Chapter - 54 Episode 53 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

At the word of small guests from the imperial family, Miuccia greeted them with pleasure.

"I will cherish this flower as a heirloom."

Miuccia looked at a large bouquet of flowers handed over by Leonhardt and smiled brightly.

Elizabeth was into Miuccia, who was acting as if there were several souls in a person's body.

"Well, Mr. Miuccia….”

"Just feel free to call me Miu, Empress of the Future."

Elizabeth's cheeks turned red.

"Uh…how can I put it off like that? It's like…."

"Was it like someone else?"

Elizabeth nodded her head up and down.

Miuccia leaned down with a bright smile like a summer rose and set eyes on Elizabeth.

"Empty it. And fill it up. He pushes me to the limit of my emotions and deceives me that I'm the main character in the story and the person who leads the story."

Miuccia took out a small rose bud that was mixed together in a bouquet and handed it to Elizabeth.

"You have to be honest with me if you want to deceive me. If you know what I really feel, the rest is easy."

It was totally incomprehensible, but Elizabeth cherished the flowers given by the actor she yearned for.

"Be honest with me....”

What do you think I'm feeling right now? Longing? Joy? Joy?

"Right! What do you think of when you face the Crown Prince next to you?”

Miuccia glanced at Elizabeth and Leonhardt in a playful voice.

Leonhardt was also seen wince and startle at her words.

"When I face Leon...?”

Elizabeth's blue, horse-like eyes stared at Leonhardt.

Leonhardt rolled his eyes and scratched the back of his head in awkwardness.

"Are you angry? Or are you happy? Sadness? Joy? Are you excited? What kind of feeling is it? Do you feel like you want it? Do you want to be next to me?”


Leonhardt, like a man caught off guard, stood tall on the spot.

Elizabeth was also hiding her expression over a small flower.

"Oh, my God! It's love.”

"Sa, love. We haven't... "

"We love each other, we care about each other, we don't want to be apart for a while, we want to do anything together, we want to be by our side, we want to be greedy, and on the other hand, we're afraid that the other person might get hurt. You only show your ugly self to the fullest and regret it, and when it comes to night again, you suffer from longing, and when you encounter it, your heart flutters, or what is it?”

Miuccia, nicknamed "Star on Stage," said without breathing as if singing.

Miuccia, who even gestured and improvised, smiled and told Elizabeth and Leonhardt.

"You two are a good match."

"How can I be sure of that?"

"Oh, well, do you want something that isn't?"

"Not really…!”

Miuccia smiled and lightly lowered her round eyes with the sound of the pars wave foam crumbling again.

"It was such an honor to see you again and again. Her Majesty the Crown Prince, and Lady Elizabeth."

"Oh, well, yes. What a great performance. I hope to see you again in the palace soon.”

"…is the stage waiting for me?”

Miuccia's black eyes sparkled like stars reflected in the night sea.

"I'm not sure if you're a satisfactory audience, but if the stage is waiting, will you come?"

Miuccia burst into laughter at Leonhardt's words."If you're waiting for the stage, of course I'll go! I'll be looking forward to that day. It's dark, so be careful when you go home.”

Leonhardt and Elizabeth were sent out by Miuccia.

There was already an imperial carriage waiting.

To Miuccia, who greeted the emperor and empress with courtesy, the emperor repeated again as if confirming what Leonhardt had said a while ago.

"See you soon at the palace. We'll have to hurry up to make the stage suitable for you.”

"Honor, Your Majesty. I hope your poor skills helped the Empress refresh herself."

"Thanks to Miuccia's songs, I feel much better. If there's anything else to do with prenatal education, then I'll call you the palace."

"Oh, my God, I can't wait to see which one is faster, my throat is hoarse or my imperial family is growing!"

At Miuccia's words, the empress replied with a smile.

"Well, dad, mom."

"What's wrong, Prince?"

"We're going back on foot. Would that be okay?"

Elizabeth, who looked at Miuccia with star-like confidence in front of the emperor and empress with ecstatic eyes, turned around feeling like a bucket of ice water poured over her head.

The emperor and empress also looked rather surprised.

"Tomorrow's on-board party is our last official schedule. I'd like to show Lizzy the streets of a normal city at night.”

Look at this? Miuccia smirked and pretended to know nothing, spilling information Elizabeth might be interested in.

"It's quite a night when you don't know where the sky is or where the sea is, and it's quite a pleasure to pass through a canal wrapped around the city like a maze."

Elizabeth and Leonhardt looked up at the Emperor and Empress with eager eyes.

Miuccia only blinked coyly. The Emperor and Empress eventually smiled and agreed not to come too late.

The city with the most beautiful sea in the empire was famous for its canals that surrounded alleyways like a maze as much as the sea.

Leonhardt and Elizabeth boarded the ferry at the beacons' guide to travel around the city for about an hour.


