Chapter - 52 Episode 51 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

I'll rewind the clock.

As the Empress said, the weather on both sides returned mildly, when the storm hit.

The seagulls, who returned with the early morning sun, constantly shed a wing-shaped shadow over the sea.

In praise of Mananan's name, the sailors untied the thick knot they had tied tightly and sent their ships back to the sea again.

It was a clear day when the sky and the sea met again and broke into light.

While everyone was holding a piece of warm white sunlight drawing a rainbow over the window, only Leonhardt still had a serious face like a sailor sailing through the storm.

"Leon, what's wrong...?”

Elizabeth woke up early in the morning and got ready to go out when she heard that she could go out again, and waved her palms in front of Leonhardt's face, which was very stiff.

"Uh...Uh, yeah, nothing."

Leonhardt glossed over his words and fixed his eyes on the emperor and empress discussing when to go to the lighthouse.

"Dinner would be nice, wouldn't it?”

I wanted to dry it if I could. Don't go to the lighthouse, don't walk through the rocks on the cliff in the evening.

But all he could do now was follow her with Elizabeth so that the empress would not think in vain.

"They're going to the lighthouse to see the sunset after dinner! I'm already looking forward to it. On a day like this, the sunset will be very clear and clear."

Even half of Elizabeth's words, which would normally have been welcomed with joy, could not be heard.

What if my mother throws everything out in front of her? Should I just tell Elizabeth to stay here?

However, I couldn't help but smile when I saw her already walking with high expectations and excitement.

'…let's do something about it. Don't tell me... don't tell me your mom... I don't think so... never....’

Elizabeth's desire to go to the lighthouse and see the sunset was a little greater than Leonhardt's wish that the day would pass twice as late as usual.

The emperor and empress, who had already finished dinner a little earlier, changed into light clothes.

My head was in a mess.

Leonhardt dressed without knowing that the buttons were crossed and began to figure out a way to save his mother.

"Leon, the buttons are messed up."

Elizabeth opened her eyes wide and said to Leonhardt.

At any time, he maintained the attitude of the prince, who was neat, arrogant, and elegant, and was now wearing half of his shirt, the remaining half sticking out of his pants, and a mess of buttons.

Elizabeth dragged him to the room and pushed him to the door before anyone could see him.

"Really, Leon has been weird all day since morning. He suddenly asks if there is a fence around the lighthouse or insists that he will go first..”

"I... did...?”

Look, Elizabeth looked up at Leonhardt in a ridiculous way.

The crown prince in front of his eyes already had a half-soulful face.

Elizabeth, who was trying to polish Leonhardt's clothes, slapped Leon on the cheek with a small hand.

"Wake up, Leon is the only one who can protect me if I slip my feet because I'm blinded by the sunset.”

At that time, Leonhardt's purple eyes, which had been half-off, shook greatly."That's right..."

"Huh? What's right?"

Elizabeth, who was loosening Leonhardt's buttons from the wrong part, looked up.

Leonhardt hugged Elizabeth tightly along the way.

"Le, Leon…?"

Leónhardt took Elizabeth in his arms and sighed in her scent, as bare chest revealed when the shirt button was half undone.

Only then did all the thoughts that had been echoing endlessly in my head all day slowly swirled and began to subside.

"You're right, Lizzy."

Elizabeth, who was hugged by Leonhardt unexpectedly, was stiff and blinked.

As soon as Leonhardt moved, the scent slowly sank to the floor, shackling her thin ankles.

Instead of the mint-flavored soap smell he usually uses, he felt like he could hold the fishy and salty smell of the sea if he reached out his hand.

"It's all right. I'm going to keep an eye on every time.”

"Elizabeth, my mother, my father, your future, my future, and your happiness will be protected no matter what.”

Elizabeth had no idea what the hell he was talking about, as she was unable to squirm herself with the smell of the sea from her body.

My heart started pounding so hard that it hurt.

Leonhardt, who hugged her as if an injured beast was looking for a gap in the rock, was now a strong and warm harbor for her.

Was this the scent of Elizabeth's favorite perfume?

Leonhardt buried her forehead in the back of her neck and thought, exhaling slowly.

The scent of Elizabeth had a wonderful power to erase all anxious thoughts.

I wanted to stay like this forever if I could.

Why didn't I notice such a precious person before? Why didn't I say a word of thanks to the person who accepted, embraced, and cared for me without knowing what would happen?

The regret of the future, which has now become the past, has flocked back to the tide.

Leonhardt smiled and let her go.

"…are you okay?"

Elizabeth was the first to examine Leonhardt's complexion.

Whatever changed his mind, fortunately he returned to his usual Leonhardt, where he could put the button in place.

Elizabeth breathed a sigh of relief behind Leonhardt's back and stepped out together, trimming the collar of her last overturned shirt.

But somehow the maids and servants, the emperor and the empress looked strange.

Leonhardt and Elizabeth, who wondered what they were doing leaning against the door a while ago, let go of their tightly held hands without saying first, as if they understood everything.

"Hmmm, hmmm, go... Shall we go?"

Instead of holding hands like a child, Leonhardt stretched out his arms as if he was escorting Lady, and repeatedly coughed.

Elizabeth also shyly placed her hand on his arm, turning her flushed face all over her.


It was a magnificent sight that the empress loved and boasted about.

