Chapter - 53 Episode 52 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Unlike engineers who were anxious that the stage would collapse due to heavy rain and wind when the performance was delayed due to the storm, actors who had to memorize new scripts and acting were sighing a sigh of relief in their hearts.

Miuccia Euterpe, today's leading player and the best soprano of this era, pulled back the curtains and measured how many people flocked.

As well as the status of the theater festival, the royal family came to watch together, and there were many people who came in anticipation of seeing their faces once, and there were many corridors between the seats as well as the seats.

"Are you nervous?"

Avon patted Miuccia on the back and said.

Miuccia shook her head and smiled confidently with sparkling eyes like black pearls.

The best stage and the best audience were waiting for them.

Miuccia was sure that tonight would be the best night of everyone's life.

"I've never seen a show like this before.”

By principle, no one should have access to the emperor's seat.

For example, in the case of the crowded outdoor stage, guards and guards had to sit around the emperor for a radius of about five meters.

However, the emperor reduced the number of escorts to a minimum so that even one more audience could enter the area, and instead placed the people there.

"Everyone here is Jim's guard, what's worrying about?"

In a word, the emperor sat down, dismissing opposition from his surroundings.

Elizabeth, who had to sit in a special box seat for the imperial family, seemed new and interesting to sit so close to others, although she had to go to an opera or concert with Leonhardt.

"Lizzy, come a little closer. You're not uncomfortable?"

"Nervous! Not at all!"

"I'm glad to hear that….”

While the curtain was rising, the people glanced at the back seat, capturing the image of the imperial family.

Her Majesty, a benevolent emperor who shows not only his dignity as an emperor but also his faith in the people while minimizing the number of escorts.

The empress sits gracefully next to her with a gentle but excited face.

And the young Sword Master, the crown prince who will wear the crown of the future emperor, is full of praise for having inherited only the fine points of the two men.

Finally, although she has not become an official crown princess yet, she has already grown up with the crown prince since she was young, and even a beautiful fiancee who is rumored to have been raving about the market alley during the festival.

Everyone looked awe-inspiring and bowed.

Instead of a long and boring speech, the emperor replaced the greeting with a word to enjoy this moment.

And the curtain finally rose.

With magnificent orchestra performances, the latest stage equipment moved, and the stage without anything turned into a kingdom of mermaids under the sea.

Once the curtain went down and up, the scene was also changed. The lights, which had been blue until a while ago, turned yellow and a large sailboat appeared to cut the waves instead of coral castles.

The lights were focused on the prince on the sailboat and the innocent little mermaid staring at the prince on the other side of the stage with loving eyes, and the lines of the two overlapping and moving away again, with the exception of the sound of waves quiet enough to be heard.

Elizabeth held her hands tightly together and looked only at the heroine who played the role of the Little Mermaid.The beautiful beauty, whose colorful stage makeup was not awkward at all, but rather naturally matched, had a different look on her face from time.

When you look at a spoon and think of it as a mirror, you can see the most innocent princess in the sea.

When my eyes met with the prince, he looked more shocked than surprised.

And as she sang with the prince, looking at the audience, she already had the face of an immature and innocent lady who was infatuated with the prince.

How can a person change his face like that?’

Elizabeth watched the little mermaid visit the witch with nervousness.

Unlike what people often described as a villain, in this play, the witch was thoroughly a helper for the Little Mermaid.

It raised waves so that she could meet the prince again, gave her the human legs she wanted, and even gave her the knowledge she needed to live with humans.

Only one thing, in return, he demanded a drop of blood with a voice and the beauty of the Little Mermaid.

Although she knew better than anyone that all magic requires a price, Elizabeth found herself disapproving of the witch like everyone else because the actors' performances were so good.

The Little Mermaid, who finally got her leg and came up to the beach in a large seahorse wagon that the witch had given her, was distressed by the air on the land completely different from the water.

And as the curtain fell, the first act ended.

"What do you think?”

Leonhardt asked Elizabeth, who had been breathing only thinly together from the scene where the little mermaid came out to the ground grabbed her neck and croaked.

Elizabeth, who had only calmed down a little after the curtain fell, asked Leonhardt with an excited face.

"Can I see her after the performance?"

Leonhardt looked back at the horse.

The emperor nodded. Then the empress called the servant and ordered a message card with a bouquet of flowers.

"It wouldn't be a bad idea to give unforgettable gifts to the actors who gave us unforgettable time. Your Majesty, why don't we call them the court?”

"Good idea. Come to think of it, I heard that many aristocrats can't come because they have to be with the common people even if they want to see the theater festival. What an ugly bunch...It would be a great opportunity for them."

The curtain rose again. Since he lost his voice, how will he play the role of communicating with the other actor only with gestures and facial expressions?

Elizabeth put her hands together again and raised the opera glass to focus on the actor's hand gestures and facial expressions.

There were tens of thousands of ways to express oneself without saying "I like you" or "I love you."

The gesture of raising your hand as if you were wrapping your heart, dropping the rain of petals on your loved one's head and smiling as much as you can, sneaking up and hugging.

In a way, it was close to a pure country girl and a simple bachelor's prank, but Elizabeth and the audience were all smirking in love with their affectionate appearance.

But the happiness of the two did not last very long.

