to be held in your arms like that is?

Elizabeth thought of it, looking down at the mosaic decorations on the floor.