Chapter - 50 Episode 49 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Leonhardt seized Elizabeth's hand and began to explore the room in earnest.

As if the owner of the room wanted to return at any moment, the room remained unorganized on purpose.

Instead of a straightening strap, the story of the sailors' adventures appeared with illustrations as they blew it over a book with thick dust.

"That thing on the wall…I'm sure it is, isn't it?

"Why is the key used to move the ship attached to the wall...The owner of this room must have loved the boat."

Elizabeth, still clinging to Leonhardt, ran aground and stepped carefully as if walking on a slanted boat.

My big, dry hands suddenly popped out from under the bed, and I felt like I was going to grab my ankle.

"Is it the room of one of Mama's brothers?"

"Um… I don't think that's right.”

Elizabeth shook her head when she was looking at something with her fingers.

The number of rooms searched so far coincided with the number of Empress Mama's brothers.

Which means the owner of this room is the empress, or a guest who has stayed for a long time..

"Here's a sketchbook.”


Elizabeth stared at Leonhardt as if to ask permission. Leonhardt opened the sketchbook instead of permission.

From the first chapter to the tenth page, pre-practice, spheres, cubes, and tetrahedrons appeared, and still life paintings drawn with clumsy watercolors appeared.

"I don't think there's a signature.”


Elizabeth nodded her head. The person who painted still life paintings was an artist who didn't know how to handle brushes yet, but it was a style she had seen.

"…that's a family.”

Leonhardt, who was looking over the thick sketchbook at high speed, said in a low-sinked voice.

In the yellowish discolored painting, there were boys smiling broadly and holding hands with each other.

The brothers, including the eldest, who would be believed to be parents rather than the eldest, were even the youngest in navy uniform.

"I can't see it from the Empress...?”

"You must have been so focused on the painting that you forgot to leave your mother's seat."

On the front page of the paper, Leonhardt found a self-portrait of the empress.

He didn't want to ruin the composition, so he probably only put his face on the right place.

"Everyone looks happy….”

Elizabeth carefully swept the air over the paper with the back of her hand in case there were any marks on her hands.

"Maybe... You didn't tell me much about your family. Rather, I learned from maidens and history books."

Leonhardt's throat was completely locked.

Leonhardt, who was curious about my genealogy as a child, visited the empress on the way.

The empress smiled somehow and gave him a book instead of a family story.

The book contained the story of the empress' family.

Located on the most beautiful beach in the empire, the duchess was a free and lively family that produced outstanding naval figures for generations.

However, the duchess was born with children with diseases that could not stop bleeding from time to time, and people murmured that it was because they had a deal with Mananan, the god of the sea, when the first housekeeper settled down.

Now that medical science has developed over the years, it has been revealed that the disease is hemophilia, and Leonhardt does not have the disease in question, which has calmed down, but it was once a quite noisy controversy to the extent that there was talk of abolishing the empress.

Some of them actually died from the disease....’Leonhardt thought as he looked at the boy, who looked unusually pale enough to be clearly seen through the painting.

"If they were alive... Would I have been a little less lonely?"

Elizabeth leaned her head on Leonhardt's shoulder and looked down at the painting together.

She also memorized the genealogy of her own family, even though she hated it, and had to know how many of her noble family's wives were from Elysium, but she didn't know anything about her mother's family.

"Did you feel lonely?"

"I think it was. Whenever the old lieutenants mentioned granddaughter or granddaughter, I imagined what it would have been like for me to have a grandfather."

The thoughts disappeared when I saw the grandfathers whom I met through history books and portraits of the royal family.

Leonhardt told Elizabeth that he once shouted "I hate you!" in a short tongue at the portrait on behalf of his mother after reading the story of how strict and cold his grandmother was to her, who was then a princess.

"No wonder there was a person whose eyes were particularly big and blunt, and I would have suffocated to death if that person had been a grandmother.”

Elizabeth burst into laughter at the sound of a silver bell. It was the same thing that the five-year-old, who remained in the empress' sketchbook, chose not to do what he was told to do and not to do.

"But why is the room of the empress so messed up... Did he leave it as if he was waiting for you to come back?"

Even the blankets on the bed were clumped together.

"Waiting for you to come back... Maybe that's what Lizzie said."


"My grandmother is very... Well, I guess he didn't like it. Leave my room as it is in case I come back from the palace without a single night... That's what the book says.”

"Did the Empress really say that?”

Elizabeth's eyes were wide open.

It was too different to be the words and actions that the empress of the gentle and kind nature would say now.