The nobles first began to persuade the queen that they could not marry a prince who did not know where he came from, did not know his identity, or even could not speak.It is natural not to know because it is the first time for the aristocrats to behave, but even Leonhardt had to clench his fist at the moment in lines full of sarcasm and malice, saying, "There is nothing we can do about vulgar.

The princess, who cannot speak, but has open ears, desperately studied to become a lady suitable for the royal family.

He learned human letters, learned manners, stopped dancing freely and started waltzing.

Elizabeth recalled herself in the past as she watched the production of the princess's feet, who had never stepped on the ground before, becoming bloodier with her skirt was always raised when she danced.

Did he once dance so freely in his childhood, when he couldn't even remember?

There was no princess who was clear and cheerful, who smiled automatically every time she appeared.

What replaced the post was an empty shell that emptied and filled everything in itself to become a princess.

Light quickly disappeared from such clear, sparkling eyes a while ago. Still, the princess endured all the pain, looking only at one man, the prince.

Based on the quiet, sad, and mournful music of the minor flowing from a violin, the princess' pain, solitude, and conflict are played with gestures.

He twirled his arms and legs as if his body were about to explode, and suddenly hugged his body as if he was afraid of everything, but every scene he swore to the sky to try again gave a different impression that he was the same actor.

The prince was being pushed out of the battle for the throne while the princess was gradually withering and drying up in exchange for freedom and love.

Are you going to give up the throne because you are blinded by love with a humble woman, or will you wear the crown to welcome the princess of another country as a queen as predetermined?

The prince was conflicted and conflicted.

Looking at the scene where he faced himself honestly in front of the mirror, Leonhardt recalled himself on his way to meet Mimiir, the owner of the clock tower.

And inside, I cheered for the prince. He didn't have to worry as he changed the ending himself, but he wanted to whisper to his ears not to miss the opportunity before he regretted it.

The witch, who sneaked out to the land to see how the princess was living, sighed in a cave by the beach, looking at an elegant lady with empty eyes instead of the young, beautiful, and lively princess she coveted.

The witch said she could give the mermaid's tail again if she wanted to. His voice can also be returned, but he warned that he might not be able to stand by the prince in return for his magic.

The princess listened to the clock instead of her voice. I meant give me time to think.

And the prince was hiding in the shadow of the cave watching all their conversations and gestures.

Finally, it was the anticipated highlight ending scene.

The princess danced frantically to find out what she really wanted and kicked the inner conflict out of her body.

The princess had already made up her mind.

The prince was also concluding a similar conclusion at the same time in the room next to the princess.

The princess in need of freedom and the prince, who couldn't stop her because he loved her so much, put down everything that proved to be a member of his crown and royal family on the bed and headed to the princess' room."Come back to the sea with me, my love. You need the sea, and I need you, so I'd rather abandon everything and be a sailor and sail by your side."

The princess looked very surprised at the prince's conclusion that she had never imagined.

The prince's expression was very serious.

It was partly because he was completely kicked out because he was tired of the succession fight, but the prince scratched the back of his head, blushing, saying, "Did you want to be a sailor of the sea when you first met the princess?"

"When I become a sailor... If I sail like that, I might be able to meet you again someday. That's what I thought."

The princess kept talking as if she were trying to say something. Oh, no, no. The ugly cracked voice, which could not even be a word, was so ugly that I doubted if it was really the same person as the person who sang in the most beautiful voice with the sisters under the sea in Act 1.

The actor's eyes turned red in an instantaneously. And the princess was held in the prince's arms with an expression full of tears.

The curtain came down again, and it went up.

The princess was singing her love story in a beautiful voice.

The lower half of the body with rainbow scales was evidence that she eventually chose freedom.

Still shining her face through a spoon on the sea, the princess burst into laughter as if she had lost her dryness and light.

A large sailboat came near the rock where she was sitting.

Decontamination over the balustrade, not the first officer, but yet, prince of the ship's crew of the lowest rating.

The princess waved to the prince, calmed down the strong waves and sang a song for a fair wind.

The prince, who came down to the sea where the princess was with the captain's permission, somehow swept down the princess' hair with a face full of sorry.

The princess smiled gently, held in his arms, and coveted her lips first.

The witch was the first to walk off the stage, grumbling that the plan was a mess on the outside, but muttering that this ending was not bad.

Until the end, the curtain went down completely with the two singing together for each other.

The first person to stand up and applaud was the emperor.

The empress was already wiping away tears by changing her third handkerchief.

The emperor began to applaud, and people stood up from their seats and shouted loudly at the actors who reappeared to greet the stage.

"Your Majesty."

The emperor listened anxiously to the empress, who could not take her face off the handkerchief.

"If Your Majesty had given up the throne, would I have been a little happier?”

The emperor, as well as Leonhardt, who was sitting in front of him, was a remarkable remarkable.

"It's nothing. I'm just saying. I can't wait for them to come to the palace.”

Leonhardt, who handed a handkerchief to Elizabeth, who began to whimper, headed backstage with only one escort warrior as she asked a while ago.

The bouquet that the empress ordered had already arrived.

The two, who were thinking about which phrase to write on the card, wrote satisfactory sentences and knocked on the door of the main actor's waiting room with flowers.