All the way to the lighthouse, Elizabeth was distracted by the sweet smell of flowers mixed in the salty wind.

The white dress flapped wildly in the strong winds of the storm, which had yet to recede, clinging to her soft silhouette.

Leonhardt covered Elizabeth's shoulder with a jacket, fearing she might be cold.Leonhardt's unique pungent mint scent, the clear smell of the sea after all the shots were withdrawn, and the smell of wild flowers spread through Elizabeth's whole body to the tip of her fingers.

Behind the lighthouse, chairs were prepared as if they had waited for the imperial family in advance.

Leonhardt looked relieved when he saw the fence in front of the chair.

There was a fence, there was a father, and there was Elizabeth sitting next to her.

What he was worried about was not likely to happen.

Still nervous just in case, Leonhardt only looked at the empress' side face.

As the golden sunset began to color little by little, the golden line along the elegant side line began to descend on the Empress's forehead.

What a beautiful mother she was. Leonhardt momentarily forgot to breathe and watched the Empress.


"Beautiful. It's like your mother is wearing a thin veil of gold and orange."

"It is up to me to see the empress, my son, and you look at your fiancee."

"Was it you? Elizabeth, there is no need for me to speak....”

No, Leonhardt ended up with a slip of the tongue, unable to complete the sentence.

The emperor smirked at the sight.

Sunset was a good thing for two men.

The Empress and Elizabeth remembered every bit of the sunset, which was as colorful as fireworks, shiny as gold, and swaying on the sea like the light reflected in the mirror smashed into thousands of pieces.

And the Emperor and Leonhardt were thrilled to see their companions watching.

Elizabeth's fantastic silver hair, which gave Elysium the name of Angel's Descendant, was now completely eaten by the sunset and dyed red as if it had been sprinkled with precious perfume from the top of the head.

As the light shone on the soft cheeks, which still had fluffy hair, even a fluffy fur that stood on the ecstatic spectacle was clearly visible.

I always thought I was young, but now that I look at it, I dare say that I have a lovely and beautiful face that is not lacking in comparison with any goddess with a high nose, thick lips, and red cheeks.

Still, it was a bud that had only half bloomed, but had already spread its thickest and largest roots over Leonhardt's heart.

How beautiful the moment that flower blooms.

Leonhardt unwittingly grabbed Elizabeth's hand and swallowed her saliva.

I can't help it, it'll be as good as sitting next to me.

Leonhardt coughed up and dug between the Empress and Elizabeth.

The emperor, who was pushed aside unexpectedly, hugged the empress at once, as if she had done well.

Called the love of the century, the two people who had been on the front page of the imperial newspaper for a while met their eyes against the backdrop of the bright red sunset as if their hearts were burning.

I didn't need to say anything.

They started to regret that they couldn't put their lips together and give each other a little more arms and dig in.

Leonhardt stared blankly at Elizabeth and turned his head away without thinking.

Then, frightened, he took Elizabeth's hand and got out of his chair and moved next to the lighthouse.

'Oh, my God, my God, my God, I'm so sick.'

It wasn't that I couldn't understand your feelings, but what did you do in front of your future daughter-in-law and son?With Elizabeth blinking and wondering with a pure face, Leonhardt sighed deeply.

"Why are you here?"

"Uh, uh, uh... I mean... I thought the sunset here wouldn't be bad!"

Leonhardt plopped down on the lawn.

The empress' skirt hung on the edge of his vision.

In front of my eyes, there was another spectacular scene in which sunset and night sky were mixed like paint.

Leonhardt laid his jacket on the mat and put Elizabeth on it.

How long has it been since we were alone like this? It didn't seem that long ago, but it seemed like a long time ago.

Leonhardt sneaked his hips towards Elizabeth, secretly looking at her.

And with a little more courage, he moved his sly fingers towards Elizabeth's hands on the floor pretending not to know anything.

"Oh, Leonhardt, you idiot!"

Elizabeth, who had noticed everything from the time he moved her hips and watched how she came out, eventually sighed and overlapped her hand on the back of Leonhardt's hand first.

Elizabeth secretly said, "It would be nice if you pretended not to know and kissed like the main characters in the novel." Then my heart, which was pounding with ease, seemed to explode.

But Leonhardt's face turns red and says he'll do it at best.

"It's because you're prettier than the sunset."

It was just the same dumb talk.

Elizabeth sighed as if to lift her shoulders drooping.

And he tapped his cheek.

I don't know where the courage came from, but his body was moving freely.

Leonhardt was in deep conflict.

Elizabeth closed her eyes tightly and poked her rosy cheeks with trembling hands.

What do you want me to do? Don't tell me that's what I think it is. Is that so?

I don't know. Leonhardt closed his eyes and tightened his lower abdomen, bringing his lips over Elizabeth's soft cheeks.

At an early dawn, when even the dew was not lifted, all the senses felt dizzy at the ecstatic scent and softness of the rose petals secretly blooming.

Is it okay for my heart to beat this fast? Leonhardt stepped back with a rattled look on his face.

Elizabeth slowly opened her eyes.

Then he tore the lawn as soon as he could and threw it at Leonhardt.

"Prince Leonhardt, what a fool!"

Unlike the horse, her little heart was already dozing off and burning to the point where it was barely a kiss on her cheek.