Chapter - 51 Episode 50 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

In addition to the gun, Elizabeth pulled out of the hole were red coral in the shape of a deer cone, glass beads made with silver powder, and a small toy knife.

"I can't believe it with my eyes."

"Me, too."

Elizabeth and Leonhardt spewed their appreciation, laying trophies on the floor.

The Empress, why did your mother hide a toy that was too modest and insignificant for a precious family spirit?

"I'm going to have to bring my mother. Lizzy, wait here... All right, let's go together."

Are you going to leave me here alone? As soon as he met Elizabeth's eyes grudgingly, Leonhardt smiled and raised Elizabeth up.

"You found the treasure!"

The empress, who was lying on the bed, smiled brightly at the two men's full hands.

"Where did you find it?”

"Well... in my mother's room... Inside the walls."

Leonhardt replied in a crawling voice.

The empress blinked a few times at the words, and soon realized what they meant and picked up the cushion next to her and covered her face.

"Hua, Empress?"

"Wow, wow, wow.

The emperor and Leonhardt rushed in fright.

"That room... was the last room I slept in before I went to the palace....”

It was buried in a cushion and could not be heard well, but the empress' voice was filled with tears.

The day before going to the palace, the empress hid precious memories she shared with her brothers as a child.

Coral that my big brother brought me on a trading boat, glass beads that he put on her hand right before she died, and toy knives that my youngest brother, who was playful and the youngest brother, told me to be a knight if I wanted to quit the throne seat.


The emperor quietly called the empress' name when he saw a pistol placed on a white blanket.

What was she thinking about putting a pistol, a guy with live ammunition in it?

If he could not stand the imperial life, would he have thought of returning to his hometown and using a gun?

Anxiety and anxiety created a deep bone over the emperor's tall forehead.

"…it's not what I need anymore."

The Empress managed to lift her face from the cushion and smile.

Now, although it took some time to say, the emperor, as well as Leonhardt, could only breathe a sigh of relief.

Elizabeth was observing the gun with her hands behind her.

Elizabeth was intrigued and intrigued the first time she saw a weapon that could be faster, lighter, scarier than a sword, and could attack from a distance.

"Well... the Empress."

"What's wrong, baby?"

Elizabeth asked the empress to do so, even though she thought it would not work.

"Can I have this gun?”

Leonhardt's heart sank momentarily.

However, he could not hold his fiancee's shoulder in front of his parents and question her.

Instead, it was up to the Empress and the Emperor to question her.

"May I ask why?”

Elizabeth leaned her head down and mumbled her lips for a long time.


Leonhardt also glared at the corner of the floor in nervousness and anxiety.

Don't tell me Elizabeth wants a gun in the same way as the Empress.

"…I want to protect the Crown Prince."

However, the words that came out of Elizabeth's mouth were unexpected."Me, me?"

Leonhardt blinked and pointed at himself with his fingertips.

Elizabeth nodded loudly.

"Fireworks..." There was nothing I could do the night you became the Sword Master. If they had made up their mind, I would have... I... can't even protect my body... I'm so angry about that. I'm angry and sad....”

Elizabeth didn't even know what she was talking about now.

It was a sentence that was getting closer to murmuring, but the emperor and empress understood exactly what she was trying to say.

It was natural to want to protect the loved one, and it was a mindset that deserves praise, rather than scolding.

But Elizabeth was still young. It had to grow a little more to handle dangerous things like guns.

The empress beckoned Elizabeth closer.

Elizabeth approached her with impatience.

"Do you want to protect the Crown Prince?”

"I want to protect you. I want to protect myself. I don't want to be a burden to you."

"I'm proud of you."

The empress smiled pleased at Elizabeth's bold words and kissed her briefly over her forehead.

"But Elizabeth, guns are a very dangerous thing."

"Well... as expected, right?”

As expected, it doesn't work. Elizabeth smiled, trying to hide her disappointment.

"So let's learn when we grow up a little more. This empress will teach you herself.”


"The Empress!"

"Oh, my God!"

The empress raised her hand and calmed the two startled by her words.

"You can't just bite your innocent tongue in front of King Jeongjo's crisis because you're a woman, be a hostage, and be a burden that doesn't help you at all. I couldn't agree more with Elizabeth."

"But what could be dangerous for a child to be Empress of a country?"

The empress stared at the emperor. He looked at me asking if I really didn't know.

"… well, well, it wouldn't hurt to be able to protect your own body."

"I'll take these things back to the palace. I hope you don't mind, do you?

"Don't you understand Jim's desire to move the entire sea before the palace if you can?"

At the emperor's friendly words, the empress smiled and leaned in his strong arms.

"Come to think of it, I must reward my babies for finding the treasure on my behalf.”

"The empress has every right to say. Is there anything you want?"

