Chapter - 48 Episode 47 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

During the untimely and shy slope in the imperial family, people preparing for the theater festival were busy.

No, I was busy with my eyes, ears and nose.

The workers gritted their teeth, saying it was all because of the crown prince who recently visited and talked to Avon, who was responsible for everything at the theater festival.

The costume team, stage design team, and production team leaders, in particular, resented Leonhardt and had to change everything according to Avon's new script in a day.

Even the musicians in charge of music were busy putting down the instrument for a while, moving materials much heavier than the instrument here and there.

When Avon declared that he would change everything, they boasted that it was impossible, and that no new interpretation could ever change.

However, Avon's interpretation was fresh and unlike previous interpretations, it was a happy ending for both the audience and the main character in the story.

It's a happy story for the audience watching, but it's a sad and sad story for the main character in the story, and on the contrary, even native villagers who have seen it with disgust said they've never seen such a fresh interpretation.

Eventually, they surrendered to the artist's desire to bring Avon's back, the crown prince's golden name, and the charming story to the stage.

"Sir, we're ready for your fitting!"

The costume team, which newly designed the costumes by recycling existing costumes as much as possible, began to move busily.

The stage production team, which is expected to send down the existing bubble production that flew into the sky this time, continued a few hours of discussion on how to change the scene.

Avon was smiling happily alone while everyone was busy.

"Let's start the dress rehearsal!"

As officials watched, the story of the sudden change in ending unfolded on the stage.

And as soon as the final scene was over and the curtain of the makeshift theater fell safely, people cheered.

I did it. I finally did it just one day before the show!

"As I say, Avon. There's no second time. This is the first and last time."

"Why did the Crown Prince suddenly spill such a story... It's more of a miracle that machines work properly."

"I'm going crazy because I'm confused if it's this or that line in my head! What if I make a mistake even if I read it right before the show? Even the Emperor and the Empress are coming!"

"Come on, everybody, focus. We're going to do well. Let's work hard until the very end and tear away any special gifts from you!"

"You've been through so much, but just say that you did a great job, and you're just saying that I'm....”

"Are you, what, chasing a pirate family to the palace with a knife?"

"That wouldn't be bad! Anyway, I'm not going to let you go..”

The atmosphere, which had been so tight that the fingertips were cut off if anyone touched them easily until just before the rehearsal, was barely.

Avon was proud to see that the seeds of the story left behind by the young crown prince bloomed into a much more beautiful flower than expected.

People born in the sea die slowly, missing the sea all their lives.

Avon dared to guess the same would be true of the empress.

The salt-filled wind that would have held her small, wriggling hands tightly as soon as she was born and the sound of waves that would have greeted her with welcome remained like an imprint and made her come back here.Apparently, she had a hard time as a princess..’

Avon turned his head toward the direction of the mansion where the imperial family would be.

I hope this performance will help her taste freedom again, trapped in a stuffy cage called the empress.

Avon prayed so and moved back to stage check.


Instead of picking up shells at the beach, Leonhardt was feeding Elizabeth clams and seafood-shaped chocolates.

Unlike worried that chocolate might smell fishy sardines, the chocolate wrapped in sardines was as sweet as any other chocolate.

Unlike Leonhardt, who was frozen in front of sardines-shaped chocolate for a while, Elizabeth sat on the terrace with a very calm expression and was absorbed in reading.

"It's so hot, are you going to eat it all before it melts? Or do you want to share it with the servants?”

Leonhardt spat out a hat over Elizabeth's head as the sun shone over her face.

Elizabeth noticed that his ears were red, looking only at the distant horizon, and laughed as she covered her mouth with a book.

Leonhardt was reassured to see that. Then he picked up the shell-shaped chocolate on the table and pushed it into Elizabeth's face.

"Oh, go ahead."

Elizabeth laughed and opened her mouth.

From a while ago, Leonhardt had been feeding her sweet things herself without being bored with her mouth.

"I feel like I'm the main character in the novel I'm reading now. It's a scene where you feed your loved ones chocolate or sweet snacks and confess your love."

Leonhardt had to tighten his arm to keep the cup from being lifted.

"Love confession?"

"I like you, I love you, be my only soft chocolate."

Leonhardt felt his cheeks bloated in Elizabeth's casual sentence.

"Do you want another chocolate? There's also a violet candy."

"Not chocolate, but candy this time. But what is love?"

Elizabeth opened her mouth. A sour lemon-flavored candy refreshingly wiped away the strong and dense sweetness of the chocolate.

"Leon, tell me you like it."

Leonhardt's heart rattled momentarily.

"Okay... I like you, Elizabeth. Like this?"

