Chapter - 55 Episode 54 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

The fortune-teller even stood up half-way from his seat in disbelief, muttering, "Oh, oh, no."

Elisabeth began to wonder, and Leonhardt began to be wary of fortune tellers again with suspicion.

"So, what does the card say?"

Leonhardt said in a low and purring tone that would cut down any card.

Elizabeth also clung to his side and nodded her head back and forth.

The fortune-teller coughed and suddenly stretched himself out for a long time before turning over the cards that Elizabeth, Leonhardt, and the two of them chose at the same time.

"This is..."

"No way....”

Leonhardt and Elizabeth were poised to snore on the table.

No wonder, there was nothing drawn on the three cards with faded color from the back.

"What kind of fraud are you trying to commit?”

"Fraud! How dare you cheat on someone's safety. Apparently neither of them has a gift for magic. It's a card you can see through magic."

"That sounds like a con man to me.”

"Young-ae, can't you make the young master shut up?"

While curious and interested in the strange and strange atmosphere, Elizabeth, who was holding Leonhardt's hem tightly, was embarrassed by the fortune-teller's words and pulled only the hem firmly in her hand.

The fortune-teller looked pleased and began explaining three cards with nothing on them.

"First of all, my lady... You still don't know what my feelings are. It's a tall, rugged mountain that you have to climb alone without anyone's help, and it's a golden flower and silver stream on top of the silk floor, and there's no paradise on earth!"

"San…? My feelings?"

Elizabeth blinked blankly.

But the fortune-teller immediately moved on to Leonhardt's card as if the word had ended.

"Our young master... Haha, you should have done better before you regretted it."

Leonhardt raised an eyebrow at this point and put his hand on the sword handle again.

"But I guess you're working hard. But it's hard to forget. The price you've been riddled with will always come back in any form.”

"If you're going to say anything bad, I'd rather not say anything.”

It had been a long time since I pulled him out of the alley and handed him over to the vigilante.

The fortune-teller grinned and explained the last card.

"And so, the prince provided the princess with a flowery path and the most beautiful scenery in the world. But whether you walk or not is entirely up to you. Miss, young master. Be careful about your choice. Then everything will be fine."

"What's the interpretation?"

Leonhardt murmured in a lackluster tone. Elizabeth tilted her head at the completely unexpected interpretation.

"No, it's a waste of time. Let's go back before it's too late. I'd rather call a carriage.”

Leonhardt sprang to his feet. Luckily, Leonhardt, who easily called the carriage from a nearby inn, picked Elizabeth up first and stared at the fortune-teller in the alley.

"You don't have to look so scared. But don't forget. With the hands of the clock upside down at best, what will it take for her to truly be happy?"

"What's that..."

The fortune-teller raised his finger and hissed his hand.

Where did the fingers, which were like dry old trees, go and with fiery hair under the hem of the clothes, white and slim arms like plaster were revealed.But the carriage had already departed, and while I turned my head for a while, the wind was blowing as if nothing had happened in the first place.



In the carriage back to the mansion, Leonhardt stared out of the window for a long time and uttered Elizabeth's name.

"Will you grow up slowly and stay with me all the time?”

Elizabeth's face was filled with question marks.

Leonhardt shook his head lightly, saying it was nothing, and leaned back on the cool window glass.

"I'm always there for Leon. Whether it grows slowly or fast. Are you worried that I'll be bigger than Leon forever?”

The warmest and softest scent in the world spread over Leonhardt's shoulders with the sound of his clothes brushing.

"Oh, yeah, I was afraid you might grow up like Lord Bern, so I told you to grow up slowly."

Leonhardt smiled and slipped Elizabeth's silver hair around his finger.

By the time she arrived at the mansion, Elizabeth was completely worn out and worn out.

Biting all servants who offered to serve her in person, Leonhardt climbed the stairs carrying her.

The weight on his back felt lighter than his favorite sword.

In case he flew into the sky like this, Leonhardt had to make sure Elizabeth was asleep, glancing behind him.

It was entirely up to the maidens to change their clothes without waking her up.

After the maidens stepped down, Leonhardt, who peeped behind the partition, covered himself in a light summer blanket and slipped his lips to Elizabeth's cheeks, who fell asleep with a colorful breath.

But as the fluffy hairs on her cheeks tried to sway in his breath, Elizabeth whined and turned aside.

Leonhardt, who had hardened himself in the air, now realized what shamelessness he was trying to do and stepped back with a blue face.

"Crazy! Even if you're young and mentally young, what are you trying to do to a certain age?’

From the moment I first met her, the reason of an adult who controlled his reins began to urge her to jump into the sea beyond the terrace immediately.

Leonhardt quickly left the room, taking only one watermant from the wreath next to Elizabeth's pillow with a red face.

Elizabeth's words that she is curious about the city during the day and the chaotic atmosphere of packing her luggage to return to the imperial palace make the two spend time at the right place, whether at the beach or downtown, three hours before the party starts.

This time, he went out with a full escort.

Elizabeth and Leonhardt began rampaging around the high-end shopping district, one by one, with cool drinks in their hands.