"Well... I'm glad you were still in the palace. This room... maybe the users did this on purpose so that they could forget what happened when my mom came back?"

"On purpose..."

Leonhardt held Elizabeth's hand tightly.

The men who inherited the family died on the sea and returned to Manan's arms as if they had promised.

Brothers who suffered hemophilia also died of the disease before they were ten years old.

Nevertheless, it became ambiguous to hand over the duchess to a child of borderline descent who had already become the owner of another family.

Eventually, the empress' family was stuffed into a history book.

"…Is Ellisium going to be like this?"


"I'm the only child... I don't have any relatives... Is this the end of our family?"

How nice it would be if you could disappear so naturally.

Leonhardt began to jump from his seat to find out if there was any hidden pattern between the wallpaper or a floor where footsteps sounded strangely different, appeasing Elizabeth, who had a dark look on her face and still had family affection.

"Lizzy, what do you want, to be?”

He stepped on the dark blue carpet and ran, but there was no unique sound where the space below was empty.

The wallpaper also looked away, but it was all plain vine designs.

Elizabeth shook her head as she checked the titles of various adventures and travel books stuck in the bookshelf.

"If your family ends up with you last, isn't it that the young children who have had to attend empress and priest classes like you will also disappear?"Leonhardt looked under the bed, sneaking around Elizabeth pretending to know nothing.

There was nothing under the bed, either.

Drenched in dust, Leonhardt brushed off his head, sneezed, and looked at Elizabeth's countenance.

"…is that so…"

"Of course, the next Duke of Elysium, if ever there was one. Just because it happens, Lizzy, your parents... I don't think it's the same."

Elizabeth pondered over the decorations on the wall.

When I heard Leonhardt, I thought that might be the case.

But somehow it seemed sad that the family with the history of the empire would disappear.

"The first Empress of the Empire was also from Elysium, right?”

"Did you? Oh, I think you did. Isabella… I don't remember the middle name, anyway."

"Did he grow up like me?"

"You wouldn't have done that from the beginning?"

How did this happen? Elizabeth couldn't speak and bowed her head.


A golden reflection shone on her shiny shoes.

Elizabeth looked up and looked for the main character, who was flashing golden.

"…I guess the Empress really liked the story of the sea, the pirates and the navy."

Two cutlasss were hung overlapped behind the skeleton that scattered her a while ago.

Leonhardt reassured Elizabeth, saying it was probably a gift from his brothers, who were sailors.

"It's strangely perverse. My mom can't stand things like this. Did it weigh to one side?"

Leonhardt stepped up and tried to fix the crooked decorations again.

But I couldn't reach the height. Elizabeth hopped and stretched her arms, but her arms couldn't reach the decorations either.

Leonhardt pondered for a moment and concluded briefly.

"Lizzy, you go up there."

Leonhardt freely laid his hands and knees on the floor and claimed to be a stepping stone.

Elizabeth was embarrassed by Leonhardt's actions.

"There's a chair that's fine. Why...?”

"If that's the case, shouldn't you touch this ornament?"

"This might be what my mother was looking for!"

However, Elizabeth was reluctant to put her foot on Leonhardt's back.

Even so, he was a fiance, a crown prince, and a favorite, but somehow, he felt sorry and ashamed, so his feet could hardly move freely.

"…or do you want a ride on your shoulders?”

Leonhardt looked to the side and said.

"If it's not your voice... Do you want me to carry you?”

Only then did Elizabeth nod.

Leonhardt lightly carried Elizabeth and approached the wall.

"What do you think, grab something?"

"Oh, I got you!"


"There we go! …Huh? Leon, there's a hole in the back here. I think there's something inside, too."


As I pushed the decorations away, I could see holes that were apparently drilled by humans and shiny objects in them.

"Isn't this the one you're talking about here?"

Leonhardt had to tighten his back so that he wouldn't miss Elizabeth reeling back in the moment.

Elizabeth, who put her arm into the hole and took it out, raised her voice, contributing to the identity of the loot that she had never thought of.

"Isn't it a... a gun?”

"Cho, why are you here?”

"Why on earth did you have this?”

Leonhardt tapped an old, cobweb-tangled gun with his feet in an absurd tone.

"…Well, Leon."


Elizabeth was looking over her shoulder at the gun on Leonhardt's back, and suddenly realized what she was looking like and blushed."…can't you slowly drop me off?”

Leonhardt blinked a few times and dropped her off in surprise when he belatedly noticed what the two were looking like.