Elizabeth and Leonhardt exchanged glances.

Now that I was almost banned from going outside, there was only one thing I wanted.

"Please allow me to go out."

"I'd like to ask for your permission. What?"

Elizabeth extended her tongue, sticking out to her lips.

The emperor and the empress nodded, bursting with laughter as if they had lost.

After the postponed theatrical festival, he had to return to the imperial palace immediately, but it was too harsh to keep him locked up only inside the mansion.


Leonhardt met Elizabeth in the air, shouting hurrah.

"I'm thinking of going to see the lighthouse as soon as the rain stops, will the Crown Prince and Elizabeth join us?”

Before I knew it, the rain was thinning out. The empress predicted the weather, saying, "Maybe it will be sunny tomorrow."

And Elizabeth noticed Leonhardt's face hardened at the word lighthouse.


Leonhardt's violet eyes were swaying wildly.

"Oh, my God... Is the lighthouse dangerous because it's a cliff....”

"Your Majesty will be with you. What are you worried about?”

I'm afraid he'll give his mother the freedom of death.Leonhardt was a pale, tired face and mouth-fluttering.

"The Crown Prince?"

The empress tilted her head in wonder.

Leonhardt soon came to his senses and shook his head.

"Nothing... nothing. I'm just worried if my mom will be okay because she hasn't had much energy lately..”

"I've just had a little summer heat. Otherwise, I was going to call a doctor soon. Don't worry too much about the Crown Prince, just get ready to show Elizabeth the most beautiful thing in the world tomorrow."

Leonhardt and Elizabeth had to step aside in the face of the euphemism.

"Leon... you don't look good."

Elizabeth put her hand on Leonhardt's cheek with a worried face.

"Are you sick?"

Since the Empress was told to go to the lighthouse, Leonhardt's face has turned white and his hands have been shaking.


"I'm listening."

Leonhardt looked at Elizabeth with eager eyes as if he were a believer asking for salvation before God.

"I... if I say, Elizabeth, that you want to die... And if you know the truth... Should I kill you with my own hands?"

"Leon, Leon?"

"Is that really the only way for you to get out of the cage? Is there any other way? Will the future never change? What the hell did Mimi's Brune mean that day? Lizzy, Lizzy... I'm afraid.”

"What are you so afraid of…?”

Leonhardt hugged Elizabeth in his arms.

Surprised, Elizabeth opened her eyes wide and stamped her feet with anxious eyes in case someone passed by the corridor.

I could hear the beating sound of my heart beating over the hem of my clothes.

"I promised again and again that I would lose my loved one, that I would make you happy, that I would not keep that promise. That's so scary. I feel sorry for those who have to serve as emperors who have failed to protect the laughter of their loved ones, and for the future who have to fall into despair, so, so....”

"Prince Leonhard Tristan von Espedor."

Elizabeth slapped Leonhardt's rambling face with both hands.

Light managed to return to the purple eyes that had lost light.

Elizabeth smiled.

"It's okay. Leon will do well. I don't know what you're so afraid of... Leon could do it. And when I'm with Leon... Always…."

"Lizzy, are you confident you'll be happy with me?”

Leonhardt hung on desperately.

Elizabeth nodded her head against Leonhardt's forehead.

"Leon will do that for you, won't he? So it's okay. It's gonna be okay. I believe in Leon.”

Only then could Leonhardt calm down a little and look ahead.

Elizabeth was gently comforting him, saying that everything would be fine in his arms.

Leonhardt breathed deep into Elizabeth's neck, which seemed to smell all kinds of clear and pure, including silver, daffodils, and lotus flowers.

Elizabeth paused in nervousness for a moment. It's the first time he's been acting this way to her.

But Leonhardt took a few breaths in that position, letting her go again without doing much.

Rather, his earlobes were red, scratching his cheeks, saying it was rude.

Elizabeth didn't know what had happened, but she felt her heart pounding again, and her cheeks burning when she touched the back of her hand."Thank you, Lizzy."

"What did I..."

Leonhardt smiled, holding Elizabeth's hand tightly.

The weather was bad today, so the candles in the hallway, let alone the flames, seemed to be brighter, but there seemed to be a bright light like the sun behind Leonhardt's face.

"Shall we rest early? Sunrise and sunset from the sea are really beautiful. Lizzy, I really want to show you.”

"…Leon, have you been to the sea before?”

"Uh, huh?"

Elizabeth tilted her head and pointed out what had been bothering her.

"It's your first time at sea, and you sound like you've experienced a lot."

Leonhardt bit his tongue in his mouth, aghast.

Elizabeth, however, entered the room first, saying, "Take a good rest," perhaps not to question him to the end.

Left alone in the hallway, Leonhardt only memorized and memorized the word "cautious" that Mimi's Brunne said.