Leonhardt hugged Elizabeth completely and put her on the boat in case she missed her step under the dark and pleased light.

Elizabeth was startled, shrieking and blinking.

Leonhardt sat next to Elizabeth and secretly raised his hand over the back of her hand as the boatman began to drive familiarly with the long paddle.

"If I had something like this, I would have come during the day."

"Let's come back next year."

"I feel like I have more and more work to do next year…?”

Elizabeth and Leonhardt giggled as they faced each other.

The cook began to sing a song about the city's patron saint in a low voice for young lovers.

"Excuse me, I'll stop by."

Leonhardt said, pointing to the on-board market, which was about to close.

On a flower-selling boat filled with flowers, Leonhardt bought silver bellflower, blue mulmangcho, and other flowers that began to smell mellow at night, weaving flower crowns with familiar handwork.

"How do you like it?"

Elizabeth lowered her eyes lightly and lowered her head in silence.

A flower crown with a round summer scent was placed over her head, and Elizabeth responded with a smile that Leonhardt valued more than anything else.

An hour was too short for the two to exchange a few words.

Finally, Elizabeth and Leonhardt made the same wish, looking at the lanterns floating on the canals with their wishes written on them.Please come here next year and let me enjoy only pretty and fun things.

Leonhardt, who gave Elizabeth a generous tip, got off the boat first and reached out to Elizabeth again.

Elizabeth carefully rose from her seat and placed her hand over Leonhardt's.

It was a hand that was held overlapped as if it were one hand, but somehow the tips of the fingers I touched were hot and burning.

Leonhardt plucked up the courage and leaped Elizabeth off the boat.

As a result, Elizabeth and Leonhardt, who were seen jumping into his arms, turned red and red at the same time.

On the way back to the mansion, the market was also closed, and the night breeze blew cool, and the two walked with a nervous feeling in case the other person noticed the sound of each other's heart.

"You two little boys, why don't you go to the fortune teller.

Leonhardt reflexively turned to the direction of his voice, reaching for the sword of his waist.

Elizabeth, who had vowed to stoning behind his back, found her fingers as dry as an old tree beckoning toward them in the alley.

"You don't have to be so vigilant. What a curse an old fortune-teller would put on a young friend.”

"…what is it?"

Leonhardt still remained vigilant and headed for the alley.

The old woman, who had a suspicious feeling just by looking through the narrow alley, was sitting over the table in old and worn-out clothes.

On the table, there was a bunch of faded cards and large glass beads on each corner with dirt on their hands.

"Now that I've seen you, I'll do it for free. Aren't you curious, love luck?”

"Yeo... what a love fortune!”

"Well, I hear a lion meowing somewhere, and I must be old."

"…Lizzy, let's ignore it. You don't have to deal with it.”

Leonhardt, openly showing signs of displeasure, pulled Elizabeth in.

However, Elizabeth seemed unable to reach Elizabeth's ears, who had been immersed in an atmosphere and quiet atmosphere that had not been felt in the palace for a long time, and Elizabeth went to the fortune teller, beating Leonhardt.

"Madam, you look like you have a lot of questions. I can tell you everything, or I can tell you one thing."

"Really... can you tell?"

"What do you want to know?”

The fortune-teller, who pressed the hood deeply down to the tip of his nose, smiled. The yellow tooth glistened like an animal.

"Lizzy, let's just go."

"But isn't Leon curious? That you can know the future.”

No one in the world knows what's going to happen in the future better than me, so let's just go!

Leonhardt sighed out of frustration and kicked the stone at his feet for nothing.


Elizabeth followed Leonhardt with a sullen look.

Looking back, Leonhardt glared up at the sky and briefly struggled.

"…I'd rather trust Mimir of the clock tower.”

Recognizing the meaning of the word, Elizabeth ran back to the fortune-teller, pleased.

'If you like it with that face... If it's really precious to the world, you want to get me whatever it is....’

Leonhardt glared at the fortune teller with a sigh, saying, "I will not let you go if you lie."

"Don't make such a scary face. Okay, let's see... You and your fiancée? Let's take a look at Young-ae first..”The fortune-teller mixed cards with skillful and nimble hands and spread them out in a rainbow-like semicircle.

"Lady first, young master first, and then you two together."

Elizabeth somehow drew the card in a pounding mood.

Leonhardt also showed such a dislike, and when it came to my turn, he carefully picked the card as if he was slightly bothered.

And in the final chapter, Leonhardt gave Elizabeth a choice first.

Elizabeth shook her head and put her hand under the table, asking Leonhardt to pick the card again.

The fortune-teller sat on his chin and watched the two with a pleased expression.

You pick, I don't like it, the two of them squabbling for a while finally agreed to pick the card in the middle.

Elizabeth's white and transparent hands over Leonhardt's.

"Well, let's see… How deep is the relationship between the two... Huh?"