"How much do you like it? Tell me how you like it."

Elizabeth pestered Leonhardt with a playful and curious smile.

Leonhardt raised all the vocabulary he knew and began to say how miraculous Elizabeth was to him.

"With every word you say, my heart travels between heaven and hell a thousand times a day. Are you satisfied with this?"

"Well, at least it's better than a book. We'll give you chocolate in return. Leon, go ahead."

Leonhardt sat down again, munching on Elizabeth's chocolate.

Unlike Leonhardt, who complains that he should have brought a fishing rod, Elizabeth was quite absorbed in the book.

What she was reading today was a collection of fairy tales for adults.

Elizabeth had read and read throughout her vacation to the extent that she knew for the first time how many metaphors, symbols, and hidden stories and ideas there were in a simple fairy tale.

"Here are the nuclear power plants of the festival."

"The Little Mermaid Story?"

"Yes, I was a little surprised because it was the complete opposite of Leon's story.""Huh…"

Leonhardt reacted in a harsh way.

The book was already read by him as well.

He was also quite shocked to learn how much the nuclear power plant was adapted to protect the dreams and hopes of a child.

"In the end, what did the Prince fall in love with the Little Mermaid? And where did the little mermaid like the prince so much?"

"Everyone goes crazy when they fall in love."

"Not like that. This book looks at fairy tales from a very realistic perspective.”

"A relationship that's also not honorable?"

"Unconscientious… Is there a relationship?”

Leonhardt belatedly realized his slip of the tongue and coughed.

But Elizabeth opened her eyes coyly and glared at Leonhardt.

"Not a spouse from an unsolicited marriage, but a truly loving futher... Lizzy, let's call it a day. It's not good for children's emotions."

"I'm not a child anymore."

"It's a kid. And what I said earlier is a secret. My mother would probably admonish me as well as the Knights if she knew."

"Why the Knights...?”

"All my knowledge of minors' emotions was forced into my hands by the bastards."

Elizabeth tilted her head at Leonhardt's words.

"We're a political marriage, aren't we?"

"Is it Taejoong's wedding medicine? Don't that right?"

"You don't want to get married?”

"No way. I told you a little while ago how much I like you, Elizabeth.”

"Then you're not gonna let me in on that, are you? The Empress said so. The more heirs to the imperial family, the better. And to do that....”

"Stop, stop! What the hell did your mother teach you? Don't worry, Lizzy, as long as you're there, I'll never, ever, ever look at another woman in the sky."

"Can I trust you? I don't know if the men that the Empress speaks like that....”

"I swear! With all my might, Elizabeth Isolde von Elysium is the only life in this Leonhard Tristan von Espedor."

Elizabeth then buried herself deep in her chair with a look of relief.

"I want to eat macaroons."

Leonhardt personally raised himself and handed Elizabeth a raspberry-flavored macaron.

"Did Leon ever dream of me?”

Elizabeth put the book down. Although it was a nightmare, she had seen him in her dreams, and suddenly wondered what he would be like.

"Me? Have you ever appeared in my dream? Uh... I mean...."

Leonhardt covered his mouth with both hands, aghast.

A thin bone formed between Elizabeth's eyebrows.

Leonhardt only shook his head. It was a dream that I couldn't tell her, pure and innocent, who seemed to be colored with his color the moment I touched it.

"I told you, it's not fair.”

Leonhardt shook his head, saying, "I can't die."

"I... wonder why all of a sudden…I've been on the show before. Of course I do, I've been there over and over again.”

"But why don't you tell me the story?"

"That's... I mean... Uh... hmmm...."

"Did you dream of eating something delicious alone without me knowing? If that's the case, I'll forgive you. Give me one more chocolate instead."

Leonhardt hurriedly peeled the chocolate and put it in Elizabeth's mouth.

"It's especially hot today….”

"Don't be ridiculous! Tell me quickly, will you?"

Leonhardt remained silent until the end, even for Lady Elizabeth's honor and innocence.'It's all a d*mn it. It's because of the d*mn little body!’

I can't believe I've had two horrible puberty. Leonhardt covered Elizabeth's mouth with sweet treats with blood and tears.

"By the way, tomorrow is finally the theatrical festival?"

"Again, again and again. Theatrical festival…

"The theatrical festival is held every year, so let's come see each other again. And the next year, the next year. Huh?"

"This time I wrote a story for my mother, and next time I'll write a story for you, Elizabeth."

"Give me a heads-up?"

"Not really…!”

"Can you promise?”

Elizabeth held out her little finger.

Leonhardt was willing to hang his fingers.

"Come to the theater festival every year. I promise you, Your Highness."

"I promise, Elizabeth."