When Elizabeth finds something interesting beyond the glass shelf, Leonhardt suggests, "Do you want me to buy it for you?" Then Elizabeth, who is already as happy as walking on the clouds just by looking at it, shook her head.

That way, the two people, who walked around the shopping district throughout the afternoon, sat on the edge of the fountain and began to discuss what to buy as souvenirs.

"How about a light shawl made of knitting? The knitting here is mixed with the way fishermen repair their nets, giving them a very unique feeling.”

"What about the coral statue? Made of white coral like Lizzie, the pedestal is pearl....”

"I think that would suit Her Majesty.”

"I'm talking about you….”Leonhardt scratched the ball awkwardly.

"Why don't we find something to commemorate and rent the Empress' treasure house and put it there?”

Elizabeth, who had been struggling with her chin for a while, agreed that it was a good idea.

"A shell necklace?”

"That would be nice, wouldn't it?"

Leonhardt first rose from his seat and reached out to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, who sat on Leonhardt's handkerchief, shook it lightly in the air, folded it finely and returned it.

The pair, accompanied by escorts, began a tour of the mall in search of souvenirs again.

It was quite difficult to choose because everything visible seemed suitable to remember summer, such as coral, pearls, and rainbow-colored mother-of-pearl decorations.

"You have to get going."


Leonhardt and Elizabeth screamed at the same time. You just found something you like, and you have to go to prepare for the party?

"…Let's definitely come next year."

"Let's make a list then."

The two, trudging ahead with a sullen look, were holding hands naturally.

On a large ship prepared for the onboard party, the nobles of the surrounding lands, local leaders, and those who played a great role at the theater festival boarded.

The floors of the trees, which were wiped away by the sailors who made Elizabeth drink water with tears of penitence and regret, were glowing.

Amid all kinds of fresh seafood dishes and rare appearances of red wine that goes well with seafood other than white wine, the Empress and the Emperor, the main characters of the party, appeared hand in hand.

The emperor touched the key in front of him with his fingertips and gave a light speech comparing the empire, the imperial family, nobles and people to sailing ships.

Meanwhile, the empress stood beside her with a transparent, transparent smile.

Before long, the emperor and empress descended from their seats, instead of the red carpet road, to baptize people with applause.

The house chef served fresh oysters and lemons specially prepared for the empress, who may see again tomorrow.

People with a raw fishy smell backed away.

The empress suggested to the chef that he would come to the imperial family with a look of emotion.

The chef turned her down, saying she needed someone to lead the kitchen when she returned to the mansion, but her expression was already that of the chief chef of the Imperial Palace.

But as soon as the empress put the oysters in her mouth, the cook's face turned blue.

It wasn't just the cook who turned blue.

The empress turned over the ship's railing and spat out what was in her mouth, supported by the maidens.

The emperor and Leonhardt's face also turned as white as a sheet of paper.

Before I knew it, the chef trapped among the guards was at a loss and stamping his feet.

Leonhardt held up the oyster shell touched by the empress and sniffed.


The fishy smell of seafood could have hidden the poisonous smell. However, just in case, the chef tried some of the other oysters himself, and there was nothing wrong with the oysters.

Then for another reason, the empress suddenly retreated, and recently, a doctor who was always waiting rushed into the cabin because of his poor physical condition.Leonhardt, who wanted to change the future of the empress' death at all costs, including a chef who almost was accused of poisoning the empress, who wanted to protect her beloved companion from death, and the imperial family, who didn't want to lose the empress mama, waited for the doctor to come out of the cabin.

And finally the doctor stepped out of the cabin.

The emperor ran and grabbed the doctor by the collar.

While Leonhardt and the escort were dissuading the emperor, the doctor said congratulations in a loud and difficult way.

"I congratulate you, lungs... Keck, Your Majesty! Cough, Mama said, Whew. Thank you, Your Majesty the Crown Prince. "Hmmmmmmm... the Empress has served in office!"

Thanks to Leonhardt, the doctor, who stepped on the deck again, cleared his throat and shouted in the loudest voice he could.

People's facial expressions began to change in many ways when the doctor said it.

Those who sincerely celebrate the empress' meeting, those who predict whether the heir to the throne will change, those who are relieved at the news that she is safe, and Leonhardt, who has lived as an only child all his life and suddenly became stiff.

'Oh, my. There was no such thing as this. I can't believe you're younger than me. I... I... d*mn it, d*mn it!

"Leon, what's wrong? Have you had a drink?”

"Uh... I'm a little surprised that my mom is suddenly meeting up. It's okay. Can you say congratulations for me? I need to get some fresh air.”

Leonhardt smiled so that Elizabeth would not worry about a more serious headache than ever.

Elizabeth entered the cabin with the emperor with a dubious look on her face.

The party on board was turned into a celebration of the empress' conference.

The bands enjoyed playing music, and the formalities enjoyed drinking and dancing in front of the joyful news.

Only Leonhardt was suffering from the pain of forcing his memory to be erased, holding and moaning his head as if it were breaking away from people's eyes.